I just have ONE question left…

After allllllll this time doin’ Cute Overload, I just have ONE key-westion left—do hamsters spoon?






sender-inner Grace H. and hams: "Meatball" and "Butterbean".
You had to name them that, didn’t you Grace… you had to.



  1. totally comfy!

  2. weensicka says:

    Hahahaha!! That is too, too cute! Ham love is what I need on this Wednesday mornin’.

    that is *sooooo* qte!
    I’m glad I did not see that in person, I would have *fer*sure* asploded!
    hammie lovin makes up for a yucky cold rainy walk into work this morning (ending up with wet socks)…

  4. OMG!! Cutest thing EVAH!!! And the names, the names!!

  5. HeidiLynn says:

    Looking at this pic is like snuggling vicariously; I’m warmer already on this rainy day!

  6. Oh gosh I want to snorgle their little flopsy earsicles and kiss their floofy cheeks. I may melt into a puddle here at my desk. Definitely NSFW.

  7. Anyone else seein’ Hams and Egg?

  8. and those names are adorabubble!!
    butterbean reminds me…
    I once had a litter of three tiny all-black foster kittens, and I called them my little black beans. I thought about naming them Navy, Lima, and Jelly…
    but I chickened out and went with Andrew, Amelia, and Aleksandra.

  9. Oh, to be back in bed with some big, soft floofiness to cuddle me.

  10. Agree, am so seeing ham and eggs. Actually, I thought that was an egg yolk before my brain interpreted the wheel properly!

  11. ThreeCatNight says:

    Cute Spoonsters for a midday morning! Thanks, Meg.

  12. was in such a nasty vicious mood today.
    after viewing hammie spoonin.
    feeling much better now.
    adorable is not a good enought word. 🙂

  13. I.am.keelt.dayd. I wanna be a hammie like that, spooning with a fluffernutter.

  14. “i love you”
    “no, i love you”
    “i love you”
    “no, i love you”
    “i love you”
    “no, i love you”
    “no, i…love…zzzzz”

  15. lol, jen!

  16. Lerrinus says:

    OMG – the two cutest hammies ever!!!


  17. *aslode*

    I lof dem!

  18. BenPanced says:

    Meatball: “Nibble, nibble!”
    Butterbean: “Giggle, giggle!”

  19. My train hit someone this morning (amazingly she survived)…this is exactly what I needed to get my attitude back in a happy place.

  20. Sqweeeeeee!

  21. Paula — yep, sunny side up.

  22. rpennefe says:

    I’d apologize for the following…but then, I’m not really that sorry:

    My dog, Butter, likes to roam.
    One day Butter left his home.
    He came back, quite unclean.
    Where, oh where, has Butterbean?

    Where, oh where, has Butterbean?

  23. My kid Human, loves to roam…

  24. No no no…naming them after food makes me want to stuff them in my mouf EVEN MORE.

  25. OMG! “Butterbean”! Ok, now we need a category for the Cutest Names In The World, and I hereby nominate “Butterbean” as being the #1 cutest name.

  26. maymee, you had me at No no no….

  27. you guys r silly says:

    And look at little Stuffy McCheekersons in the front position there — him’s liddle cheekies are JAMMED full of yummy goodies, so that the minute they wakey-wakey, he’ll instantly have something to snack on!

  28. The one on the backside of the ‘spoon’ looks like he is smiling… A very happy satisfied hamster!

  29. SPLODE. I can’t handle this much cute in the morning.

  30. Hammies! Spooning hammies in da wheel! Spreading their hammy happiness to all of us!*squeal*

  31. OH MY GOD that is so adorable I laughed and clapped my hands with joy. Meatball and Butterbean are my heroes.

  32. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Beyond precious. Hamster love.

