Peenk Sweaateuw

If you got a tube sock
and you got a kitt-tayn
You can make a sweaaateuw


Just snap up your kittayn
place heem on a dish-tawl
snip two arms for holes


Then you take some peec-churs
Then watch Meg go crazy


The End.

Exxxcellent work, Jennifer. 😉



  1. girlnextdoortn says:


    I loves.

  2. girlnextdoortn says:

    TOWER OF BLEEN! (phew)

  3. These are AMAZING, but where are the pictures of Meg going crazy? I bet that was cute too.

  4. PRECIOUS! >^.^<

  5. Lovelylisa_4 says:

    Oh My God. That is adorable. Mind you someone should tell her pink is a no-no with red hair.

  6. lily cain says:


    how is this kitteh even possible?

  7. Hollylobo says:

    Oh Darling!!! I loves it! What a sweet little face.

  8. omg, that kitteh is so teensy!
    I think that’s a peeenk wrist band, that’s how teensy!

  9. Oh, come ON! It’s a wooly-bellied ginger kittayn! No wonder!
    I say shenanigans… someone’s on the uptake for figuring out Meg’s ultimate cute buttons!

  10. Awww! So cute and peenk! 🙂 I never thought a sock could look so comfies.

  11. Oh…such the sweetest kitteh eveh!!
    I do loves me some baybee kiteee!

  12. Oh my goodness, what a cute teeny tiny pretty pink princess!!

  13. Peenk paws and peenk sweatow!

  14. weensicka says:

    Ahhn! There is nothing like reviving from thesis coma with a bebeh kitteh!

    The peenk bebeh reminds me of one of my own, who I rescued from a snowbank many Januaries ago. She was so dirty and matted that the vet had to shave her, and I made her a tube sweater out of an old sleeve too to stave off the cold!

    She has since grown up to be a long-haired fluffball, and sheds with a vengeance. Oh well…

  15. jennifuh says:


    Do Meg’s captions read like a song? What is the song???

  16. lily cain says:

    oh my lord, there are more at that flickr site!

    in this one, the kitteh says, ‘REAL MEN WEAR PINK!’

  17. why do this cat’s eyes look so sad?

  18. oh this is too much. this should come with a warning for crying out loud. its too early and i’m at work and i see the poem before the pics load and if that were not enough to send me over the brink of cuteness-induced insanity, the pics are…well…words fail me right now. this kitten could bring a nation to its knees!!! i’m feeling nauseous – i think a rainbow-barfing is right around the corner.

  19. Yitzysmommie says:

    I’m with Lezlee, I wanna see the vid of Meggers SQUEEING as she sees & posts these pix!
    Thank you Meg for the most wunnerful picture on my computer to date. I have sploded from the Qte and am merely fragments of my former self…..*happy sighs*.

  20. oh – are kitteh’s parents going to use these photos as blackmail when kitteh is all growed up? 😉

  21. weensicka says:

    jennifuh, it *does* sound like a song, doesn’t it.

    It seems like Weezer’s “Sweater Song” to me, but I could just be insane from teh cute.

    Anyone got ideas?

  22. Hélène says:

    Lovelylisa, naaah, ever seen the movie “Pretty in pink”?

  23. AA!



  24. Oh my goodness! The cute is just too much! This so made my morning!! Such sighs and gasps were induced by the pictures of vulnerable fluffitude. In the words of Shawnimals, “So cute, I could puke.”

  25. I thought the words would probably fit to “Just Can’t Get Enough” by Depesch MOde

  26. the possible song kinda sounds like “take me to the river” – yes, once again another song by ‘talking heads’! they seem so cuteoverload conducive.

  27. This is so cute it makes me want to burst into tears! I love the little pink jelly-beans and the sweet-sad little face.

  28. Why would you “snip two arms for holes”? That would be messy…

  29. Argentee says:

    I have those dishtowels! *runs and checks* *grumbles* Mine are sadly kitten free.

  30. Oh my! I can’t stand the cuteness. I must have this kitteh!!!

  31. I wuv it!!!! So gorgeous!

  32. zeldapie says:


  33. ZOMG 4 teh win! No need to ever post any more cuteness – this can’t be beat.

  34. Sheep — Indeed!

    This is just so adorable. I really want to snuggle with this fluffiness.

  35. Poor confoozled fuzzy. I think it’s rockin’ the “look helpless” rule pretty hard.

  36. elizabells says:


    Reminds me of the wee preemies at work. I should put furry socks on thems too.

  37. Awww…..this reminds me of “Mutts”….”Little pink sock! Little pink sock!”

  38. China's Mom says:

    Is it my imagination or does that adorable little kitteh have moose feet????

