This is effing epic


People, I watch Entourage, I watch Colberrrre, I watch THE OFFICE but nuthin’, nuthing compares to "Planet Earth".

Espeshe in HD! You gotta check this action out. Can you say: THE FIRST EVER SNOW LEOPARD FOOTAGE? [nodding] I thought so.

I do not exaggerate when I say it’s absolutely spectacular.

Check it out…



  1. thedistractor says:

    I kinda got sick of hearing “for the first time ever” and “never before caught on film” every 15 seconds. Other than that, AWESOME!

  2. genetic lemon says:

    I just finished watching the US version last night … I’m definitely getting the British version on DVD, tho’. I just like David Attenborough’s voice better than Sigourney Weaver’s.

    But, yeah, the series was AWWWWSUUUUM!! I’ve been searching all over the interwebs trying to figure out what those cute monkey things in the Mountain episode was … can anyone here help out? 😀 They were bouncing around on trees and they just had those HUGE BEADY EYES.
    Supra BEF-age.

  3. i gots mine for 3.99 because i had a $50 gift certificate. 🙂 its already shipped and should be here tomorrow (4-24-07). i cant wait!!!

  4. They redubbed Sir Richard’s voice? Why? Everything’s better when read by an Attenborough.

    The UK version is awesome…there’s very rarely any TV we stay in and watch every episode of, but Planet Earth was one we made a point of seeing…just breathtaking.

  5. Did you see the BABY DUCKLINGS JUMPING OUT OF A TREE in the “Forests” episode? Best thing ever to be televised anywhere. Wonderful, wonderful television.

  6. I saw an episode where they did forests. And they had baby ducks jumping out of a nest. BABY DUCKS jumping.

    This majestic was playing. And these little fuzzy guys would take these heroic flying leaps from the nest and just fall, and fall, and fall until they hit the ground. They bounced a bit in piles of leaves and got up and stumbled around.

    I could not stop laughing. I would love an animated gif of that.

  7. Hahahaha. Kostia and I posted about the same thing at the exact same time.

    That’s how awesome those ducks are.

  8. I’m glad Discovery stepped up and is airing the series, but I’m pissed as hell with what they’ve done with it. Not only is Weaver’s narration not remotely in the same ballpark at Attenborough’s (and why should it be? He’s only been doing this since the dawn of time.), but for some God-awful reason (read: MONEY), her narration is far shorter than his.

    Why? Because they cut the episodes down.

    BBC spends millions of dollars and several years (over 2,000 days of filming) making the most spectacular and extensive nature documentary ever put on film, and Discovery decides that nah, they just don’t need those extra 10 minutes of footage per episode. American audiences, after all, have short attention spans – they won’t miss it.

    If you want to buy this, people, make sure it’s the BBC version. You’ll be getting a LOT more for your money!

  9. each episode that i’ve seen has taken my breath away. absolutely astonishing.

    i think the one that “got” me the most was the deep-sea episode. simply remarkable television.

    i didn’t even know they had sigorney weaver overdub for sir richard. DEFINITELY get the BBC version…sir richard’s narration is singular.

  10. Meg speaks rightly about the high-definition. The regular is nice, but the hi-def is somewhere beyond spectacularrrr. I have no words for teh awesomeness.

    I am not buyingk either US or UK version unless/until I can get it in teh hi-def. It would just be such a letdown. I would rather not watch them again at all than see them in their less-than-ultimate form.

    The snow leopard and the polar bears were the bestest. And that dancing fool of a bird of paradise made us laugh a lot.

  11. Oh, and they didn’t cut down the episodes for stupidity — it was money, they needed the 10 extra minutes for the ads, since we have no TV tax (nor Cat Detector Vans!).

    No hi-def DVD player here yet; guess we’ll have to keep them on TiVo till then.

  12. Yipes!!! *effing*? Whistles and shakes noggin!

  13. That beginning sequence on the video on Amazon? Of the waterfall? Breathtaking! I got chills! I’m definitely buying this DVD set.

