Beyond Tie-tie


My Friends, is one tired kitteh.


Not sure I’ve ever seen a kitteh leg bend that way, Robin B.



  1. whee kitten leg!

  2. “This Is Spineless Cat”

  3. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Now THAT is wo’ OUT!

  4. what is going ON here? haha. aww.

  5. I suppose it makes sense anatomically (think of laying on your stomach and bending your knees up), but it still looks terribly awkward. Damn kittens are bendy!

  6. acelightning says:

    It’s a floppycat!

  7. Kendally says:

    He melted 😦

  8. Makes me *yawn* sleepy just *yawn* looking at *yaaaawn* the poor thing. *yawnmouthsmack*

  9. BrianMPLS says:

    I’m wif ya, kitteh!

  10. Michelle says:

    Gah! his eyes are all squinchy. ::melt::

    And look. Even his ears droop. I love how all of his legs just folded up and collapsed like a cheap card table under the sheer weight of yarn-party exhaustion.

  11. Looks like he tried to jump offa the couch and missed his landing pad….*flompf*

    “I meant to do that, I am much more comfortable down here with my leg bent up and my paws stuck under my body. Really…why would you think that I wanted to sleep on that soft, fluffy cushion??”


  12. Wow, so kittens DO have knees after all!

  13. “oof!”

    “…I meant to do that.”

  14. juggle geese says:

    That kitten looks two dimensional. I am sure the grav plating is off and it is about 20 gee. Locally.

  15. Suzy's Mom says:

    He looks like he fell asleep and just slid off the cushion onto the floor.

  16. I just woke up and now I wanna get back in bed.


  17. The feet-still-in-the-basket classic 😉

    Just like this:

  18. “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t….zzzzzzzzzzzz”

  19. LOL Yubi Shines, that’s what I was gonna say:
    I meant to do that! (In best Pee Wee Herman voice)

  20. I showed this picture to my cat who woke me up way, way too early (by making biscuits on my chest). Did she take the hint to go back to sleep? No. However, looking at this babeh makes me so tired I must immediately sit down and eat a pastry.

  21. Beyond “Tie-Tie”?… That might be “Toe-Toe”, or “Toe-Toe 2”? C*te!

  22. Maybe this bebeh was practicin’ to be a carpet snake, but sat in the position so long, he just fell sleepers?? What a cutie!!!!!

    Awwwww. [sigh]

  24. ‘this is spineless cat’ – LOL Aubrey!

    I have often felt as wiped out as this puss looks, esp since birth of 2nd child. But I’ve never managed to look as adorable as this. sighhh…

  25. good old whatshername says:

    Another Looney Tunes moment, brought to you by Cute Overload. 🙂

  26. omg, lol. looks like he’s skidded to a halt. even his front legs are underturned. floppy kitteh! too funny, too cute. teehee

  27. tgif!!

  28. Aubrey, as always, you kill. But this kitten sleeps ’til eleven.

  29. I sent this link to my father, which caused him to exclaim, ‘Merciful Heavens, I think that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!’ 🙂

  30. Malle Babbe says:

    It’s a Salvador Dali Cat!

  31. Florida Fran says:

    Medic! Medic!

  32. this is too funny. it looks like kitteh got hit with a major Z-front on his way out to conquer the world.

  33. I still maintain the idea that kittehs can turn to liquid at will. He looks like he’s just sloooowly oozing out of that basket.

    I bet even his whiskers are droopy. 😀

  34. One Skunk Todd says:

    Watch out for that first step! It’s a doze-y!

  35. AuntieMame says:

    It’s liquidcat, caught mid-ooze. Love how the tail is draped over the edge of the pillow.

  36. Laurie C says:

    It looks like he was in mid-leap off the cushion and zonked out while airborned. Gravity did the rest.

  37. Laurie C says:

    *airborne, I mean

  38. RevWaldo says:

    Tweety Bird: “Aw the poor putty tat – he fall down, go BOOM!!!” (s.e. grin)

  39. juantonio says:

    He’s a sleep-swimmer.

  40. When the Nap calls, you must answer.

  41. Seconds after this picture was taken, the cat looked up and shouted “Live, from New York — IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT!”

  42. Totally taken in mid ooze. What a beauty of a kitteh! That leg is going to be sore when he/she wakes up. I speak from experience with limbs being in the wrong position when I fall asleep.

  43. This can’t be normal… Hehe. I wonder what else she can do? *ponders*

  44. Tom_Cody says:

    My God-

    This site never stops surprising me. I am in awe.

  45. shanchan says:

    I’m so embarrassed- I didn’t get Aubrey’s comment until Redzilla’s response…
    That said, that is going to be one gorgeous kitty! I can see it advertising kitten chows of all brands.

  46. Splat cat.
    Nuf sed.

  47. Laughing so damn hard at this…!

    That picture is *begging* for a cat macro. Begging!

