Smallest of puppitudes

Four miniscule eenches tall, People. Check him out. He’s leading the pack of smallest pups in the Guinness Book…

Tineh Bebeh


Tineh Bebeh!Video of the Bebeh

Way to send this one in, everyone…



  1. Adorable. 🙂

  2. It looks savage!

  3. Holy crap, read the article!

    “A neighbor of Gomes, who lives in Okahumpka, abandoned a female Chihuahua a year ago. Emaciated and near death when found, the dog was pregnant.”

    That guy out to be shot! Apparently, his identity is known. Why isn’t he in trouble for animal abandonment?

  4. Teeny tiny doggies are sooooo cute! He’s smaller than kittens!

  5. girlnextdoortn says:

    He’s not so cute,dog-wise, but he’s soooo teeny and fragile that I would luuurve him anyway. Poor little elf.

  6. GIA's Rep says:

    4? Four? FOUR incheees tall? Holy crap-tastic!

    La hommie and I were just this evening musing on how we could get possible slip by a doggie woggie in our no dogs allowed rented apartment. And thus, the perfect answer… even the CarmCarm kitty would let this pass! Big bad landlord Andy would never suspect… Hehe!

  7. Wow…big love in a small furry package. 🙂

  8. He ees too prosh!

    What a tiny bebe.

    I would wrap heem up in blankies and never make heem walk.

    His hairs are bigger than he is!

  9. Margaret says:

    must…. snorgle…

  10. Suda Nim says:

    He’s a tad ungainly, but all the cuter for that. Watch the video on the web site, though, and listen to him…um, “bark” is waay to strong a word for it. “Make a noise less intimidating than a squeak toy”?

  11. AuntieMame says:

    Gah! He could take a bath in a teacup!

    But didn’t Elton John have a song called “Tiny Dancer” long before Garth Brooks? Or Tim McGraw? Or whoever it said?

  12. AuntieM — yer right. It figured prominently in the film “Almost Famous” too.

  13. He looks so tired in all his pictures…poor little monkey!

    (While the noise in the beginning *is* a squeaky toy, the squeaks at the end are not!!!)

  14. compy-saur says:

    Oh, so tiny smalls!

  15. he’s so hoppity!

  16. Peg of Tilling says:

    Wait…MiniPupperdog is full grown at four inches? He’s the size of a hot dog!

  17. I like this part:
    “Gomes said a man in the veterinarian’s office offered her $5,000 for Dancer when he found out the dog was an adult.

    Gomes refused: “No way. You don’t sell love.”

  18. A leetle too small for my tastes. I’m not big on the idea of being able to put a dog in my pocket.

  19. You do if you live in certain parts of Amsterdam.

  20. Tina Rhea says:

    I saw a dog like that at my vet’s once– a Pomeranian puppy that had been stunted by a heart defect. It was so small and taking such teeny-tiny steps that I thought it was a wind-up toy and cried out, “What IS that?!” Unfortunately the owner, standing right behind me, was not amused. I prefer wolfy kinda dogs, if I gotta deal with dogs. (I was SO happy when the Jack Russell moved out next door and was replaced by a Newfie.)

  21. “Honey, I shrunk the pup.”

    He’s so wee!!! I worried I would smoosh him by accident while SNORGLING HIM MERCILESSLY.

  22. He has the same birfday as me! Wheeeee! Twirl!!!! We’ll celebrate together, but separately, if that makes sense….it makes sense to me anyways. 8-}

  23. Michelle says:

    dawwww. So so teensy. <3

  24. oh boy. watch the video… he doesn’t run so much as bounce… that’s the very first dog that I’ve seen who makes me extremely confident that my seven year old dwarf rabbit could kick his little doggie butt.

  25. Lee Gibson says:

    That is not a dog. It’s a tall rat.

  26. haha I’m with you Lee Gibson.

  27. zosterops says:

    I find these dogs painful to look at in their tinyness

  28. Did anyone see the episode of Oprah last week where she had the world’s largest dog and the world’s smallest dog? I was at the gym and the audio was turned off, but I think it was an “all about dogs” episode.

