These ‘tocks are over the top.They must be stopped.


Erin M., you know what you have to do.



  1. freetomato says:


  2. chet's momma says:

    my favorite kind of ‘tocks! the floofie kind! love to see tocks like that walking…so cute and dainty!

  3. chet's momma says:

    tocksicity? bwahhaahhah! lurve it.

  4. I think it was under the crane tocks a couple days ago, I said I could just envision cuteologists all over the globe, running around, with cameras in hand, looking for *qte* tocks to photograph!
    Here we go again…

  5. ‘tocks and pantaloons!

  6. how disturbing is it that you just made me want to snorgle a dog’s bum?

  7. AuntieMame says:

    And the tail puts it right over the edge. Floof overload!

  8. acelightning says:

    Must be one of these “Japanese poodles”:

  9. Wow, talk about your elegant dismissal!
    “That will be all, human. Thank you.” [strut strut pad pad]

  10. what a clean and fluffy, ‘tocktastic pup! it looks like he’s about to get his paws and nose a bit dirty though…

  11. Heh. I read it as “They must be shopped,” instead of “They must be stopped.”

  12. When Meg says: you know what you have to do- I thought of the scene in Uncle Buck where Buck is threatening to shave Tia’s head. (cue John Candy’s maniacal laughter.)

  13. Those are some remarkably clean ‘tocks for such floofiness…WOOLITE®?

  14. Bloomers!!!!

  15. Yuki is a Great Pyrenees mix, and she had just gotten groomed for the first time (Thanks Susan!)

  16. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:


  17. Christine says:

    This photo is ‘TOCKSIC (toxic)! HA!

  18. Dogaloons!

  19. Erin M. – do you have any pics of the front of her that you can show us?
    We’d love to see Yuki’s sure-to-be *qte* face too!

  20. Suzy's Mom says:

    Now that’s a fuzzbutt.

  21. HA! One word: WONDERFUL!

    How can anyone concentrate with ‘tocks like that??


  23. Ahh, I thought those looked like Great Pyrenees ‘tocks! We just adopted a Pyr mix puppy, who inherited partial fluffitude from his Pyr parent and his markings from his Australian cattle dog parent. Boy’s gonna be HUGE. Anyway, I’ve been researching both breeds the last few days, and there’s no fluff like Pyr fluff.

  24. Teughcats says:

    Theo –
    I can’t post on Vox right now, so I’m hoping you’ll see this here. I found the BEST litterbox for tiny kittens is one of those foil baking pans from the grocery store. Get the kind that is only an inch or so deep, and then you can bend one edge down so they can almost walk into it. Plus they are really cheap and disposable!

  25. luvinmalssomuch says:

    That’s a clean tox.

  26. Obscene Floof!

  27. this doggie is wearying more pants than i am!

  28. (now i must go into de-‘tocks)

  29. Wow! I thought my Maine Coon had fluffy tocks, but this pooch takes the prize!

  30. eikoleigh says:

    wow….the fluffitude….

  31. 2Cats — thanks! Ees ver gud idear.

  32. I’m with alcarwen.. disturbed at my desire to snorgle a dog’s “bum”.. I guess it’s just as well (this time only) that I can’t actually get through the screen. The floofitude it toooo much!

  33. And all that Fuzz

    And all that Fuzz

    Come on babe
    Why don’t we paint
    The town?
    And all that Fuzz

  34. StormCat says:

    Oh Anner… That was soooo bad!!!!

    He sure does have the cleanest ‘tocks I’ve seen on a white dog in a while…

    I used to have a Kitty who was a Britishblue/Russian blue mix… She had the fluffiest thighs I’d ever seen!! I used to call her “Fuzzy thighs”… I loved to watch her run!!!

