Moses: Where’s Cheeps? Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeps! [calls out into the grass]


Moses: "Cheeeeeeeps! Oh, Cheeeepers!"
Cheeps: "OOF!—get off moi! zees eenstant!"


Moses: I really don’t get it. I"m on time and everything. [Looks around] I better place an ad on Craig’s list Missed Connections…


Hannah W.—Awwesthum.



  1. BLEEN!

  2. Mwhahahha. Now that I got that out of the way. I must say when I saw the second pic at first I was scared. I was like oh no what have you done! Good to see Mr. Cheeps is ok. Please tell me the bird is really named cheeps cuz that like makes my life.

  3. Jupiter Star says:

    My first thought on seeing the second picture was, “Oh NOOOO, no dead birdies!!!!” (Yes, I’m paranoid since my little year-old one passes away this weekend) My second thought was, “Wow…that is either one very surprised bird, or one who moonlights as a footstool.” Very cute!!!

  4. Where do ham ‘tocks end and bird begin?

  5. ooh! I didn’t see the bird until after I read the comments and was like, ‘uhh are you guys looking at the same thing as me?!’ and examined it further. I thought the bird was the tail, not another animal. Now it makes sooo much more sense, and definitely cuter as well. 🙂

  6. natalie q says:

    *GIGGLE* too cute!

  7. Michelle says:

    hahaha two buddies out for an adventure. omg how insane is that? very cute!

  8. Bleen indeed.


  10. Martha in Washington says:

    Hamster and Finch? (Sounds like a cop show.)
    Too Cute!!!

    BTW, how do you get the hammie back in the cage after it has run loose in the backyard? I’m not sure I’d trust our hammies to come home.

  11. I love zebra finches… I call them nagers cause thats the noise they make!

  12. Is that a hammy? It looked like a rat to me! Shows what I know, dont it? =)

  13. juggle geese says:

    My copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them doesn’t list a beast with a ham in the front and a bird in the back. The closest thing I found is a griffin. But that has the front end of a bird and the hind end of a mammal. So this is probably a reverse griffin?

  14. juggle geese says:

    My copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them doesn’t list a beast with a ham in the front and a bird in the back. The closest thing I found is a griffin. But that has the front end of a bird and the hind end of a mammal. So this is probably a reverse griffin?

  15. Is the finch perched on the hammy’s back in the second picture? If it is, I may die…

  16. Interspecies hide-&-seek in the grass! Wheee!

    Oh wait, it’s not hide-&-seek, it’s a confused version of tuna tin (is that what you call that game where everybody finds one person and then hides along with him/her?)

  17. lurkingsmirk says:

    My goodness…how does one take these two outside and not have them run away? I’m so envious.

  18. BrianMPLS says:

    MiW, I think the pics are evidence of the constant surveillance while they’re in the yard outside the big house. They’ll be back in lockdown shortly. =)

  19. Subhangi… Where I come from, we call that game Sardines, but it prolly has lots of different names.

  20. I’m getting too old. I can’t really make out the pictures.

    I should retire my cuteoverload browsing if I can’t see the piccys **cry**

  21. talk about a splendor in the grass!

  22. Strangers in the grass exchanging glances
    Wondring in the grass
    What were the chances we’d be sharing love…

  23. Ahh- tis Stuart and Margo togezzer at long last. In the next picture they jump in his hot car and drive off into ze sunset…

  24. LOVE the little head poking up out of the grass in the first pic!

    speaking of hams and running loose and the question of them coming home: cute story… When I was about 10, I went away for the weekend with my family and when we returned, my hammie had escaped his cage. We looked in all sorts of nooks and crannies of the house, but with no luck :(… So I had no choice but to just go to bed and hope he showed up later. But just in case he was in my room, I closed the door that night to make sure he stayed in my room. Well in the middle of the night I woke to him chewing and scratching on the outside of the door to get back in to his room! He missed me! (or he was hungry maybe lol)

    and ooo, new summer background 🙂

  25. YAY!!! FINCH!!! I love finches!!!

    ^^These are mine.

  26. TeratoMarty says:

    Miniature inverse hamster-gryphon!

  27. SeaBreeze says:

    Interspecies backyard esplorin’!! woohoo!!

  28. SeaBreeze says:

    I was just reminded that one of our gerbils used to chase our finch around the house. Nothing bad, since finch could fly. But they sure were funny to watch! =)

  29. Carrie Hamster — these 3 pix click bigger, from 500×375 to 800×600, if that helps…?

  30. omg that first photo is over the top. toooooo funny. perfect captions.

    moses better watch out. cheeps has a big beak lol.

  31. I can has added sum sekrit capshons fr ma peeps!

  32. beenclawed says:

    I thought it was a rattie, not a hammie. What are those things in the grass that look like rattie tails?

  33. zosterops says:

    dandelion stalks, I’d assume

  34. beenclawed says:

    Thanks Zos. I’ve been looking at too many rattie pics apparently.

  35. Heehee! These pictures are just too perfect.
    Wish my Hamster and finches were friends like that.

    Jessica: I love your little fluffy birdies!

  36. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is the cutest thing i have ever seen. We need more pictures like this

  37. onionpencil musashi says:

    wow great. always heard hand-fed zeebies make the dearest pets. love to have some but have my hands full already. *happily dies of cute*

  38. Oh my gosh, I would have a heart attack if my little zebras were outside, are his wings clipped or he is just the best zebra finch ever?

  39. bwaha. Best series of pics ever.

  40. onionpencil musashi says:

    megan i imagine he’s either bonded to his human or the hammie, even clipped wings won;t do tons on a wee birdie so small 8D

  41. Pic One: Is that seriously a hamster? Maybe it’s a ferret…

    Pic Two: It IS a hamster! And it’s on a dead bird!!?

    Pic Three: Oh, okay, it’s not dead. Oh hey, someone is letting their finch and hamster run around outside. That would be so cool.

  42. What happens if the first pic doesn’t come out and you have to retake it? Where is your hamster by now?
    They must have either extremely well-trained pets or a whole lotta backup hams and finches.
    Either way, that picture is impossibly cute. Awww!

  43. hehe, i had a gerbil that used to chase our finch around on the floor. you’d see a finch hop by and midnight (the gerbil) following the finch =)

  44. mickey mouse ears in pic#1 :]


  45. Courtney says:

    I once saw a mouse cross the street in a crosswalk followed by a cat… I like to believe that they were on an adventure like Hammy and Finch!