You. Will. Pay.

Well, y’know, son, there’s yer garden-variety disapproval. Ayup, there surely is.  We see a lot of that, round here.
[sideways glance at skinny clerk, who isn’t sweeping the floor]

[takes off John Deere cap, rubs temple, shakes head]

Once in a blue moon, though [lowers voice, looks right into you] a situation demands… condemnation.


Boy, I hope you know what you’re doin’.

Willow Wabbit, post-sinkbath.  Schmoops walked in and said “Here, hold this.”
He was honestly a lot happier about it than he looks.  [snicker] – T.



  1. Kim H. says:

    Obviously, bathing recharges the eye-beams.

  2. Piggalette says:

    LOL. Love the bunny eared bunny. XD

  3. What Teho hasn’t told us is that his first name is just a screen nick–and his last name is Darko… 😉


  4. Aubrey says:

    T., bunneh seems to have bathed you in its irredescent, scarlet eyebeams. I remember when we were warned not to sit to close to the television set. Don’t you know you shouldn’t stand too close to the bunneh?

    You’re not going to melt, are you?

  5. Wow. Teho, I salute your bravery–I have not even *contemplated* bathing a bunny before. Everybody’s arms intact?

  6. I did the dunking, A thinker; Theo just got drafted to hold the bunny tortilla afterwards, while I cleaned out the sink.

    Wabbit was surprisingly calm. He wasn’t immersed, anyhow; just had his tail end dipped. I think he understood that I was trying to help him get rid of the poopcrete that had formed on his backside.

    Before and after, he got to hop around in the office where we keep the foster kittens. There was a beautiful moment when he leaped right OVER the gray kitten–but sadly, we didn’t capture it on video.

  7. Anyone familiar with “Bunnicula,” a kids book about a vampire bunny? Yeah, this is Bunnicula. 🙂

  8. poopcrete. *snicker*

    My cat gets that, but when I clean her bum with a wet cloth, she gives me a dirty look and huffs off. I’m thinking, “Well, you’re the one who kept pushing that thing in my face! What were you expecting?”

  9. R. Moore says:

    He wants your SOUL!

    Run, you fools!

  10. Christine H says:

    Poopcrete? Eww.

    However, I demand more foster kitten pics!

  11. Christine H — here’s a couple of Jubi WITH the wabbit…
    (you can click the pix for embiggening)

  12. I’d squee about how cute he looks, but that would lead to even more disapproving yeemage.

  13. Eeeee! Gray floofage squared!

    What was Jubi’s reaction to Willow flying over him?

  14. Pirate Cat says:

    Danny’s not here Mrs. Torrence. 🙂

  15. Dude, that is one bad-ass rabbit.

  16. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard at the associated commentary. Rabbit disapproval might be my favorite general theme here.

  17. Presenting the all-new BunBath bunny shampoo!

    Great for bunnies’ delicate hineys, maintains fur lustre!

    Use regularly to keep eyebeams powerful!

    Comes with a pair of extra ears!
    (Sort of.)

  18. Aubrey says:

    OK, Pirate Cat…that was snort-worthy.

  19. Is this Laser Buns? Like SNL’s laser cats? I think its high time.

  20. i think this needs a sound to go with it. a kind of science-fictiony bzzzhumming sound of your brain being penetrated by BUNNY CONDEMNATION.

  21. I know it’s been said before, but the hidden captions on the pictures are sometimes the best part.

  22. *cower*

  23. it’s bunnicula!

  24. Ngarei says:


  25. R. Moore, he kinda does remind me of Balrog… 8)

  26. acelightning says:

    I have never before seen a rabbit disapprove *that* hard!

  27. “Bunnicula.” Yes. Best rabbit disapproval seen in these parts in ages. What an awesome bun!

  28. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    the pics …

    the comments …

    this link:

    I whole-heartedly approve of disapproving buns …

  29. I second Subhangi, comments hey wonder if the shampoo comes in bunny loved smells ??? Or maybe not those eyes say no.

  30. Snorgle Pup says:

    Ahh, poopcrete. You can tell when you have a build-up by the sound it makes when they hop across the floor. I had a long haired lop,Jellybean,who had run of the house. I would clip the offending poopage around his tocks (with help) a couple times a year.
    Total dissaproval. Jellybean lived a long, hoppy life. I think his vision was bad at the end. He would stay in the laundry room and attack unsuspecting legs passing by to our bathroom. The dogs & cats dared not come close. Bunny dissaproval is serious business!

  31. anonymous says:

    *screams* =]

  32. I love it when buns ears go together into the single ear- I swear they are calibrating the antennae so they can yeem the mothership. Willow is definitely requesting permish to finish off the disgusting mortal who has subjected heem to such indignities.
    Run AWAY teho.

  33. It is the trident of doom.

  34. i agree cutebabyfix: those ears don’t lie! Teho is doomed! DOOOOOMED!

  35. beyonduplication says:

    well i came to say bunnicula, but i see i’m too late…

  36. ceejoe says:

    I have a kitteh who gets poopcrete. She is a tad rotund and I think she just can not quiiiiite reach the far points…
    And she does *not* – I repeat – **not** – like it when I try to help… have to move fast with a quick swipe of the comb to get the big stuff…
    And once a year at her vet visit, when we have more hands available, we do an actual shaving…
    I’ll have to try out my new vocabulary word on the vets next time… poopcrete…

  37. newlee says:

    be afwaid……be vewwy afwaid…..

