Flo, pass the US weekly, my manicures’ about to start

I mean, LOOK at my nails, they’re a hideous mess.

Can you give me ‘Action length’? ’cause I wanna look sporty this month.

Yeah, Jailbait is my favorite color. I’m going out tonight.


Codi B., those teeny tiny nails are super prosh.



  1. So 1970’s mod looking!

  2. bleen?

  3. BLUNK!

  4. Constance says:

    …that’s adorable. I just want to SNUGGLE THEM!

  5. Aw! Wee ickle baby ratlings! I’ve always loved little rat hands, but them nails are SHARP!

  6. Oh is time for tea. I do hope they have those lovely scones and crumpets today.

  7. So pleased to see ratkins on here again! Can I make a manicure appointment for my rats? Theirs could use some trimmin’.

    Those ratties have great whiskers and muzzlepuffs!

  8. heidilynn says:

    One of the leetle mousies that helped Cinderella get dressed is now taking her turn…(or is it a rat?)

    BTW, how does Meg have time to go surfing for wacky nail polish names? Lets stay on task, here, people. Not that “jailbait” isn’t a hilarious, and somewhat disturbing, nailpolish color.

  9. are these baby dumbo rats or what? what ever they are…ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  10. “On task”? We have TASKS now??

  11. ceejoe says:

    so is that all one rattie in the round ball-thingy? he looks rather plumpish…

    and I lof the tailio hanging in from the right side of the pic…

  12. SayYesh says:

    Meg, you crack me up!

  13. Hard Candy nail polish?? That was SO high school! Blue nails! What was I thinking?

    … awesomeness, perhaps 😉

  14. lets see if anyone knows what i’m referring to:

    “my stars, rats are the most innntaresting people”

  15. Bugs Bunny, doing a manicure for the Hairy Scary Monster.

    And ratties is awesome. My wife and I gots 12 of ’em–one of the girls we bought was preggers and three weeks later…teeny tiny squeaks!

  16. aw, chris! you made my day!

  17. The hairy scary monster’s name is Gossimer. Isn’t that great?? Always loved his red Chuck Taylors.

  18. I love the box o’ admirers off to the side. Like squee-ing fangirls.

  19. Oh, I’m so happy the photog managed to get a rat tail in this pic, because that is one of my fave things about ratties. I love those cold, scaley tails! They are especially delicious for a soft-kronshe.

  20. pppfsssss…

    i have just deflated.

    ECU please!!!!

  21. Okay I think I counted Five Rattys in the picture. NO wait I looked again and I think there are six. Meg??? Theo?? anyway I am loving seeing the rats. They are so loving and fun Oh and funloving Hehehe.

  22. I think there are at least 8, Annie. Have fun!

  23. I’m taking my rabbit on another round of bunny-dates at the local shelter – to see if she likes any of the boys. I have a very strong urge to paint her little bunny-toenails pink and put a little bow on one ear. She’d probably eat my face if I tried.

  24. I don’t know what’s better: the mousie’s nails or Meg’s hilarious caption. Being a nail tech school graduate, I got a big kick out of this. Don’t forget to ask for the cuticle massage with oil, mousie!

  25. Should be “my manicure’s about to start…” Careful how you place your apostrophes, kids!

  26. I bettin one of these girls is getting gussied up to go meet the booty callin Barry White Rabbit. Jailbait indeed.

  27. Okay Theo, I saved to my computer and ligtened and darkened to see in the boxes. I still get seven but maybe when I get home and see it on my way better monitor . I see two in the ball and 4 in the cube and of course one tail running away. Harr Harr My boss would freak if he knew I was wasting my time counting rats LOL.. No make that ROFLMAO!

    Oh well Back to work..

  28. The number of rats in the red box on the right is tricky. I can’t tell for sure, but it *may* have as many as five partway-visible occupants.

  29. *sad* Sorry, but this picture reminds me of my best friend’s rats. I found out that one of them died over the weekend. I gave her the rats as a gift, and her eight-year-old brother is completely heartbroken over the loss.

    Should my friend get a replacement companion for the surviving rat? I’m worried because rats are supposed to be social creatures and I don’t want the other rattie to get depressed.

  30. I think I see the fuzzy back of a third rattie in the ball.

  31. JJ, Our first rat was a solo and she bonded completely with my youngest daughter. our second had a companion. so they bonded with each other. they were still nice. IF the rat was used to having another rat it may really want one. maybe play it by ear.

  32. BrianMPLS says:

    Alas, no. Just three rats, cleverly distributed for the illusion of greater numbers.

  33. Jailbait? Oh no no no no.. Me thinks this rattie wants this flavor..
    “I’m not really a waitress’ by OPI. Yeah… look it up..

  34. BrianMPLS verrrry Funnny….. Kaye, you are right! Three rats in the ball. Theo I got home to my way better monitor and you are right there are five in the cube and so folks we have Nine, that we can see.

    My work here is done:p


  35. I too want to sit inside a ball.

  36. I prefer “Trailer Trash”, myself….

  37. JJ – yes, i think it’s always best to make sure your ratties have a companion, especially if they are already used to it. they are very social and like to have a buddy to curl up with at bedtime.

  38. Thanks CO for reminding me about red light for my animal welfare exam! 🙂

    Also, if your rat is used to another rat, it probably would like another one. However, not all rats are created equal (LOL) and so you must be careful when adding another one to a preexisting scenario. Best of luck!