Swimming lesson

swimming otterz

The best part is the first 2 seconds of the movie where the bebeh flops into the water. Yay.


Milkpanzer, nice pick… 😉



  1. It’s like a floating kitty!

  2. Oh my …

    Mommy Otter floating around effortlessly circling & protecting bebeh Ottie …

    awwwwesome Mother Love

  3. Is anyone else freaked out by the motionless floating baby otter? o_o; It seems dead. I know it isn’t, but it still unnerves me. xDD

  4. Opie_jeanne says:

    Dannee, I thought so too. It never changed position or moved its legs or head.

  5. Aww, so tewtally cute! Mommy is all, “Here, sweetie, let me show you how it’s done.” And baby is all, “I’m a little floating ball of fluff” (singsong, to the tune of “I’m a little teapot”) 😉

  6. Motionless baby otter? cute but freaky

  7. so….adorable…!

    that lil guy is like
    “i’m not moving!”

  8. I noticed the baby’s motionlessness too. I kept waiting for the magical moment when it would “figure it out” and start swimming around like its mom.

  9. Whats so cool about baby otters is that their fur is uniquely designed to keep them buoyant like that…(I read it over on the Animal Planet or sumfin). So they just go bob-bob-bobbing along while Mom demonstrates, then gives him little rides on her belleh, etc. It really is precious the way nature works. OtterzOtterzOtterzOtterzOtterz!!!

  10. Awwww that was delicious. The Mum was like look at me. The baby was like yeah whatever.

    Thanks for that. Made my morning.

  11. Otters are adorable!

  12. awww, what a good mom.

    mom: “see son? this is how you do it? see? see? son? pay attention!”

    son: “ehn”

    babeh sea otters are born in the ocean and pretty much live on or about their mum until weaned.

    they float naturally due to their fur. how cool is that!

    didja see babeh’s lorax moustache? too cute.

  13. Little otter swimming lessons.
    How cute! This must be the 30-minute lesson for Polliwogs. Then, baby can move up to the Guppy class.

  14. pinkwerewolff says:

    ohh. i needed that. stressful day yesterday. I wanna be the bebeh otter…lazy thing.

  15. He isn’t paying a bit of attention!

  16. oooooh so sweet! I love the very beginning, when mom helps little ball-o-fuzz into the water. Or is she catching him as he takes a tumble?

  17. Pyrit — whoa, THAT takes me back… to where I didn’t need to go. (Took me a looooong time to actually dunk my head underwater. But once I finally did, suddenly swimming was great.) (In fact, here’s another memory… years & years & years later, the only water rescue I was ever involved in, I was underwater looking up when I noticed all the splashing. I kinda lifted the two foundering peeps from underneath, and walked along the bottom of the pool, until they were in the shallow end.)

  18. book_monstercats says:

    Theo, great story. Are you tall?

    I love the way the baby (presumably) has his/her eyes screwed shut – “if I don’t see my mum whizzing around, I won’t have to think about doing it myself”

  19. chet's momma says:

    he’s like “but i doan wanna get WET!” Hope mr bebeh is ok.

  20. Ex-Network Geek says:

    Wow, baby’s like I was. He’s all: Mom, I am SO NOT READY to learn to swim yet. No, really, I’ll just stay here on the side while you swim. No, real–glub. Dang. Right, well, I’m not actually going to try. I told you I didn’t want to get in the water yet. Nope, I’m just gonna float here and watch you.

  21. Kimberly says:

    I don’t call that learning to swim. I call that learning to float!

    So, does she just let him float until he feels like he needs to move, then he realizes he can swim?

  22. Book M — my dad’s 6’4″; I’m 5’11”. (It was a smallish pool.)

  23. lurkingsmirk says:

    Poor baby otter…when the camera zoomed in on his face he kinda looked like “Mummy I don’t want to do this…Mummy? Mummy?”

  24. That little boy watching the otterz was pretty cute too.

  25. mejezabel says:


  26. hatfullofsky says:

    that’s so outrageously cute! Mummy otter is sooo protective with the catching as it falls in & “watch me, watch mummy…see how I do it” & baby is just ‘fluffity fluff teeny fluffy cuteness’

    Made my afternoon that 😀

  27. enharmonic says:

    I am dead from the cute.

  28. Proof that swimming is NOT instinctual behavior (I *still* don’t like to dunk my head under!)

  29. girlnextdoortn says:

    10 minutes later, and I’m still waiting for it to load.

  30. GND…click on the pick and it takes you to the Reuters site where it loads super quick.

  31. Actually, just floating like that is very natural for them too. I think behbeh is napping. They do it just like that.

    I think a baby creature get’s extra cute-points when they’ve got a face like a fuzzy old man. 😉

  32. when I first saw momma take the baby into the water I went WHAT ARE YOU DOING MA?? but after she layed on her belly and left it to float on its own. Its truly wonderful to watch

  33. The way he flopped in the water was very ‘oh, all right. If I must. Ehn!” & mommeh was all ‘Jeez! Not like that, lemme, oof, getcher butt outta…what’s this smudge? You kids get into everything *cleancleanclean* Ok just float & watch me.”
    “Float? I can do tha-zzz”.
    Better than watching beavers teach the chirrens hhow to swim, they just chuck em in, eeek!

