People, you’re ridiculous.

THANK YOU for voting (with the baby stoat) for CuteOverload for the Webbys. We swept the ‘Weird’ category thanks to you and the esteemed judges on the Esteemed Esteemersons Webby committee.




  1. yep, i voted for this site

  2. MilkyWei says:

    Much deserved!

  3. chilli says:


    Congrats Meg

  4. amberlynne says:

    Rock on! I tewtelly voted! Congrats!

  5. Yay! Congrats! By the way, those awards look amazing!!! Good job, Webby designers!


  6. Marney says:


  7. i totally voted with the stoat.

    now will i have that chant out of my head?

    “vote vote VOTE
    like a baby STOAT

    stoat stoat STOAT
    cast a leetle VOTE!”

    i have been chanting this to myself for weeks.


    (..stoat stoat stoat!)

  8. Enjoy your bedsprings!

  9. Lesley says:

    YAY! Congrats Meg, you deserve it! Surely you will share your trophy with Sir Stoat, right Meg?

  10. You absolutely deserve it! I also hope for more baby stoats in the future :3

  11. Awwwwwwwzm. Much deserved. Thanks for all the diversions.

  12. Caitlin says:

    YAYY! Go Meg!

    I, too, exercised my civic duty for you and the stoat.

    … do they really give out trophies?!

  13. Christine H says:

    “Esteemed Esteemersons”…Oh, Meg. 🙂

  14. BrianMPLS says:

    Here’s my thought: caterpillars!

    Seriously. Gather together all CO’s awards and dump a bunch of cute caterpillars on ’em, wait for them to redistribute themselves a little (to avoid looking ‘posed’), then snap a picture.

    Post it with captioning all ‘woah, I totally didn’t pose that, but isn’t it cute?!’ Which of course only serves to enhance the cuteness.

    I do think it would be cool to see a bunch of little trophies for CO, outnumbered by cute little ‘pillars.
    I like CO.
    And caterpillars.

    And sleep.

  15. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Congratulations, though what your going to do with the car springs?

  16. constoatulations, fellow cuteovians!

  17. Conrad says:

    Can you really say you won if the awards don’t have your name on them? For all we know you could have purchased them from Good Will.

  18. The only one here with a brain says:

    You know the funniest part about all this – you are all congratulating her despite the fact that she does none of the work.

    You guys and your photographic contributions are the reason why she has this site, and she is making at least 10k in advertising money a month off you fools. Click on the ad spots to the left and check out the rates she gets.

    Congratulations indeed – you are the reasons why the machine keeps on rumbling forward.


  19. Christine says:

    Now you can boast to everyone that you won a prize on the internet.

  20. Aubrey says:


    Meg, you are a pillar of strength, never ceasing to provide us with the cute to see us through our darkest hours.

    Though when this picture was downloading, my first reaction was: cute bracelets!

  21. Debbie says:

    Congrats, Meg! You have gotten me through many days of work boredom with this site… not to mention everyone walking by my monitor that says “Awwww, that’s so cute!”

  22. BrianMPLS says:

    Compelling argument, TOOHWAB, considering I’ve never sent in any photos and would never have seen most of the ones that have been posted, let alone the lovely conversations I’ve encountered here, even during my lurking phases.
    You know, you’re right, I feel totally gypped; who does Meg think she is, suckering me into enjoying myself here for free?

    lol – not ‘Nuff brain in some people to recognize it in others.

  23. Constance says:

    …how’d we get nuffs on an awards post?


    There must be nothing on TV.

  24. BrianMPLS says:

    hmmm didn’t email addressese used to get included in link form in the “posted by” line?

  25. Hey Meg! Congrats! Another award! Will there be a dinner this time?

    I am proud to count myself among all the awesome cuteologists that are so loyal to this blog. Cute Peeps ROCK!!! Thank you too, cute peeps!

  26. wedschilde says:

    woot i say…woot!

