Ketch a falling hedge and put heem in your pockee

…save heem for a rainy daaaaaaaaaay (Especially if his name is "Tiddlywinkle"!)


Check out kitteh "Jameson" Yes, named for Jameson’s Irish whiskey—isn’t that obvy? His eyes are half-mast, aren’t they?
Jameson is all "Whatevs—it’s just a hedge. Where my boxes at?!")


And a close up of Tiddlywinkle, who is all balled up (to protect her moistest of nosicles)


Rockin’, Laura H., and hilariously adorable.

This hedge photo goes out to Troy and pals 😉



  1. ooooh! pic #3 – the first thing I notice is his feetsies! Toooo cute!

  2. Hilarious commentary! especially about Jameson and the boxes…lol!

  3. grumpy cat is a scene stealer

  4. Squeee!!! Catch a Falling Star is my favorite song ever!! Thank you, Meg (and hedgies everywhere!).

  5. Shannon Johnson says:

    How cute is that? That is so cute!


    *splode* (agin!)

  7. Andrea|Nash says:

    ceejoe, you’re right – the tiny tootsies look like little warm soft bits of bubblegum…

  8. my pup’s name is jameson too (yes, after the whiskey as well)!

    Could someone tell me the email address to submit some cuteness? When I click on the “got cute” link it opens an email program I don’t have…

    thanks : )

  9. Beautiful Drunk says:

    I just have to make this comment:

    ~ Hedgies must have abs of steel to curl their little bodies up like that. ~

    If I did that all the time, I would most certainly have a six-pack.

  10. omg so cute. .. .
    Emma — if you right-click (or, for the mac inclined, cntrl-click) on “send it to us” it shows the opportunity to “copy email address.”

  11. Now I want one. Better start a hedge fund…

  12. leprechaun says:

    The feets make me BLEEEEEEEEN!!

  13. GeorgiaGirl says:


    Anil Dash’s blog for April 23 (called “Cats Can Has Grammar”)…

    …mentions CO. It’s down in the “I has a links” section, following his lengthy analysis of ICHC language.

    Sez CO ‘is likely the seminal site for taking the “cute culture” aspect of online behavior seriously.’

    “Seriously”? I guess he means “stheriously”…

    /End threadjack

  14. chloebean says:

    Aww, I love HHs. I got to touch one once and was surprised to find it felt like pumice.

  15. dont believe ive ever seen a hedgie that wasnt animated and ran around really fast.

  16. The Guy Over There says:

    Wow, a true pocket pet!

    I got a feeling the cat’s thinking, “Oh boy, another #@^! photo session with the attention-stealing hog.”

  17. sooooo cute! and love the red-and-black houndstooth headband!

  18. “squee!” said two grown women.

    thanks for the love, meg. 🙂

  19. thanks miette!

  20. Eee! Pic #3 is all ‘hog paws up, he looks like he’s been up to no good.

    ‘I has been rumbled’.

  21. I’m adopting a hedgehog this week! I could not be more excited. His name shall be Henry.

  22. Omigod! Poifect toe touch!

  23. Emma, the email for submissions is:
    (If you scroll aaallll the way down to the bottom of the right hand margin, it’s listed there too under “Email me”! 🙂

  24. OMGrapes the kitteh is givin the Look. This is the same Look my cats have been givin the new buns. Total disgust.
    Poor kitteh, here is a hug for you:

    Now doesn’t that feel all better?

  25. I will only say this just the one time since it is sour grapes and all… and even if I am the only one I have to get off my chest once and for all of time.

    I think hedge hogs are disgusting creatures for their noses look like feces.

    Thank you for your time.

    *goes back to hanging out with vanilla frosting kitteh in cute or sad*

  26. Zach — perfect solution: Don’t get one.

  27. in the last pick it looks like tiddly’s got his dukes up “you wanna mess with this?”

    zach – tootsie rolls look like feces and people eat them. lol

    jameson is cute too “yeah its a hedgie, so whats new?”

  28. Hedges and racks!


  29. Now then, this is a question for US cuteologists (and I get the distinct impression that you are in the majority):

    Is it relatively normal to have hedgehogs as pets? Do you buy them in shops? Are there domestic breeds? (Sorry, three questions)

    The only hedgehogs I’ve had contact with were injured wild ones needing temporary protection who, cute as they were, tended to be pretty scared of people and ridden with fleas.

  30. Kitty on second pic: “This is me, not happy!, First I am hung over and second, do you realize this thing has SPINES! If you drop me, I swear by all the Cat Lords that you will PAY!”

  31. No, hedges are very unusual pets. It is illegal to keep them as pets in many places. You do buy them from stores, moist nosicles and all.

  32. Thank you lurkertype, curiosity cured.
    I think my favourite hedgehog encounter was early one morning as I returned from a heavy night out. One just sort of nonchalantly trotted past me on the pavement as I got to my house. I got a strong sense of who rules the town while we are sleeping…

  33. Hehee, Cissy, I got an image of armies of hedgies, keeping the peace.
    “No one messes with our town, state your business.”

  34. OK, luv the HH, but what’s really getting me is how I can see that Cats in Boxes picture over and over and over, and still cackle like crazy every time I see it! Is it just me?

    BTW, Angela, Henry might be THE BEST name for a hedge ever…

  35. Hey! “Tiddlywinkle”? Wasn’t he featured before?

    Oh wait that was Tiddlywinks.

  36. Was anyone else thinking “hodgeball” on that last pic?? Hee hee, I want to play!!!

  37. “A mere hedge – I don’t have time for this shrubbish.”

  38. Shannon L. says:

    I’ve never had a hedgie.

    …Are their feet *supposed* to look like that?!?

  39. He’s in yoga Happy Baby position. Sometimes they call it Happy Hedgie position, depending on who’s doing it.

  40. Thanks e^pii, I think Henry will be an excellent name for my new family member.

    And Jaypo, the next time I’m in yoga I will tell everyone about the Happy Hedgehog position.

  41. Awestruck says:

    Lol adorable. The little hedgehog is like “See how cute I can be when I touch my toes?” Yes, we see! 🙂

  42. Sandy, were you thinking of this famous image?

  43. The girl in this picture looks just like my friend Megan. We would love to compare pics someday to see how identical they are!

  44. Actually the muscle that lets hedges roll up is called the obicularis panniculi, and it runs along the back from the head to the ‘tocks. And it really is made of steel:))

  45. The hedgehogs that are kept in the US as pets are mostly the African Pygmy species, from central Africa’s grasslands. The European hedgehog is protected in the UK and you can’t have one as a pet unless you have a license as a wildlife rehabilitator or something. They’re also illegal in some parts of the US, probably because when the self-annoint, it looks a little like rabies.

  46. yay im smart

  47. Well damn…I was doing all ok with the first two pictures, then I saw the third one.

    Espresso and superglue couldn’t save me now. I am melted from the Qte.

  48. Ohmy…How cute

  49. okay…
    pic #1, cute.
    pic #2…awwwww CUTE!
    pic #3 OMG!!!! FEEEEEETS!!!
    I actually have a little hedgie box like pic #3 I got many years ago. I forget the name of it but I just had to have it, it was so redonkulously cute and it has little feets sticking up like this. OMG feets. Omg feets. omg feetses Friday!

  50. wow! they say everyone has a twin…guess it goes for cats too. Your Jameson and my Zoe look like they came from the same litter.

  51. sheridan says:

    pic one didn’t know i had two butts haaha

    pic two my cat don’t like my butt

    pic three oh it’s not my butt it is a hegede hog so funny lol not