  14. Question from overly-sensitive law-of-nature-denying animal lover/wimp. Are there a lot of cute animals eating other cute animals in the series? I always end up hiding under my chair for those parts. I know it´s nature…but it´s like Greek tragedy, I prefer the violence offstage.

  15. Dale, in every nature series I’ve ever seen, there are cute animals being eaten, and it always seems to be penguins. I always view with care. I am an extreme wimp and in constant Natural Law denial.

    Still. “Planet Earth” is absolute, untouched art.

  16. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    They replaced Sir Dave??? That’s just daft! And LT – what’s a cat detector van when it’s at home? I always give BBC Bristol (where natural history BBC lives) as being the sole reason I don’t mind paying my TV licence. The ducks were worth it on their own.

  17. Yes, even on low-def, it’s a beautiful show. And thanks for clearing up the distinction between the US and UK versions. I know that a few months back, CuteOverload posted the duckling segment with David Attenborough’s commentary, at which point I promptly rented several of his miniseries, including “The Lives of Birds.” I was disappointed when the duckling segment was not on there, but now I know where it is!

  18. Bebeh polar bear ‘tocks sliding down the icy hill! awwwwwwwwwww!

  19. I watch in Hi-Def and even my cat watches! The undersea episode kept her mesmerized. She would peep when it got boring, urging me FF to an interesting scene.
    Really gorgeous.

  20. Peg of Tilling says:

    I watch with friends, and whenever something Predatory happens we hold up our magazines and catalogs and talk Loudly of Inconsequential Things (we did that for the cave of cockroaches too).

  21. Gosh, y’all are making me rethink never ever watching tv. Frankly, I don’t know when other people watch tv. If I started, I would have to give up hanging out briefly on the interwebs. Something’s gotta give. I guess we have too many real animals to take care of- we don’t have time for digital ones- except for CO acourse.

  22. Carlisa: “Yipes!!! *effing*? Whistles and shakes noggin!”

    They’ve used the term “bitches” on this Site a few times, so I’m not sure why “effing” is such a shock. In fact I’m not sure why they didn’t spell just out “[edit]ing”.

    [Oh just cut it out, you two – Ed.]

  23. I watched the cave episode this weekend which was stellar. And I don’t understand the American Narrative. Things are always most interesting when it’s coming from a Brit 😉 I grew up watching Nature on PBS so naturally, I have the British association.

    Anyway, very cool show. Even though I had to deal with Indian Jones style cockroach scenes. *shudders*

  24. I lost almost all of my Sunday due to that show. I wish I was watching it in IMAX! It was absolutely superb.

  25. Agreed!! Planet Earth is awesome!!! It’s a must watch for us every Sunday (in HD of course). I’ve seen things I’d never see in my life time otherwise. This earth, it’s an amazing thing.

  26. My fiance and I TiVo’d them and we actually watched the one about the polar bears on Sunday. Those things are amazing. You should check out the one called “Shallow Seas”.

  27. David A.’s “Life of Mammals” is also full of furry cuteness and lovable Attenboroug-isms.

    Not to mention some really impressive whale genitalia. I mean, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

  28. Dale, I feel your pain. I also have a problem with these shows sometimes because I don’t deal too well with the realities of life in the wild either. There are a few things that are very hard to watch, but this particular show is otherwise totally worth it. It is truly spectacular.

  29. Planet Earth = awesomeness. That is all. It’s just sheer beauty. My boyfriend (who thankfully understands the need for teh cute) and I spend every episode in a permanent state of either “awww!” or amazement. 🙂

  30. yes i agree, the people who put together the ‘planet earth’ series really knocked themselves out. the footage is absolutely amazing. even i, who have watched plenty of wildlife shows for many years, was shocked and amazed at what these folks were able to film, and the presentation is beautiful – at times in slow motion and detail like you’ve never seen before.

    i’m probably going to wind up buying the dvd collection. its that good. beautifully done. i’d like to see a documentary just on how these people even were able to get all this footage. i hear it took 5 years.

    also, sigourney weaver provides excellent narration.

