Baroo? [head tilt]

Can you tewtelly see Rachel Ray, hustling around the kitchen for a 30-minute Meals segment and she grabs a dishtowel and she’s all: And now, grilled portabello mushrooms and AHGGGHHHHHHHH!!! THE B.E.F.! IT’S BLINDING!!!


If someone could please animate the mouse head to tilt the the side for a ‘Baroo?" moment, that’d be greaaaaaat. Nice submishe, Shawn B.



  1. *sparklemagiceyes*

  2. mousie! mousie! mousiemousiemousiemousiemousiemousiemousiemousie!

    like a rattie only widdle!!!!

  3. I’m usually not into mouse noses but that guy’s sniffer is adorable.

  4. His nose is as big as his ear. That is just too cute!

  5. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Pretty In Pink.
    How cute is this.

  6. and then the power of the BEF made rachel ray go *poof* and the world was a better place. hurray mr. mouse!

  7. Why yes Mr. Mouse, I do have some cheese to share with you!

    So cute!

  8. In Awwwe says:

    Just hope this lil fella doesn’t find his way to Emeril’s kitchen or BAM! lol Sowwy guys…. couldn’t help myself

  9. I can more readily picture Rachael Ray tossing the unfortunate mouse in with the other ingredients and declaring the result “yumm-o.”

    / Not a Ray hata
    // but that was too easy
    /// is this the right board for slashies?

  10. Other Mike — I think it’s only you & Mariser that use the Farkisms out of context.

  11. (tiny mouse-voice) “mmm – smells good. May I have a some please”

  12. Shannon Johnson says:

    I can just imagine myself picking up a dish towel and shrieking at the top of my lungs at the sight of that mouse, (although, I don’t think he would appreciate that)

  13. YAY!! my cutie little mouse made it! I’m so proud of her! All her other little friends will be so jealous.

  14. hrh.squeak says:

    “Is that mac n’ cheese I smell with my adorabul snout? Yumm-o!”

  15. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Rachel Ray will have to pour some EVOO on him first for that slick back look.

  16. Marie Redner says:

    Perfect!!! Love the meeces. Leetle church meece are to be loved.

  17. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOOO, the nosesicle! The earses! The adorable BEF! Must kees mousie on his/her nosie…..

  18. The mouse is very cute.
    Rachael Ray, however, is not.

  19. Look, it’s the real version of Ratatouille!
    Hmmm, maybe can cook me some French food…so ca-uuuute!

  20. Ummm I can smell those Peanut Butter and chocolate chip cookies from here. You are mesmerized by my BEF and you are feeling sleepy verry sleepy… Now you will give me all of the cookies and when I snap my tail you will awake and not remember any of this.

    Good thing I have this kitchen towel to wipe the crumbs from my wiskers.

  21. ThreeCatNight says:

    Not always crazy about the Rache, but in her favor, she does love animals; even little mouseh here. Maybe he can advise her where to go on “$40-a-Day”.

  22. Aw, Rachel Raye might be a bit high-energy, but I admit her upbeat-ness kinda makes me feel better, sometimes. I like happy people.

    Oh, and what a cute little mousie. I hear mice aren’t too sharp, but they still make cute little pets.

  23. cutsie little mousie-mouse

  24. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    EHN! I never thought I’d see a mousie with puppy-dog-eyes. TOO CUTE!

  25. beyond luscious

  26. Mouses always say “hewwo” to their peeps!

    Remember that. You’ll be quizzed on it later.

  27. beenclawed says:

    luv the mousie
    do not like R.R. – talk about overexposed – cookbooks, cooking show, talk show, etc. enuf already!

  28. violetgreen says:

    Hey Laaady! With the good food and the nice kitchen smells and the deliciousness, I want you should maybe please refill your nice dinner roll basket here cuz I ATE THE ALLL! And it was so warm underneath them with the hot rolls and the butter, and thank you, nice baking lady!

