Not bo-tox. Bee-‘tocks.

Bee-‘tocks is better for you. Ask for it by name, People.


zzzzzz, Aran D. 😉



  1. leprechaun says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever thought of a non-cartoon bee as cute!
    The ‘tocks have shown me the light. I’d still much prefer to enjoy them from the safety of a photograph….

  2. That is an AWESOME picture!

  3. Christine H says:

    Ooh, flowers! Maybe my flower submission will be posted too, though it doesn’t have a bee in it. *hopes*

  4. Heehee… Bee-butt!

  5. Brilliant photography …

    transparent wings …

    fuzzy ‘tocks …

    in total harmony with nature …

    ahhhhh, life is sweet

  6. Normally, I detest bees and the like.
    but this is such a beautiful picture, it’s hard not to like it!

  7. Heeheehee!!! That is so cute!! I love bees!!

  8. pinkdonut says:

    Aw bees are awesome! Looks at those fuzzy ‘tocks! Then again I think most every animal is cute, cute, CUTE!!!

  9. I’m so shocked no one has quoted this: “I’m covered in beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!”

    but if they were as cute as that bee, I don’t think I’d mind.

  10. Very timely for Earth Day — apparently bee populations are mysteriously dwindling.

    Bill Maher: “It’s nature’s way of saying, ‘Can you hear me now?'”

    The Independent: Are mobile phones wiping out our bees?

  11. From the Schmidt Sting Pain Index –

    Sweet Bee-
    Light, ephemeral, almost fruity. A tiny spark has singed a single hair on your arm.

    This isnt a sweet bee of course but I thought it was fitting. Zee tocks zaid zo.

  12. Not particularly cute to me but I guess cuteness is in the eye of the BEEholder *ducks*

  13. BEE BUTT!!! Beeyootiful to beehold. 😉

  14. What’s the buzz today?!?

  15. Dang….FEnM said it first! Oh well 😦 *picks up my toys and goes home)

  16. “Oh, bee-have!”

  17. I’ve always wanted to pet one, but I don’t know if they would like that 😦

  18. book_monstercats says:

    Simply beautiful (no, I’m not joining in the aweful puns, but as usual, pyrit, you’ve hit the nail on the head, although it could almost be “bee-hive” (think English cockney accent).

  19. book_monstercats says:

    …ermmm “awful”…. (blushes)

  20. FEnM – Haha. That’s almost exactly what I was going to say. I was going for “Teehee! Butt!”

  21. RevWaldo says:

    The birds and the bees
    Are flying in the trees
    The sun’s in the sky
    Just for you and I
    The sky is perfect blue
    Not a cloud to spoil the view
    It’s a sign from above
    That shows that we’re in love

  22. constance says:

    Where’d my comment go? It had gotten posted twice, and now it’s not there at all!

  23. violetgreen says:

    Bee butts can be so cute. In Scotland (Findhorn Gardens) I saw bumblebees w/solid yellow bottoms, black tops, very slow and mellow. Looked like they we wearing diapers.
    Worked in a greenhouse where we raised snapdragons. The teeniest widdle bumblebees ever would visit them. Just had to caress one of those teeny butts w/index finger. Ouch! Duh.

  24. Wow, what an amazing shot!! I’m totally sold on the bee ‘tocks. They’re adorable!

  25. what a great pic

  26. happymeal says:

    i hate bees. but i love this one. it made me giggle =D

  27. Allow me to insert here one of my standard C.O. responses:

    “Erm, I’m not quite clear on the scale here…”

    ‘Tis indeed a charming shot tho (specially if well magnified!)

  28. Cute, but bee ‘tocks make me all puffy and swollen! 😦 I’d be hospitalized if I tried to snorgle a bee ‘tocks. Poo.

  29. I want to keep bees! And tie them to little elastics so they cannot get away. Because I’m covered in beeeeeees!

    okay, enough Eddie Izzard gags ;D I love the bee-‘tocks! Pretty wings, too.

  30. Constance — baroooo?
    I’m pretty sure I deleted *ONE* duplicate this morning… didn’t mean to overdo it, honest… huh?

