She’s a MANIAC



Right here on the floorrrrr!

Flash pup!

Sherry… I think your "FlashPup" is gonna make it into the ballet…



  1. Bleen tickle! and verry cute leg warmers!

  2. Love the shell necklace….

  3. What’s cuter – the leg warmers, the necklace, or the puppeh???

  4. weensicka says:

    Hahahaha!! Pooka shells on a puppeh!

  5. Suda Nim says:

    I give the leg warmers about three seconds.

  6. CRAP! Now I’m gonna have that song stuck in my head all day!!! The dog looks like this is an ordinary, daily thing, necklace and all. Tre’ Cute!

  7. As far as I know, no daschund will allow such things for more than five minutes before tearing them off and then looking proud about it. So if you want pictures, you have 5 minutes. Get yer camera ready.

  8. I’m giving the leg warmers 2 minutes. Five’s just too long with those teef showing.

  9. I’m giving the leg warmers 2 minutes. Five’s just too long with those teef showing.

  10. Got me one of these pups too…looks just like Mademoiselle Flashpup here. But more masculine. Totally with you on the 5 minutes for a picture. I’d venture to say a lot less than that too. Stonewall would have that stuff off before you even finished putting it on him. 🙂 This one must be very patient. Dachshunds are quite possibly the most insane type of dog I’ve ever come across….devoted and sweet most definitely, but crazy.

  11. let’s hear it for the pup!
    yeah, let’s give the pup some paaaaaaaaaaaaw.

    (yes, i know that’s from a different 80’s dancing movie, but there’s a chance this pup just might teach a small town how to dance…)

  12. I wonder if this puppeh resides in Hawaii… ’cause of the shell collar and all. I lived there for 2 1/2 yrs and don’t recall ever seeing shell collars on doggies. Hang loose, puppeh! Shaka!

  13. Shannon Johnson says:

    Let’s take my dog Rocky and let’s try to do that to him. I don’t think he will like that very much. Great job on this pup. I like the idea

  14. zeldapie says:

    Aagh! 1980s earworms!

    Where’s this pup’s off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, hmmm?

  15. luvinmalssomuch says:

    2 minutes of leg warmer wear.

  16. Nobody else sees the sinister black claws, the underfangs, and the ultrablue YEEM??

  17. Feeling a little dark, today, Teho?

    I just look at this dog and think, WTF happened to that Doberman?

  18. lol, redzilla…
    My neighbors have a big ol’ rottweiler with the same exact coloring…
    his name is Bobs and he’s a big ol’ lover boy.
    the thing I love most about him is those two brown spots above his eyes.
    the eyebrows! they keeel me!

  19. its “Daschdance”!!!!!

    just please dont put on puppy one of those off-the-shoulder sweatshirts. 🙂

  20. Isn’t anyone else weirded out by the fact that it looks like this guy is wearing a bright blue contact as well?

  21. First Jennifer Beals, then Jlo, then Jdaschund. Does the fun ever end?


  22. Suzy's Mom says:

    My beagle Suzy likes to wear sweaters, but I don’t think she would go for leg warmers. She hates when I touch her feetsies.

  23. tee! reminds me of that old movie with john travolta and olivia newton john. (it wasnt a good movie) But this pup could play the ONJ part! (maybe better than she did!) Very cute, So patient for not ripping them to shreads….

  24. Fuzzybutt says:


    Since last week was Pug week, I’m rooting for an all dachshund week! What do you say, gang?

  25. Little short legwarmers for little stubby legs! I love it! And dachshund week is a great idea!

  26. Liz.. I sure hope by “that old movie ” you don’t mean the classic “Grease”??!

    Cute cute puppy. Who in the world would think to make, and market, leg warmers for dogs?? They don’t look home made. (Or maybe it’s a cut-off tube sock like that pink kitten sweater. Clothes for pets.. the new frontier!)

  27. I seen the yeem.
    This puppeh reminds me of my Grandma’s late dog Twiggy. He was crazy. My Grandma loved traditions, and at Christmas every one had to come prepared with an act for the talent show that we did every year. Any one who didn’t come with an act was in disgrace, and had to sing “Doggie Jingle-Bells” (woof woof woof to the tune of jingle bells;) with Twiggy, who would howl his head off. It was hilarious. Gosh, I miss my Grandma.

  28. Ponygirl says:

    Who knew they made puppy leg warmers?!?! I have a cat that might need some.

  29. LOVE the shell necklace!!!

  30. kittymomma333 says:

    I’m right there with you Ponygirl….I’m going home after work and making some for my two cats! Woot!

  31. the legwarmers highlight the littl-known fact that dachshunds actually do have legs!

  32. Gotta luv the PUKKA shell necklace

  33. hi Mary- no not grease! HA! I’m thinking head sweat bands and leg warmers and dancing tights. wish i could remember the name. it was really bad…

  34. Yeem? What is Yeem?

    [ – Ed.]

  35. Christine says:

    Them nails is beggin to be painted.