  27. SixFootJen says:

    Matt and Christine should get together for a Scowling Party. They can eat stale, salt-free crackers and listen to static on the radio. And glare at each other. The highlight of the evening will be when it’s time to get paper cuts and rub lemon juice on them.

    I, on the other hand, will join Meg and Teho and all the kittehs and pups and bunnies and hammies. We’ll eat marshmallows and “Micro Cheeseburgers à la Lucy.” And I’ll congratulate Meg for (1) having the idea for CO, (2) sifting through entries for the best photos, (3) coming up with anerable captions that make them even cuter/ funnier, and (4) posting multiple times a day and making thousands of people happy for free.

    If it bothers you that someone else is making money from doing what you consider to be an inadequate amount of work, maybe you could set up a webcam and film your Scowling Party. I’m sure lots of companies would be delighted to advertise on that site. Coffin manufacturers, possibly, or retailers of razor blades.

    By the way, regarding “she is making at least 10k in advertising money a month off you fools” — you may not be aware on how this whole intertubes thing works, but it’s the ADVERTISER who pays the site for click-throughs… not the person at home clicking on the ad.

    Boo, Matt and Christine. Booooo, I say, booooooooo to the AntiCute.

  28. The stoats have it! w00t!!!

    And Matt, I totally agree with you. I mean c’mon people, don’t you realize that this site writes itself? and all the pictures are magically sorted through and posted? Don’t you know little fairies flit your images and anerable captions to your very own screen every morning? I mean SHEESH. Why should Meg win this award? She sits back in her chair all day and drinks champagne, whipes her nose with $100 bills while the flittin’ fairies rub her toes, massage her brow, keep the site up and post our ever mussings.

    [ /sarcasm ]

    Seriously- that’s like saying the creators of YouTube don’t deserve their webby ’cause other people post the videos. Grow up.

  29. I voted, b…um…people!

    You totally earned it, Meg. Please just keep entertaining, inspiring, and uplifting us every day.

  30. Well-deserved, Meg! Our collective stoat-like actions paid off!

  31. Congrats! I voted cute too, however, still unsure why it was in the weird section. Any comments?

  32. Hmm. I think I notice a few comments of jealousy in here, people. Reminds me of 5-year olds.

    Grow up.

    Meg, you tewtally earned this award! Many congrats from me to you. I hope you are able – and willing – to keep the cuteness present in the lives of all us cuteoverload.com lovers.

    Bless you.

  33. No, I didn’t vote. Because of the swearing baby stoat. And now look, swearing all over the place again with your effings and blindings. When will you people learn KIDS read this site?

    -disgruntled and leaving forever with my kids.

    ps I know why it was in weird. When do stoats swear?

  34. I agree with you matt, this is a rip off site for photographers.

  35. You are cute gods.

  36. Suzy's Mom says:

    Suzy says “Woo!!”

    Translation “Congratulations!!” in Beaglese.

  37. Congratulations, CO!!

    Meg, Theo, Chief Sister Officer & all contributors — you help make the world a brighter place.

    When we are daily dealing with so many big and little problems, having a quick fix to bring a smile is incredibly valuable. It helps me get my perspective and good humor back, so I can return to dealing with the serious things in life with a better attitude.

    Don’t let the nay-sayers get you down. They’re not worth the bother. Anyone that cranky has probably never snorgled a kitteh. Maybe we should just feel sorry for them.

    Peace & love to you!

  38. Snorgle Pup says:

    Yes. All youz wit brainz have cought on! Free cuteness on a daily basis till we are all hopelessly addicted. Then BAM she teases us with springs that we can’t possibly snorgle.
    What do you want from us Meg?
    BTW I voted. Keep it up. Bleen?

  39. Adorable congrats are in order! Now get over here for your victory snorgle!!

  40. Lorelei says:

    Congratulations! I always tell my kids, anyone who says “you’re weird” in a derogatory way is not having any fun (usually told to them while I’m dancin to tunes in my car). Kudos to Meg, the staff, weird and CUTE! Luv ya!

  41. Lunch Lady says:

    YAY!!! Cuteness allways wins! Go CO, Go CO, !!!!