  38. By Frith, I nearly spat my breakfast at the computer. My grey bunny Bingo is now joining this bun in sympathy condemnation.

  39. But on second thought, perchance Teho will escape the Wrath of Willow because of the blue towel of fabulousness.
    He’s a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is, and that is always useful…

  40. Dang, now all I can hear is Captain Kirk yelling Khan!!!

  41. Let’s see, what was that, four references in quick succession? Newlee with Elmer Fudd, Aimee picking up on the Watership Down connection, CBF with the second Star Trek movie AND Douglas Adams… and with Donnie Darko and LotR & Bunnicula galore upthread… whew!

    I missed the “Mrs. Torrence” bit, though. A little help? And can I get a Harvey nod? Anyone??

  42. ThreeCatNight says:

    All hail the Wise and Mighty Graybun,he of the penetrating glare, and uni-ear! Prostrate before him, and leave plenteh of carrots! (And pay no attention to that human doing strange things behind his back.)

  43. For the love of jauntiness says:

    Is that David Hasselhoff?

  44. David… is that… WHAT!??? [spluttering]

  45. david hasselhoff, lol. what is this, Bun Watch?

    this bunneh sceers me. i hear high pitched synthesizer music and stabbing violin sounds when i look at his pic.

    (tee hee – he’s really cute)

  46. Danny and Mrs. Torrence?
    I think that’s from “The Shining”

    Now if we could only market “poopcrete” as a eco-friendly building material…

  47. katerpie says:

    It just might work, Laura.

    However, the mush that is bunpoop/bunpee is in fact the world’s smelliest substance. It’s a fact.

  48. You’re right about that katerpie, I have two buns myself! I’ve been composting mine for the past year (I use Yesterday’s News litter) but I haven’t tried it only any plants yet.

    “Poopcrete” (TM) will hava slight manure odor until it dries and then it will be fine.

  49. “The Shining” is one of those movies that I should be familiar with, but have actually never seen. So I guess that explains my “huh?” right there.

  50. Holy crap! If we could market the poopcrete, I’d be a bazillionaire-(cue the Beverly hillbillies Music)
    Swimmin pools. Movie stars.

  51. …Rabbit turds.

  52. Oh thank you all. I have been laughing at my desk since I opened up to the bun of Total disapproval, and trying to keep up with all the references to books, and Movies. Love the secret caption and I shall call it poopcrete from now on Jaye. ANd Jaye I am amazed you have arms in tact and if you ask me the lazer eye beams are aimed at Jaye for daring to bath Sir Willow Wabbit.

  53. hibousoir says:

    This is just a great all-around picture. The red-eye, the ears held tight together, the “bunny ears” and then the guy’s I’m-so=funny smirk looming in the backgroud behind the tiny bunny–it’s just plain hilarious.

  54. violetgreen says:

    Possessed voice: “Laugh it up, poolboy, I’ll see you in Hell!” [evil guffaw, fadeout]

  55. violetgreen says:

    …but the ears are a riot…it’s a uniconey!

  56. Leilani says:

    A one-eared bunny??? GAH! It’s Little Bongo!

  57. There’s just one place that he’d fit in…

  58. omg violetgreen – “poolboy”. LOL!!!

  59. Bath Bunnies, ah yes….I think it depends on the bun. Sophie, all 15 pounds of her, used to practically belly flop into her tub of warm water. Josephine, on the other hand….well, let’s just say the first time she was bathed was when I found out just how strong rabbits are…Willow is a dear! And I’m sure (s)he disapproves mightily!

  60. “smirking ape”

    BWhahahaha… I’m a helpless puddle of mirth on the kitchen floor…

    This site just keels me ded.. between pix and comments…..

  61. eek, poor kid. Bunnies don’t like baths, usually. They really shouldn’t even get them, it’s bad for their skin. If your bun’s getting ‘poopcrete’ you should probably think about changing it’s diet. Change to a brand of pellets with more fiber and limit the amount given per day. Increase available hay instead. Fewer treats, too. Raisins are tasty, but constant diarrhea and obesity are not fun side effects.

  62. I’ve got a new possible Glossary entry forming in my head… it just kinda came to me… “Nuff-It-All”

    They supa preachy, yeow.

  63. Thanks for the linkage! You guys are one of my all time favorite sites.

  64. Sharon/BC, I didn’t realize you’d registered the domain! I didn’t screw up any traffic reporting by using the direct link, did I?
    (guess if I’d bought a T-shirt, I’d’ve known that, eh?)

  65. I know I’ve been superceded several times over, but…


  66. Theo, it just redirects to the original link–it’s all good.

    Tell me your size and we’ll send you a shirt, it’s the least we can do for all the support we’ve gotten from CO.

    Paws Up!

  67. meghan says:

    My goodness! Penetrating eye beams and a reference to Watership Down? This entry is teh roxor.

  68. Rebecca says:

    Meg, I just have to say, your writing is genius. You crack me up constantly.
    CO = best site EVER.

  69. Whoa, missed your comment the first time around… but Rebecca, this one wasn’t a Meg post. Nopes.