It’s so sad when kittehs can’t afford more than one basket

Abject poverty, People.

Kittehs SHARING a basket.

Pathetic—they’re busting at the seams, and there isn’t a SINGLE thing we can do about it. [sigh]

Poor things, they don't know any better...

No—just—don’t look—it will only make you depressed


[shaking head] I know—I know. Tough times, we’re living in. Tough. Times.


Eleanor R., we wish you the best in providing for your kittehs—I’m sure everything will work out OK.



  1. What a fuzzy basket of goodness!

  2. lisssssssssssssss says:

    OMG! It’s my orange kitty’s long lost twin!

  3. Hee hee hee! Smushed cuddly kitties are teh best evar! ‘Specially when they give you the ol’ one-eye-open look.

  4. Aww, so cuddly! Think they can fit me in there….?

  5. ShelleyTambo says:

    I love the big ol’ orange paw plopped on a little gray head.

  6. Looks like a perfect fit to me! 😉 Warm, comfy, cozy.

  7. Smoosh!

  8. heh heh. my kitties love to do this too, I bought two beds that fit one kitteh each, and they love to squish together into one.

  9. SO sweet! I NEVER get tired of kitty cuddling, as you can see on my blog. And baskets are like boxes for kittehs. They’ll squeeze themselves into any size, the smaller the better! hee!

  10. I don’t think there can be any doubt as to where this particular handbasket is going.

  11. Oh my goodness. It’s Garfield and Nermal! Also, it’s totally adorable.

  12. omg, that is *freakin* adorable!
    Biiiig orange kitteh and teeny gray kitteh!
    I have two that will curl up in a cat bed together, but they are both black, so they completely blend together, and all you can see is four ears sticking out…

  13. Detroit Snapdragon says:

    OMG — it’s a snorgle-fest waiting to happen. I bet they smell like warm, clean kitty fur.

  14. you know…
    it’s going to be even funnier when the teeny gray kitteh grows up and they still want to fit in there…

  15. And for the cost of a cup of coffee, you can help these poor basketless cats.

    Just a few pennies a day, you can sponsor a basket for a kitteh in your area.

  16. brinnann says:

    Should someone send an extra bukkit?

  17. But at least the orange Mama (?) is well fed, even if they have to squeeze into one basket!
    Obviously, they look miserable, HAHA

  18. I hope all this cuddling in one basket won’t stunt little grey kitteh’s growth.

  19. Well, at least it is a NICE basket. :::wink::: Looks like a Longeberger.

  20. Sebastian Redl says:

    I’m not sure if referring to the enormous tiger as “kitteh” is exactly appropriate …

  21. A-tisket, a-tasket, two kittehs in a basket.

  22. Garfield and Nermal, anyone?

  23. luvinmalssomuch says:

    You cute overload commenters are soooooo funny.
    I’m sure if we all chipped in we could buy them a bigger basket but I doubt they would use it. They like Snorgling.

  24. It can’t be Garfield and Nermal — orange kitteh is too happy!

    (BTW, what do I hafta do to my browser to see the new background? Although I don’t mind still having flying hammies.)

  25. I want to gnaw on the kittehs.

  26. Hey! who turned on the lights. We were busy taking a nap here. Hummph! Just ignore them little kitty and lets go back to Slezzzzzzz.
    Okay big guy! snuggle snuggle ZZZZZZZ

  27. It is Garfield and Nermal, only after a good catnip roll.

  28. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Annie, It does look that way. They were purrfectly happy until someone nosy turned on the lights. Looks like the work of a sneaky mouse.

  29. luvinmalssomuch, ny thoughts exactly.

  30. Times can’t be too tough if they’re sleeping in a Longaberger basket! Those things aren’t cheap!

    Probably why they have to share one between the two.

  31. Looks like a mama and bebeh to me. Maybe she hasn’t lost her “pregnancy weight” quite yet. I would love to bury my face into their tummies.
    I used to have two (grown) kittehs.. my coworker gave me one cat bed she couldn’t use.. and thereby we commenced what I called “cat bed wars” at my house. Both claimed the bed and neither would willingly yield. So of course many times they’d both be in there. It was hilarious.