  42. All right!! Congrats!!
    Thank you for making so many people happy by spreading the cutability. Your phonetically writen talk just emphasises the awesomeness of it all.
    GO Flying Hamsters!

  43. Suh-weet!!

    Hey! Sore losers! Meg gives cred to people who send her photos. I’ve never seen Meg or Teho take credit for the pics (like, ever), just display the cuteness. Plus they take down photos of people who stir up a fuss – stop drinking your Hatorade. Drama-queens.

  44. The naysayers are really quite funny. I would love to know if any of them actually run a website? I double dog dare any of them to get on here and defend their comments. My site is similar to this one in style and content, and we get submissions. Between the two of us, my husband and I prolly spend 5 hours a day, deciding what goes up, getting permissions from actual photographers and mommies to post their babies, promoting, and fixing technical bugs. Then there is the email, which needs to be answered. There is all kinds of work that goes into it. Making money from ads is not easy either, you have to do research to figure out where to place them, check your stats and decide if ads are getting hits or not, and then, you only make money if people click on them. No clicka-no monies. My husband is particularly keen on Search Engine optimization- he spends hours tweaking stuff to rank high. These nuffs would not have the guts to make crappy statements like that if they had any idea how much work goes in. Way to go Meg-enjoy your bracelets, you’ve earned them.

  45. crazy sheep says:

    Congratulations on winning a curly-wurly thingy for your mantlepiece.

    Please keep the cute coming. Most of us appreciate it. 🙂

  46. Congratulations! Definitely well deserved.

    Man, there’s always controversey on here. Some people just need to enjoy the cute or STFU. 🙂

  47. Er, that should be controversy.

  48. Renee B. says:

    Congrats on a well-deserved win! Cuteoverload always makes my day a little brighter!

  49. Evvie & Lilly's Maman says:

    eeeee-HAH, sez we. Don’t have time to read all the comments right now(there were NAYSAYERS??) but WAY 2 GO. IF you had a dollah for every office, clinic, MUSEUM, school, dorm &c &c where you cause the day to start happily (hoppily?) you could fly out to space for a vacation too! 10Q Meggums et al.

  50. Yay!!!

    Congrats to you on a well-deserved honour!

  51. Congrats, CO team. Well-deserved.

    As for the nuffs, maybe if we take up a collection for a therapy fund, they could work out their rage/envy/self esteem issues elsewhere?

  52. Hey – “The only one here with a brain” – why are you here? Did you have a traumatic experience with something cute when you were a little boy? Chased into the night by a bunny? Or bitten by a baby stoat?

  53. mojojojo says:


  54. i made like a stoat, and quite pleased about it.


  55. weensicka says:

    Hooray for the Webby, Hooray for CO, Hooray for Meg and Theo!!

    As for the few who dis the CO, well, they are probably mean to animals. **boo, hiss**

  56. Yitzysmommie says:

    GRATULATIONS, Miss Meg, and Teho Mr McHelpersons! I’m wondering if Kenya’s kittens would be able to wander in & out of the cool looking Webby innersprings?
    I LOVE CO. It keeps me smiling and laughing in my daily grind. I have spread the word far & wide to check out CO. And I voted, yes indeedy I did, bee-y**ches, cackling with glee as I did!


    I’ve been weird all my life and now… and now… [snif] …OMG IT’S ALL BEEN WORTH IT!


    Moosh lof 2 teh Peeps.

  58. [chortling at the troll]
    [NOT plural, you’ll note]

  59. AuntieMame says:

    Hooray! And cute award! I love the caterpillar idea.

    And all the whinging…Sheesh!

    $10K a month? Ha! If all it takes to earn $10K a month is to open a website and put advertisers on it, then I’m getting one!

    Now let’s all go to the BBC News website and sneer at them for boasting that they won an award on the Internet. Because that’s where I saw the Webby winners announced first.

  60. Theresa says:

    I did it for the stoat. 😉

  61. Squee-a-delic, baby! Woo yeah!

    Congrats, Meg & Theo.