  31. great short depth of field ^^….but woah! I would be soooo scared to be taking a photo so close ><

  32. When I was about three or four I tried to stroke a bee. It looked all fuzzy and I thought if I didn’t touch the stinger it wouldn’t sting me…I was wrong…*ouch*. I feel kind of guilty now too cos apparently bees die once they’ve stung someone. Poor bees

  33. genetic lemon says:

    Whoa. Totally nostalgic for the summers of my childhood. I cannot wait for this bloody Western Washington weather to get better.

  34. Martha in Washington says:

    The old farmhouse I lived in when I was little had a nest of carpenter bees living in the porch. My dad used to sit on the porch and could be so still that the bees would crawl on his arms. They never stung him (that I recall) which is good because he’s allergic. He said it tickled.
    I love watching the bees in my garden. They seem so contented to just buzz around my lavender.

  35. I LOVE this picture!
    The essence of Spring!

  36. onionpencil musashi says:

    i pet bees all the time, and hold them too. if you’re scared, look for sleeping bumblebees in flowers and tickle very gently with a tiny twig. just be slow and gentle. large bees- carpenters- are prolly best to pet. if you can’t tell bees from hornets and wasps, don’t try petting. wasps tend to be skittish and hornets have tempers. you can let wasps walk on you if they seem calm but haven’t tried any hornets so far. also many small native bees can’t sting you enough to hurt you- love the tiny ones 8D
    finally i -think- only honey bees die if they sting you, not other bees. know it’s not true of wasps and hornets. -(total critter nerd and used to work in an insectarium)

  37. snapdragon says:

    my mommy took that pic! 🙂

  38. For all the Bee petters- once when my daughter was about 3 years old, we were walking in the woods, picking the ripe wild stawberries. She crouched down and I assumed she had found some more berries. Because I am mother-of-the-year, I wasn’t really paying attention too closely. Finally, I looked down and said what are doing? She was all excited- I’m petting this cute fuzzy bug Mom!!!! Of course it is this huge bee, and it just let her pet. No stings, We lucked out. I still tease her about her cute fuzzy bugs.

  39. AWESOME Picture

  40. These kinds of bees don’t sting. I hold and pet them all the time.

    Also, bees are not dying mysteriously it is because there are too many pesticides being used in agriculture and around people’s homes. The chemicals don’t discriminate. They kill good and bad bugs alike.

  41. Kat…..I Think It Is Moskitos That Die After Stinging.

  42. Roberta — if only.

  43. snapdragon says:

    i remember wanting to hold a bee that was on a dandilion. so, i picked it up (at age 3 or 4)…and got stung. i haven’t picked one up since

  44. fuzzy bee!

    a most excellent picture!

  45. Shannon Johnson says:

    I see London, I see France, I see the little bee’s underpants! Oh wait, bees don’t wear underpants. Never mind!

  46. Sunshine says:

    Aww, a bumble butt!

  47. short tan says:

    gross. Not cute. Gross. I hate insects.

  48. R. Moore says:

    Aw, Short Tan, but this one’s all fuzzy and cute!

    But then, my SO FREAKS OUT around any sort of bee or wasp. He says they’re the devil’s tool. I say they are (mostly) harmless, and the little fuzzy bees are cute, too! I’ve just stopped pointing out bumble bees now.

  49. R. Moore says:

    Also, because I’m full of stories today, I have the BEST Botox story.

    So, I was volunteering one day, teaching some young kids about pet care. This lady comes up who was clearly in her late thirties or early forties. Her face seemed sort of… stiff. She was wearing a pink velor track suit, had bleached blond hair, and, I noticed, had braces. I thought the braces were why she wasn’t smiling. Then I said something that made her laugh and her mouth wouldn’t move right. Suddenly I realized it was a bad case of botox. I hid my amusement (and horror), and soon I was done with the animal. I went to put it back, and looked out the glass doors. There I saw her chatting on her cell phone and smoking.

    The irony is in that smoking makes you lose skin tone and wrecks your teeth. Poor, poor woman.

  50. Stephanie S. says:

    Never thought about it before, but bee-tocks ARE cute!

