Boxère Intérieur Déesigns

You need an énteriorr deesignarre to help you spruce up zee apartmont? Considère Boxère Intérieur Déesigns. We use zuh lime green shag on AAUL hour déesigns. Zuh clee-onts, zey lof eet. You cannot go wrong wis zuh lime. Eet ees more—how do you say?— éxpénséeve, but zuh lime—she ees worss eet. [sips Champagne from dog flute bowl] Weh.


Kim A. and boxer Béatrice, Merci infinement.



  1. Princess Diana all the way!

  2. Princess Diana all the way, n’est-ce pas?

  3. OMG…the eyes! Too much cute for this early on a Monday! *plop*

  4. BumbleBee says:

    Ee eez lookin so disdainful of anyone oo is not likin zee green lime. Love eet!

  5. yes, zee eyes…
    but also zee noes…
    zee pink and black keeessable noes!

  6. Boxer! Boxer! Oi Oi Oi!

    So CUTE!

    Look at zee pearfect muzzle poofs.

  7. fatkittymomma says:

    far too much cute …. lovin’ the eyes and keesabel face… mmmmmuah!

  8. I must kees zee sweet puppeh on zee head! I must also talk like dees all day long!!!!!!

  9. Painfully adorable! I’ve been a regular visitor here for a long time- it’s such warm fuzzy eye-candy!
    I’ve had cuteoverload linked on my blog for a long time, too!

    Thank you everybody!

  10. She says, “Eeet taste as bon as eeet loook, don yu tink?”

  11. That forehead is begging for a smooch! 😀 Lovin’ the accent, btw!

  12. ThreeCatNight says:

    Ah, but of course, I am so adorable, no? You cannot reseest my beeg brown eyes, ne c’est pas? When I look at you, mon coeur – pardon, my heart – just melts, and I want to leek your sweet face. I would be so ‘appy just to share some champanya wees you, mon cher. Ah, what can I say?
    Eet is spring!

  13. Mais oui! I lov eet!
    (“Lady Di, Lady Di, Lady Di… always weeth you eet ees Lady Di!…”)

  14. quite possibly, the cutest boxer bebe EVAR!

  15. second cutest boxi-pup evar (i might be partial to my own bebeh, though). they have the eyes down to a science. you’d have to be heartless to not swoon.

  16. rule #28! what a gorgeous puppeh.

  17. Julia - no, the other one says:

    Is there a Princess Di rule of cuteness? This one deserves its own rule (distinct from all other Adorably Oblique Glancing rules of cuteness).

  18. I love boxers. Is it me or are they just among the most sucky dogs out there? Every boxer that I have encountered has been really friendly and sweet, in spite of the menacing face and body.

  19. Other Julia — I think it’s just that puppydogs have Princess Di Eyes, and vice versa.

  20. Breatrice shee iz zee leetle bandit and she has stoleen mon couer!!!!

  21. :Uber-Di-eyes!
    I love boxers and this is a byooty.

  22. AuntieMame says:

    I looked at the picture, and the first thing that popped into my head was “Coco Chanel.” I’m not sure why…

  23. My teenage daughter was watching a movie in french for a homework assignment, and my 8 yr old son said Listen, I can speak french, all ya gotta say is swee swee swee.

    When I saw this puppy all I could hear him sayin was swee swee swee!

  24. A few years ago, when our boxer was a puppy, my mom noticed he was chewing up the furniture. She bought this spray, which was supposed to make things taste like sour apple and therefore keep the dog away from them.

    On the can was a little warning saying some dog breeds like the flavor and one of them was boxer. Needless to say, the dog really liked that we flavored all the furniture for him. He had this exact look on his face

    “Did I do something bad?!”


  25. Bonjour, s’il vous plaît m’aimer! Je suis si mignon. Les yeux ! Merci! *trame*

    (Hello, please love me. I am so cute. The eyes! Thank you!

  26. I can almost hear the pouty sigh as the pup tries to work out how to make you go get the rest of the nummies. XD

  27. did anyone think of ze frank and his “predate” video?

  28. I have never really thought of boxers as cute dogs but this one is a rising star in the right direction.

  29. Awwwwwww, what pwetty puppygawd eyes!

  30. pfffft! too cute. prosh pup.

  31. Zis pooooche, he lofs dee argot Parisian, non? He learne from zee “Watchmen” commeek booook zat one can also espell the slang of Oui to be OAIS. Weh? OAIS! Zee comeek books, mais non, zee Novelle Grapheeeek, she ess zee onlay wais to learn the swearing in la FRAWNCHE!! Zee only wayeh, dalinks.

  32. awwwwwwwww! sooooo cOOOOte!

  33. Finally! A Boxer shows up on CO! They are the best of the dogs, by far,

  34. She looks very soft and cuddly. Thank you for not cropping her ears! I never could understand why someone would want to cut off the best part of the dog!