  33. Awe, there seems to be a puddle under my desk. I think I melted too. Beautiful Meg and sender-inner Grace.

  34. you guys r silly says:

    * whew! *
    You had me skeeered there for a minute, Pamela…


  36. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Where are the post coital cigarettes 😉

  37. Ahhhh the happiness on their faces.

  38. Hammie lovin’
    Had me a blast
    Hammie spoonin’
    Happened so fast…

    Hammie days drifted away but oh! those hammie nights!

    I *love* this site!

  39. zeldapie says:

    Cutest g.d. picture yet of hammies. Oh. My. GAWD.

  40. All you need is a third and you’ve got a “ham” sandwich. HAH

  41. pistache268 says:


  42. Well, like everyone else I am having a day that SUUUUXXXX, so the little hammies are making me happy.

    I’m shielding the screen from my big fat kitties; they don’t need to get any ideas.

  43. Stephers says:

    I was def. thinking hams & giant egg too.
    And darnit Shelle, I’m gonna have that stuck in my head all day now. “Ooh, tell me more, tell me more….” 😛

  44. Tewtally cutular.

    Not only do hams spoon, if you have three or more of them, they sleep in little piles. The bottom ham never seems to get squashed or suffocated, tho’ it does mess up his hair considerably.

  45. That would make the sweetest Valentines Day or I Love You card…awwwwwww love!

  46. They look so content! And Amy – “Ham sandwich?” GOOD ONE!

  47. Hehe, my hammies do that all the time. Sometimes they’re sitting up like that, or sometimes in a little pile, or sometimes side by side lying down.. so cute. =)

  48. AAWWW!!! I really wished this pic could be made into a desktop background…Although, I wouldn’t be able to get any work done because I would be squeelin’ everytime I saw my desktop..LOL.

  49. hrh.squeak says:

    Is that hammie Grinnin in Hims Sleep? Sooo Kyute!!!

  50. Ok- we must rememdy the earworms. I cannot go through the rest of this day with grease in mah head. Hows about some b52’s for all you discriminating cuteologists every where?

    Yeah, if you go down to athens, g-a
    And you’re driving in your car
    You won’t get very far before
    You hear people shoutin’ out!
    What’s that?
    Butterbean! yeah!
    Gramps and grannies
    Kids in their teens
    Junkyard dogs and campus queens
    Yeah, everybody likes butterbeans

    Don’t you wait, don’t you linger
    Butterbean don’t slip through my fingers

  51. Something inside me just went and sort of…can’t explain it. Must’ve been my heart and soul, both.

  52. shelsy penman says:

    i like dis picture sooo much and i think its so cute and I LOVE IT!…

  53. Elizabeth says:

    do hamsters eat millet? i’ve only ever given my cockatiels millet and never tried it with my hammie. hmmm, interesting.

  54. Soooo comfy, I think I’ll just take a little zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  55. Meatball. Butterbean. Mmmmmmmm. I want for to nap just looking at their snuglitude.


  57. Spooning hammies!!!! Awwwwwwwwww.

  58. R. Moore says:

    I, personally, prefer the term “canoodling.” Though that could mean flirting, too. Spooning implies more touchy-feely love 🙂

    Canoodling couples can’t cry.

  59. That is incredibly cute! In fact, it was this website that persuaded me to get a hammie, back with the athletic hamster post.

    I guess that’s one of the big advantages of having dwarf hamsters; you can have more than one and they do adorable stuff together. I have a Syrian, so of course he lives by himself. He’s still pretty entertaining though! Check him out:


  60. Shannon L. says:


    Sherioushly. How can real creatures look like that. They’re like little fluffy cartoons, or something.

  61. LOL The feets!! The feets!! Butterbean’s little turned up feets and .. ahem .. other bits .. ~thud~ Too much!!

  62. It’s like a fried egg with a side of hamster hashbrowns!

  63. OMG!!!!

    Does anyone else want in on the spoon action!?

  64. Anyone else hearing the B-52s??

    Er… nope. Don’t hear a thing.

  66. Lemme help:

    Come here you little butterbean you come on!
    Butterbean grows on the vine