  51. Bumble Bees ROCK! For one, they are Teh Fuzzy. For another, they sort of bumble along, just looking for the next pollen fix, oblivious to getting their stripy jumpers covered in yellow dust. But most importantly, it does one’s heart good to hear the pointy-headed (PH) scientists and people who know about aerodynamics claim that bumble bees can’t fly, and then you see a bumble bee flying along, putting a metaphorical 2 fingers up to the scientific community. Insects with ‘tude (although of course bees don’t have fingers, but if they did then that’s what they’d be doing).
    I want to be in the meeting where the PHs are discussing the theory:
    PH1: “Of course bumble-bees can’t fly – the power-to-weight ratio is all out of whack.”
    PH2: “Well, Sir Gerald – it’s a great theory, but perhaps you’d like to explain why there’s a bee flying past the window?”
    Cue a complete dismantling of all scientific theory, including (but not limited to) gravity. I mean, who honestly believes that we manage to stay on the planet because it’s spinning. It flies in the face of the theory of centrifugal force, doesn’t it?

  52. Awwww, chubby bumble bzzzybee-tocks! Yay!

    (I’m a wee bit scared of bees though.)

  53. We used to help them when they are powered out. Bumblebees need to eat all the time to support their ability to fly. When it gets cold, they unhook their wing muscles and buzz to keep warm, and that uses up a lot of energy, so we served them sugar water to go on. It is fun to watch them slurp up, pumping in the energy, and then taking off, making this bog noise 🙂

    We just have to make sure each spring, that the wasp queen who once had a residence in the cavitie of our window-shutter, does not pick residence there again, her drones invaded our living quarters, and this was no fun. They are protected here, so we were not allowed to do anything except catching them in a glass and putting them outside.

  54. Centrifugal force was made up by engineers. It only exists if you place yourself in reference frame centered at the middle of whatever is rotating. It is actually centripetal force that keeps us upright on the planet’s surface. The difference is just the reference frame, but since no one is in the center of the earth, using that as a reference frame would be weird.

    And as much as I don’t like bees, I like this picture.

  55. “We just have to make sure each spring, that the wasp queen who once had a residence in the cavitie of our window-shutter, does not pick residence there again”

    Shame on you for discriminating against Anglo-Saxon homosexuals.

  56. Hi, I was not talking about anglo saxon homosexuals,I was writing about the female wasp that makes up her population in spring. In biology lessons, I learned the queen is the only one surviving the winter, all others only live for the summer. Maybe you did not know, but not everybody on this planet grows up being taught english as a first language, so before you put shame on me, maybe you are so kind to tell me how your interpretation came to mind?

    I feel a little offended and would be happy if we can settle this before I get really angry.
    nana from Germany

  57. More on bee disappearances:

    “If the bees were dying of pesticide poisoning or freezing, their bodies would be expected to lie around the hive. And if they were absconding because of some threat — which they have been known to do — they wouldn’t leave without the queen.”

  58. “not everybody on this planet grows up being taught english as a first language”

    Ah, I apologize, I did not consider that! I was making a joke. In America, “WASP” is slang for “White Anglo-Saxon Protestant,” and “queen” is slang for a gay man. I only meant to tease you, and not attack you. I apologize for any distress I caused.

  59. Thanks for clarifying.

    I did not know that, learned something new.

  60. I had a dream about this bee ‘tocks last night! Seriously! I dreamt it landed on the little hollow of my neck, and I was petting it, and it was cute and fuzzy. 🙂 But! It wouldn’t go away. And I nudged it, and all of a sudden, it was a bee ‘tocks the size of a HAMSTER. And just as fuzzy! And it got mad at me, and I got stung by a wiggly hamster with a pointy ass. 😦

  61. Good grief — civility wins! How often does THAT happen??
    Gold stars for Aglee and Nana!

  62. onionpencil musashi says:

    laura-kathleen- lol. cute, if traumatic dream.

    yay aglee and nana! 8D i have a german bf this will prolly amuse him 8D

  63. Yitzysmommie says:

    Who knew? Bees have bee-tocks! My factoid for the day.

  64. hehehehehehe…bee butts!! He looks as busy as… know!!!

  65. SENSATIONAL pic!! thank you

  66. Totally wicked dude!!!lol