  32. They don’t get called Ginger Toms fer nothin ye know…. well at least that’s what a vet told me when I took a stray that adopted me… looks jest like the big lad there too…
    Comfy, cosy kitties….

  33. With your donation of just one cupcake a day we can afford to give each kitteh a more spacious basket. Won’t you help?

  34. That is an ENORMOUS ORANGE kitty! I wanna hug him! And hug him! And squeeeeeeeze him! 🙂

  35. yep, I’m thinkin it’s a big orange boy too…
    my dominant orange & white tiger boy used to *love* the baby kittehs when I fostered…

  36. weensicka says:

    Teh huge basket of orange floofy goodness is de-loosh-ous!!

    Mmm…snorgle tasty orange kitteh bell-eh.

  37. (Hazel) We’ve got a ginger miss at our house so it could be a mamma, they’re rare but are out there. Summer is our 2nd & she’s a cuddler like this one seems to be. These pics r bright and beautiful. Love the contrast of the orange & silver/grey. Very vibrant. WOW!

  38. They are truly snorglelicious. And I agree, when gray kitteh grows up, they’ll still squish themselves together in there.

  39. Oh that’s Garfield and Nermal all right…after Garfield raided Jon’s picnic basket…the only thing missing is Odie and Pooky!

  40. cats prefer to smoosh together they hate having to much room to move . the smaller the box, basket, whatever the more kittehs you will find.
    But really they look so upset about being smooshed together……..

  41. heidilynn says:

    Yup, that would be the face of poverty in America, peoples–only in America are “poor” people (and poor kittehs) chubby! (Well, not really, our shameless export of chips, Coke, and candy are quickly displacing nutritious foods for poor folks all over the world–so they can look like us! and like our pets!)

  42. Perhaps they are looking for an “Extreme Basket Makeover”! Somebody call Ty Pennington and his crew! Actually, they look pretty comfy to me..I wish I was that comfy right now!

  43. Merri — actually, skip Ty. Just get the crew. (Kitties have no love for megaphones.)

  44. Don’t look, it will only make me depressed?

    NAH! As soon as I saw the first two photos, I went “AWWWWW”, then when I saw the “depressed” comment I thought “Nope, depressed is the LAST thing these photos would make me — they’re ADORABLE!” (And yes, I know the “depressed” comment was meant in jest, lol).

    Then when I scrolled down and saw the third photo, I literally snorted, from the cute. Now my throat is a bit scratchy, but it is soooooo worth it! 🙂 Very sweet kittehs!

  45. I don’t think it’s possible for a kitty to be too squished?

    This is kitty bliss. Two best colours of kitty EVER, in one basket for your snorgling pleasure. Too bad it’s only virtual.

  46. Eeep! They look like my two kittehs! (as in one is orange and HUGE and one is grey and small)

  47. At least they’re snuggling in style – looks like a Longaberger basket…

  48. What’s depressing is how fat that orange cat is. Stop overfeeding it!!!

  49. Oh shush now. That is NOT a fat cat.

  50. eesa big soft Marmie, everting be awwwwrite now.

  51. i love the first “lovie eyes” pic and the third-
    “I hold your head down and bite your neck, because i LOVE you!”
    great photos!

  52. I wish I could snuggle up against a kitty that was as big to me as the orange guy is to little greykitty. Cats are great, but sometimes they are way too small. Imagine resting your head up against the side of a big huge cat, in front of the fireplace on a cold night? It would be like a big huge fur coat, except alive and making a rumbling noise. Bliss!

  53. modulegirl says:

    Meg, I think you missed a category: Cute or Sad? What can be sadder than the sight of two kittehs crammed into a single basket:(

  54. It would be sadder if there were NO kitties in a single basket! Yay, basket kitties! I bet if they really tried, they could get another even SMALLER kitty in there.

  55. “Ohhhh we used to DREAM of livin’ in a basket! Woulda’ been a palace to us. We used to live in an old water tank on a rubbish tip. We got woken up every morning by having a load of rotting fish dumped all over us! Basket!? Hmmmph!”

  56. I like that the abject poverty photos were sent in by an “Eleanor R.”


  57. “You were lucky. We lived for three months in a paper bag in a septic tank. We used to have to get up at six in the morning, clean the paper bag, eat a crust of stale bread, go to work down t’ mill, fourteen hours a day, week-in week-out, for sixpence a week, and when we got home our Dad would thrash us to sleep wi’ his belt.”