  29. It’s wonderful that Gomes gave him a chance to live. Yes, he may develop more health problems, but while he’s healthy, why not let him live and enjoy life? He certainly appears to be having a great time, he’s got a great human companion who loves him… things are good for tiny Dancer.

    The guy who abandoned the dogs should be jailed.

  30. While scanning the comments quickly, I thought the owners name was Gnomes- it’s a gnome dog! Remember that cartoon about the gnomes, and the head old fat gnome would ride onna fox? This is his dog! Dang I loved that show. I was always checkin out trees for tiny red doors.

  31. Bees r Gone says:

    The ad promoting dead-animal-shoes is a ironic, if not offensive. Meg displays loving, caring pics of animals, and also displays the sick, twisted side of life, on the same page (that stupid shoe ad – make good money, Meg? Like getting rich of the suffering of others, while pretending to actually care?). I’d prefer Meg stop selling her ad space to companies who promote animal cruelty!!! Less cow-pig-shoes, more animal-welfare related ads!!!

  32. Smiling Lurker says:

    I think this issue has been covered a few times in other threads.

  33. You may not be able to sell love, but you can steal it. I would totally steal this dog.
    And not regret it.

  34. Re: Holy crap! Read the article!

    And let us get one thing straight. “Tiny Dancer” is a song by ELTON JOHN. Not Garth Brooks, even though he may have covered it at some time. “Tiny Dancer” is and always will be an Elton John song.

    Another possible correct answer could be Foo Fighters, but only after a few beers.

  35. Re: Bees R Gone

    Right click, copy email address

    Add to spam list “Omaha Steaks Web Only Specials”


    (Unless you have such a list for real.)

  36. Tina Rhea – I used to be a big dog person too. I used to say I would never own a terrier. Our last pair of big dogs passed away and a year later I adopted a Jack Russell. You never know.

  37. Ads? I see no steenkin ads (AdBlocker Plus for teh win!)

    That chihuahua is very cute, but I’d rather have a larger doggy. Something that I wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally stepping on or getting eaten by the neighbor’s cat.

  38. He hops. How cute!

  39. I wish I was a marsupial so I could carry him in my pouch.

  40. Persephone says:

    I want to give big hugs to the puppy’s owner for taking such good care of him. And tiny little hugs to the puppy.

  41. The picture is TO SCALE. 🙂

  42. Yitzysmommie says:

    ACK! Too cute for words! I want heem – he makes my Wawa mix Toby & my Pom mix Kizzy look like giants!!!18 ounces…AAAAWWWWWWWW. I would bring heem to my work and gently snorgle heem every few minutes….all this squishee love from a cat lover, for heaven’s sake. Dancer is so adorable he can be an honorary kitten.

  43. OMG that video is the BEST! He doesn’t so much walk as he does *sproing*! In my head, I imagined Pepe Le Pew’s theme song, but played at a higher speed… hee hee

    And then he FALLS OVER!!


  44. Tina Rhea says:

    Pyrit– I hope your Jack Russell is saner than most. I liked a cartoon in which a frazzled woman with a bouncing-off-the-walls dog is asked, “How do you deal with your Jack Russell?” and she mutters, “Jack Daniels!” Folksinger Cheryl Wheeler said that it was either a Jack Russell or a bed of nails, and the freight was cheaper on the Jack Russell… I understand a dog barking when the mail comes through the door slot, but this **** dog in the adjacent townhouse would KEEP barking for an HOUR…. I prefer the new neighbor’s Newfie!

  45. Just wandered the house in search of a common household object for reference. Height of a standard can of soup, folks (with floof). Check it out:

  46. Peppermint Patti says:

    How sweet!

  47. I cannot continue to soak up such cuteness on a daily basis…

    It is like floofy kryptonite…

    I am losing the power to type…

    It makes me too wobbly with joy!

  48. Peppermint Patti says:

    I had a Pom that weighed almost 1-1/2 lbs. She was the runt too and lived to be 14 yrs. It does take a lot of dedication to look out for a wee little dog, but the love you get back from them is worth every minute. I miss my Tiny Tosha.

  49. Shannon Johnson says:

    AWWWWW! So cute! I likea the puppy

  50. R. Moore says:

    And I will call him George…

    I’d be afraid to play with the little pup!

