Please! Put some pants on [Part II]

This is really embarrassing. Passed out at the party sans pant-a-loons.

[Shaking head]


Nice party, Sarah. Nice party.



  1. thedistractor says:

    How Rude!

  2. Drunken cute kitteh…and my first bleen!
    Seriously, cat,you’re just asking to get pranked!

  3. Er…maybe not a bleen, but still that’s a cute cat. I hope the lady that cat is lying on doesn’t have to go to the bathroom anytime soon.

  4. joodster says:

    He’s been hitting the nip pwetty hard. Kitteh nip, that is.

  5. ThreeCatNight says:

    Just WHAT was in the milk?
    (or catnip?)

  6. The photo’s cropped to tightly for us to see, but we can assume that the young lady in the photo is named Paris, Lindsay or Britney.

    PS: Jackie — you were saying something about getting pranked? Har.

  7. now that’s what I call a seat warmer!

  8. I love it when kittehs bare their tummies for a snorgle.. although the young lady lap-mistress might take offense at a snorgle headed in that direction.

  9. Mary, perhaps the cat is there to guard against such unwanted attention. Yes, it’s another appearance of … CHASTITY KITTY!

  10. Tsk, tsk, I can’t STAND a kitteh who can’t hold his licker! Who spiked his milk, I ask?

  11. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Boy, I tell you what – right about now, I’d LOVE to be passed out like that little kitteh righ’ thar. Cause after my neighbor decided to wake me up at 4am this morning to the sound of a CHAINSAW while he trimmed his tree, I could sure use a nap.

  12. Wait, I still don’t know what the heck a bleen is!

  13. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Oh and other Mike… if that’s a Chastity Kitty, it’s lyin’ down on the job, lol.

  14. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Kar: Bleen = Firstpost.

  15. That kitty is soooo comfy.

  16. Thanks TheLoveOfIsis.

    Not sure how bleen comes out of that one but hey, you learn something new every day.

  17. Leave it to Theo the ‘Mastamind’ for the bleen bit. No one knows, no one asks.

    And the kitty, prime for a little Sharpie touchup, and such a nice belleh to scribble on!

  18. Fuzzybutt says:

    Sooo cute! Looks like my katten Alice!

  19. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    My cat loves to bare his belleh at me whenever I come within three feet of him. It’s the cutest thing, he’ll be totally upright, catch me coming towards him and he’ll do this gymnastics-worthy flip-flop onto his back, and meow at me for love. How can I resist a snorgle or two?

  20. Yitzysmommie says:


  21. I think this calls for a Cats ‘n’ Laps category!

  22. Looks like Bill the Cat from the old Bloom County comic strip.


  23. Oh my God-SO cute! I love his/her little white hands!

  24. TheLoveofIsis, my Niko does that same thing. He’s a longhaired Siamese mix, and he just loooooves to roll over and display his tummy fluff. And it won’t do but that I comment on how adorable his tummy is today, and give him rubs and snorgles.

    The photo is adorable. Such love and trust and lack of inhibition.

  25. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!

    Only a cat. Only a cat. *wipes tears of laughter*

  26. Must… contain… dirty… jokes!! Too cute this little fella is.

  27. that cat has got to realize his drinking limit or he’ll find himself soon at alcoholics anonymews.

    cute skirt, btw.

  28. Not just pants. Kitty needs a 6-cup bikini. Or is it 8? Hard to count when one…gets….distracted……fluff…..

  29. My kitty Vinny falls asleep like that all the time. Unfortunately, he also has a nervous tick of overgrooming himself to the point that he “shaves” his entire belly bald. I was thisclose to naming him “Brazil”.

  30. Boneless bebeh! Baby better be careful, or he/she is gonna just slide right offa that lap onto the floah! So ti-ti!

  31. Hey Colleen, Take him to the vet to get checked out this may be an allergy. Our big white kitty was doing that only on his side and the vet gave him some medicine to relieve it. he grew most of his hair back and then I figured out what was irritating him and he got all his hair back

  32. Kitteh is sans cute-lottes.

    (not really – that is one cute kitteh…maybe kitteh is just in breeches of etiquette)

  33. What a shame, look at that babeh all strung out. What a waste, oh the catanity…

  34. Annie,

    Thank you for your concern, that’s really sweet of you. Yes, he has allergies, and he’s on meds for it, but since he didn’t get started on them until he was nearly six (when we adopted him from the pound), the vet says it’s probably just an unbreakable habit at this point. So, he’s still bald down there, but much less bald than when we got him.

  35. i just watched a horrible, horrible programme on foxes in london called “meet the foxes” which i thought would be cute and enjoyable… but it wasn’t. it ended on evil people luring a pregnant fox and her mate into a garden and getting shot, one after the other. why? because the house owners thought it a nuisance, basically. that’s why.

    i cried so much after that horrendous show…

    thank you cute overload for putting a smile back on my face!! i really needed some pant-less kittens right now.