  39. China's Mom says:

    Is it my imagination or does that adorable little kitteh have moose feet????

  40. China's Mom says:

    Is it my imagination or does that adorable little kitteh have moose feet????

  41. China's Mom says:

    Is it my imagination or does that adorable little kitteh have moose feet????

  42. China's Mom says:

    Is it my imagination or does that adorable little kitteh have moose feet????

  43. China's Mom says:

    Is it my imagination or does that adorable little kitteh have moose feet????

  44. fatkittymomma says:

    aaaawwwwww…. *sigh* too cute, on overload *puts in pocket and runs away* must have the Qte, for myself *evil grin*

  45. *skwish* That was so cute, my brain melted right out of my head…

    Even my kitteh NerNer is purring in approval of teh pink sweatuh.

  46. Oh good grief!

    AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! doesn’t even BEGIN to cover this! I squeed so hard over this bébé that my throat is sore!

    *brain melt*



  48. Toe-toes!!!!

  49. It’s the little hind legs sticking straight up that slays me. Chewable little toesers! Agonyagonyagony!!!

  50. Not to be the only voice of concern here, but this kitten doesn’t look too well. In fact, the milky eyes suggest a sick kitty.

  51. ThreeCatNight says:

    Too much! You have outdone yourselves, yet again.
    This little angel, purrfectly attired in a darling pink sweater which totally accentuates those sweet pink ears, nose, and plushy-soft pawpads.
    I just want to reach over and kiss that kitteh belleh, but I’m an adult and must control myself!
    (I’m in pink today, too.
    We’d be a perfect match -darn!!)

  52. chet's momma says:

    look at those peenk toe-beans!

  53. chet's momma says:

    look at those peenk toe-beans!

  54. chet's momma says:

    look at those peenk toe-beans!

  55. chet's momma says:

    look at those peenk toe-beans!

  56. chet's momma says:

    look at those peenk toe-beans!

  57. chet's momma says:

    look at those peenk toe-beans!

  58. The peenk sweater matches the peeeenk nose and peeeeeek toes! So cute! And the utter look of vunerability! I want to put it in my mouth!

  59. cuteoligist to the floor, cuteoligist to the floor we have another one down. YOU may be asking yourselves what does the cuteoligst. He or she detects how far up the cute meter you have gone and the decides weather to bring you down quickly with uglyoverload picture or some not so cute animals. lololo

  60. mbelle- oh dear i hope you’re wrong. i didn’t notice that the first times around (since i was fainting from the cuteness) but you are right – in the photos kitteh’s eyes are milky. hopefully its just the way the shots came out and kitteh is ok.

  61. that would be theo, meg or anyone who has tons of experiance with people who react to wildly to cute .

  62. Ok, so I’m trying to figure out what song Meg used too, and the only one that comes to mind is “My D*** in a Box.” But I’m just a bit off that way. 🙂

    [it’s by Andy Samberg & Justin Timberlake, from SNL, if you really wanna Google it… – Ed.]

  63. Last pic: Time to poop the kitten.

  64. You are literally killing me with this. KILLING me.

  65. I thought of the “stuff in a box” song, too. O dear.

    BTW, that bitty kitty is just a tineh bebeh, under a couple of weeks old. That accounts for the eyes. Those aren’t sticky, swollen infected eyes , just normal bitty kitty eyes, which take a few weeks, even months, to clear and sharpen.

  66. OMG!!! Little orange kitteh is sooooo sweet! I’m gritting my teeth it’s so cute!!!

  67. buggiedoo says:

    Even if kitten is sick, anyone who goes through so much trouble to make a sock a sweater will be giveing it adaquite care.

  68. Also note the moist pink nosicle. Not pointy like a hedgie’s but moist and pink nontheless.

  69. thanks theresa and buggiedoo. i feel better now. 🙂

    god i cant get over how mondo adorable this bebeh is! eep!

  70. Thees oraynge kitteh is just beggin for a tummy beep…


  71. beenclawed says:

    It’s so cute it’s like a cat doll instead of a real cat. Like one you can pose. If this thing doesn’t bring out the motherly instinct then I don’t know what… man, I just wanna hold it and cuddle it and feed it and name him George and…

  72. Am I the only one that noticed that The Nose Matches The Sock/Sweater!!!zomgt3hhumanity!

  73. As usual for my comments.. THE FEET!! GOOD LORD, THE FEET!!! they are sooo cute!

  74. That little face, those adorable eyes!
    It’s too much kitteh cuteness this morning!

  75. meredith says:

    Yikes! Snip some arms for holes? That sounds painful! 🙂

  76. The picture is cute, but Meg’s caption is the best, most hilarious thing ever!! SWEATEUW. LOLOLOL!This is how I said “sweater” before years of speech therapy. It is just like a little kid singing…

  77. Shanghaishrimpo says:

    Must. Get. New. Bay-bee Kitewn. Today.
    That’s right off the “cute-meter”!

