Check out this teeny leetle bun, extremely disapproving of his quarters. Check out his mini mustache, perfectly shaped. He’s all: "Good DAY SIR!"


C.O.X.C.U.: "Bleeeeeeeeeh."


Get thee to a Four Seasons, Laura G.! STAT!



  1. yucky!!!

    he’s so cute and fluffy!!

  2. Uilleand says:

    Arrgg…I cannot live with so much disapproval…

  3. O. M. G.

    TOOO cute!!!

  4. weensicka says:


  5. “Timmothy? I specifically requested imported Irish clover… Faugh! I shall not partake of you roughage further! Good DAY to you, sir!”

  6. kittymomma333 says:

    Never has a Tuesday been so perfectly summed up.

    Pbbbbttt! on you, Sir Tuesday!

  7. That’s too funny! He looks like he has no nose!

  8. michellemybelle says:


  9. Too cute! he looks that that one guy from Mythbusters! lol

    And I agree, a Tuesday has never been so precisely summed up.

  10. I understand your disapproval, bun bun- as I see the wire-bottom cage that will make your baby feet sore and catch your toes, the super-small size of your cage will not allow you to jump, race around and binky as baby buns love to do, the crowding of other bunnies make it even smaller, and there is far too little hay to eat- as a bun’s diet should be 80% hay and no place in site to rest your little feets. This is sad- also, please remember to check your local shelter or for the numerous homeless buns in need of forever homes. Check out to learn about these precious and wonderful companion animals

  11. good god. that might be the crowning achievement of bunny dissaproval, right there.

  12. I love heeeeeeeeeeeeeeem!

  13. bunneh says “pfffllbbt!”

    very disapproving.

  14. constance says:


    Emfole, how do you know the cage doesn’t extend several feet to the left? Am I missing something?

  15. …I said GOOD DAY!

    Awesome bleh, Meg. 🙂

  16. OMG – Bunneh Raspberries! Or is that rasp-bunnehs?!?!?!

  17. The roundness! The roundness!

  18. I lost my wallet on the train back from Croatia yesterday and I am tired and grumpy as hell…

    but CuteOverload still makes me smile.


    PS. The wallet was found with everything other than about 15 Euros.

  19. BAH-HAHAHAA! That’s awesome!

  20. Awwwww.. Poor little cute bunny, he’s probably not at all happy in there, and I can understand why 😦

    Wire-bottomed cage, many bunnehs in a very small space… poor little thing.

  21. Yitzysmommie says:

    Perfect Disapproving Bunneh Tounge: PPFFFLLLBBBTTT!

  22. Emfole, I’m with you. It doesn’t matter if these bunnies are in a pet store or anywhere else. Their enclosures should be much more comfortable and suited to their needs.

  23. Christine says:

    This is adorable! Bunneh tongues are ridiculous, as I learned when I fed my buns small peices of banana which they then licked off my fingers. Even when there was none left.

    But I agree this here cage is a little old-school. Those buns need something soft to rest their adorable feets on! I nominate my couch.

  24. A bunneh tounge!! I’ve never seen one before…now that I have, I am content

  25. firefinch says:

    We can boot my boss out of her office and replace her with the bunnies. The bunnies would have a nicer place to live, and everyone at work would be much happier.

  26. ThreeCatNight says:

    “I am the walrus,
    I am the walrus,
    No — I am the bunneh!

  27. Masterful bunny disapproval. Also, a fantastic demonstration of geometry in Bunny form. Methinks bunny is made entirely of spheres.

  28. zosterops says:

    Am I the only one thinking that this little fellow looks seriously deformed?

  29. i love how there’s a carbon copy of him like right behind him!! i love bunnie tongues. SQUEEE!

  30. Christine says:

    zosterops! He is not deformed! What makes you think so?

  31. juggle geese says:

    Usually disapproving bunnies look quite aristocratic. But this bunny looks really pissed.

  32. I am in complete and utter shock.

    I don’t think I’ve ever loved a bun picture as much as I love this one, I want to print it out and eat it!

