It’s Friday but I tiiiireds.


This is Cairo, of Kenya’s litter.  I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER about the other stuff.  Hee.
  – Theo


  1. AuntieMame says:


    Watch out for the mad Egyptologist, Cairo! He’s trying to excavate your nostricles!

  2. awww! *curls up with the kitty*

  3. I think that is a mad, Transvestite Eqyptologist. Or a guy on safari who likes high heels. Or a very butch woman who, contrary to looking extremely butch, likes high heels.

    I almost peed my pants on this one. TOO funny!

  4. Don’t you come sneaking up on me, I’ve got my eye on you!

  5. Awwww his black furryness and the little button eye open and shut. and the LittleJelly bean toes.
    Too Cute. Thanks Theo

  6. Hi, I’m here via PPP’s Blogger Choice Awards – it’s great to see you getting tons of votes – your photos are very cute!

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  7. LOL. Teho, you whacked (in a very good way).

  8. Kitty, a la Monty Python
    All right, stop that!

  9. oaklandcat says:

    hmm… image does not come up for me.

  10. shhh!
    kitteh is slepping

  11. At least he didn’t try to steal her nose!

  12. LOL, I thought I’d picked up a virus at first, or clicked on an ad! Cute kitty, and very Monty Python-esque animation…is Theo really Terry Gilliam, hmmmmm????

  13. Awww! Wittle black kitten! My first cat was black cat. Lived to be 20yrs old! Mom and Dad currently have 4 black cats at their home. House panthers!

  14. Huh!… well, it *does* look a little like Gilliam, and that *is* a compliment, so thanks, peeps.

    I guess that the nature of Google image search and animated .GIFs just kinda led me to the simple collage-style animation. Glad it worked out. Hee.

  15. awww, leave the little kitteh alone you mean khaki high heeled transvetitian egyptologist!

  16. mjrchapin says:

    So what’s the fuzzy white critter on the right??
    Also note plump shiny raisin pads.

  17. LOVE.. ohhh, I wish I could shnuggle with it… sigh.

  18. OMG Theo, that animation is the best!

  19. I’m waiting for him to produce a fish and commence dancing.

  20. Thanks, Teho .. I needed that giggle………

  21. Ooohhhh, Ponchooo!

    (love the shuses)

  22. I love the way his eye opens and closes.

  23. That made me LOL

  24. bwahahah wtf?! love it!

  25. //threadjack//

    For the Nuffs: A Gentle Exhortation in Verse

    Some may prefer a kitteh,
    Some may prefer a ham,
    Some may prefer exotic birds
    From the wilds of Suriname.
    We all can have our fav’rites,
    We all may sometimes wince;
    But I discovered CO months ago,
    And I’ve been largely squeeful since.
    The wond’rous Meg can please herself;
    The rest, why, we’re just guests.
    We mustn’t stain the upholstery,
    We mustn’t behave as pests.
    So if this post isn’t qte enough,
    My friend, just click on by.
    But do check back tomorrow,
    For then you’ll happily sigh!

  26. Been watching to much Monty Python have you lately? Tis a scratch.

  27. Very Python.

    The white floof on the right would be Rikki. Duh. Everybody knows that.

    Peeps! Click on the link and learn the wonders of Kenya’s Kitties! All different colors of floof and jellybean toes for your delectation. Video! Audio! KITTENZ!

  28. (Anybody else wondering where JAYPO is??)

  29. Peg of Tilling says:

    I am! Who will say beep nose? Alas.

  30. You’re awesome Theo. I can only dream of learning from the master! ;-)

    Such a sweet pic of Cairo. Are they running all over and exploring already? Perhaps we need a vid with musical accompaniment for THAT action! Hmmm?

  31. OMG – the kittens are growing so fast eh? Soon, they’ll be off to college, only calling you when then need monies. ;)

    Okay, at first that animation totally freaked me out, then it made me laugh, a lot.

    I’m off to shoot teenagers with lasers all night… that sounds bad… Laser tag, that’s all. :D

  32. Kitty Kitty Kitty says:

    Hello, kitty! You are adorable. So ti ti. Must go night night.

  33. lauowolf says:

    So, are they all going to be poofy like mom?

  34. andrea l nash says:

    I want to scoop the little darlin’… that means palm under the tiny butt – not scrufing :}

  35. R. Moore says:

    Aaah, I swear I didn’t get on the computer to go coo over adorable kittens. And yet here I am once again…


    I love the kitten video, though. Reminds me of the HOURS of footage I got of our last litter growing up.

  36. Lauo (I keep wanting to call you “Luau”) — the poofiest is Rikki, and the softest are Tuni and Jubi. But they’re ALL fluffy, for sure.

  37. Peg of Tilling says:

    Jubilation is the best name ever for a kitty! but I keep expecting one to be named Istanbul (not Constantinople).

