Um, this picture could not get ANY fluffier

Um, are these labradoodles? I think they are… And could this sheep-skin-Labradoodle scene get any fluffier? The answer is none. None more fluffier.


OK, the scene would actually be fluffier if THIS GUY suddenly crawled out. But that’s the only way. Right Sarah E.?



  1. Flwoof.

  2. freetomato says:

    AAWWWWW! Thanks for the darling fluffiness that has perfectly redeemed what started out to be a bad Monday!

  3. Christine says:

    Oh my WORD. This is brilliance. I want to bury my face in there and sigh contendedly. And then sneeze for hours. SO WORTH IT!

  4. O

  5. omg, i never thought labradoodles were very cute before this picture, now i MUST HAVE ONE!!

  6. awwww, I want the one with his eyes closed!! Sooo cute.

  7. This is a precious photo. I think they are poodles though, this is just how all of ours looked as puppies.

  8. luvinmalssomuch says:

    These guys are Flufferdoodles.

  9. omg, FLOOF!
    I was at a PetSmart yesterday helping with a mobile adoption event, and we were set up in a direct line between the front door and the doggie training classroom.
    eeeeeeeee! doggee and puppeh heaven!
    got to pet them all as they went by!
    and to top it off, two of the shelter kittehs got adopted!

  10. luvinmalssomuch says:

    ceejoe, At our Petsmart they had 4 greyhounds for adoption and donations.

  11. Awestruck says:

    Such softness! Such sleepiness! Such fuzziness! Such fluffiness! Such curliness! I just want to cuddle them and feel their fur on my cheek.

  12. John Masters — I think you’ve got a typo there… should be “poofles”

  13. weensicka says:

    This is it! I have officially been awake now for 30 hours!! Thesis is finally finished!!!

    Thanks to teh CO for gittin’ me through the hard times, for bringin’ me the cute when I couldn’t stand to look at another freakin’ footnote.

    I am so tie-tie, like the sleepy puppy… Must…close…eyes…and…not…open…until…tomorr…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



  15. I took the picture – actually, they’re two month old cockapoos – but we can call them cutiepoos!

  16. fatkittymomma says:

    too… much… cute… passing out from CO… uh…

  17. This is so fluffy I’m actually spitting out hairballs just looking at it.

  18. Martha in Washington says:

    I don’t think these pups are for real. Seriously, how could anything that floofy be real? I bet they are made out of that really soft fuzzy stuff that they use to make baby toys and blankies. And the little button eyes and nose. I bet there is a Steiff button in the ears.

  19. FortunateFeline says:

    I volunteer for Fortunate Feline, we adopted out 3 kittens and a 9 month old kitty Sautrday. Come to the Eastpointe Petco in Mi and adopt a phuzzy friendly family member. I love Caturdays!

  20. Jenn Jordan says:

    Based on this and the hamdancer captions, I surmise that Meg has recently watched This is Spinal Tap!

  21. i give you, the angora ferret and the aerosol cheese

  22. Holy cow, there is this hilarious site where you send in the things you believed as a child, and this kids said she believed poodles were a cross between a dog and a sheep until she went to vet school and found out differently-

    Warning: don’t click on this link unless you want to get sucked in and get nothing else done today:

  23. Didn’t we used to call these types of mixed together pups a mutt? (which is the best kind of a doggie anyway)

  24. Now I lay me down to sleep…
    there’s something about white floof that just kills!

  25. Ahhhh! I never comment here but this picture is bringing me out of lurkdom! So very cute!

  26. Um, why does the carpet make that yelping sound whenever I walk on it?

  27. I like the “Spinal Tap” reference on the comment. Luv the pups!

  28. My monitor just exploded. Too much fluff. Should’ve warned me.

  29. Yitzysmommie says:

    Adorabuhls! In my imagination I am running my fingers through the floof instead of doing work…..

  30. My vote is that they are GoldenDoodles (which sound wrong) but they have the extra sad Golden Retriever eyes it seems. Nothing says ‘sad’ like ‘puppy-without-snacks’.

  31. I saw a two 2 year old cockapoos at the dog park the other day, one was mostly cocker spaniel, but the other was like a cocker spaniel body with poodle fur and ALL poodle inside. Most regal, delicate, deliberate thing ever. I wanted to steal him away.

  32. I think they’re GoldenDoodles actually. waaaay too cute!

  33. Caroline says:

    Floofy lil’ mutt pups are the best! (They are far too dignified to be burdened with the oh-so-trendy “doodle” suffix.)

    And look at those perfect noisicles! ::melt::

  34. that pups looks like its got two heads and one fluffy body…cuteness

  35. There’s something about the dog on the right, with his wittle eyes squeezed shut. *iz ded with the cuteness*

  36. ThreeCatNight says:

    This is torture!
    Two soft white fluffehs I’d love to cuddle. Well, at least it’s a nice thought to take with me as I leave for the day, and enter the mean streets of NYC.
    These are two beauties!

  37. Lady Ann says:

    They look like Cockerdoodles to me, but then, I am primarily a cat person so I don’t know much about cute puppies!

  38. They are cute, but….I still think the angora bun is cuter *runs*

  39. i cant tell where one ends and the other begins! floofy!

  40. I neeeeed vunnnn!!!!

  41. sadiesauce says:

    OMG I looked at this photo like 5 times today and I couldn’t even SEE the pup on the right until 1 minute ago!!!

  42. Before anyone goes out to buy a Labradoodle, they’re Cockapoos!

  43. If Hell is guarded by a 3-headed monster dog, I think heaven must be guarded by a 2-headed Cocakpoo puppy (St. Peter who?)

  44. This picture was soooooo cute!!!!!!!! lol

  45. shelsy penman says:

    Awwww… dem dogs are so cute like i can look at dat picture 4ever

  46. His eyes are speaking to me. They’re saying “Please, sir, I want a snorgle.” I’m coming, fluffy puppeh!

  47. Can I just curl up and DIE, right in the middle of that warm floofitude? Pweese!

  48. OMG.

    Hey Redzilla! I think someone’s finally got sexier hair than you. 😉

  49. Yes, they definitely look like Steiff bears. Especially the noses.

  50. Er Subh — that was, um, sorta weird.

  51. How adorable!! Just makes me want to love all over those puppies!

  52. aww…cOOOte! Veeery cQQQte!

  53. aww the blend into the blanket! awww. I can’t stop smiling!

  54. I was that fluffy when I was little. I’m a black labradoodle. I wonder if they’ll get into as much trouble as I always get into.

    Abby the Labradoodle
    My dog blog –

  55. Oh, my goodness! I must have a Labradoole now. I must.

  56. These guys are so fluffy, my computer screen feels like a cashmere blanket!!!! FLUFFABUBBLE!!!!!!!!!

  57. Those dogs are so cuddly and fluffy…I want them!!!