  33. Mr. Bun E. Bunnerton, Esq. says:

    I said GOOD DAY!

  34. Hmmm. Why do people prefer bunny tongues as opposed to say, puppy or kitten tongues?

    Well, besides being just too cute.

  35. Cute, but
    it looks like theres something wrong with his tiny mouth,too open or something

  36. Mouth’s barely open at all, Simon; bun’s just got a tongue all sticking out.

    *twiddles mustache* Positively dreadful!HURUMPFH!

  38. It’s a bun with 70’s pornstache!

  39. Hey everyone!
    I’m glad some of ya’ll are as in love with Odin as I am. I’m Laura G and that is my adorable baby Odin. I just wanted to let those who are concerned about the cage to know that this picture was taken on the day I met Odin at the breeder. Once he actually get to come home in May his cage is very different from the one pictured. I have also been studying for months and continue to stay as up to date as possible to help prepare to keep Odin happy and healthy. So thanks for all to comments and vaild points made. I am sure they have been very infomative to those who aren’t familiar with rabbits. I would encourage everyone to also put inthe time to read up on rabbits before adding one as cute as Odin to your life.


    Laura G.

  40. Hee, hee, Odin. Yup, when I think of the Norse God of Thunder, that´s exactly what comes to mind!

  41. Dorothy G. says:

    No doubt, that is a sophisticated bunny. As any Norse God should be.
    Cant wait until my grandbunny is in his new home!

  42. its my bunphew!!

  43. Xtineebee says:

    It’s Mr. Harriman!

    (Waaaaaay too much Cartoon Network in my house….)

  44. pookiepuff says:

    I totally ADORE this picture!!! I can’t get over it! I was trying to type up a paper and all I could think about is this cute bunny and his cute tongue! I just had to leave a comment!

  45. Stephanie says:

    Lauren G – you sound like a wonderful bunny mommy. Congrats on the new baby bun! 🙂

  46. He does look a little smoosh-ded in the nosie department. But that teeny little tongue is too redonk!

  47. Laura G., I’m glad to hear about Odin’s new bun-galow! He must definately be Vi-King of his castle!

    Gah, the tonguette!

  48. BUNNY TONGUE!!!!!
    …..Need anything else be said and commented upon………?

  49. This picture really makes me feel sad. Notice the background. That is where these baby rabbits live – on wire cages with little hay and notice that little white bunny digging far into the bowl trying to find some dry food. 😦

  50. acelightning says:

    Odin is the “Father of the Gods” in Norse mythology; Thor is the god of thunder. (And Loki is the trickster, and my cat is named after him…)

    Yes, indeed, he is giving the raspberry to the world… to people who think lionhead bunnies look “deformed”, or maybe to the servants (i.e., humans) for not giving him more posh living quarters.

    Now I’m going to fall over dead from looking at that adorable pink tongue!

  51. If anyone ever asks you the meaning of “redonkulous,” show them that closeup and I think they’ll understand. I mean, really.

  52. The power of Cute is great indeed. I’m in the middle of a friendship-ending conversation and this picture alone has brought me back down to much more serene levels. Thank you, CO, for my sanity. This picture is clearly one of the most potent in your extreme-emotions-calming arsenal.

  53. RIP me. I just died. That buntongue close up just killed me. Someone please take care of my cat.

  54. Laura G – are you sure the breeder didn’t dupe you by giving you a redonkulously cute ball with buttons for eyes?????


  55. I disapprove of other bunnies feet in my food. This problem must be remedied immediately! Or I shall forthwith dispense of another disapproval!

  56. KaitouJuliet says:

    Bunny tongue!!! Eeeee! *keels over backward from the cuteness*

  57. kel13123 says:

    the disapproval is overwhelming! and yet… so… redonkulously… cute!

  58. OMG I LOVE THIS BUN BUN!!!!!!!!!

  59. Shannon says:

    oh myGOD.
    Alright- I’m totally getting a bunny now.

    HolyCRAP thats adorable!