  36. Great, just what I need on my b-day… kitty porn.

  37. Nice legs you two.

  38. Blame it on the puss. Some things NEVER change.

  39. P. Erasmus says:

    This headline ends on a preposition.

    Please edit accordingly.

    “Please on some pants put.”

  40. FEnM—Happy B/D!!! May everything be “purring” for you, too! *winks!*

  41. Kimmypage says:

    Awwwwh, well, be fair..hims belly does look very very full. Perhaps he just had turkey..

    kp 😉

  42. Too much c*ntroversy. I’m outta here!

    [tsk, Carlisa – Ed.]

  43. Shannon Johnson says:

    Hims so cute! He is really tired.

  44. Jeeezz! Please don’t fooze me, P.E! LOL!

  45. Michelle says:

    Someone’s askings for a BELLYRUB.

  46. Oops! I’ve been *bleened*?!… T? Did you do dat? That’s not right! I’m calling my Congress- dude-guy.. That suxs!

  47. Well.. He said you need to stop *bleening*… or else!

  48. Peg of Tilling says:

    Don’t look Ethel! Too late.

    Such a tummy!

  49. I DOOO love a kitty who’s so relaxed he can happily fall asleep on your lap, on his back. Such a smiley floppy cutie-pants.

  50. LOL, P.Erasmus. That is an insult up with which Meg shall not put.


  52. Talk about relaxed!! Pass the nip please kitten! I always marvel the way one of our cats..Chloe the Maine Coon mix..can fall asleep in absolutely any position. I wish I could do that!! This kitten is soo cute!

  53. Carlisa said: “FEnM—Happy B/D!!! May everything be ‘purring’ for you, too! *winks!*”

    Thanks, Carlisa! ^_^

  54. How many cats attend aannomews??? this one is just passed out tired, Long day too many people in the house and as far as I am concerned he still has his pants on they not for everyone else but they are his !!!! love the front tocks down by the side, where is the cat with the naked barbie doll that cat has issues… LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  55. Passed out at the party AND on a pretty girl’s lap. What bliss. 🙂

  56. I’ve been a bad gerl tonite! Teho has *bleened* me and I probably deservered it—-NOT!—He can be kinda crabby at x’s but, what the heck, *snicker!* Did you have fun today? I hope so! Happy Birthdaaaay to yOU…. Happpy BIRTHDAyyyyy to YOU…HAAAAAAAAppppy birthday Dear FEnM….Haaaaapy birthdayyyyy toooo YOUUUUU! Many more!!!! 🙂

  57. Andrea|Nash says:

    Theo – maybe the thinker was referring to an amusing commentary by Winston Churchill on the grammatic rule of never ending a sentence with a preposition…

  58. I realize this is TEWTALLY not the point of this pic, but that is a COMPLETELY cute skirt. Where did you get it, so I can shamelessly copy your flawless sense of style?

  59. Oh man. That kitty’s S-L-O-S-H-E-D.

    Pretty skirt on the girl, though!

  60. I too would like a skirt with a built-in dangling comatose cat.

  61. Carlisa: I had a pretty good day, thanks! Oh, singing! Thanks! ^_^

  62. If that kitteh was a Scottish Fold, could you call it a Snorran?

  63. Aaaaw!! I wanna see that nose dot on a close-up!

  64. Precious! Happy kitten snoozing! So much love!

  65. I thought it was Little Edie of Grey Gardens.

  66. Sorry, Andrea N. Yoda profanes the memory of all statesmen.

    (wish I knew a gender-inclusive version of “statesman”…)

  67. Jennifer says:

    Very Cute! I am also digging that skirt. Super cute!

  68. This is pretty much the funniest CO post ever! This morning, my puppeh was lying on the lounge next to me and I was scratching her little puppeh arm pits and she splayed out like the above kitteh and I shamelessly stole your joke!
    So wasted! Animals these days! Sheesh!

  69. Teho & Andrea N, indeed I was. And Teho, try “statespeople”. Doesn’t sound quite right, does it?

  70. That was no party– that was a par-tay. 😉

    BTW, the greatest of all comments on Yoda came from the New Yorker’s great movie critic, Anthony Lane. He wrote, “Break me a ****ing give.” 😛

  71. ya know.. I love the pictures on CO but I must say the comments are just as good.
    entertained I am, so much!!!

  72. Hey, my wife has that skirt!

  73. A classic case of the “I’m not as think as you drunk I am, Hon…”

  74. My kitties bare their tummies at me, but I am not allowed to snorgle. I just get clawed for my trouble, but I must snorgle!

  75. Carlisa – Lo, you are saved child! The bleen has brought you up. Praise the mighty bleen for you are a sister, a righteous pillar of salt. Now go out and do good and do not acquaint thyself further with the bleen for the bleen is powerful stuff and not to be reckoned with. ;-p

  76. What the posser…?

  77. The Mighty Bleener hath spoken…kinda.