  35. Blinded by the tocks
    Revved up by the floof
    Another Snorgle in the night!

  36. sinecurea says:

    That…must get quite…messy…

  37. Sooooo fluffy.

    Reminds me of a dog I knew as a kid. She was half collie/half German Shepherd, ALL FLUFF. She was like a big cotton ball and the sweetest dog I’ve ever known.

  38. I read the caption and at first I didn’t understand it. The picture looked like the head and front portion of one of those shaggy sheep dogs. Then I noticed the dog head on the other side and er…

    My only excuse is that I just woke up. 🙂


  39. fluffy buns!!!

  40. That is over the top fluffiness. I call our Siberian Husky “princess fluffybutt”, cause her backside is so fluffy!

  41. ThreeCatNight says:

    Fluffy white toosh-tocks, so immaculate!

  42. This is gorgeous tocks-ness. It must be stopped.

  43. What a lovely, huge white arse.

  44. brinnann says:

    Did anyone else read acelightning’s link on the “Poodle Scam?” Please tell me this is just a spoof and that people weren’t actually thinking these lambs were poodles.

  45. amillionkittens says:

    I, unfortuantely, was extremely confused and thought this was the front of some kind of freakishly fluffy bird whos head and legs were covered with fluffs. I had to look at it several times before I understoond that I was looking at a dogs bum!! Oh the shame.

  46. Fuzzybutt says:

    I love big tocks and I cannot lie!

  47. 1MKitters — forgiven. Hehe.

  48. amillionkittens — That gave me a good laugh! I can see how it could be confusing.

    Holy fluffitude, Batman!

  49. Oh my aieeeee!
    *smacking self in the head* *think-think-THINK!*
    Why am I thinking of that old old old commercial where the “housewife” asks the dry cleaners lady how she gets the clothes so clean and she says, “Ancient Chinese Secret” WHAT IS THAT PRODUCT???? I can’t help but wunder if this is what they used to get this dog so sparkling clean at the groomers! 🙂

  50. Perfectly groomed floof-tocks.

  51. Metz — I thought Oxydol; internets thinks Calgon. Oh well.

  52. Metz- Calgon laundry detergent… and I agree!
    Toooo Fluffy!! Can’t stop watching!!

  53. oh the fluffyness!! love the SOAD reference too

  54. Beautiful coat. Fantastic tail plume. As a former part-time dog groomer, and former setter and collie owner, who loves spending all day clipping, washing, drying, brushing/combing, trimming dogs (and cats) this dog would be wonderful to work on. So rewarding when the grooming is done and the doggie is all , “Oooh I feel weird, but frisky and …gorgeous!”

  55. Oh I remember that commercial but not the product…
    Cute fluffy tocks. Love it.. especially the flooooofy tail!

  56. If you think her rear is redonkulous, check out her front. Click my name for more pics of the lovely Yuki!

  57. martha in mobile says:

    Erin M, what a totally unexpected fact to go with those fluff-tocks! What a gorgeous puppy!

  58. Ponygirl says:


    I read about it yesterday and didn’t believe it, but followed a few news sources and it seems to be on the up and up. All I can say is “bah”

  59. Ponygirl says:

    Sorry, I meant Brinnann

  60. luvinmalssomuch says:

    brinnan, I read about that poodle scam and it had me rolling on the floor.
    Here it is:
    The great Japanese poodle scam

    Concerned Japanese pet owners ask….
    Why doesn’t my poodle eat his dog food? and instead munch all the house plants, and why does his fur keep on growing, and why does he go maaaaa instead of bark?

    The great unanswered questions are finally revealed!

    Thousands of Japanese have been swindled in a scam in which they were sold Australian and British sheep and told they were poodles.

    Flocks of sheep were imported to Japan and then sold by a company called Poodles as Pets, marketed as fashionable accessories, available at $1,600 each.

    That is a snip compared to a real poodle which retails for twice that much in Japan.

    The scam was uncovered when Japanese moviestar Maiko Kawamaki went on a talk-show and wondered why her new pet would not bark or eat dog food.