  34. Dang- just like my kids, all they ever do is ignore me. He’s all like, if I ignore her long enough, she’ll go away. Typical.

  35. Cute video, but does that tank seem barren and depressing to anyone else? :/

  36. OMG! that is super cute. Bub is not moving yet but he looks perfectly fine to me. still in denial probably that he is an otter bub.
    Like the last comment, I agree that the tank is pretty ordinary. I wonuldnt want to bring my bub otter into that world if I had a choice. (heavy sigh).
    sad but cute section….again?

  37. amaretto_bunny says:


    The little baby reminds me of that part in Caddyshack with the Baby Ruth floating in the pool lol!

  38. [snif] I posted a link to this under the teeny horsies a coupla dayz ago, and no-one noticed 😦

    BUT…Teh Wurd of Teh Qte(tm) is spreadin’, peeps! Emirates has heard that Cuteologists are an untapped market in air travel – maybe they’ll offer Frequent Floater miles, or a free companion-snorgler ticket…

  39. amaretto_bunny says:


    How does one submit a picture to the site? Like, I have the e-mail address, but do people usually send it as an attachment, or do they send a link to the website that has the pic or what? Thanks! ^_^

  40. R. Moore says:

    For those who were freaked out by the baby’s stillness, remember that in the wild it would make a delectable snack for many predators, so staying still is a good thing. Sea Otters will often leave their babies in relatively sheltered spots while they go get food. Their fluffy fur is super buoyant so they can’t drown. When the baby is a bit older it’s fur will be slightly less fuzzy and THEN it will learn how to swim 🙂

  41. R. Moore says:

    Oh, I have a water rescue story, too. Only it isn’t very exciting. My younger sister (eight year difference with this particular sib.) was learning how to swim and was wearing one of those little floating rings around her waist. She was always very active, and she was hopping around and jumping into the water. Then, without warning, she flipped upside down and was stuck feet in the air, head under water. I grabbed her hair and pulled up, and she popped back up. It was scary, but she learned to behave herself in the pool 😛

    That said, my deepest darkest fear is being stuck under water, and I still cannot bring myself to actually swim with my head under the water.

  42. shameless otter/blog plug: submitted to CO in february but still not made it to the limelight (hint, hint!) come on! how much cuter does it get?! i even got a comment from the PR guy at the monterey bay aquarium.


  43. P. Erasmus says:

    The baby probably doesn’t move because the gentle rocking has probably lulled it into sleep.

  44. a floating otter bebeh. i do not believe i just saw that.

  45. BranDarling — we’ve already featured the 2 baby otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium…

  46. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Mama is all “Look, this is how you swim. It’s easy and it’s FUN!” and baby is all “LALALALA I can’t see you I can’t hear you it’s all WET AND ICKY!!!”

  47. IrishRose says:

    Okay…I just cried that was so adorable. ACK! Where’s a tissue? [sniffle]

  48. theo: yes, i have been admiring the pix of the MBA baby otters on CO and other sites. my otters were the non-captive type, spotted in the big blue pacific ocean itself. they just happened to be *outside* the monterey bay aquarium on a trip there 🙂

  49. mushroom mushroom

  50. Awwwwwwww. It looks like the little guy is so scared of the water that’s he floating motionless!

    “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

    [say in Ellen DeGeneres/ Dory voice]

  51. book_monstercats says:

    Theo, 5’11″‘s ok. I’m too short to do rescues like that, it must have been funny, tho’ to suddenly see these little critters floating across the pool apparently on their own. The only time I tried to effect a water rescue, she wrapped herself around me like a limpet, we sank collectively like a stone, and someone else had to drag both of us out. The shame……… How she managed to flip around so quickly when I approached her from underneath and behind…

  52. Floppy otter! Oh leetle shweetie!

  53. WeenieChic — erm… they’re not badgers, y’know…

  54. KaitouJuliet says:

    I watched this over the shoulder of a friend of mine. She kept squealing, “The bebeh’s WOOLY! It’s WOOLY!”

  55. But mama, I don wanna learn to swim, I gonna fwoat foeveh

  56. beenclawed says:

    so anerable!!!! the baby’s floof is just too qte!
    ok, underwater good and bad stories. Good: luv to swim, am a scuba diver and it’s the best! Bad: as a very young child in the pool, mean neighbor girl held me underwater so long I almost died. Pool too crowded for anyone to notice. Lesson: don’t swim with mean neighbor girl (Laurie – yes i mean you!).

  57. I was kind of afraid she (the mommy otter) had killed it (the baby otter) for a second there. 0_0;;

    Do you think it’s trying to sleep, overwhelmed by all the doins-a-transpiring, or just totally uninterested in learning to swim?

    And its name should be Mochi. He/she/it looks like a Mochi.

  58. mushroom mushroom

    Posted by: weeniechic

    WeenieChic — erm… they’re not badgers, y’know…

    Posted by: Theo

    LOL, I just got that.

    Footie, Footie, Footie, Footie…

  59. To paraphrase:

    “That’s not swimming. That’s floating…with STYLE!”

    (Still Qte though 🙂