Rule #7! Rule #7! Rule #7!

[Yelling in your face]









  1. It’s a Bleemur!

  2. weensicka says:

    Awwww! Lemurs representin’!

  3. i see lemurs! i see lemurs!

    my god! the smaller version of the thing is TO DIE FOR.

    lemur lemur leeeeeemurrrrrrs!

  4. Gripper toes! So very many gripper toes!

  5. “Bleemur”?? OMG, DKN — LOL
    (stopping now before the Acronym Tourette’s takes hold)

  6. FrankS says:

    Haven’t seen it on here yet, but congrats on winning a Webby!

  7. It’s, um,.. a thing.

    OH. A Lemur. Okay.

    They are a little scary-looking I think.

  8. That one was just for you, Theo 🙂

  9. LOL, DKN. Bleemur, indeed.

    Punkin-eyes! Grippy-toes! Stripey-tail! Rubbery-nose!

    What is not love in a lemur?

  10. …kinda creepy?

    Oh wait! No! Cute.


  12. soxfan says:

    Where’s the bebeh’s tail? I wanna see!

  13. OOk, where’s the babeh’s tail!?!

    And, yes, the gripping really is too much… too much, people…!

  14. is it possible the bebeh’s tail has not really growed in yet?

  15. Squee! Stripey tail and masked face – there should be a cute rule about those two. When an animal looks like he’s dressed up in a funny costume, then he’s cute (I lurves my tuxedo cat for this).

  16. I’m thinking babytail is simply tucked under.

  17. that is ridiculous stupid cute. congratulations on winning the webby I voted for ya! i’m so glad my friend told me about CO. I LOVE it!

  18. ShelleyTambo says:

    Ok, lemurs in general? Cute! Lemur eyes? Kinda creepy. Same with a shepherd/rotti mix at my shelter right now: those wide-open amber eyes that I swear are drilling into my brain.

  19. Leetle leeemur
    Onna beeeg leeemur
    They have stolen my heart awaaayyyeeee!

  20. ShelleyTambo says:

    Oh, and I think baby lemur tail is there, it’s just kinda stubby and the same color as the rest of its body (no stripes yet). If you look at his (her?) butt, there’s a spot of fur that sort of branches off and isn’t the same color as mom’s.

  21. BeeCee says:

    those thumbicals look not only opposable but mega-opposable! put us humanicals to shaaaaame.

  22. Cricket says:

    I LOVE LEMURS!!! And red pandas too… OMG! TOO CUTE!!! I wanna see behbeh tail!

  23. Cricket says:

    Okay, so after looking up baby lemurs in a yahoo image search (I highly suggest doing this) it seems that behbeh lemurs do, in fact, have stripey tails. This little one’s is probably just hanging off the other side. But OMG, do the search!

  24. nutmeg says:

    Lemurs are so unbelievable soft! Their fur is ultra thick and FABULOUS. Plus, their little paw pads are sooooooooo smooth.

  25. If you love lemurs, you absofrinkinglutely must read the Frinkquently Asked Questions posts. You will tewetally laugh your ‘tocks off!!! Srsly!

  26. Lemurs! Here are two lemurs, chillin’ on the grass:

  27. Thanks, nycat. In my head, one chillin’ lemur is saying to other chillin’ lemur: “Hey, is that doofus coming back with more beer, or what?”

  28. We gots King Julian on de dance floor!
    I like to move it move it,
    You like to move it move it
    We like to move it move it,
    Us like to move it move it…

  29. Theresa says:! That was the old school internets! I wonder how Nigel the Lemur is these days.

    Stripey tails!

  30. And don’t forget Literary Magazine Review, which has long had the “Leapin’ Lemur” as its mascot:

  31. damson says:

    You know, I’ve been thinking about this Rule #7. A thing, accompanied by a smaller thing, is cute. So that means that the bigger lemur is cute? The way I’ve been thinking about it is that having a tiny thing next to a bigger thing makes the tiny thing even cuter than it already is to begin with. Or does Rule #7 refer to the overall image as being cute?


  32. Sabella says:

    Zee TAIL! I must have zee tail! The length! The POOFNESS!I lurve eet! Give eet too me! *walks behind lemur while holding tail like a leash. Sehr gute.

  33. Ring tailed lemurs are so amazing to watch, i will never forget the time Steve Irwin(RIP) sat down where their were just a few by the time he left there were about 50

  34. Damson — don’t overthink. ‘Sokay, there won’t be a quiz.

  35. sadiesauce says:

    ze lemur looks like mah puppeh when de light shinez in her eyez.

  36. lurkingsmirk says:

    Heeeeee little lemur looks like he’s zoned out in front of the TV…

  37. mom lemur “i know my contact lens has GOT to be right here somewhere!” (fumble fumble)

    babeh lemur: (nudge nudge) “giddyup, mom! the ice cream truck is gonna leave soon!”

  38. it’s ZOBOOMAFU!!!!

  39. You’re all R. Lee Ermey in a Full Metal Jacket.
    Crackin’ me up and whatnot

  40. Cricket – You’re totally right –> All the baby lemurs are too cute!

    Found a pic of a baby w it’s tail, in case anyone was wondering, like me:

  41. It’s a ring tail lemur, to be exact!

  42. Theresa, I believe Nigel has passed on, but Jovian (Zoboo) is still hangin’ around! I attend Lemurcon every year at Duke University Lemur Center (formerly DUPC)

  43. Woods Walker says:

    The lemurs are cute. By the ways Steve Drill Sergeants have been able to drop a soldier for no more than ten push ups at a time since 1970. Unfortunately the rule took place after I completed Basic Training.-Woods Walker

  44. *jumps to attention*




    I must KEEEL you now b/c you have let out the secret Alt.Fan.Lemurs info!!!
    i was at LemurCon in 1995, and 2000
    Duke University Primate Center.
    LEMURS RULE!!!!!!

  46. Theresa says:

    NOTHING is secret on the interwebs. Not even the secret properties of Twinkies and Grape Nehi. 😛

    Frink, y’all.

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  48. Lemurs are so cute! Just look at those carmel eyes!