OMG, these entries just write themselfs

"Hi Meg,

Here’s a picture I took of my coworker’s piglet*.  He was the runt, and couldn’t compete with his siblings for a spot at the milk bar.  My coworker bottle fed him every few hours so he wouldn’t die!**  Check out the milk droplets on his schnozzle!***



* Um, "co-worker’s piglet"? Like AT THE OFFICE!?
** ‘wouldn’t die’ ?! OMG, he is so pathetically prosh!
*** "Check out the milk droplets on his schnozzle’!?!!? Who are you? you’re doing ME!!! [totaly cackling]



  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. Aww his fur looks so soft, and the color remind me of chocolate and vanilla ice cream (maybe i’m just hungry?)
    Are runts more common among pigs? Because that’s where I seem to hear them the most o.O (eg. charlotte’s web or other TV shows)

  3. omg!!! what is the peeeglet’s name????

  4. Ice cream? You’ve got me thinking butterscotch and vanilla.

    Look at those LONG (straight-down) eyelashes!

  5. Suzy's Mom says:

    It’s a pig’s life! I want to work at Lisa’s office.

  6. This little honey piggy warms my heart!! God bless him!! He is soooo cute!

  7. squeegoi says:

    Oh my gosh! The cream colored fur looks like a little piglet sweater!

  8. BAAA RAM EW!!!

  9. This is a definite MUST-have situation…gimme snarfable wee runtlet immidjitly!!

  10. All these animal bebehs…So Springy! Pig-a-lette is totally prosh! Kudos to Lisa’s co-worker AND their boss for letting this pig-tervension take place at the office!

  11. I bet those ears are like velvet!!

  12. Bebeh pig coats (all pig coats actually) are far from soft & snuggly. They make up for it with their insane body heat though. The trick is to get a wee piglet to sit still long enough for a snorgle.

  13. I went to pick up the truck at the dealership and the lady that was helping me was waiting for something from the parts department, so she took me into the garage to show me her babies….a pair of four week old kitteahs!!!

    I got to help feed them 🙂

    No camera tho…I may have to find a reason to go back next week 🙂


  14. Look at the eyelashes!

  15. rubber duck says:

    OMG for a moment I thought it was a little calf :O The colouring, you see. But what a cute little piglet.

  16. A little piglet would so improve my office!

  17. I don’t care that it has been said already:
    The eyelashes! Oh the eyelashes!
    I wanna work where there’s peeglets. Wait a minute *looks around at the mess* I already do!

  18. samoring says:

    Aw, it’s lil’ Wilbur! Some pig!

  19. Peg of Tilling says:

    Butterscotch and vanilla? Can we call him Puddins?

  20. katerpie says:

    I love it when Meg gets tickled by submissions. It’s cute, and that’s what we’re all about here, peeps.

  21. zeldapie says:

    Kin I keep him? He kin live under my desk in my cubicle, in a soft bed!! I promise I’ll take care of him an’ walk him every day down the halls!

    What I wouldn’t give for those eyelashes!

  22. Peg O’T — well you have MY permission, anyhows.

  23. oh good grief. look at the shiney schnozzle. what a cutie. a lovely little piggle even a.a. milne would be proud of.

  24. And that? Is why I try not to eat bacon. Piggies are too cute to eat (please, don’t flame me. I’m not judging anyone else’s choices. They’re just too cute for *me.*)

  25. Awww… What a sweet little piggie! And I agree with ceejoe; is there anyway to find out this little cutie’s name?

  26. Cutie’s name is PUDDINS, FEnM. Peg says so. Must be true.

  27. I watched Charlotte’s Web so many times as a kid that I was never able to eat bacon, ham, etc… I just kept thinking of Wilbur on the floor of his pen going, “I don’t wanna die!” (I am now a full-on vegetarian, and it all started with that prosh pig.)

    This nugget of piggledom is too wee and too anerable for words. *snout snorg*

  28. We have a full-grown male pig in our office, and we’ll be glad to trade for this totally anerable little fellah.

  29. Neighborhood Kitty Haven says:

    LuLu – I LURVS the Babe. This little piggie is perfect to play the part, as he already knows he special – he gets to live with the humans! For now anyhoo.

  30. Redoink!

  31. …and we go Squee Squee Squee, all the way home.

  32. zeldapie says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 17 years now, and have no regrets! I s’pose some people think I anthropomorphize animals, which I do not. I simply like ’em too much to eat ’em.
    Lurve the name “PUDDIN”!!

  33. Aw, I raised a beebee piglet just like that. We tried to introduce her back with her siblings when she was off the bottle, but she HATED hanging out with “those pigs.” I’m pretty sure she thought she was human.

    She actually used to nose the feed trough to one side of the pen, wait ’til the other pigs were eating, THEN use them as booster steps to get up and over the fence… after which she’d trot up to the house and say “HI! Miss me? What’s for dinner?”

  34. P.S. Baby piglet noses are as soft as velvet…

  35. LOL Kayte. We’ve got one of those here too. I call second dibs on this lil piggy if you guys don’t get him for some reason..

  36. guineapiggin9 says:

    Awww! Even the lil milky droppies can’t resist that schnozzle! 😉

  37. it’s themselves, not themselfs.

  38. id izz????

  39. Cute pig baby. Looks like he’s wearing a lil cut-off tshirt and no pants.

  40. This is the best website in the universe. I cannot live without it. Complete stress-buster.

  41. WickedWendy says:

    He is just anerable! I want one!

  42. What a lil darling squealer!

    And this lil piggie went to work!