  48. Mebbe its faceplant kitty practicin’ for the xgames this summer…he hit the ground so hard his helmet flew off even!


  49. kel13123 says:

    wow. he almost looks like he broke that silly leg, but that look on his face!!! he looks so comfterbuhls!! i guess some sleep in weird positions lol

  50. Laurie C says:



  51. Mommajess says:

    I guess this says a little bit about me (or maybe it is just because it is Friday) …but my first thought was “whoa, frat boy – I think you hit the keg a little to hard”..

    Let this be a lesson to all you fratboys who read CO (come on – I know your out there)

  52. Mommajess says:

    oops – I know “you’re” not YOUR – (I was too busy thinking about the keg to get the grammar right).

  53. Reminds me of pictures where babies fall asleep at their high chairs. This kitten fell asleep on his kitten pillow. Mid stride.

  54. Fuzzybutt says:

    That is ond tired-ass kiiteh!

  55. It’s a rubber chicken kitten!!

  56. Law #51 of Cat Physics: A sleepy cat will immediately fall asleep wherever he happens to be.

    Law #52: Said sleepy cat will completely adapt to the shape of his surroundings, whatever uncomfortable contortions this requires him to assume.

  57. “It’s a Salvador Dali Cat!”

    My thoughts exactly!
    Dali really missed a trick choosing clocks/watches over kitties.

  58. Are you sure it is not broken?

  59. It’s not broken, I just tried bending my cats leg that way. It works. Haha. 😛

  60. Tonya! (In mock scolding voice)
    But thanks for checking – I’m sure your cat appreciated the experiment.

  61. fish eye no miko says:

    AmyH” But thanks for checking – I’m sure your cat appreciated the experiment.”

    And I’m sure Tonya “appreciated” the myriad scratches on her hands and arms… ^_^
    Just when I think this Site can’t get any better, you give us–Spineless Cat! (C) Aubrey.

  62. “This is spineless cat”- XD

    That’s what happens to me when I take two temazepam instead of one. He reminds me of my dog, Mollie, who sleeps in what look like yoga positions.

  63. creepyhazel says:

    AWWWWWWWWW! SUCH A CUTE KITTEH! Appears to have absolutely no bones whatsoever.

  64. AsiaPuppeh says:

    I’m with Mommajess. I think this bebeh has had too much kitty-beer…

  65. Does this cat have knees?

  66. Would it be possible to give this pic ani-mayshon? Theo? The kitty sliding off the piw-whoa maybe? (Don’ know Photoshop, so…)

  67. Tina Rhea says:

    Our ten-year-old is just that color, and still sometimes lies with her front half like that– paws folded and chin on the floor. We call it the Turtle Position. She doesn’t do the back leg thing, though.

  68. I couldn’t make kitty look any more liquid, MC2. Which is a bummer.

  69. we be to tired from being a kitten to remember our manners to day !!!!! I just could keep my little eyes oopen to curl up ?!?! I just crashed thank goodness it was a very soft crash landing

  70. Peg of Tilling says:

    Did someone send the kitty’s bones to the cleaner? ‘Cause I could go pick them up. I’m going to the store anyway.

  71. Clearly Zorro spent the entire night defending the downtrodden.

  72. sweetpea says:

    the kitty foldy arm thing is magnificant. I’d thought I’d seen the whole world of adorable kitty pose possibilities, but this quite takes the muffin.

    (suuuuch a cute little face)

  73. R. Moore says:

    Looks like my Tiger kitty color-wise, and her baby Basil (with loose hips and super laid back demeanor) position wise.

  74. I prefer using the factory diagnostic mode in such cases, just to see what exactly is going on.

    Though in this case it’s pretty obvious.

  75. the_becca says:

    Hilariously, this sort of approximates the position *I* generally sleep in, except my legs are flat out behind me with my feet sticking off the end of the bed (I’m not that tall, I just like it better that way).

  76. Castewar — nicely done!

  77. zosterops says:

    One could easily use this cat as a book holder. would need two of them, though.

  78. Looks like a serious
    ‘nap attack ‘ occurred here.
    One minute your wide awake,
    the next minute-zzzzzzzzz

  79. This is what we call in our house “cat dropped from a great height”. That uniquely boneless state that cats can achieve when asleep (most often in the sun).

    The call is ‘CDFGH!’

  80. GreenEyedHawk says:

    *whump* Zzzzzzzzzz

  81. Looks like he was running full tilt, and kind of just fell asleep and slid to a stop, a la Rusty the Narcoleptic Dachshund.

  82. *calming voice**like yoga instructor* now for the florr-ward facing kitten, and we take both back feet and bens them 90 degrees back and curl our arms undernead our chests, and…..breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaathe, and repeat.

  83. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Dagger is right–this kitty is definitely doing yoga.

  84. OMG. This is a freeze frame from Tom & Jerry in live action!!!!

  85. there ya go >>subhangi< it looks like he just tripp-ed over his labrador friend there and just crashed

  86. wtf?