Kitteh au lait ;)

OK, that one wrote itself, People, come on.

Go ahead, groan at the title of this post. I am.



Purrrrroo? [Looks up]


Beautiful job Lana D., over at the Fresh Tomayto store.



  1. waaaay better than what i’m drinking right now!

  2. AuntieMame says:

    Someone want to read these tea leaves? I’ll bet you’ll have good fortune!

  3. ceejoe says:

    lol, I thought it was a really teensy kitten till I looked at their site. Then I realized it’s a big cup!

  4. joodster says:

    Ahhhh, there’s nothing like a wee cup of Earl Grey
    kit-tea. 😉

  5. educand says:

    Ah, Puss has such beautiful golden eyes. 🙂

  6. Hey, I saw big cuppas like this at Michael’s and I was all like what on earth would you use THAT for? Wul, duh, kittehs…

  7. eikoleigh says:

    so cute! I love that wide-eyed look up….

  8. SarahP says:

    Small kitteh-au-lait to go, plzthnx?

  9. LOL… careful, Joodster. You’ll draw ALL the pundits out of the woodwork. (And some nice parquet it is, too.)

  10. Purrrroo?? OMG! That just keeeled me ded.

  11. who wouldn’t want a cup of this first thing in the morning?

  12. I just saw that this is supposed to be for potted plants but forget that! I’d get one just for the kittehs to lay in!

    The Miao bros DEFINITELY need one of these!

  13. Yitzysmommie says:

    Now THAT’s my cuppa tea.
    Joodster: thanx for the graoner.

  14. Can someone explain to me the origin of the expression “OMGPonies!” I understand what it means literally, but did it arise in a particular situation, i.e. someone driving by a pasture and seeing some ponies and then spontaneously exclaiming “OMGPonies!!” Inquiring minds need to know…

  15. that’s either a little kitteh or a very large cup

  16. Yitzysmommie says:

    ooops, that would be “groaner”
    YM slinks off with tail between legs in embarassment…

  17. Carin i think it’s a Meg thang. And I’m pretty sure she sells bumper stickers with that expression on it….

  18. Sweet Hopping Montezuma, I needed this cuteness…my son’s come down with tonsillitis, I’m having to take the day off from work and get him to the doctor, my husband’s not happy with this but (since he works 12-hour graveyard shifts and just got home from work a few hours ago) he’s in no shape to play Florence Nightingale on his own. So a tall warm cuppa Scottish Fold would be perfect right about now… :-/


  19. ok, sh-teriously!!!

    who has such big cuppas!? that’s maaadness i tell you, maaaaaadness!!

    madness that even british cows can’t top.

  20. Damien McKenna says:

    OMG, the poor thing has been confined to live in the cup so much that her NOSE has worn away divets in the rim of the cup! Look at that! OMG!!!1!


  21. Has anyone seen Cool as Ice, the Vanilla Ice movie from the ’90’s? It falls securely in the ‘so bad its good’ category. Anyways, at one point in the movie a bunch of characters are at this old couple’s house and the camera is looking up at one girl from next to a tea cup so the cup looks really big and then the camera pulls away to reveal that the cup is huge, its not the perspective.

    Anyways, this picture made me think of that because that cup must be really large to hold the kitty. That or its a really small kitty…

  22. Carin & DKN — no, the OMGPONIES!!!!!!!1!111 thing predates Cute Overload. I think it came from actually, but I’m not sure. I always took it as an overexcited net-rat-ism.

    Sarcasta, are you still around? Care to field this one?

  23. Jennifer says:

    Oh thanks! Not only do I squeel in delite at the kittehs but now you have shown me yet ANOTHER place to spend my cash!

  24. fatkittymomma says:

    purrroooo? too cute, my baby says that all the time… my leetle buttahball

  25. That cup looks like it could almost hold my daily tea consumption… almost. But I’ll need more kittens in it if I’m going to make it through the day. 🙂

  26. anonymous says:

    Mmm, cat spit and poop flakes are MY favorite nondairy creamer… bleach!!!

  27. These pictures made me cry. ;_;

  28. Laurie C says:

    Well, “bleach” would be the appropriate answer to those problems in your cup, anon.

  29. Laurie C says:

    Having gone to the link in the caption, I now wish Meg had posted the “feets up” photo instead. Go check, you guys, it’s to die for. (It rotates with the other images.)

  30. What *is* it with Scottish Folds. They are inherently photogenic and incredibly malleable (witness Cat Town for the supreme example). In the first photo, kitty looks a little worried. In the second photo, he’s settled down and decided “perfect place for a nap.”

  31. I think the best part is the nose in the first picture. It’s like “boop” over the rim of the cup. Maybe if we go reeeeaaal slow, he would let us touch it.

  32. AliceBlue says:

    Hmmmm. I actually own a teacup that size, and am owned by an adorable grey kitteh, yet it has never occured to me to put them together. I’m gonna rush home now and stash the cat in the cup.

  33. oaklandcat says:

    she had me at “purroo.”

  34. Cara N. says:

    Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. (Only you geeks out there would get this)

    What a beautiful cat. Seems so natural in the gi-normous teacup.

  35. Plenty of geeks out here, Cara N, boldly going…

  36. oh and don’t forget your camera, AliceBlue

  37. Christina says:

    Very cute. 🙂 Although I don’t think it is a Scottish Fold. I’m fairly certain it is a British Shorthair. British Shorthairs are known for “roundness”, “blue” coats and copper eyes. Trust me…I have two of them, and this kitty looks just like my girls. 🙂

  38. Btw, Eek (the kitty in the piccy) is a Scottish Fold. He’s from

  39. Purroo indeed! Tea, Earl Grey, hot and fuzzy!

    The earsies look like a non-show-quality Scottish Fold (which are descended from British shorthairs).

