“That’s so cute I could puke a rainbow”

Have you ever said that?I thought so.

Here is a nice series of images you can point to, the next time you’re overwhelmed with Teh QTE.


It happens, right, Valerie M.?



  1. Ummmm … ooooooh-kaaaaaay.

  2. Um, interesting images in that gallery. Almost looks like there’s some Flying Spaghetti Monster in there.

  3. Thanks for that net education Meg. Dont believe Ive ever visited the Rainbow puke page…but I have had the opportunity to use the phrase 🙂 Its good to be young.

  4. at first glance, it didn’t look like puking. It looked like.. something else.

  5. For the love of jauntiness says:

    Yikes! How scary!

  6. wow, that’s… um… colorful!

  7. onionpencil musashi says:


  8. I like the little curly-Q snowcap on the far-right mountain, though.

  9. luvinmalssomuch says:

    UHHHHHHH! That’s rather pukish wouldn’t you say?

  10. the rest of them are rather disturbing.

  11. that’ll learn this rainbow to be a canibal!

  12. Moggyfan says:

    Uh, do I have a dirty mind, or…..?

  13. dave – yes. i noticed that too.

  14. Waaaaaay better puking-rainbow image over at http://www.pixelgirlpresents.com/desktops.php?page=5

    Neither the image, nor the site are mine….but I do have it in my Desktop Picture rotation!

  15. My fav is on page 3 where the rainbow pukes in the skittles bag. Litle skittle shapped droplets.

    Taste the rainbow 🙂

    Very weird, I only made it to page three. Page four seemed like just going too far. Glad to be back at the Qte

  16. Welllll, g’night, ann thankthalot fer a wunnerful evenin’, wheeee.

  17. Ponygirl says:

    The pet grief survey, the mama cat who looks like my lost Mama Cat had all conspired to make me sad today, but some puking rainbows have perked me right up again!

    It is hard to say which is the best but theRainbow puking on the orphanage while the sun cries certainly ranks.

  18. Um..

  19. Oh Christ, I didn’t time it right…I’m at work and NOW the drugs are kicking in…

  20. im pissed off i made a drawing a year ago and i just went through the site and it isn’t included 😦

  21. Aubrey, Quick go operate some heavy equipment.. It is fun

  22. Okay good idea, link us to a page with an image of a guy surrounded by actual puke. That’s soooooooo cute.

  23. “Me” — LOL, I’d think this one would be rather more objectionable…

  24. brinnann says:

    Theo – I’m pro-Pres. Bush, but I found that one quite amusing.

  25. Oh dear, oh dear…

  26. brinnann says:

    Yes, yes, I know. Bash me for my political views…

  27. Well, since you’ve asked so politely… 😉

  28. (takes off glasses)

    (removes kevlar gloves)

    Annie, I’ve just been using a flamethrower to finish off a few creme brulees. Reckless useage is always fun…

  29. Oh it’s the BARF diet. No. Wrong post.

  30. Yeah, that doesn’t look like the rainbow is puking to me. It looks like it’s fellating a rainbow.

  31. turdresa says:

    that website makes me feel more roygbiv than anything else i’ve ever seen!

  32. indigoreiki says:

    Umm – Bizzare. I don’t know about cute.

  33. Aubrey, I never tried a flame thrower. I have to remember that next time. I can vouch for the fun of driving a forklift while highly medicated. It is One Crazy ride. Especially with the forks all the way up.

    Oh and was the Creme Brulee lightly toasted or complete TOAST… (Laughs Maniacally)

  34. So many puking rainbows!

    I swear, there’s a creation myth in there somewhere.

  35. Not so much “toasted” as “baked”, methinks.

  36. So why are rainbows puking rainbows? THAT’S a weird concept that almost every drawing uses. Please explain Tom Cruise and James Hetfield, too. Please.

  37. Oh goodness, that certainly doesn’t look like a rainbow. But what I think it looks like is still pretty cute 😉

  38. T., don’t bogart that rainbow, my friend.

  39. Oh my. :-O

  40. lindacat says:

    Well, that was…different.
    Choosing the phrase “That’s so cute, it’d make bunnies barf” is preferable to “I could puke a rainbow” round these parts, tho.

  41. Annie (hope the link works):

  42. That picture reminds me of a kid in my third-grade class named Christopher. He’d chew up crayons and then puke on his desk. Usually his barf was just purple or green, but occasionally he’d have several colors going, like a rainbow.