  36. Neighborhood Kitty Haven says:

    This is one cutie pie puppers! Looks like maybe she has something to chew on which may allow for a few additional minutes for picture taking.

    liz – hate to say it, but do you mean Xanadu? Awful movie. I know ONJ was in it, but not sure about Travolta.

  37. Liz,

    Do you mean Two of a Kind?

    Yikes that I even know that :-).

  38. Liz,

    NOW I know what you’re talking about. You’re referring to “Perfect,” not with ONJ, but with Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta.

    Leg warmers beware! 🙂

  39. Michelle says:

    I have one of those rare dogs that loves clothes and the attention she gets wearing silly stuff. She’s not super crazy about hats, but everything else, pile it on. Her favorite thing is to be bundled up in a blanket with an opening just big enough to peek out at all her admirers. This doxie is very stylish!

  40. fluttergirl says:

    When I saw this pic pop up on my screen, I almost cried. She looks almost exactly like my sweet little Goobie who passed away 3 weeks ago.

  41. eikoleigh says:

    That 80’s are BACK….! Love those leg warmers

  42. crazy sheep says:

    sorry for your loss, fluttergirl 😦

    I wonder if I could get away with such shenanigans with my cat?

    nah, she’s got teef and claws…

  43. Love the leg warmers AND the idea of doxie week!

  44. I wonder if Flashpup knows Flashkitty…

    They’d made quite a dance pair!

  45. Short-legged!
    Check it and see.
    I gotta fever
    Of a hundred and three.
    C’mon, puppeh, we can do more than dance…
    I’m short-legged,

  46. hi llism- YES it WAS ‘perfect’ and you’re right it was JLC. oh that was a terrible movie.
    but it does not take away from the BEAUTIFUL blue leg warmies that are on this yummy puppie!
    Liz 🙂

  47. Now I almost have an urge to rent “Perfect” and see what the fuss is about.

    Or .. not.

  48. Those of you talking about the John Travolta movie: do you perhaps mean “Staying Alive,” the sequel to “Saturday Night Fever”?

  49. just the right about of scrunch in those warmers

  50. Everyday, I’ll wake up in the mornin’
    Lick my face to keep myself from yawnin’
    Get dressed and get my bones together
    Open the window to check out the weather

    Then like I seen a ghost, man
    I’ll be movin’ my feet
    Just like chasing the postman in the cold or the heat
    No time to bark and I go peein’ on the sidewalk

    Peein’ on the sidewalk
    Peein’ on the sidewalk
    Peein’ on the sidewalk

  51. blunt spice says:

    thank goodness for the redeye filter, eh?

  52. I freaking love weenie dogs

  53. She should go on Dancing with the Stars. She would definitely be the weiner.

  54. “Just a weiner dog on a Saturday night,
    Puka shelled, with leggings bright
    At a leash’s end no one sees her at all,
    They all say she’s crazy

    Locking rhythms to the sound of her bark,
    The re-donkshund comes to life
    She has danced out of the walkies zone,
    Now the dancer becomes a dance

    Not content with a dog’s life,
    Tired of growling in the mire
    Of the wire gate keeping her from what will be

    She’s a canine act, canine act on the floor
    And she kronches one paw then two, then three, then four

    She’s canine act, canine act on the floor
    And she kronches one paw then two, then three, then four

    Behind the dog pound’s gates
    safety is a place most never see
    Affection remains a mystery, you seek but you can’t find it
    You wait all your life for a forever home,
    When it comes don’t pass it by
    But the push of the world
    Still urges you to dance
    Your paws are so quick and light

    And you know your body’s struggling,
    As it stretches to your tail
    Your leggings might droop
    But you know that you won’t fail

    She’s a canine act, canine act on the floor
    And she kronches one paw then two, then three, then four

    She’s canine act, canine act on the floor
    And she kronches one paw then two, then three, then four…”

  55. Peg of Tilling says:

    Oh Aubrey…I’m not worthy. Awesome!

  56. Ooooh. Gal’s got style. So cute!

  57. ONJ & Travolta. Aren’t you people talking about Grease?

  58. sorry. didn’t read above.

  59. Dog lover says:

    Please consider an ALL DACHS WEEK!! =D

  60. I don’t remember leg warmers in Grease, at least not on ONJ

    I’ve never seen Perfect

    But I HAVE seen Flashdance
    As has Aubrey, I would bet, based on that AWESOME rendition of “What a Feeling” . Puppeh is DEFINITELY channeling Jennifer Beals in this pic!

  61. Um…
    I don’t know what to say about this. But it seems doggie leg warmers DO exist. Among other things…. :-O

  62. cutebabyfix—I miss my grandma, too. Guess we never expect them to leave us. A heartfelt hug to you! Good thing, is you have those good memories. Keep those close. 🙂

    Aren’t the eyes matching the warmers nice? Wonder if she/he is wearing contacts? c*te!

  63. Dale and Aubrey – *love* both the songs!!
    I continue to be amazed by you creative types…

  64. compy-saur says:

    I see he/she is rockin’ the shee-sheu neck-a-liss.

  65. Thanks Carlisa. Isn’t it interesting how childhood memories about animals are so bright?