    I agree with DKN — I want to see the Miao Brothers in one of these.

  40. If you follow the link, then follow the link on *that* page for more photos, you will see that the cat’s person says she is a Scottish Fold.

    Also, you will see many more pictures.

  41. Here’s more pictures of Eeky:
    His ears were more folded when he was a baby kitty, now he’s 8 months old and we call him fatman.

  42. tracyflick says:

    Kittehs are weird.

  43. dewd. eeky is tewtally the kitteh from the
    WAIT I fix it
    cat macro /LolCat


    teh cool.

  44. Rachel says:

    My name is Earl. And my last name is Grey. And my snurfly lil’ ears are better than any finger sandwich, yo!

  45. maymee says:

    Purrooo…hehehee genius!

  46. This is tooo cute! Look at hat face 😀
    looks like my cat Luna except for the folded ears…and I bet this kitty is nicer than her… check it out if you’d like 🙂

  47. ThreeCatNight says:

    I’ll take one Gray, straight up, hold the latte and the sugar, as this one’s sweet enough.
    (Love that look up at the camera!)

  48. SeaBreeze says:

    Go ahead, put your nekkid hand near the kitteh in the top picture. I double-dog care ya! =)

    Second picture, now someone’s ready to snuggle up on ur lap! Enjoy!! =)

  49. Mocat latte mmmmm mmmmm Good..
    Cough Cough Hack. Opps sorry for the hairball!

  50. Okay now that I got that out of my system, everytime I see the OMGPONNIES comment I think of all the preteen girls I knew when my daughters were growing up. I can here them squeeling that when ever they had those my little ponnies out or saw a real horse… Hmmm the timing seems to fit tooo. Maybe that is why some one posted it on that page.

  51. I’m in ur coffee, stealin’ ur buzz.

  52. This is oddly like a “cats in sinks” photo. They’ll just curl up almost anywhere. I watched the site’s “slideshow” and I love when she seems to be trying to get out but maybe can’t quite get a grip on the slippery sides of the bowl to get herself upright.

  53. That is some angry looking coffee!

  54. Where oh where can I find a gigantor teacup like that? Or a very small scottish fold kitty.

  55. Aubrey says:

    Excuse me. I asked for decat-feinated coffee.

  56. Jupiter Star says:

    My first thought on seeing these pictures was, “Oooo, nummy, Cat-e au lait!” And then I saw Meg’s post title and felt much less witty *Sniffle*

  57. OMG. Tiny kitn? Or big teacup? Whatever it is, I am keeled. LOF Scottish folds.

  58. brit.shorthairs were/are an allowed outcross w/scottish folds–so that’s a good possiblity why the kit in the pix looks “like” a brit–it’s possible there’s some genetic background somewhere in it’s family history.
    & OMG, my foldies WANT A GIANT TEACUP!!!

  59. I would love to have a color copy of that second photo I would make me smile every time I would walk by it. Kitteh has found a cool spot to keep warm and hide for while , great picture thans to CO and Lana D.

  60. meant to say thanks not thans sorry all

  61. Obviously Meg didn’t post the feets up picture because it is too dangerous. That thing is a National Security Threat! I clicked on over and almost fell out of my chair when it scrolled up. OMGPONIES!!!!!1@ indeed.

  62. varenoea says:

    Cute as Scottish Fold cats are – I’m the first to admit these ears are gorgeous – they’re a breed not according to the laws of animal welfare, and suffer from defects you can’t see immediately. Well, that’s the thing with mutants – it’s never just the “ear” bit of DNA that changes, but other bits are affected too. And then you cross-breed them, and the defects become ingrained.

  63. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! too cute!!!!

    kitteh in first picture “i sneef zee cupp”

    i want a mammoth teacup and saucer too, and with a kitteh in it.

    “how do you like your cat?”
    “in a cup please”

  64. Christina says:

    I actually went to the purrfect-folds website. Looks like one of their studs (males) is actually a blue Brit….my guess is that he is this kitty’s papa…which would explain why he looks SO much like a Brit…because he is HALF Brit! 🙂

  65. Suda Nim says:

    I’m also ambivalent about the Foldies. I had a Fold that I got from a shelter — best cat in the world — but he developed the severe hip problems that go along with the fold gene, and was often in pain.

    Although he died more than 10 years ago, I dreamed of him the other night. We were at a party, and people couldn’t resist him and kept picking him up. I had to stop them because they weren’t putting him down gently enough, and started to (accurately) describe the original genetic mutation and the associated hip issues.

    I woke up and thought “Wow, I’m even boring in my dreams!”

  66. Shannon Johnson says:

    I love the optical illusion. That was funny,.

  67. KaitouJuliet says:

    Ohmygosh, the PICTURES! I followed the links and Eeky and his tabby friend are both just adorable. I want to scoop them right out of the computer and take them home.

    And I hereby nominate “Purroo?” as the official feline-language translation of “Baroo?” I even know exactly what that half-purring question noise sounds like!

  68. Leslie Latimer says:

    That’s my desktop wallpaper now!

    I *heart* teh kittehs eyers!

  69. Another caption:

    Coffee, tea or me-ow?

  70. alexa kim says:

    Those pictures, particular the 2 featured here, are copyright worthy and they should make sure to stamp-protect them as quickly as possible (it’s not too late, not at all). And they are worthy of submission to a photo house like Corbis. Seriously.

  71. I’m looking at the top photo as “Deeeeleeeshious plant cup. I must have eet!”