  58. Looxury! Looxury! 😉

  59. onionpencil musashi says:

    cute. also, digging the new background 8D 8D

  60. “But you try and tell the young people today that… and they won’t believe ya’.”

    Nope, nope, Aunty-G.

  61. “Eleanor R”… Rigby?

  62. Theo, I wasn’t going to argue that the marmie is fat. I was, however, going to note that the marmie, in particular, seems to be bursting at the seems. 🙂

  63. A tisket, a tasket
    Some tabbehs in a basket!
    When the cuteness gets too much,
    I really think I’ve lost it!

  64. lasts my mittens twin!

  65. “They won’t!”, Aubrey.

  66. thats my mittens twin!

  67. Eleanor R says:

    OMG! I can die happy! My Kittehs have made the Overload! The big guy is Kevin and the little one is Violet. No relation, just pals. And thanks Theo, you are right, Kev is not so much fat as big boned. REALLY big boned. With a leettle fat on said bones. Violet, now 2, has remained a petite flower. Both are excellent for snorgling.

    I’m so excited I need to go lie down with a cool cloth on my head.

  68. Eleanor R. Thanks for Sharing your Kittehs, They are sooooo cute and snorggaly

  69. A ‘cool cloth’, Eleanor R? Not a snorgable, huffable, kitteh?

    The image I’m getting is a little odd, but still – how can it be bad?

  70. The orange one is clearly underfed as well as being forced to share a basket.

  71. Miss Bear says:

    It’s like seeing hobos in a cardboard box! Only a trillion times cuter. :3

  72. If you think that’s cute, try five kittens in a basket!
    (URL above)

  73. Mitsu, I love that image of the big cat. Yes, that would be ideal, to snuggle up. When I’ve seen some of the big cat trainers on TV do that with some of their charges, it looks so comfy!

  74. Eleanor R says:

    I tried putting a cool Kevin on my forehead, but it made my neck a little sore.

  75. PlainJane says:

    Big Marmie cat is a blivet (10 lbs. of poop stuffed into a 5 lb. bag)…but in a GOOD way! I had a kitteh like that: Sally would find the smallest box imaginable and squoosh herself into it … usually only her butt, with the rest of her puffed up on top, like a big grey and white souffle. Funny, funny girl.

  76. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is so funny! I think the people need another basket for the kittehs.

  77. Charles says:
  78. Two leetle kitt-ons
    they lost their mitt-ons
    and they began to cry
    Oh mother dear
    we sadly fear
    Our mitt-ons we have lost!
    What! lost yer mitt-ons!
    you naughty kitt-ons!
    Now you shall have no pie!
    Mee-yow mee-yow mee-yow mee-yow,
    Now you shall have no pie.

  79. This is so cute I don’t have a cat but if I did I would die for these two.

  80. Violet is a lovely name for the little gray kitty…and the big marmie’s name is KEVIN?? LOL, well that’s just perfect — I think it’s always cute when pets are given such standard human names, like “George” or “Mike” or, well, “Kevin”. Just adds to the cuteness. 🙂

  81. R. Moore says:

    Hello all,

    I just wanted to thank you for being nice people. I was lurking another blog and happened upon my baby sister being called an “idiot” and “pedant” by a semi-troll.

    I’m a good blog commenter, generally, but it was REALLY hard not to flame them into next year. (I’m a wee bit protective.)

    You have saved me from e-sin.

  82. I love how Kev and Vi have found their sweet spots in pic #2. Eleanor R., thanks so much for sharing!

    ps is it really some sort of ‘designer’ basket?

  83. Snorga – I think there’s a little room to the left. I mean, as the saying goes, there’s always room in a basket of kittehs!

  84. R. Moore – I am a frequent digg-er, and there can be some really mean posts there. As a softie, I cannot help but post responses and get into cyber arguments in order to help someone (usually female) get some support whatsoever instead of just being yelled at and called names. Then I found this website and whenever the insanity of life and whatnot becomes too much, I come here. When I was working through a lot of the VT stuff with my residents and my staff (we live very close to that campus), I came here almost hourly. I knew that CO had love. 🙂

  85. Looks like they´re having a basket ball.

  86. OOF.

  87. Aubrey says:

    It kind of stripes…I mean strikes…me that the marmie stripes echo the weave of the basket.