  62. Claire says:

    Congrats CO Team! The best part is, on the Interwebs, no one knows I’m a baby stoat…and I vote! 😉

  63. AuntieM — you already have one. With ads. Just like me.
    Are we rich yet?

  64. hooray for casting leetle votes! (and for chants that won’t get out of my brain, but when they finally do, my husband starts them up again…)

  65. Woo-hoo! Awesome awards statues. WTG Meg!

    (I didn’t think we were THAT weird, but hey).

  66. HURRAY!

  67. the trophies are gorgeous! they look like they came from tiffany’s.

    Christine – congratulations. now you can boast that you put someone down on the internet.

  68. Nathania Johnson says:

    Awesome! I voted for you! Keep the good stuff rolling. 🙂

  69. Congrats Meg and Teho! Another well deserved win. I wake up every day and check the CO to start my day with a squee for free. Do you know how much equivalent therapy would cost?!? Value for (no) dollars people.

    And for the whiners who think this should be a child-proof site, where have you been? Cats n Racks isn’t for the Sesame Street crowd and it’s been up here for years now. Go do some parenting and stop expecting the world to do it for you. Geez…

    Now get back to squeeing, b**ches. 🙂

  70. Nuffs usually make me laugh but the idea of having a Scowling Party made me roar!! Sooo good, sixfootjen! I’m grateful to be a peep and I’m in awe of both Meg and Theo for the way their brains work. Congrats to both of you, and thanks for being warped.

  71. SWEET! I voted for you. Y’all deserve it.

  72. AuntieMame says:

    AuntieM — you already have one. With ads. Just like me.
    Are we rich yet?

    Posted by: Theo | May 02, 2007 at 07:21 AM

    Ugh! No, we’re not!

    What a ripoff!

    Somehow there must be a way to blame Meg for it…

  73. Congrats! Well earned kudos! Now must go snorgle twin kitties stuffed in my shirt. PS: Thank you so much for finding & posting fun, snuggles, & love!

  74. Martha says:

    Matt and Christine must be constipated…that’ll fer sher make ya crabby. And it’s all like stuck in their heads!? Is that weird or what??

  75. Crystal says:

    WhoooT! Congrads! ^-^ I got the e-mail yesterday announcing the winners. ^-~
    I <3 Cute overload!

  76. Hey Matt the Poet…you misspelled your handle! You put an “e” where there should have been another “o”…Just helping, is all.

    Does anyone smell something stinky…?


  77. Claire says:

    Congrats CO!! It’s the Webbys that are famous for their five-words-only acceptance speeches right?

    Might I suggest “Cute can save the world!”

    Thanks for making so many days so much more fun.

  78. Claire says:

    or maybe “Cute can change the world”

  79. Kelly A. says:

    Though I was unsure that that little stoatlet was old enough to have the voting franchise, I voted in its likeness. Way to go Meg and CO!

  80. shanchan says:

    Congratulations Meg, Theo, the CO team and CO peeps!!

  81. Fantabulous! Yay for teh QTE! Yay for made up words! Yay for silliness! Boo to mean people! Yay for exclamation points!!!

    Congratulations to Meg, Teho and everyone who has made this a wonderful online haven for all that is cute and snorgable.

  82. Congrats’Meg and Theo you rock my world. Anyone who has designed a webpage or a website or even done a daily or weekly blog knows just how much work it actually takes to do it. Thanks to you for all the cute.

    oh and I would like to take a moment to thank the tech support guy at New Edge Networks who sent me to CO. (you know who you are) He said I would like it and that his wife was really into CO. and that he didn’t really go there. I say Sure you don’t big guy. anyway thanks for telling me about it I love it.

  83. !YAY! for CO, Meg, Teho, Chief Sister Officer, Sparky, The Dude, Jaye, Kenya & Her Kittens, Mom & Dad Frost and all puppehs, kittehs, pocket pets, OMGPonies! stoats and other qte critters everywhere.