  31. the Amur leopard was just absolutely astonishing. as was the snow leopard. both of them on the very of extinction. there was an article in CNN yesterday about how a hunter shot one of the last 7 remaining female Amur leopards in Russia. so sad.

    But yes, Planet Earth is really unsurpassed TV whether its Sigourney Weaver (it’s not a bad thing to have a woman in that position) or Sir Richard. Either way seriously beauitful TV.

  32. Yep I blogged about that show too. It is incredible and especially in HD. Magnificent really.

  33. I was very close to tears when the baby elephant got lost and was following his/her mother’s scent the wrong way, back out into the desert. It still makes me so sad.

  34. Hey! I’ve seen a show (maybe a Nature episode) on PBS that has snow leopard footage that was on last year and been in repeats. Don’t belevie the hype!

  35. ColbyWolf says:

    Snow leopard!


  36. PG – I know! I was soooooo sad when the camera was zooming out on that little lost baby elephant…

  37. The discovery channel was doing a marathon this last weakened. I have to agree, excellent show that everyone should watch, or Netflix when the dvd’s come out.

  38. This series is absolutely stunning. Every world leader and corporate CEO should be forced to watch it so they’ll understand what they’re destroying.

  39. lol. what the heck is a cat detector van?

    i dont think the hd bbc version format will work on your average american dvd player, will it?

  40. I agree! I dont know if it is eligible for Emmys but it should sweep them.

    And I must say there are animals being eaten – but for the most part is it very carefully presented. They usually pan waaaay out when the victim goes down.

    I’ve had to record the last four (curse you Donald Trump… I mean that) but I cant wait to see the cave one. I’ve either got a ridiculous smile on my face at the beauty of Mother Earth and on the verge or tears b/c of what human idiots have done. Just seeing polar bears makes me sad. My hubby has watched most of them before me and knows when to tell me to look away – poor polar bears….

  41. I just wanted to add my breathless agreement about Planet Earth. Its an amazing show (though omg heartbreaking!! *cries for lil elephant*)

  42. nermalkitty says:

    did i miss something? what’s a cat detector van? and i luv the series too. except i can hardly bear it when crews stand around and let 2 beautiful bison drown after struggling for their lives for 4 hours, etc. etc. other than those horrific scenes though….

  43. To those of you complaining so much about the 10 minutes that Discovery cut out for ad-space…I work at a local television station, so I understand. Had they not cut it out and inserted advertising, they couldn’t have paid for it and you wouldn’t have been able to watch it. It’s an amazing series! I wasn’t thrilled with Weaver’s narration & I agree that the original would’ve probably been far better, but give Discovery a little credit for bringing the series to America…

  44. Whether Sigourney Weaver or Richard Attenborough did the narration is really beside the point…both did a fine job in my opinion.

    Just when you think you have Mother Nature figured out (smiles) you are privileged enough to see something like Planet Earth which is so profound and so stunning, I really can’t find enough superlatives to describe it.

    I agree with the poster who said that this series should be required viewing for every corporate CEO and world leader so they can see what’s at stake.

  45. Boo for linking the HD-DVD version! Boooo, I say! Especially twice!! >:-P

    I mean hey, if you want to spend $70 on a dead format, go right ahead. If you buy anything on high-def though, BUY IT ON BLU-RAY DISC. It’s outselling HD-DUD 3 to 1, and it boasts superior features, larger disc capacity, and much more exclusive support from film studios and hardware manufacturers.

    For once, I’m actually disappointed in Cute Overload. *le sigh*

  46. Help… I am just about inspired by these comments to buy the BBC series. But if I buy “hi def” but don’t have a “hi def” player (yet) will it work?? Or will I just have to wait for a new player thing (who knows when that will happen). ??

    I’m technologically challenged. Can someone explain?

  47. Mary — I think you have to have both a player (either HD-DVD or Blu-Ray) and a screen (1080i, 720p, 480p, etc.) that can handle hi-def formats.

    They do seem to have regular old DVDs of the series too, which I’d be interested in, but they’re probably backordered by now.

