I’m going back to bed

[stretching paws up]

No amount of coffee is working this morning. Stherious. I’m hittin’ the hay.

Katherine M., nice find. Tho, they should have ended the movie at exactly the current middle point.



  1. uilleand says:



    (I tastes like PAW!)

  2. bluefairy says:

    That is so cute. It’s the first time today that I smiled.

  3. Piggalette says:

    A dorable. Tho I must agree with Meg on the “end in the middle” point.

  4. The gentleness of that thumb restores my faith in humanity.
    For the moment.

  5. There are some mornings when I feel like that kitty. So tie tie!! I agree w/Meg, I think the video goes a little too long.

  6. OMG! I was gasping and awwing the whole time. What a lil angel! Love the middle part when Mr. Hand puts the kitten back with it’s momma. Momma lets out a little burble. What a sweet video. DARLING!!!

  7. I know just how this kitteh feels…”LEAVE ME THE HE** ALOOONE AND LET ME SLEEP!!!”

  8. samoring says:

    What a snoozy baby! And now I can’t keep MY eyes open either…must…nap….

  9. smokeyJoe says:

    cute kitten, but that dead hand?


  10. oh my… the babeh is beautiful…
    i am in awe of the beauty in this world…

  11. brinnann says:

    Is it just me, or does it look like bebeh is sucking his thumb in the beginning?

  12. Oh, my good good Dog.
    That is some SERIOUS cute there. We should sell that video to science and have them find a way to bottle it in injectable form, so that when we meet grouchy or mean people, we can just inject them with Happy. Seriously, we could end war, poverty, oppression and hatred with the Power of the Kitty Cute.

  13. Juniper Jupiter says:


    TOO CUTE!!!!
    By the way, I don’t know if anyone here has ever used the word “kitling” but I hereby copyright it and anyone here who once to use it either has to give me a million bucks or go give their cats a skritch for me cuz everyone here knows I luvs kittehs!!! ESPECIALLY TEH BEBEH KITLINGS!!!
    Okay I’ll shoosh now! 😛

  14. Juniper Jupiter says:

    ^^once to use=wants to use^^

  15. Definite kitteh “thumb sucking” going on at the first part

  16. Some things are just TOO FREAKING CUTE and should come with a warning label. My heart wants to explode.

  17. weensicka says:

    Maybe it’s the dark side of me, but why is the kitteh crawling around a corpse at the end?

    Seriously, why does the other hand not move?!!!

    **rescues kitteh and flees in terror**

  18. Thet bebeh is looking for the milk faucet.

  19. smokeyJoe says:


    how could it resist the kitten?

  20. It’s a tiny sleppy kitty-witty.

    WHY must kittens be so adorable, and I so kittenless. *sigh*…

  21. zosterops says:

    so, somewhat unexpected, co delivers scientific proof of reincarnation.
    this is not a cat.
    this is a sleepy human.

    in fact, if I wasn’t fairly sure I was still alive I’d swear it’s me.

  22. Can’t you just feel the soft little bobbly head and the pin-pricky tiny claws??

  23. AWWW! I love the “kitling” (I shall pay you in skritches to my kitteh) too! That’s how I felt yisterday!

    PS-I love the word kitling.

  24. i luff kittehs as much as anybody else… and i luff them at thkis stage in their development-ears in the wrong spot, eyes not even fully open yet, no toofies.


    i have noticed more litters being shown here than should be. it’s one thing to have an orphan, another to have a mother & kittens (unless mother was homeless) the point i am trying to make is that there are over 3 million cats in this country, and hundreds of thousands never have forever homes. a litte ris cute-but find homes for all of them, reliably. i have fostered hundreds of babehs over the years, and getting them good homes is the difficult part. i even had a few returned to me, due to unforseen circumstances. so kittehs are cute- but let’s stop breeding regular cats, shall we? leave the breeding to the professionals or hobbyists… and spay or nueter your pets! this country is so ignorant to the plight of the animals… i mean, do you know how many are euthanised in every town, every day? hundreds, if not thousands, in every state! daily! it sucks, and although new life is cute, adopt an older pet, PLEASE!