    Cute imitates life imitates art?

  88. Margaret says:

    It looks like the kitten keeps saying “5 more minutes, mom…”

  89. oaklandcat says:

    MarmieCat: “If I hafta go to hell in this here basket, you’d better BELIEVE I’m taking my prosh kitten with me!”

  90. A genuine Longaberger basket? That Market basket musta set those kittehs back a good 75 smackers. That’d buy a whole lotta Fancy Feast!

  91. Kritter says:

    One of those kitties is bursting at the seams more than the other–love chubby kitties!

  92. Eleanor says:

    Yes, it’s a Longaberger. I went through a crazy phase where I felt I needed pricey baskets. I’m better now. This is the Gathering Basket, perfect for all your kitteh gathering needs.

  93. ThreeCatNight says:

    Gray kitteh: “Oh, the things I have to do to save on housing! This is what happens when someone eats all your food!”
    Orange kitteh: “Nothing like a good snuggle early in the morning. Zzzz…”

  94. Theresa says:

    It woulda been cute if it was a mom and a bebeh, but the fact that it is a big ol-marmie-stripe boy snorgling a leetle IBK (itty bitty kitty) pal makes it UNBEARABLY cute (wiping tears of joy).

  95. llamas says:

    Funny, I think I have the same basket (recieved as a wedding present), and it generally ends up being used the same way…Longaberger should rename it the Kitteh Basket.

  96. The Longaberger Kitteh Basket. LOL. I like that 🙂

    Okay.. I think people say /threadjack..?

    I am posting this comment on this picture b/c the orange cat looks very much like my 6 yr old daughter’s cat, Rowdy. Last night somehow our cats knocked the living room screen out and escaped to the outdoors. My son’s cat somehow escaped to the roof but Rowdy was not as fortunate – our cat-hating heeler dogs found her. As of this morning she seems to be doing OKAY but I am wondering if someone here who has some animal-medicine-vet authority/knowledge could email me personally, I have a couple questions..


    [end threadjack I guess, lol]

  97. squirrelly says:

    Oh dear. Is that a Longaberger basket? Those kittehs are not in abject poverty. They’re snorgling in an expensive basket! No wonder there’s only one!

  98. I had to comment this.. This is one of the cutest things I have seen on CO in a looong time.

    Good job! 😉

  99. For those who don’t know, here’s the Longaberger company headquarters.

  100. Yep, the housing bubble sure has burst. Even kitties need to save money on their homes.


  101. I like the 3rd pic where the orange cat is smashing the gray cat’s head. lol!

  102. To Theo and Eleanor B:
    While I’m sure you are both very compassionate people that care about animals, the orange cat is indeed overweight. Not big-boned, not heavy-set or however else you want to justify it. The cat is fat. And if you do not put it on a diet now, Eleanor, you are looking at insulin injections and serious health problems for the rest of it’s life. (I’m speaking as someone who’s had to deal with many overweight pets). For the love of your cat, please stop overfeeding it!

  103. Rosy — lemme just toss this into the mix here:

    Now look at Señor Orangepants again, allowing for bellyfluff & crowdedness.

  104. Just because the cat is not 23 lbs doesn’t mean that it is not fat. A normal adult cat should be around 9-10 lbs. Anything above is too big. Please trade ignorance for knowledge and talk to a veterinary nutritionist who is actually educated on the topic. They’ll tell you that both cats are fat!

  105. Rosy for the love of all the Gods will you step off the bloody soapbox? I’m sick to death of people who come here to a blog dedicated to cute and amusing pictures and feel the need to ‘educate’ us ignorant little proles. You ruin the entire experience of looking at funny and cute pictures and I’ve just about had enough of it.

  106. Teri-Where did you come from and who do you think you are telling me what I can and cannot post? I’m simply stating what all RESPONSIBLE pet owners should already know. It’s sad, really, that ignorant people like yourself are allowed to have pets anyway. Do us all a favor and leave your comments out!

  107. Gee, and I suppose none of us but you are responsible, huh? For the record little girl, I’m far from an ignorant and/or irresponsible pet owner. NEVER make an assumption of another person like that.