  78. 😀 Love the feets and the pink paw pads and how it’s matching the pink sweaaateuw. Nya!

  79. Um.
    I think the only way I can look at this, and still function, is that I’ve been heavily vacci-cute-inated lately, what with Tuni and Jubi and Rikki and the twins. And mama Kenya. Otherwise… hmm, best not to think about it. I need to code today.

  80. FaekittyUCB says:

    Ohhh!! Somebody messed up teh wording!
    “Just snap up your kittayn
    place heem on a dish-tawl
    snip two arms for holes

    Me thinks its supposed to be “Snip two holes for arms”


  81. BenPanced says:

    Awww! Somebody woke the bebeh up from a nap, looks like!

  82. Tiny Orange Kittens
    “The orange ones f**k you up REAL good.”

    The fabled orange ones are the best you can get. For safety’s sake, always have your orange kittens examined by an expert. You don’t want to be huffing a rat covered in orange paint.

    Note: You may be huffing a Non-Huffable Kitten, which will result in not getting a huff and a scratched face, as the Non-Huffable Kitten is also an orange cat.

    Total OD.

  83. OMGorgonzola, I got’s pink socks…*runs and checks for a peach kitteh…* sigh. no kitteh. TortieCat Nairobi saunters over and says WHEN are you going to grow up?

  84. don’t you want to snip holes for arms? Not snip their little arms!!!

  85. We really need a sweater category. Along with that bunny, and the tree sweater, and those adorable penguins!

  86. mbelle & others who are concerned, if you visit the flickr site, you will learn that this is an orphaned kitty being raised by Hoomans. So I’m pretty sure even if he is sick, he’s being taken care of.

  87. FaeKittyUCB, you are SO observant!!! Snip two arms…lol!

  88. And you did notice that it has 6 toes – didn’t you?

  89. Siobhan, yes, I did notice & meant to comment on that yesterday. But didn’t, obvy.

  90. O…M…G. the last picture… I am slayed. SLAYED I tell you!

  91. RevWaldo says:

    Poor Kitteh. He reminds me of Ralph in “A Christmas Story” wearing the bunny pajamas his Aunt Clara gave him for Christmas.

    – Isn’t that cute? That is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen in my life.
    – Shut up, Randy.
    – He looks like a deranged Easter bunny.
    – He does not!
    – He does, too. He looks like a pink nightmare. Are you happy wearing that? Do you want to take it off? You tell the kid to take it off.
    – You’ll only wear it when Aunt Clara visits.
    – Go on and take it off. Take it off!

  92. *drops dead*

  93. Sweet fluffy Marmalade kitteh with pink jelly beans for paw pads=)

  94. Hello! That’s my kitten. Any of you with concerns for his health can rest assured that he is being well taken care of.

    I updated the Flickr photos with better descriptions of how I got the little feller and how I’m taking care of him.

  95. sweet ^^

  96. It looks like someone shined up her pawpads, so perfect they are!

    My heart is fit to burst with the loveliness of this kittayn.

  97. Jennifer –
    gah! I just looked at your flickr stream. Ded! I’m ded!
    *Thank* you for taking custody of him and fattening him up!

  98. Kimmypage says:

    ooohhh, that third pic made my head explode.. kp 😉

  99. Oh my goodness! It’s just….. too…..too…. *splode*

    Meggers, I hope you didn’t hurt yourself getting this one posted!

  100. I look out the corner of my eye and wonder who wrapped up this kitten in a pink body cast?

    It must be the color. Reminds me of those fluorescent leg casts.

  101. Oh, this is adorable, but it’s too WARM for a sweater today!

    At least here 😛 Sorry to all you cold climate types.

  102. bacontots says:

    you deserve a grammy for that songwriting!

  103. Now I have something to do with all my mysteriously orphaned socks! (Unfortunately I have no kittens…only a dog who is eyeing me very warily right now.)

  104. Oh! The excellent fluffitude. . .

  105. Phat Wolf says:

    Much kitty cuteness!

    I’m not very sentimental but am crying now. 50years ago I had a tiny rescue kitty …a red kitty…that grew into an ENORMOUS cat. A very wonderful cat. He is across the Rainbow Bridge waiting for me now..


  106. shutterbug74 says:

    When my husband saw this, he practically spit his milk out. Strawberry milk, I might add.

  107. AuntieMame says:

    Strawberry milk? Bleh! And now hubby has a pink sweater, too. LOL!