  25. Glad I’m not the only one slightly freaked out by the ‘dead hand’. ROFL!

    Very cute kitten though 🙂

  26. Ummmm…..can we smash the soap box into a million little pieces please?

  27. Oh my.

    While I’m sure the Bob Barker speech is valid.. I’m not sure this is quite the proper venue.. lol.. Mostly pretty responsible animal people here from what I’ve seen. JMO I guess.

  28. RingTail — one over-arching factoid here: it’s spring. Hence all the new litters.

    and nice gentle “Mr Hand”.
    But did Mr Hand forget to stash the body in the closet before startin up the old vid. recorder? my goodness that hand does look creepy- scarey and awfully ….paaaaaaale.

    But Babbee kittee and mommee make up for it. now give her back to mommee and let her sleep. 🙂

  30. ROFL.. picturing Mr. Hand checkin out CO.. “YAY finally one of my entries made the websi… OOPS!! CRAP!! EVIDENCE!!”


    BTW in my area there is a very-popular-amongst-the-younger-crowd DJ service or band or something (I’m not even sure, good grief) that is called Mr Hand.. LOL!

  31. Seems that these are two different kitlings – out of a litter of six:

  32. Okay – just watch for a second time without tunnel vision on the Qte – and eeewww the corpse hand is creepy.
    That gal (guy?) is tewtally passed out. Maybe their head asploded from all the cute.

  33. MAYBE. the scenerio went like this-

    Mr HAND walks in on Ms HAND snorglin his kittee’s, just as she is passing out on the floor from the glee. He saves the babe by catching it in his hand just as she smacks the floor with a thud. He grabs up the vid camera and starts taking the “smooshie” shots of the babees. Accidently catching her limp passed out hand in the vid. (leaving some rather damning evidence should she not wake up)
    Gee, and then he used HER name when he sent the vid to COL to try to cover!!! oh the intregue!!!

  34. lurkingsmirk says:

    “i have noticed more litters being shown here than should be.”

    ^^good lawd, I didn’t realize there were Qte quotas! The more pix of cute litters the better! Besides, different images could have been sent in at any time.

  35. weensicka says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and make the overwhelming generalization that many of us on the CO are responsible pet owners, yes? Sorry…but that’s just the feeling I get here.

    As for me, ALL of my bebehs are adult rescues, including two who I adopted when they were around 6 years old. And one of those should *really* count as two because he is a ginormous cat beastie bent on destroying the world (or at least, my apartment). Still, I lof him because when he is a lot like the bebeh kitteh in this video–only HUGE.

  36. weensicka says:

    I meant –“when he *sleeps* he is a lot like the kitteh in the video”–

    **shames self for poor typing ability**

  37. pinkwerewolff says:

    *melts into pile of goo*

    I think that amount of cuteness is illegal in most US states. Or at least it should be.

    *Melts again.*

  38. Fuzzybutt says:

    Let the bebeh gets some sleep already!

  39. I am sooooo feeling like Mister Kitters up there! But alas, I’m up to my eyebrows in house cleaning, preparing for a visit from my Mother-In-Law. And there’s thunderstorms predicted for today. AACK!

    The inanimate hand IS creepy, though. Maybe it’s someone’s prosthetic…? @.@


  40. In the tooting my own horn department: All my cat are rescues, one adult rescue, two sisters rescued from unplanned litter of a neighbor who was turning them over to the pound for…you know…one kitten rescue and one feral rescue.

    The feral one is so beautiful, but she’s really just a throw pillow with feet, as I am not allowed to pets the furs. EVAR. 😉

    To toot the horn of that sleeps kitten…would be mean! Horns are loud and he’s verah verah sleepah.

  41. oaklandcat says:

    Jenne et al: you *do* know where Mr. Hand comes from, don’t you??
    Did anyone order a pizza?

  42. No fangs!

  43. One of the reasons so many of us love the kitten pictures is that they vicariously satisfy our “must raise new kittens” need — so I could argue that CO helps with kitten overpopulation. Also, I suspect that at least some of these litters are from fostered pregnant mommas — one of the more guilt free methods of raising kittens.