    She was crestfallen when told it was a sheep.

    Then hundreds of other women got in touch with police to say they feared their new “poodle” was also a sheep.

    One couple said they became suspicious when they took their “dog” to have its claws trimmed and were told it had hooves.

    Japanese police believe there could be 2,000 people affected by the scam, which operated in Sapporo and capitalised on the fact that sheep are rare in Japan, so many do not know what they look like.

    “We launched an investigation after we were made aware that a company were selling sheep as poodles,” Japanese police said, the The Sun reported.

    “Sadly we think there is more than one company operating in this way.

    “The sheep are believed to have been imported from overseas – Britain, Australia.”

    Many of the sheep have now been donated to zoos and farms

  61. OMG! That’s Tocksic!

  62. I realize that the Japanese are intelligent, canny people.

    However, anyone who could look at this (,,2007190599,00.jpg) and think it’s a poodle?

    I’m not sure they didn’t get what they deserve.

  63. I am stunned and delighted not only by some of the fluffiest pantaloons I have ever seen, but by the sheep story too!

  64. That would be one pair of fancy fur kulats comin; right up! Don’t forget to railroad it, and make it moo! (trans.: hurry up and make them white)

  65. Aunt Sue says:

    The fluffiest butt in the family!

  66. Kiragirl says:

    Erin, you go girl, love the picture of you and Tuki playing in the snow.

  67. With a shape like that, I’d be surprised if this dog was not followed by s’tockers.

  68. AuntieMame says:

    This picture:

    is obviously the reason why Yuki had to go to the groomers in the first place. 🙂

  69. guineapiggin9 says:

    OMG! At first I thought that was it’s head! But tocks are soooooooo much betters.

  70. acelightning, they pulled the wool over your eyes (and mine, most of today). It’s an urban legend:

  71. BAAAAH.

  72. Very floofy white ‘tocks!

    When I was a little girl, we had this kind of thing in our back yard, and I immediately thought of that when I saw Mr. fluffytocks.

  73. Gotta love Snopes! They are quick on the draw!

    BTW: Yuki is absoposilutley the cutest of the cute. I love the little butterscotch sauce on her head! Such a surprise when the rest of the poochi is so luminously white. BeaUteful photos!

  74. About the “Japanese Poodle Scam” —

    It was recently featured on as an urban legend.

    I think even the dumbest folks on the planet can tell the difference between a lamb and a puppy.

  75. acelightning says:

    Yeah, I was just going to post the link to… I couldn’t quite imagine anyone not being able to tell the difference between a baby lamb and a baby poodle. (But, as P. T. Barnum said, nobody ever went broke overestimating human stupidity…)

    I read it on Snopes.

  77. I guess I’m late for the Snopesing! 🙂

  78. Jane Smith says:

    As I scrolled down the page, I saw the white fluff and expected an old English sheep dog. Boy, was I surprised!

  79. Shannon Johnosn says:

    Very Disturbing! No more pictures like that Please

  80. Seriously, are you kidding me?
    We have a FLUFF NUFF???

  81. oaklandcat says:

    Erin, Yuki is gorgeous! She looks very smiley too. Love the pic with her friend the kitteh….you must have white furry tumbleweeds under YOUR bed, just like me 😉

  82. AuntieMame says:

    Teho, maybe it’s the…cleavage…

  83. Ponygirl says: has debunked the poodle story.

  84. Tocks In The City!!

  85. g-lo – Good one!

  86. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOO, Shannon Johnson, a Fluffer Nuffer (with apologies to Teho AND the real American Fluffer Nutter treat).

  87. floppycat says:

    Total Tock-City!

  88. B. Modern says:

    OK Meg… since you’re getting soooooo many submissions, (and who wouldn’t submit to such X-treme Qte-itude?)… it’s obvious that a new category is now required : ‘TOCKS!

  89. specTOCKular!

  90. That dog’s got a wig on it’s tocks!