  84. Christine says:

    I think I’m going to stop posting as “Christine” because there’s a mean Christine and a nice one (me, hopefully!) My fault for not coming up with a cute nickname. Anyhoo I lurves you- don’t confuse me with my evil twin!

  85. Annie — um… NewEdgeNetworks.com appears to be unavailable right now… hopefully we’re not DDoS’ing them with curious CuteOverload traffic…

  86. How about “ChristinePro” vs. “ChristineCon”?

  87. tracyflick says:

    “Do what you love, and the Webbys will come.”

    Congrats, Meg. 🙂

  88. ohhh sorry you guys they are a network server totally boring don’t go there. Hehehe I just wanted to thank him as he sent me to your website.

  89. *Matt and Christine must be constipated…that’ll fer sher make ya crabby*

    I got the enema bag. Who wants to do the honors?

  90. Eww.

  91. Congrats! You SO deserve it!

  92. hrh.squeak says:

    Baby stoat jumpin’ up and down on the bedsprings, chantin’ “Wootwootwoot, Won A Wierd Webby, We’re Numba One!”

    Yes, leetle stoat, we are.

    Yay! to the CO Team.

  93. Stupid stoat.

    Glad all those adds are blocked. 🙂

  94. Elisha B. says:

    Wow! How great is this or what?!! Many pats on the back for all the hard work guys!!

    Just a couple of weeks ago my employer decided to add/change web filters and CO was blocked for a couple of days. I was SO upset I cried, cause CO is sometimes the only the thing that can help me make it through the workday. My kids think I’m nuts, but once I discovered the site (at work, of course, after a co-worker and I found it listed in a magazine) I have to visit a least once a day or more if work is REALLY bad!!!

    But thank goodness, my employer has unblocked CO and I can sit in my chair and swoon over the cute babies as many times a day as I need to. Many thanks to all the peeps who make this site so much fun!!

    KEEP UP THE CUTE!!!!!!!

  95. Whoot! Verra cool Meg! Do they air the awards at all? Cause I’m a total award show junkie, and frankly, I’d love to see Meg go up and accept her awards.

    (and is she taking Theo as her guest?)

  96. Yay!! Congrats CO Team and thanks for all the warm and fuzzies.

    And if Meg is really making 10K from this (and I think we all know she isn’t), I think it’d be tewtelly well-deserved for the amount of times this place has brightened up my day.

  97. BrianMPLS says:

    maybe “not that christine, the other christine.” But if I remember right, the one who’s gettin slammed was being sarcastic. could be wrong.

    My only complaint about this site is sometimes it’s hard to know who generated the post, then I worry whether accolades I’m reading are correctly directed. The middle child in me worries about the “how come __ is getting credit for something I did” effect, even though I’m sure on a conscious level both Meg and Theo are above that.

    Anyway, heck yeah this site is the weirdest best blog out there!
    I still am envisioning the caterpillars climbing on the trophy collection though.
    This kind:

    Not this kind:

  98. Loverly ‘Pillars! Drape away! Drape away! Its a ‘pillar Partay!

  99. candycane says:

    r those things like bracelets r sumthin cause i dont know wat those r..

  100. LOL not the industrial or disney kind huh? what about this kind?
    Shoot, the tropheys just look bare now you’ve got that image in my head. Maybe kittens playing wit them like in that b&w movie with the kittens in the fireplace will dress em up.
    Nayh, they look great as is I guess. Congrats again. HAVE to keep saying it cause it’s such great news!

  101. i plan to vote vote vote like a baby stoat stoat staot next year too 🙂
    go CO! go CO!! it’s ya birthday, it’s ya birthday! 😀 lol *couldn’t help that one*

  102. Dagger — heh… but actually I think CO’s “birthday” is Sept. 25th.

  103. Where as today is *my* birthday! 😀

    I <3 CO.

  104. anomalous4 says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Whoopeeeeeeeeee! Wahaaaaaaaaaaaa! Congradjitations!

  105. YAHHHH!!!!!!!!! GO MEG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE CUTE OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!