  44. bunnyhunny says:

    So if the guy is Mr. Hand, does that mean the kitty is named Mr. Bill? Oh nooooo!

  45. weasel_tea_party says:

    If one needs an in-person baby kitteh fix: Some shelters need extra help during kitten season (kittens are high-maintenance fuzzballs especially if they’ve lost their mom!), and need foster homes to take care of the kitlings until they are old enough for adoption. If you’re in Seattle, check out Animal Talk’s fostering program.

  46. This baby is so adorable!! On another note, my three cats were all adopted as kittens. One came from the shelter, and two were from my kid’s friends whose parents were did not have their Mom-cats spade. If I did not take them I hate to think what their fate would have been. On a sadder note, I found out later that both of these Moms eventually ran away. I love my kitties!!!

  47. MR HAND- originally referenced in the Movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. (1982)
    Currently being abused on South Park on Comedy Central. 🙂


  48. that little bebeh doesn’t look like he has any teeth!!! gaaaaah! no teeths!!

    i want him to lick my nose.

  49. oaklandcat says:

    spicoli would be an awesome name for a kitteh!

  50. I have to say I’m getting a little tie-tie myself of getting preached at here. People who don’t care aren’t likely to come to this site. This is a self-selected population of animal lovers, none of whom want to see them hurt. Go preach at people who really need it.

  51. OMG! what a great idea!
    Spicoli ketteh. sweet!
    (i was uncertain whether anyone one this site would be OLD enough to recognize , Mr Hand. from that far back. 🙂

  52. weasel_tea_party says:

    I wasn’t meaning to be preachy–just trying to hook people up with tiny fuzzies.

  53. OK, liz, I remember it well.

    Bagels and belts never looked so well together.

  54. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t think people are complaining about you, weasel_tea_party. I think you made a good point.

    I haven’t seen the video yet. 😦 I’m a work and can’t see videos. But now I’m dying (BWAH!) of curiosity to see the mysterious Corpse Hand of Death…dun, dun, DUN!

  55. I guess I do know the Mr Hand/Mr Bill connection though I’ve only seen the show a couple times.. Guess I forgot about THAT Mr Hand.. Oops.

    Corpse Hand of Death.. LOL..

  56. I adopted my cat when she was 10 mos. old from the local Humane Society. She is missing her right back foot. They think a dog did it when she was a kitten and was a stray. I can’t imagine how she survived the pain, the loss of blood, etc. But for the last six years she has been the most loved and spoiled cat in town! And she was spayed at the Humane Society before I could even bring her home (longest 3 days of my life!).

  57. Wow. I am always slightly in awe of domestic animals. I mean, this is a tiny little LIFE moving in that hand. My cats could easily scratch and bite my arm off, but they come snuggle me when I cry. A horse could trample me, but they nuzzle my neck instead. Hamsters and rats allow me to scoop them up and hold them.

    It’s just… amazing.

  58. Hi, just a comment, I’m a vet and you should not disturb when a puppy is sleeping, cuz is when the grown hormone is acting. Sorry about my english, Im from Argentina.

  59. I agree, the dead hand IS spooky, not responding to so much cuteness in such close proximity.

    I have concluded that it is a robot hand.

  60. OH!!!! What a beautiful little baby! Major kudos to those fine people giving foster and shelter cats a loving home.

  61. Give the kittee to me! I must have eet!

    I shall snorgle and cuddle and call it mine!

  62. Christine says:

    That was the cutest thing I have ever see in my whole long life. But the dead girl on the bed just out of frame was SUPER CREEPY.