  51. Beauregard says:

    “His only health problem is low blood sugar.” LOL!!!
    You guys, this little dude lives near me (sorta). Central Floridians FTW!

  52. What a sad, feeble-looking little thing.

    To think something so helpless and silly-looking descended from proud, powerful wolfy ancestors ..

  53. If he were a fish, you’d have to throw him back!
    (apologies to Kids in the Hall)

  54. ex-network geek says:

    I don’t care too much for money,
    Money can’t buy this pup.
    Can’t buy this pu-up, pu-up,
    Can’t buy this pu-u-u-up.

    (blame maymee’s comment for inspiring the above bit of nonsense)

    I read a book once on choosing dog breeds. It said if you were considering a tiny toy breed, like teacup chihuahuas, you should consider a pet rat instead, because they are about the same size but have much better temperaments. Glad to hear this little guy isn’t like that.

  55. I apologize in advance but, poor little guy is proof that small doesn’t always equate cute…although he still pulls the heart strings.

  56. Its really weird that dogs facial structure looks exactly like paris hilton. A rare miss for C.O.

  57. I nominate Lizzie and Jennie for best comments of the day!

    I would also be worried that I might ingest him if I snorgled too much… huffing is just out of the question.

  58. “I’m a little teacup, short and (not so) stout…”

    What a precious little jewel! I would love to VERY CAREFULLY snorgle him. I wonder what my kitties would think!! He’s the size of a tiny kitten! So PROSH!

  59. Kristina L. says:

    How cute!!! Such a cuddly looking doggie.

  60. Look owwwwwwwwt! Don’t step on heeeeeem!

  61. Look owwwwwwwwt! Don’t step on heeeeeem!

  62. Wanna wad heem up in a leetle ball, shove under the covers, and hunker!

  63. Beauregard says:

    mlle x, you are the coolest person EVER. That Bruce McCulloch monologue is my favorite thing from Kids in the Hall of all time. Wow. I’m just speechless(ish).

  64. I love it That Bark or should I say is too funny and he doesn’t really walk around so much as hop,hop hop. Too cute and so tiny.

    My cats would eat him for breakfast.

  65. sells vegetarian shoes, too, you know. Such as Keds sneakers. If you think that shoe stores are evil if they sell leather, than are you saying that you only buy your food from stores that are exclusively vegetarian as well? What about restaurants? I admire your principles, really I do.


  67. Awwhhh… poor stunted little man. He is very cute but no dog should be that tiny for health reasons but he’s a cutie.

    I like dogs of all sizes. I’ve got a nine-pounder right now that fits my life but when I get a bigger place, I want to add a wolf hound to the family. 🙂

  68. Teeeeeeeeeeny.

  69. Christine H says:

    OMG. My initial reaction was “not that cute”, but then I read how little he was, and…SQUEEE!

  70. Wow – if he’s that small, then is that picture “Acutal Size”??? What a cutie pie!

  71. CindyLouMarie says:

    Something about this little one makes me sad! 😦

  72. If we’re taking nominations for best comment, I nominate Tor with the can of soup.
    Got a real lol from me! :o)
    And I *luf* Amy’s soups and chili and frozen dinners and, and… all her stuff!

  73. I know I will annoy some, but the eye capsuleness of this pup is NOT cute to me… more reminiscent of Ren or Peter Lorre…

    sorry! me preferz the big doggiez!

  74. beenclawed says:

    Geez this li’l one is so adorable! His fluffiness, his widdle feetsies, the earsies, the li’l button nose, the teeny muzzlepuff! I immediately printed the picture and went and told all my coworkers ’bout him. So cute! I love dogs of all shapes and sizes. My fave are collies. Maybe one day I’ll get to have one.

  75. I can always count on cuteoverload to make my day in the middle of finals! His hippity hoppity antics brought a smile to my face. (you MUST watch him in action or else his cuteness may escape you)

  76. I can always count on cuteoverload to make my day in the middle of finals! His hippity hoppity antics brought a smile to my face. (you MUST watch him in action or else his cuteness may escape you)

  77. Thx ceejoe. Yeah, Amy’s got it going on..she’s all that and a coupla pounds o’ floof!