    People will bring in their kids or pets into the office…i generally come running when i hear it’s a pet visit. Kids? Meh!

  43. lurkingsmirk says:

    J. Bo that is one smart piglet! Great story.

  44. acelightning says:

    Oink! Oink if you love piglets! (Just don’t lick his nose…)

  45. At the office huh? That makes me miss Rufus. and the feets.

  46. Long eyelashes and a little wet, pink nose–TOO MUCH!!!!!

  47. I hope this all means that this is from a litter of PET piggies.

    SO DURN CUTE! Pigs are also way too smart to eat b.t.w. 😉

  48. Cassandra says:

    I am such a sucker for piggies! I couldn’t resist a post, just have to share one big awwwwwww with youse guys (in case you aren’t all awww-ing right now)

  49. … I love this pig! But I still love bacon… 😦

  50. Them’s elfs?
    Thems r not elfs.
    Thems r pigs.
    O S A R.
    C M P N?

  51. L, I B…

  52. Lawrence says:

    OMG!!! A leetle Oinkette!!!! Cute!!!!



  54. Yitzysmommie says:

    I too want Mr Puddins McPiggerson to come to MY office. Every single part of this pic and story is adorable.

  55. R. Moore says:

    Puddins is adorable! But I want ice cream. To eat, not snorgle. My tonsils are looking particularly large and spotty about now… My boss sent me home today 😦 (You know I have an awesome job when that is followed by a frownie.)

  56. BROWNIE????

    Oh, a frownie. Anyway, R. Moore, sorry about the tonsil thing. Are you allowed antibiotics? Puddencillen?

  57. Peeps — just to make sure you’re not missing things — y’know you can hover your mouse pointer over the CO post photos & a little bonus caption will usually pop up. Hehe. (The webcomic XKCD uses this trick.)

  58. I can attest that piglets and pigs in general can be very sweet animals, and very intelligent. The only danger is when they grow to be several hundred pounds and think they’re still lap-able bebehs lol.

    But a piglet is a very sweet and loving critter, as this one certainly is. AWWWWW!

  59. Mr. Puddin McPiggersons!! What a wiggley piggley, spigglin’ his milk all ovah.
    Love that piggalette.

  60. If I gots some pearls, I would totally cast them.

  61. The eye capsules! has anyone mentioned the eye capsules? Bliss.

  62. Right on, CBF.

  63. Oh my gosh! The piglet reminded me of “Charlotte’s Web”.

  64. zeldapie says:

    All Cute Overload folks should read “The Good, Good Pig,” by Sy Montgomery. You’ll LOVE IT, and LOVE Christopher Hogwood!!

  65. “That’ll do, pig.”

  66. ITS WILBUR!!!!!

    seriously all he needs is a spider on his nose!!!


    This is SOME PIG;
    HUMBLE 😉

  68. AuntieMame says:

    It’s Olivia!

  69. OH MY GOSH this piggie is too anerable for WORDS! I mean, I mean… *faints*

  70. Yesterday I wished for a picture of a baby piglet and it came true.

  71. zeldapie – I just ordered the book. It sounds awesome!
    I read the excerpt and she says something like she’s
    always known she was different … when other people were worrying about caribbean cruises or what to wear to a party, she was wondering if the family of birds in her backyard would return this year… I was like, ooh! ooh! that’s me too! Someone else understands!!
    Can’t wait to get the book. Thanks for the recommendation!!

  72. R. Moore says:

    Aubrey, thanks, so far only my tonsils have really been affected by whatever it is. I hope when I go to the doctor today they recommend Puddincillin!

    Mmmm, chocolate flavor… Maybe then I won’t get kicked out of work AGAIN. I don’t get sick pay, either 😦

    CBF, I always think of the Dorthy Parker retort, when Clare Booth Luce walked to a door at the same time and said, “Age before Beauty,” and motioned for Ms. Parker to go through, Parker responded as she sallied forth, “Pearls before Swine!”

    Also, I hope it’s Olivia! I don’t know why, but my two favorite kid things are pigs in picture books and cartoons with Russian Accents.

  73. R. Moore says:

    This totally doesn’t matter, but I should have used a semicolon and not a comma up there…

  74. zeldapie says:

    Yay, ceejoe! (I’m the same way.)
    I’m glad you’re going to read The Good Good Pig. It’s a quick read, and frankly it’s more about the author than the pig, although of course Christopher Hogwood is an amazing, wonderful character. You’ll never forget him.

  75. zosterops says:

    one of the reasons I want to be a vegetarian… although I fail way too often

    I’M DYIN!!!!!!!

  77. Theo? hey, time to go home and see kittens. 🙂

    [aisle 7 is now clean – Ed.]

  78. Jaye? T.? Can I come with you? Kittehs at the end of the day, what could be better?

  79. R. Moore says:

    I was edited?

    I suppose addressing trolls is bad protocol…

  80. AuntieMame says:

    It’s not because you did anything wrong, R. Moore. It’s just that it got confusing to see people talking about trolls after the trolls have been removed.

  81. AuntieM’s right… anyway, it’s OK, we know you’re not preppy.
    (These days.)

  82. How Cute, I would just like to have a pet like that!

  83. Shakes her head! Go ahead and delete this too, T. hmmmph!

  84. R. Moore says:

    Must… Avoid… Pastels…

  85. All you vegetarians… make sure to take B12 supplements! A deficiency can take 5 or even 10 years to show.

  86. KALY JER says:

    soooooooooo cuuuuuuute!!!!!!!! i have always wanted a baby pig… this is definatly the cutest pig i have seen in my life!!!!