  29. Eeek!!! That’s one prosh wittle mousie!

  30. Jerry Lewis for the win!

  31. Chopper: Mousie’s a ‘she’? She’s a Mini Minnie Mouse, hangin’ in the kitchen of the mini mouse house, waitin’ for Mickey to come home and kiss her liddo mousie face! *MWAH* *sigh*

  32. I’m not well versed in the baroo, but I assume the animated version would involve a head tilt, yes?

  33. beenclawed says:

    yea Cynthia!
    head tilt indeed!
    it’s even more anerable!
    t’anks 🙂

  34. BrianMPLS says:

    I can’t picture her saying “B.E.F.” without also saying “Beady Eye Factor.” The whole “E.V.O.O. — Extra Virgin Olive Oil” thing kinda defeats the purpose of having an abbreviation.
    But I guess RR can say anything she wants as long as she doesn’t try to chomp our little mousie friend.

  35. I just made my SO leave the room, because I was squealing and giggling too much.

  36. Cynthia thanks! the head tilt makes it just so much more cute…

  37. Here is an attempt at a rodent baroo,

    Or should I put pants on the…pus—uh– kitty?

  38. ok so why is it that I love this mouse so much, but if I saw him in my house I would scream like a mad mad donkey and run away? It is so sad.

  39. nosicle! nosicle! nosiclenosiclenosiclenosiclenosiclenosiclenosiclenosicle!

  40. MOUSIE! Awww… I wanna snorgle the widdle mousie! Awwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  41. Hahaha. When my ratties used to give me those ridiculously cute looks, I’d say to them, “Ew! You’re a filthy wodent!”

    And then give them chocolate. 🙂

  42. chumblefuzz says:

    no one can resist a rat gaze. I expect a mouse gaze is its deadly miniture counterpart.

  43. Arvay—Yer soundin like Elmer Fudge now. 🙂

  44. Don’t buy your dish-clofes from doller stores!!!

  45. Oooh! Little mousie looks quite eager to see what you’re up to. I’m pretty sure this is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a darn long time.

  46. OK – I waited…but now it HAS to be said…teeny tiny toesies!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Wups … Jeanette beat me to it!

  48. Would be FUNNY, if it weren’t so sad!

  49. Shugi, I crossed ya on this one, Sowwy! Hugz and keesez! Muwwah!

  50. ChopperB says:

    Sad? I don’t understand? She’s our pet and she was just playing.

  51. Chopper B – relax! Carlisa was referring to cutebabyfix’s comment where she mentioned she’s scared of mice!

    And jeez – it wasn’t Jeanette, it was Cynthia who got it first. Nice one!

  52. BrianMPLS,
    THANK YOU!!!
    To me that is the most annoying thing she does. I enjoy that she focuses on quick and easy to prepare but the food doesn’t sound or look good and she does those little things like the EVOO that bug the living daylights outta me! 🙂

  53. AW! He can come nest in my dishtowels any time!

  54. Score one for peeps without TV’s. I have no clue who this much talked about Rachel Ray is, and yet the mouse is still 100% anerable. Imagine those tickle little whiskers as he leans into whisper in your ear.

  55. What a coincidence; when I see RR, I go “eeek!” and turn the TV off! But the mousie is adorable, and the animations are great!
    (Am I the only one who scritches cute widdle noses and ears on CO with my mouse pointer? It feels almost as good as a real scritchie.)

  56. Yitzysmommie says:

    Laura, thanks for the good morning giggle! I shall now commence to scritch all the Qte on CO with my mouse too.

  57. Subhi, yours is brilliant — the teeny mouse-sized ‘baroo?’ is the perfect punchline.

  58. ughhhh! Thanx Subhangi!. I hate when this happens! I think this a lovely little mousie. I made my “Ex” buy a trap that enabled us to release them. ChopperB sorry you heard it that way 😦 NOT my intention, honestly. I love the “sQweekies”. I do! And a great photo!

  59. …and still that cute after all grown up and having 12 little mousies.

  60. Hey Carlisa. I was just confused, not offended or anything.


    (I’ll have to get back to you on the “why” though… will research)