Let’s check in on the farm…

Let’s check in on the Pacific Pintos Horse Farm… wot’s happenin’? Wayle, I’ll be, another batch of tinys ho’s born. Let’s meet ’em:

Oh… heylerhe…


[scanning meadow] Hiiiiiiiii…


Oh! exsquuse moi. [Bebeh horse swishes by]


Nice work birthin’ those mini ho-hos, JoAnne!



  1. Eep!


  2. Such hoovies! And I love that white face in the first pic.

  3. Scruffylove says:

    ho’s. Hee hee.


  5. pffft! oh, they are so silly and cute!

    1. “yah i’ve got knobby knees. what of it? you got a problem with that?”

    2. “isn’t it time for tea? i’d like apples and biscuits too s’il vous plait.”

    3. “i’m very sleepy but i’ll take a run about just the same. tail up!”

  6. they r the sweetest things. i want them all. 🙂

  7. OMG!!! PONIES!!!1!!
    I want one.

  8. fatkittymomma says:

    *swoon* passing out from cuteness… adoredable leetle horsies… awwww

  9. A horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks “why the long face?”

    One of my dad’s best jokes. I didn’t get it until I was about 15 or 16.

  10. i think pony A and pony C may be fathered by the same stallion (uh-ohh)

  11. If Meg is procuring ho’s for us, does that make her our pimp?

  12. Hee. I love mini babies’ disproportionately big heads.

  13. YEAH!!!! Mini Whinies!!!!

  14. Did anyone else see the birthing photos? Not to sound like a 12 year old, but the miracle of life is kinda gross. Good thing the end result is a cute bebeh!

  15. I’ve been doing some preliminary house-hunting online and found one that seemed terribly overpriced for being so tiny, until I read the fine print–it is located next to a miniature horse farm. I fear my head would explode if I lived next to a large quantity of such bebehs!

  16. i would like 2 please, any flavor.
    for the back yard (and sleepin in the bed!) ha!
    I LOVES the last little one- “I’m a RACEHORSE!”
    toooo sweeeet.

  17. I never thought I’d hear myself say this but…I want a pony!

  18. That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face this morning 🙂


  19. Wow, the birth pics are amazing. So that’s how the pony can fit into such a small space–all those legs folded up. It’s almost like “some assembly required.”

  20. You need to buy that house, llamas. Mini horses all the time…just think about all the little hoovers!

    Like the last pic…”Weee! i’m a pony! Wee!”

  21. leetle faerie ho-hos!

  22. Well, I’m assuming “ho” here refers to horses, but…ouch. How ’bout “po-pos”? (rhymes with ho-hos)?

  23. If you put a horn on the forehead of the white one it would make a perfect unicorn.

  24. brinnann says:

    We can’t call them po-po’s. Dontcha know that’s slang for the police — maybe even the Qte police? Do we really want them confiscating all of our Qte?

  25. Awwww… they are SO precious! When I saw these this morning I immediately thought of little tiny pony angels, especially the white one! Can anyone ‘shop’ one of these guys and add wings that move? 😀

  26. I’m assuming these are not the nappy headed variety?

  27. OMGPONIEZ!!1!

    The only thing qter than bebeh horsies is miniature bebeh horsies.

    I want one.

  28. Cutebaby: oh noes. You HAD to go there, dincha? You just had to…*BLEEN*

  29. Uh oh… I think EBleen a sploded.

  30. Purdy Ponies!!!1!

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!
    The Chocolatey snack that gives you go!
    It’s candy and cake
    All in one
    It’s two great treats
    And so much fun!”

    To me, Ho-Hos are Santa’s jolly laughter.

  31. Sorry I couldn’t help myself, it was stupid, I kno. But ho hos the chocolately snack are my favorite- only you have to unroll them after you neeble all of the chocolate off and then leeck all the cream. mmmmm…nostalgia.

  32. I was a Mallomar girl myself, but that doesn’t take away from the sweetness of these bebehs.

  33. Wow. You learn something new every day. Had no idea about the po po already meaning the police. I looked it up on urban dictionary to get the whole scoop, and while I was there I looked up wOOt too.
    I’m tryin’ people.

  34. So can we call them yo-yos? Or is that a no-no?

  35. I wish C.O. came in a horse-free version. I hate horses. They scare me.

  36. You know, it would be utter loveliness to have something in one or two of these pix that gave a sense of scale. How big are these things, ground to ears?

  37. acelightning says:

    It’s “My Little Pony” come to life! All they need is some rainbows and sparklies, and some little girls (and not-so-little girls) to squee over them! What utterly adorable little horsies!

  38. I want to put the cotton-candy pieces of fluff that are their tails in my mouf. I lurve ho-ho’s of all kinds and enjoy a C.O. that includes them.

  39. Jane Smith says:

    Follow the link. I thought that was a pretty dam comforting foal.

  40. Horsie yeems! In the next to last picture, mama is protecting her bebeh with mothering yeems, in the last picture it’s a positive yeem meld! It’s all I could de-sire!


    So. Darned. CUTE.

  42. The horses are cute. Prostitution slang is not cute.

  43. pistache268 says:


  44. beyonduplication says:

    It is far less cute that there is always someone willing to put their two cents in about what is WRONG
    with every post,
    every day.

    Don’t you have something else to do? GBTW

    Cute horses! discuss.

  45. OMG! My little pony!

    Maybe, if I dye their coat pink, and if I braid their mane (is that how you say it? sorry people, the switch to go form Spanish to English is not working at the moment!) and put ribbons in the ends, then paint them light purple… some stars and sparkles… and I have my precious little pony back! (and yes, I’m 5 years old again)…

  46. Herr Bergermeister Meisterberger:
    “A yo-yo? I love yo-yos! I used to do all kinds of tricks. Wheeee!”

    These horsies would melt even the Wintriest of hearts.

  47. “birthin’ those mini ho-hos”?! A visit to cuteoverload is always worthwhile, of course, but I would’ve felt it was worth my time to click you guys in my favorites JUST TO READ THAT SENTENCE. HA!

  48. Oh



    that is all