  63. Weasel Tea Party, that’s exactly what I did in college.
    Living in the school housing, we weren’t allowed to have pets, but my roomies and I, having grown up around animals (and one being a former vet tech) were going insane without critters around! Luckily, the Humane Society was only a 10-minute walk away, if even that, so we signed up and spent many an afternoon playing with dogs in the park and socializing (read: playing with) kitties. We also helped clean pens and such, but that’s a small price to pay for the chance to be around animals. ^_^ I remember showing up real early some mornings so I could help feed a mega-litter of kittens who had lost their moms (it was something like 20 orphan kittens in a big heap). It was a pain to wake up that early sometimes, and I was almost late to class a lot because of them, but oh, it was totally worth it.
    And R. Moore, I know exactly how you feel. I mean, I’ve got rabbits, two of them, in my house. There are RABBITS IN MY HOUSE. Sometimes I burst out laughing because hey, look – There’s a bunny! And he’s coming up to me because he wants his nose rubbed! *asplode from cute*
    The novelty of it never wears off.

  64. Such a sweet little tired baby. I would be THRILLED to snorgle and take a nap wif him. Momma kitty might object tho.

  65. Oh btw….weasel_tea_party: I live in Seattle and have 2 grown up kitty brothers of my own. But between C.O. and Theo’s blog http://teho.vox.com/
    showing the Momcat he’s fostering along with her 5 new bebehs, I think I just might call Animal Talk and see if I could help take care of bebeh kitties at their facility. Fun! And I could ‘splode all over their place instead of mine.

  66. Thanks MC2… but lemme tighten that URL up a little bit:

    …’cause it can get a bit, erm, RANDOM in there. Y’know.

  67. bayoujuju says:

    very cute indeed. and i know everyone hates the ’nuff said-ers, but there is a place for them here too. If someone didn’t say something, no one would think of going to shelter or investing in getting an animal spayed or neutered. It does get preachy now and again, but you have to remember, if no one puts a light on these topics, no one would really think about them. You know the saying, out of sight, out of mind? It’s very true. Please repost the below link regarding shelter animals. It’s not for the faint of heart, do not watch if you don’t want to see what happens to unwanted animals, nothing graphic, but very disheartening and not happy at all. I support nuff said-ers because they say the things that need to be said. And this is a public forum…so they do have the right to voice their opinions just like everyone else does.

  68. moggyfan says:

    Mine is a feral rescue, too (he does permit pets, but alas no pick-up-and-cuddles). I’ve never had a “store-bought” kitty in my life!

  69. ::Barfs a rainbow::
    THAT KITTEN. He is a WMC, weapon of Mass Cuteness. I have received permanent cuteness damage! Do you have any idea what happens when something is too cute? Such a sweetie!
    ::goes into pancreatic shock::

  70. Auntiemame, that was too funny. Dun dun DUN! ROTFL…

    Cute Overload, where the comments are as good as the pics…

    I can see some movement in that hand, though. She’s prolly just sleeping, GOSH.

  71. R. Moore says:

    But how morbidly funny would it be if someone had a dead person on the bed while they were filming this adorable baby kitten?

    (My mind can be dark… But I stay positive!)

  72. I WANT! I WANT!

    Luckily, I get to go home this weekend to see my kittehs!!! (and family and friends, but I’ve my priorities straight).

    Oh, and bonus for Evanescence’s “Good Enough” in the background…until the corpsified hand shot.

    Oh,Oh, and I’m a volunteer too!! Kitten season is on, and we’ve plenty of full grown kittens and puppies too. http://www.spca914.com
    So come on by if you’re in the Westchester, NY area!

  73. warrior two– ssssshhhhh, don’t ruin our fun! 😉

  74. I know the hypersensitive folks on here can get a little annoying at times, but I think we should all keep in mind that, for the most part, it’s because they love animals and worry about their well-being. And that is a very good thing.

  75. i think random hand might be a person asleep on the floor. it does move there once.

    also, i listened for the ev and couldn’t hear nothin’.

    still wants the kitty!

  76. I agree. Stop it at the middle. After that, it just seems mean. That kitten CLEARLY wants to nurse!

  77. Danyell – It’s not obvious from the video, but it’s two different kittens.

  78. acelightning says:

    The video comes up very dark for me – I could barely make out a couple of IttyBittyKitty yawns, a thumb almost as big as the kitten’s head, and that weird pale hand in the background. I could hear the little squeaks on the soundtrack perfectly fine, though. I think if I could have actually *seen* the kittens, I’d be passed out on the floor now…

  79. I love how he puts his wee leetle paws up- Just like when my toddler does and says So big! Oh the yawninks!

    I agree with the posts about being fascinated by domestic animals. I walked into my very small living room the other day, and there was my husband on the sofa, 3 little boys, wrestling, a teenager with a fit of the sullens, 2 rabbits doing laps around the coffee table, 1 cat watching traffic, 1 cat still trying to decide if eating the rabbits is an option, and The Dog. All I could do was stand there and grin like a maniac at the wonderful redonkulousness of it.

