Clogged Internets


I love you People.

Sending me ridiculous photos like this.

Will you please look at these hams, clogging the Internets.

That is all.

Thank you, David G. 😉



  1. jaycee says:


  2. Check it out, it’s the mouse-like things!

    [UPDATE — added the link into the post itself – Ed.]

  3. joodster says:

    Hams make me happy.

  4. oh… THAT’S why the email at work didn’t work yesterday. well, thats an acceptable excuse. 😛

  5. That photo is simply adorable.


  6. RevWaldo says:

    Is that food or bedding all over the cage floor?

  7. Wow. CO’s really pulling out all the stops today, non?

  8. luvinmalssomuch says:

    That sure is a close knit family. Very precious.

  9. Elizabeth B. says:

    I like the flat one on the bottom. It’s like he’s been stepped on so often he’s turned into a pancake with ham(ster).

  10. Eastie says:

    Is the one on the bottom melting?

  11. Theresa says:

    I knew it, as soon as they gots that broadband, they’d start trying to send hamsters through it.

  12. Suzanne says:

    Bottom Hamster: *doof* What part of “single file line” don’t you kids understand??”

  13. And that’s why it’s important to have an evacuation plan before an emergency happens.

  14. smokeyJoe says:

    the internets are just a series of tubes.

    now i know why it’s so slow.

  15. congrats to cute overload on another webby win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That could be why the internet is so blocked and slow an yes the hammies are cute to, just don’t show to my cats ……………………

  16. you guys r silly says:

    * Congrats * Meg *
    on your
    Webby Wins!!
    Webby’s Choice AND People’s Choice!
    * Woot! *

  17. Oh, that right its TWO WEBBY WINS FOR CUTE OVERLOAD, ok I stop yelling now congrats

  18. Constance says:

    Dear boss,
    I haven’t been able to email you the last few days. We’ve had a problem with our internets. Seems we’ve got some squee blockage. The problem should be fixed soon, but until then, enjoy these adorable little bandwith cloggers!


  19. Alicia says:

    oh i love the way the hammys snuggle up. Everytime i’m at the petstore i watch the hams bundle. *singsong* bundle of haaaaaaaaaaams!

  20. Cute!! Hamsters are pretty much the cutest things ever <3

  21. boy is that a ham sandwich or what!?!!

  22. revwaldo- those are pine pellets on the cage floor. i’ve seen them used for kitty litter.

  23. Oh, the bandwidth! It’s too much to bear!

  24. Should we contact HamRooter?

  25. Kritter says:

    You don’t need a spam blocker; you need a ham blocker!

  26. SeaBreeze says:

    Oh My Heck! Dees guys are da most prosh hammie pile in ages!! =)

  27. Howd you sleep? – How do you think I slept! 😛 I didnt, you all slept, on me, all night, and I didnt. I look like bear skin rug in this picture!

  28. These dudes are hamtastic. *Put self in shrinkenator, puts on mah fur and climbs in dere wif da boyz to alleviate not so happy day. Sigh. Dat’s better.*

  29. violetgreen says:

    More proof that too much ham clogs your arteries!

  30. oaklandcat says:

    the link goes back to the good ol days when a day or more would go by between people’s comments…no wonder the internets are so clogged now! People like me. And you.

  31. I am happy to say that Dave is a co-worker of mine. The two of us also used to work with Jessica of the New York Hamster House, and we both adopt from her.

    I just want to tell you that Dave works in web design and information technology, but I don’t think he’ll want to unclog this adorable ham-spam anytime soon!

  32. This is how an office elevator looks like.

  33. Theresa says:

    Reminds me of an old joke.

    Mama Mole says “Baby Mole, don’t you smell the smells of spring?”

    Baby Mole, stuck back in the burrow behind the bigger moles, grumbles, “No, all I smell is mole @$$es!!!”

  34. Grumblecakes says:

    And now that link has been taken away… COINCIDENCE!?! Yeah, probably.

  35. Yo Yo one at a time please!!!!
    before someone gets hurt!