  38. R. Moore says:

    Peg of Tilling, I think I’ve mentioned this on CO before, but I once named a kitten “Prince” just so that I could rename him “The Kitten Formerly Known as Prince”

  39. methinks someone was celebrating 4:20 today!!

  40. Ohhh, so that’s what Jaypo looks like!

  41. OMG LOL! It’s still morning and I’m woozy from sleep and I was thinking, “What the dickens is an Egyptologist – OH.”

    Since I have the misfortune of being completely unfamiliar with Monty Python, I shall assume this alludes to one of Howard Carter’s unknown quirks. ;)

    Great job, Teho!!!

    Oh, and THREADJACK – here’s a bebeh porcupine:!

  42. Sleepy Kitty Says…..Back Off Mister

  43. that’s awesome teho!

    I showed my buddy your kitten videos today and she wouldn’t stop punching my arm – a side effect of teh qte, i assume.

  44. Opie_jeanne says:

    Peg of Tilling? Do you remember Miss Mapp?

  45. Ya just can’t let a sleeping Cairo be, huh Cleo?? Mean mean mean!!

  46. From my recollection, i.e., before I drank about two bottles of wine tonight, I think that Teho can’t tell the difference between Cimmarron and Cairo… or cats with similar names, who are both black and have blue-ish kitten eyes and jellybean toes, whose names I could positively remember if I wanted to, but I’ve had too much wine, if you remember, so anyway, my point is how do you know this one is Cairo? Am I right?

  47. more meg less theo please!!!

  48. I luurrrrve that black pookums. Esp’ his moist nosicle.

  49. That mad expplorr-er has a great taste.

    (Great animation job, funny as hell.)

  50. Peg of Tilling says:

    Yes, the animation is of Howard Carter–when he first peered into King Tut’s tomb he said “I see wonderful things…and my feet are killing me! Beep!”

    Thanks, Opie Jeanne, I do remember Miss Mapp–ah, how the wind rippled softly through her Victorian plaids as she descended from her giant seashell…

  51. AuntieMame says:

    Bwahaha, Peg of Tilling! (If you haven’t heard it yet, you must get the audiobook recording of Miss Mapp, read by Prunella Scales. Classic!)

    And dwine…either be polite…or shut it…

  52. caroline says:

    I wanna beep his little black nosie too!

  53. speaking of all the python references, this sort of reminded me of the lumberjack song.

    “i cut down trees, i wear high heels, suspenders and a bra…”

    the heels, obvious. the vest looks kind of suspendery. the bra…well, i’ll just leave that one to teho… ;)

  54. KDub — bottle of red, bottle of white… and “Cimmarron” is a good kitten name, but it’s actually “Corrigan” (as in Wrong Way) that we have difficulty telling apart from Cairo. Corri has more white-tipped hairs mixed in with all the black, on his legs, but it’s a matter of degree now. Seriously, I think they’re identical twins.

  55. AuntieMame says:

    I think by “suspenders,” quacks, Monty Python means what we Americans call a “garter belt.” British “suspenders” are called “braces.”

    Which completely confused me when I read Winnie-the-Pooh as a kid. For years I thought Christopher Robin had some kind of physical disability.

  56. oi Quacks — in England, what they call “suspenders” are what we Murricans call garters. And “bracers” are what we call suspenders. And “garters” are… um, I don’t know, little snakes you find in the garden? (Hey Brits — do you have garter snakes over there?)

  57. Jinx, AuntieM.

  58. We don’t beep kitty noses around here, we boop them. Fine distinction, but it makes all the difference.

  59. AuntieMame says:

    LOL, Teho!

    And the boot is the trunk and the bonnet is the hood and a spanner is a wrench and a jumper is a pullover…

  60. Whew. For a minute there I thought I was high.

  61. ah, thanks for the ‘splanation. i never entirely understood why suspenders was such a bad thing for a lumberjack to wear…

    well, who knows that that beepin’ man is wearing ‘neath his short pants.

  62. awww! Git yer fanger out his nose, fer cryin out louD!

  63. It actually looks like the Desert Peach doing the beeping of the nose. (That’s what we call it here in the Northwestern US. You must make a beep noise when you poke the kitteh nose, it’s a law, I believe.)
    Google “Desert Peach” and Donna Barr… its a verrry strange comic.

  64. Emily — yeah, I get that a lot.

  65. The Kitty I Have, Had Her Name (Zarafina) When I Adopted Her. But The Cat We Had Years Ago, We Named Mewsic. My Daughter Named Her. This Is Her.

  66. Theo…..I Wonder How Many People Know Who Wrong Way Corrigan Was…..Haven Heard referance To him In Years.

  67. Roberta — ha! Even *we* had to Google him to get the background info right (including the NAME, fer crysakes). So, I’m guessing not many. If YOU got the reference off the top of your head, then Gold Star for you!