  80. “WHY must kittens be so adorable, and I so kittenless. *sigh*…”

    thinkie, *sigh*

  81. compy-saur says:

    Couple o’ thingses.
    One: His lickle yawning muzzle and chin fuzz are killing me. Same wiff the small mewling paws and bittle claws. Totally equipped for hunting hapless bugs, minus the essential teefs. I love it. 🙂

    twos: I dunno what it is about baby animals. I find them at least a million times cuter than human babies. I KNOW I’m not the only one. 😉

  82. Not *quite* nay-saying (I promise!) but, for those of you who DO foster (kudos to you! Yay! Right on and all that jazz!) and have pregnant or mommy kitties, please get the kittens spayed / neutered BEFORE they’re adopted out. That way you can be absolutely CERTAIN they won’t be contributing to cat overpopulation in the future. And if you charge an adoption fee to cover the cost of the neuter, you’re also less likely to have hoarders attempt to adopt a kitten they cannot care for.
    *step off soap box* Now what’re you doing on the computer?? Go snuggle your kittehs! They’re small for such a short period of time, y’know!

  83. Oh I dunno, if they’d ended the movie in the middle, we would have missed all the redonkulous meeps and peeps from the bebeh kittehs…

    THAT would have been disastrous!

  84. If the video stopped in the middle, we would miss the squeaky meows in the second half.

  85. I see dead people…hahahahaha. Alright, we’ll pretend she’s dead and the serial killer is going after more people with redonkulously cute kits.

    I also love how the momma is like the last kitty momma, she’s all big eyes and “hey, where the heck have you been, bebeh?”

  86. Now now compy-saur, you just haven’t seen these babehs yet:
    cutest babehs on the interwebs…

  87. Wrench — the issue there is, the kittens are adoptable pretty much as soon as they’re weaned, which is well before they’re ready for spaying/neutering. And, point worth noting, they are far more likely to BE adopted at that age, when they’re still kitteny.

    Lots of shelters (like the one I volunteer with) have reimbursement vouchers for adoptive families, which cover the costs of spaying/neutering. So there’s ways to deal with that time gap. Adoption fees go without saying (otherwise they couldn’t function). *Surrender* fees are requested, too, for drop-offs.

    Now, MAMA kitty gets her spay operation pretty much right away, once she comes back to the shelter. And ours uses a vet service that uses dissolving sutures and/or some kind of medical glue, so no follow-up visits are needed.

  88. Ew! Ew! Human babies! Not cute, not cute!

    Sorry. I lack the gene for it, I think.

  89. I cannot comprehend the baby hatred! How can you say that this is not cute?
    I pity the fool who don’t like this babeh! (Mr.T voice)

  90. Kweeeeeeeeeet.

  91. I wish there was a warning on these that said “Babies mewing-make sure any momma cats are out of the room” before I watch them. I sometimes forget my cat’s even in the room when I watch videos here, and I always end up feeling terrible because my poor cat keeps looking for the baby around the speakers!

  92. KaitouJuliet says:

    Obviously, the random hand in the background belongs to someone who has already passed out from (or been killed by) the cuteness!! We now have evidence that it does work!

  93. Hey, guys. This may seem random and a bit unbelievable, but I am the dead hand. Yeah. My brother made that video while I was napping on the bed, and yes, I was listening to Evanescence. Anyway, just thought I’d ruin your fun… I’m not dead, and Mr. Hand is not a killer… =D

  94. Alice Shortcake says:

    compy-saur and warrior two, you are NOT alone! Human babies leave me cold but I’ll go out of my way to stroke a kitten.