  43. Pyrit – *snirk*

    Robbie – now that is a level of creativity I will never be able to match 🙂

  44. This is now my desktop background, of all things.

  45. DKN — it’s only surprising until you find out the kid’s last name was Pollock. 😉

    (Guggenheimer, Guggenheimer, rah rah rah)

  46. Um…okie-dokie.

  47. The animated version just defies all reaason (in contrast to the still).

  48. hahaha what?! that is offically the most random website ever

  49. Aubrey, Thanks for the link. I sure could have used some of those missles for forklift tines when I was driving it. I never heard that before.. So funny.
    I hope you feel better tomorrow. and don’t need to take more medicine

  50. MandyKW — I don’t know… I think Zombo-Com still holds that title.

  51. Welcome … to ZomCO com…

    This … is … ZomCO com…

    Welcome …

    This is ZomCO com, and welcome to you who have come to ZomCO com…

    You can barf any color at ZomCO com, any color at all.

    Welcome …

  52. What a wonderful world we live in, where a person may write THAT, and yet be understood!
    [deepest awe and smirkishness]

  53. Check out the last page on there:

    They had an entire college art class do a rainbow puke project with real puking sculptures and everything!

    This site is also created by the same people that run http://www.i-mockery.com

  54. when i voted for more posts more often i wasn’t exactly expecting this!

  55. I actually know how that feels, seeing something so cute that I could barf a rainbow. Somehow, I think “barfing rainbows” has a cooler ring to it than “puking rainbows”, but that’s just me.

    *Some* people seem to have dirty minds…I didn’t see the fellating until you guys pointed it out, but I guess I can kinda see it.

    Anyway, it’s always a mystery to me how politics and the BARF diet wind up on these comments. Usually, all I feel like saying is “Ooh…aww…SQUEE!”

  56. acelightning says:

    There is something terribly wrong with me….. I *like* this….

  57. I hate to lower the tone (and please don’t read on if you’re easily offended)… But does that look like a rainbow sucking […] sprouting from the ground to anyone else? Maybe I’m just sick in the head 😦

    [yeah I’m *sure* you hated that – Ed.]

  58. i love rainbows!!!!!!!!!!

  59. OH Teho….LOL…you so crayzay!

  60. What’s cute about this?
    Bad drawing, bad color and gross
    (though perhaps, accidently)pornographic imagery.
    Strange, questionable, not cute.

  61. Carrie — you’re reading too much into this cartoon.
    One more time now… it’s the STILL version of this:

  62. Queen Twee says:

    Red and yellow and pink and green,
    Purple and orange and blue,
    I can puke a rainbow,
    Puke a rainbow,
    Barf a rainbow too!!!

  63. Somewhere over the rainbow
    Way up *HIGH* (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)
    There’s a site that I heard of
    Loaded with flourescent dye.

  64. CoquiCoqui says:

    I submitted pics of my kitten Bennie they aren’t posted because, what? He’s not cute enough? But I guess this is much cuter than Bennie-not!

  65. Queen Twee & Pyrit — even my earworms are snickering.

    CC — no need to get testy.

  66. The BARF diet, in technicolor?
    Where’s S. to tell us that our moral compasses are all skewed and we should be ashamed of ourselves for feeding the rainbows a meterologically unsound diet?
    I for one would only feed my rainbows the appropriate diet of raw leprechauns.
    Do you guys want to curse the weather? 40 days and 40 nights, people…

  67. Hm strangely hilarious… Is it the picture or the quart of cold medicine I took kicking in?

  68. Purple Belt says:

    That is a totally weird website, but those pieces of art done by the college class on page 7 are GREAT.


    I was a little concerned that some of the artwork wasn’t any good, but then….

  69. ThreeCatNight says:

    Was this absolutely necessary?

  70. Yes.

  71. flamanamal says:

    looks more like the rainbow is [being edited due to obscenity… for petesakes, people – Ed.]

  72. not cute – kinda disappointed to see this here – really sorry I clicked on the link

  73. Life is too short to be a Nuff…..

    I smiled….

  74. That puking rainbow link definitely does NOT reflect the cuteoverload that we have come to love and enjoy… C’mon guys, don’t let us down like that!

  75. Hasn’t this link been in the CO Dictionary, like, forever? I never had the heart to go through it until now though. I felt like such a wierdo looking at sick rainbows, and yet… I kind of liked it…?

  76. CCat — when I linked it from the Glossary, the site had only 2 or 3 pages.
    They grow up so fast…

  77. alexa kim says:

    Um, yeah, the puking rainbow is definitely not the usual calibre. Please, we come here for animal cuteness that pegs the meter.

  78. newmoonpie says:

    cutebabyfix: just a warning, make sure you only go for *boneless* raw leprechauns. i’m just sayin’.