  48. And Lindsay? I call FUD. You sound like a Sony rep to me.
    Just saying “HD-DVD is dead” on a website doesn’t make it true.

  49. Could some one please confirm this, they redubbed tthe narration in the US?
    Once you have seen the original you will think the animals were trained to move in time to Richard Attenbourghs narration. It is sparse but informative, funny and touching, and it was cut without need!

  50. Cristi,
    They didn’t cut anything out the programs were only 50 min long here in UK with a 10 min bonus making program to make it an hour.
    I’m not sure how sensitive to content when the breaks were inserted

  51. Sorry mixed up Richard and David I was so upset by the thought of removing his narration sorry

  52. Thanks Theo for HD info. My other option is the videos I taped from the TV (US version) but I think I lost one so I don’t even have them all. So I may just go for the old-style DVD. 🙂

  53. I don’t usually watch tv at all, but I happened to be in San Diego for the weekend…and I ended up sitting in the motel room watching this series instead of out seeing the sights! I’m generally not one to order DVDs and such, but this also inspired me to do the same. Thanks for the tip about the BBC version.

    About the little elephant going the wrong way – I get upset with this sort of thing too. I almost didn’t watch “An Inconvenient Truth” at all, because I heard about the polar bear scene. I cope with these situations by telling myself that (for example) after they got the footage, surely they sent someone down there to redirect the little guy.

    And I also want to know what a Cat Detector Van is, and where I can pick one up! XD

  54. Call me whatever you want Theo – though I can assure I’m not a rep of any sort. I just cry foul when I see one HD format represented on a site (linked twice, as I said), which would signal a bias to me. Or maybe just plain ignorance, I dunno. 😉

    You can’t argue with the facts though. Blu-ray DOES have far more support, is selling 3 discs for every 1 HD-DUD sells (7:3 ratio, in fact – won’t be too long until it’s a solid 3:1), and just overall has the superior specs and the greater advantage.

    I’m as Hydra as you are Pyro. ;-P

  55. Miss Bear says:

    Can you say first ever Tibetan Fox footage? Score! Best show.

  56. Stephanie S. says:

    oh! I agree! And please check out other BBC/David Attenborough productions! particularly blue planet, and the life of birds, and life in the undergrowth, and the life of mammals, and…

    I love David Attenborough.

  57. You guys are a bunch of noids! 😛

  58. PS I was referring to all of the TV banter – just to be clear.

  59. Oh, the Tibetan fox was awesome too!

    I can’t believe there are people on the intarweb who don’t know about the Cat Detector Van. From the wits of Monty Python:

    (parody of the BBC’s vans what went out looking for illegal tellys)

  60. “I watch in Hi-Def and even my cat watches!”

    mine too! it’s awesome to watch HAHAHAHA!!

  61. I haven’t read through the comments yet, but I want to say Planet Earth is a wonderful accomplishment and obviously done with a great deal of love. I, however, cannot deal with the heartbreak when it comes to the calamity we have created for wildlife. How can anyone walk away from PE and not feel immense guilt and, frankly, misery over their plight? I haven’t been able to shake the images of the polar bears.

  62. If they played the Lord Of The Rings movie music track during half of that small video I just watched it would’ve matched perfectly. Amazing what high-speed SteadyCam cinematography can do, isn’t it?

    Looks like a great program unwashed by the great global warming machine. I’ll remember the posts mentioned to get the BBC version. Thanks!

  63. Think somebody above mentioned wanting to know more about how they made the programme. When this originally aired in the UK every show was followed up with a 10 minute “making of” film. Not sure if that would be on the BBC DVD or not but would imagine so….Can’t imagine this being narrated by anyone other than Sir David. Not to be confused with the actor, Sir Richard Attenborough (his brother) 🙂

  64. I looove Planet Earth, but a lot of it is just a HD rehashing with a similar script and at the exact locations of Attenborough’s Living Planet from the 80’s. I thought it was strange he said “first ever Snow Leopard footage,” when just the night before I watched him and some snow leapords on Living Planet. I’ll definitely take it, though.