Booteh call

Er, Booteh er Bunneh call. that’s what I meant.

Tiny Bun: "Listen Bebe, I know it’s late—I know you’re warm in yer burrow, but I got some tiny tailio action you would NOT BELIEVE. Come on, Bebe!"

[Steps on 2 button by mistake]

Can you bun me know?

Eva H., you are a fabulous sender-inner. And Flickr-streamerer, Fun2photos? You are REALLY too much. Serious.



  1. Baden's mom says:

    Do you think he had to turn the volume waaaaay up on account of the tiny ears?

  2. PamJen says:


  3. That is AMAZING! I didn’t even know bunnehs came that small. Fully formed and furry and everything! At first I thought it was a mouse. Wow.

  4. heidilynn says:

    I had to look at my phone to get a sense of scale, here; wow, what a tiny little guy.

  5. luvinmalssomuch says:

    It has gotten way out of hand now. Next thing you know he’ll be driving down the road talking on the cell phone and cutting off traffic.

  6. Bwahahahaha!!

    Awesome. (*wipes tears away*) Thanks, Meg. I needed that laugh this AM.

  7. luvinmalssomuch says:

    It has gotten way out of hand now. Next thing you know he’ll be driving down the road talking on the cell phone and cutting off traffic.

  8. “Can you hear me now?”

  9. Mikela says:

    And making it even cuter…the phone says SHMILY: See How Much I Love You!

  10. ceejoe says:

    baby bunneh!

    and the flying hammies are back!
    wonder if we could have a *white* flying hammie in memory of sweet Lucy…

  11. AuntieMame says:


    Check out who won a Webby! (Scroll down to the next-to-last category.)

  12. Yay, we’re WEIRD!!! [snorting laughter]

  13. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for announcing this, AuntieMame!

    Congrats Meg!

  14. We are so tewtally weird!

  15. I also note that THE HAMPANTS ARE BACK! Whee! [tiny “thppp”ing noise]

  16. Eastie says:

    It’s amazing how much cute a tiny lil’ bun can give off. I totally want it.

  17. By the way, Peeps? Prepare to be *slain*
    (same Flickr stream, same mini-bun…)

  18. OMG, is this now a bunny Tuesday?

    Cause if it is, I’ll do a dance. It’s my birthday, and I loves me some bunnehs!!

  19. Theo, you just kill-ded me.

  20. Happy Bunny, Aimee!

  21. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Theo, One bunneh omg but two? I can’t take it.

  22. ThreeCatNight says:

    What a darling little mini-bunneh! You can take him/her anywhere!

    Bunneh: “Hello, is this Papa John’s? Could you please send over a veggie pizza with extra lettuce, carrots, mushrooms – but please hold the onions and tomatoes! Yes, that’s right, I want the ‘personal size’, for me and just some friends. And charge it!”

  23. Sabella says:

    First I must pick up the bunny, then I must kiss the bunny, and then I must cuddle the bunny and resist urge to put bunny in my mouf.

  24. Theresa says:

    If lovin’ the cute is weird, I don’t wanna be– well, not weird. 😛

  25. “yes, i’d like a veggie pizza, large, and a biggie salad please. toss in a fruit cup too.”

    [LOL! “And could you just put it all on my bill?” – Ed. ]

  26. I wov the wee little tail. And the squintiness. And the baby ears. And… and… and…

  27. Hmm, I suppose my reply to Jen applies to 3Cat’s comment too. Hehe.

  28. I could only hear Meg’s cap-shon in a rumbly Barry White voice. LOL I almost peed.

  29. Nice, CBF

  30. I wanna make a collect call to this bunny–as in, collect him into my arms and whisk him away to my house! ^__^


  31. Call da waabitt, call da waabitt….

  32. LOL, Dale! [sings along]

  33. BWAAHAHAHA! Dale’s comment FTW!!

    ‘Cept now I’m gonna have dat song shtuck in mah haid all da livelong day…ack…


  34. Elmer:
    Oh bwunhilda
    You awe so wuvwy…
    I know it,
    I cannot help it…

  35. Kitten says:
  36. Chelsea says:

    Thats so cute! How old is that bunny?

  37. vanessa says:

    i just want to pick the little guy up!!! so cute!

  38. cutebabyfix,

    I just imagined that teeny tiny bunny talking in a Barry White voice, and totally lol’d!

  39. acelightning says:

    Wow… a bunny tinier than a tiny cell phone. That is one TINY bunny!

    When I had bunnies, every now and then I’d let them frolic around the room. I’d stand in the middle and watch them, and they’d dance around me in a circle, weaving in and out. If I’d had a bunch of ribbons tied to my head, with one bun taking each ribbon, they would have been using me as a Maypole for their own May dance. Happy May Day/Beltane, everyone! (Unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, where it’s technically All Hallows/Samhain.)


  40. EEEE!

    I want one!

  41. Acelighting. Dem Bunnehs would topple the maypole :p.

  42. That.

  43. sammynic says:

    grrrr where do you even get a bunneh that small!?!?!?!

  44. …from Mamah Bunneh, probableh.

  45. Wow… a bunny tinier than a tiny cell phone.

    Actually, that’s not a cell phone. It’s a cordless phone, about 6 inches long.

    (I have the exact same phone–I did a double take when I saw the picture.)

  46. (I’m guessing you didn’t get the micro-bun option, though)

  47. OY!!!

    I just gotta give it up to the wonderful lady keepin this baby bunneh alive!

    Hand rearing a baby wild bun is tougher than getting past the bridgekeeper w/out knowing air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow!!


  49. bunny cancer

  50. Snorgle Pup says:

    Yeah, the kids all have cell phones now. Do bunnies and hammies really need their own? Aren’t we being a little over-indulgent?

  51. acelightning says:

    Annie – if a random number of adult humans didn’t topple the Maypole, a bunch of bunnies certainly wouldn’t!

    Dorothy – I didn’t realize cordless phones came with a whole screen like that, or that you could send them text messages. (I had a cell phone that looked a lot like that, a few years ago, but the buttons kept getting bumped into, so I switched to flip-open styles.)


  52. OMG. Too tiny. Too tiny.


  53. KaitouJuliet says:

    I think “tailio” should be added to the official C_O glossary.

    And … what a cute bun-bun!

    (Bun-bun. I can’t believe I just said “bun-bun”!)

  54. I think there should be a new category: Animals and Technology or something like that. You could this and all the Wii pictures.

  55. ooooooooh callin’ his OTHER honey bunny…