    What a cute little kitty-pie!

  108. best kitteh ever – Jennifer you are one lucky mom to have such a cute babeh

  109. I have been back to look at those fotos and read “song” all day. I think that picture might be illegal in certain states….

  110. ClaudesMom says:

    CUTE teeensy kitteh indeed … but am i the only one who thinks leetle kittehs don’t like being SOCKED? methinks he looks a little uncomfortable, his little elbows all tight in cute leetle sweatah … jennifer, i am so glad you told us the little cutie is a healthy boy, however!

  111. >’.’<

    Looks like a lil’ baby. Like she’s gettin’ ready to powder it’s lil’ bottom and put on its diaper.

  112. Sorry, can’t help myself. But why dress up a kitten?? WHO does that!? It’s stupid. I know I’m going to be flamed for this, but I don’t care. There is just no need to do this with animals! Not unless you want to protect them from the cold or the rain when you happen to walk your dog in a storm. But other than that I don’t understand! That kitten is possibly overheating now.. Cruel!

  113. acelightning says:

    Oh, what a little sweetheart! All bundled up in the fuzzy pink sock/sweater, like a human preemie who can’t regulate his body temperature yet… a few mouthfuls of warm kittymilk, and some serious cuddling, and before you know it, he’ll be an orange tyrant the size of your sofa… 😉

  114. OMG.

    The last pic is BEGGING for a long, hard cry.


  115. Smiling Lurker says:

    JudeW, you might want to take a quick look at her flickr photos. They have a nice explanation of what’s going on. Hopefully it’ll make you feel a little better because it’s the opposite of cruel.

  116. JudeW:

    “Not unless you want to protect them from the cold…”

    If you visit the Flickr site of the woman who rescued this kitten, you will read that the kitten is wearing this “sweater” to keep it warm because it is underweight and can’t keep itself warm. It would normally seek refuge in the warmth of its mother’s stomach and its littermates, but that’s obviously not an option. The kitten’s caretaker is not “dressing it up”; she is trying to get it healthy. This sweater is actually a good alternative to what a vet would recommend (which is swaddling it in blankets) since with a sweater, it can’t wriggle out of its bundling.

  117. It’s OK, JudeW. After all, in your own words, you can’t help yourself. Here, lemme stick this pink sock sweater on you & warm up some formula.

  118. i’m just really not sure how much more of this we can be expected to take, i mean, really!!! it’s simply too TOO much cute!! i’m OVERLOADED! ~ sigh ~ (back of hand to forehead)

  119. ps…and i thought maybe the sweater was to keep the milk from getting all over his chest & tummy fluff…sorta like a belly bib.

  120. tongapup says:

    Meg, based on that “song,” I would like to take your hand in marriage. So what if I’m a straight girl?

  121. shelsy penman says:

    Awwwww… dis picture is so cute and i think its so adorable… lol

  122. OMG,0000 I HAD 2 SING IT OUTLOUD LIKE, 8 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps ive got 2 email meg some of the bazillion adorable pics iv’e got!!!

  123. Detroit Snapdragon says:

    That song is tewtally to the tune of “Born to Be Wild”…

    Get your motor runnin’,
    (doo-do-doo, do-do),
    Head out on the highway!

  124. Aaaaaaaaaand now I can’t get the song out of my head (made up my own tune). Damn you, Meg!

  125. This makes me think of that SpongeBob episode for some reason-

    “The best time to wear a pink sweater… is all the time… made of a tube sock… that’s the kind…”

  126. haahaha!!
    Whatever tune belongs to that song, this is obviously a cover by the Decemberists….

  127. PEENK PEENK KITTEH KITTEH! Teeny little jellybean toes! That little bebeh is the height of adorability. RULEZ!

  128. livinglyfe says:

    I love your kitten, do you have the breeder info?

  129. PEENK sweaaateuw! This is the post I keep coming back to, for ‘Tocks Up! energy to get me through working on a Sunday. MWAH and thanks to Meg and this kitteh’s loving foster-mom!

  130. Wow…I just wish I knew how the kitten was doing.

    Such a sweet, cute little baby.

  131. I always imagine the poem/song as being in a Homestar Runner voice, and it kills me DED.

  132. roxanne says:

    That’s cruel to dress up little kittens, he/she is so fragile you probably hurt him putting that tiny sweater on him the poor little thing. Just to take a few photos.

  133. Jupiter Star says:

    *Sigh* Roxanne, it says clearly on both the site these come from and in the comments multiple times that this kitty had to be bundled up for health reasons and that it loved this little sweateuw. This wasn’t “just for a few pictures.” Breathe. Yeesh.