  68. Hahaaa!!! YAY! I get to BEEP the sleppy kitty on the nosicle!

  69. R. Moore says:


    Also, I always did love reality-casual Friday :)

  70. Here’s an idea, instead of spending ages making silly animations (what else you got for ur b’day ;) ) Hows about trawling thru the hundreds of submissions you get per day & adding some of the cutest ones?

    That people take time to send in?

    Just an idea :)

  71. Bored — for the thousandth time: I never see the submissions. That’s MEG’S mailbox, not mine. When Meg gets swamped & can’t do an update (which happens sometimes because we both have “real jobs”), sometimes I step in to pinch-hit.

    Hows about you do your thing and we’ll do ours? Just an idea.

  72. R Moore — yep. Just wasn’t complete, somehow, till Ms. BeepNose showed up.

  73. Aw, quacks, ya beat me to it. First thing I thought was, “I’m an Egyptologist, and I’m okay.”

    Did not know about the pondifference re: suspenders. Does the song make more sense now? Not especially. US suspenders + high heels = not a good look.

  74. Wow! Somebody missed me! I got tired of beeping my own nose in the mirror. Not the same. Even the kitty ears didn’t help.

  75. Psstt…. Jaypo, tell ‘em that I was the one who sent you a heads up to check Theo’s post. Not that I need credit or anything. I’m just sayin’ :-P

  76. YES! what mc2 said–because I’ve been remiss in my duties till she gave me a beep to wake up. And pyrit gave me a scolding too. [hangs head in shame] I think I’ve learned my lesson…

  77. little gator says:

    I think that’s the one you should call Snoreway. I can almost hear its liddle zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs.

  78. Oh lord.
    That was amazing.
    I thought I was just seeing things, so I stared at it for ten more seconds and I seen the man again.
    Oh, how I laughed.

  79. R. Moore says:

    But, um, Theo, I had no back story on Jaypo being “Ms. BeepNose” :P I just knew she was missing.

  80. Why, then let us beep YOUR nose!

    Bwa ha ha ha.

  81. That was totally ‘shopped.

  82. I am embarrassed to admit that due to a busy couple o’ days, my husband got to CO and saw this pic before I did. He was looking again last night and I happen to be walking by the monitor just as the Mad Beeper (and to me, he/she looks like a construction flagger) happened to appear. I truly thought I was hallucinating for a moment, as I wasn’t close enough to realize it was just a Theo RCF post. Whew.

    BTW, I did a presentation for my staff on Friday regarding care of children with skin problems, and used three of the hedgehog pics (Bam-Bam swimming, the hedgehog spa pic, and the recent one showing the hedgie next to the tube of moisturizing cream) as an illustration. The staff are all fast becoming CO fans and they loved it. Thanks, Meg (and Theo) for contributing to education!

  83. Tor — um yeah. [LOL]

  84. Kim H — you’re right about the hardhat. I don’t know where all the early “Egyptologist” comments came from (well, probably ’cause the kitten is named Cairo).

    Just the top half of the ‘toon, though. Heh.

  85. book_monstercats says:

    Theo, we don’t have garter snakes in England (naturally, anyway). We have vipers/adders (slightly poisonous, but not usually fatally so) and grass snakes (not poisonous at all). In Ireland, of course, there are no snakes at all, courtesy of St Patrick (so they say).

    “Garters” here are usually elasticated bands used for keeping stockings up, but now outmoded.

  86. Book…..I Thought Adders Were The Most Poisenous. But Then; Shakespere (Animal Planets Meerkat Manor) Did Survive His Adder Bite. But He was One Sick Puppy For awhile. We Have Rattlers And Scorions Here.

  87. ok;I Was Just Looking At The Beeper; And His Calves And Shoes Are A Womans

  88. Shannon Johnson says:

    Can I go to bed with the kitty? It looks so cute! I wish I had my Rudy around still, (boo hoo)

  89. Did the little beep man get his shoes from the Endless Shoes and Handbags advertised here on CO? Did they really pay him $5 for overnight shipping?

  90. R. Moore says:

    My nose has been beeped!

    (looks shocked)

  91. book_monstercats says:

    Roberta, adders do shoot venom, but luckily they tend only to make you very ill like poor old Will S. They usually slide away rather than face human beings and I’ve never seen one on the loose, only the odd grass snake. The weather in good ol’ Britland tends to be pretty dire, but on the plus side, it doesn’t support scorpions and rattlers.

  92. ThreeCatNight says:

    Kitteh, beware Dr. Frankenfurter, Egyptologist, stalking you in his Manolos. How very impractical for scaling pyramids and sleeping kittehs! (nice legs, though)
    This is too funny!

  93. Book…..We Use To Visit Some Friends In The Mountains. I Have Several Snake & Scorpion Stories. BTW Snake Meat Is Boney.