    I’m here, I’ve been here a while and I will make what comments I like when I like. Deal with it.

    I’m simply sick to death of your type coming to a humour blog to preach to the choir and ruin the joy of funny pictures for everyone else.

  108. Word.

  109. heh…people like that drive me up the wall and around the bend. Take it to a cat care website where people are asking the questions. Leave humour blogs out of the lecture circut. (unless the lecture is how to spot cuteness from very far away)

  110. NEVER make an assumption about what “type” of person I am again! Got it, little girl? You’re gonna have to deal with the educated comments I make because I’ll continue to make them whenever and wherever I please. If your ignorant self cannot handle them then that is just too bad. Got it?

  111. Again with the assumptions.

    Again I tell you, I am not ignorant. Stuff that assumption somewhere impolite and try acting like a grownup.

    I am a long time cat momma, I am fully and completely aware of the effects of excessive weight on a cat’s health, I have personally witnessed it. So drop your uninformed assumptions about me.

    *I* don’t require your special brand of arrogant ‘education’, and I doubt anyone else around here does either. See, as I have said before, *THIS* is a *HUMOUR* blog.

  112. Hmm.
    Teri, Rosy, can I just point out? …neither of you are being cute or funny.

    (resisting making “catfight” jokes)

  113. Meh, I’ll let her win.

  114. You are right, Theo. I digress.

  115. Detroit Snapdragon says:

    It never even occurred to me that the orange kitteh looked fat! I’m sure it’s easy to look fat when you have to wear horizontal stripes all of the time. My cat has loose belly skin that makes her look fat when she lies down (and wobbles when she runs), but she only weighs about 9 lbs!

  116. Eleanor says:

    Oh, please, let’s not fight. It is harshing my cute! Thanks for the concern. I am aware Kevin is fat. But he goes the the vet regularly, eats a regulated diet, and plays and frolics with abandon. Dude is built like a linebacker, and also that basket makes his butt look big. But yes. He fat.

    Ok, can we please go back to the snorgling?

  117. Eleanor — thank you. I have to ask, though… any chance the “R.” stands for, well, y’know, like in the Beatles song?

    – Father MacKenzie

  118. Eleanor says:

    Tee hee. No. But I have been known to sit in the window, wearing the face I keep in the jar by the door.

  119. What is it for?

  120. Must…resist…pernicious…earworm…

    (Eleanor, your cats are ADORABIBBLE!)


  121. HAY!! Beatles is NOT pernicious!
    Well, except for that whole Helter Skelter thing, and that was Manson’s fault.
    And OK, maybe Maxwell’s Silver Hammer was questionable.
    Anyway, “Nowhere Man” and “Yesterday” are the real earworm heavyweights.

  122. oaklandcat says:

    Oh, great. Now I have an oldies *medley* as an earworm.

  123. Love love love these pictures!! The kittens look so snuggly together. Mine do nothing but fight. I’m so envious of your cuddly kittens Eleanor R.!!

  124. For R. Moore and others who have recently discovered the totally positive vibe of CO:

    Oh give me a home
    Where the kewt kittehs roam
    And the bunnehs and the puppehs all play
    Where seldom is heard
    the nuffers and nerds
    And the skies are not cloudy all day, and if they are that’s even better cuz you have an excuse to just sleep in and snorgle your favourite furry friend 😉

  125. I had absolutely NO idea there was such a thing as an expensive basket, much less a basket with its own name! Where have I been…I guess….

  126. Eleanor, if Kev is big-boned, he must have a huge bone up his… 😉 My Tater is 23 lbs, and he’s a huge orange kitteh as well, the vet said that although he is slightly overweight, he’s also very big-boned! There are a lot of BIIIIG ginger kittehs out there! I keep telling myself that he’s not fat, he’s just fluffy, or big boned, or festively plump, or… Well, you get the picture 🙂 You have very cute kittehs, btw!

  127. Barbara says:

    Boy this is sounding like the whole Buddy (couchstraddlerpawdangler) episode.

    I think they are adorable. My Huggums has been forcing herself into a shoebox everyday. We’ve given her bigger boxes but she wants the shoebox. Kittehs gotta do what kittehs do.