Miniscule ponitude

Um, these ho-hos are MINNIE.

As in, Teene to the Tine, Baby.

Just what the heck is going on here? Major stubbditude, that’s WHAT!


Tyo D., neeeeeeeeeeeeigh!



  1. So cute. So stubbular. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen such small ponies!

  2. Oh, c’mon, that bebe isn’t real, it’s one of those stuffed horsies, right?

  3. Man, teh peeps are getting soooo sneaky with that! What’s a mod to do?

  4. Yay for Pocket Ponies!

  5. eeeeee! Perfect miniature hawsee.

    That is some serious cute!

  6. Put little wings on them and look sort of like the Pegasi (Pegasises?) of “Fantasia”.

  7. That is SO cute, I could just … could just …

    Golly, it’s not like me to be at a loss for a metaphor. If there were only some page somewhere on the Internets that described a paradoxically calamitous yet beautiful outpouring of reaction to such an image, I would be able to express my thoughts in a succinct and elegant manner. Alas, I fear such a page does not exist.

  8. Makes me wish that I had a pony all over again. But instead of having a pony big enough to ride, I want a pony small enough to put into my backpack.

  9. +1 for NTMTOM.

  10. Other Mike: “plotz”

  11. Does it need to be said? Okay, fine.

  12. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    Yes Dawn, it needed to be said!

  13. +1 for Dawn.

  14. ILuvCuteOverload says:

    I would just keep one right in my bedroom. It would just sleep on my bed. A sweet little pony pillow! like a little beanie baby!

    This photo needs the my little pony music in the background people!

  15. Allie and Jojo-s Mom says:


    My Little Pony! My Little Pony!

  16. Allie and Jojo-s Mom says:

    When I was little I used to call baby horses “Hossy Puppies”

    Or so my dad says

  17. Stand back, everybody; I need a little room for this:


    That’s so cute I could just PLOTZ!

  18. Awww! One miniature horse is cute enough, but a miniature horse -with- a baby miniature horse? *cute!glee*

    It’s hard to believe anything so tiny could be so proportional…

  19. I wonder if they sell carrier purses…

  20. Kar! Bwa ha ha!
    The Purse That Poops™ returns.

  21. I ♥ THEM!!!!!
    =] =] =] =] =]

  22. Hey Teho thanks for the Earworm Music. I have now sang it like three times at my desk and can’t get it out of my head.
    That will teach me to follow your links!

  23. Is it just me or does the behbeh look like he’s a cousin to a pot bellied pig somewhere? PBPs are cute too, don’t get me wrong, he just doesn’t look “horsy” enough.

  24. Maybe the Mama with her fat belly but I love the cute little pony Tail and those prancing hooves are too cute.

  25. I wish the people who took this picture would have done that thing where they put a dime or a nickel next to the subject of the photo, so you can gauge the size. I’d say a quarter would make them look TINY! Heck, they both can probably stand on a dollar bill!

  26. Why hasn’t anyone complained about the word “ho” appearing on the post TWICE.

    Oh, cause that would mean you are a bitch. 😀

    see how I did that? anyway. I want to put a quarter in the bigger pony and get a 2 minute ride.

  27. i like the post-pony 🙂

  28. NTMTOM:

    Theo?? do I get any points? huh?

  29. Looks like Shetland Ponies to me!!
    They have ATTITUDE… they may be small…. but OMG!! HUGE ATTITUDE….

    Little kids in Britain ride ’em in shows and stuff…

    I fell off one once- into a muddy puddle.. they can aim you know!!

  30. We’ve gorra lorra otters…
    Ok, it’s only 2, but one of them is teh small and teh fuzzy, with teh muzzlepuffs!
    Say it with me, children…”OttersOttersOttersOttersOttersOttersOttersOTTAHSotterzes!”

  31. +1 to MusicChick for giving us more metaphors that we can … can … hold on:

    (clicky clicky typey typey)

    … shake a stick at!

  32. This is not really what id call cute. It actually reminds me more of the illustrations from those books “scary stories to tell in the dark” that we read as kids. That little pony is mean looking! Otherwise, this site gets me through all my darkest moments! Keep up the good work!

  33. “Mean looking”?? THAT little guy??

  34. Ah, I see that someone else has been reading through those metaphor links. Well played, F-person!

    [the pottymouth comment that Other Mike is referring to has been canned by mod]

  35. Um, not to be pedantic (OK, to be pedantic) it’s miniature HORSITUDE, not ponitude.

    Otherwise, carry on admiring the cute as usual (and that *is* one seriously cute fuzzy foal).

  36. Any other DVD geeks out there? Cause to me these guys look like the fuzzular animation test on Donkey that they put in as an extra on “Shrek.”
    Just sayin’.
    Awfully cute, anyway!

  37. oh lordie is that cute. i love the bebeh’s posture. he’s all “whoo hoo, i’m a big man!”
    cute, cute.

  38. pony *poit*

    Ahhh…Shetlan’ down to an evening of puddin and ponies.

  39. thedistractor says:

    Theo: I have a devil duckie and I love it to death.

    chacha: I thought the same thing.

  40. NTMTOM – No problema 😉

  41. teho–ROFLMAO is making me . . . well, ROFLMAO! i’ve never heard anyone actually phonate that before. very funny.

  42. we used to have something similar to those except they were white. 🙂

  43. Oh golly, caught in a picture it looks like that little one is Stationary Prancing.

    We are – ALL – pwnied.

  44. OMG a mini horsie with a BABy mini-horsie. Too redonk. I am keeled.


    A really sweet pet story!,,2-2007180324,00.html


  46. h’oh goodness. I do believe that I have a plush horse that looks exactly like the smaller one. ..And theres miniature eyecapsules too! Awwwwww

  47. acelightning says:

    Wow (or should that be “whoa”?), those are tiny and tinier!

    The baby can barely make a sound… he’s a little hoarse…

  48. Shetland or Falabella? my bets are on the first one, but want to know!

  49. acelightning – Are you familiar with the book and movie, The Horse Whisperer? I always thought the title was redundant.

  50. I keep hearing the theme song to Bonanza in my head but all speeded up and high like hamsters are playin it.

  51. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

    Thank god there’s a place like CuteOverload where a girl can squeal without anyone looking at her like she stores her brain in her purse.

  52. cutebabyfix – Your website is a beautiful thing.

  53. crazy sheep says:

    I want one. No, i want a whole herd. I’m sure they would fit in my back yard with room to spare.

  54. brinnann says:

    I think they’re too tiny to be Shetlands; they’re more likely miniatures. Compare them to the size of the weave in the fencing. And I think the legs on Momma might be too short to be a Shetland.

  55. acelightning says:

    pyrit – I’ve heard of them, but never watched/read them. I guess if I had, I’d have made the connection. (Or maybe the Vicodin is just making me stupid…)

  56. brinnann says:

    Ace: Vicodin? Are we starting our weekend off early? JK, but I can’t take the stuff no matter how much pain I’m in; I’d see barfing rainbows all day.

  57. luvinmalssomuch says:

    So adorable.

  58. Chacha: TOTALLY. 🙂 I watched the ani-bloopers on “Shrek” because a past hobby of mine was computer-rendered artwork (Poser, Bryce, etc.) and some of the “oopses” can be hilarious.

    A high school classmate of mine was from a family who owned a miniature horse farm. I would find excuses to drive the “back way” home and go by their farm just to see the teeny horsies. I know that in recent years there has been some media attention on these horses being trained as companion animals for disabled people, but back then (80s) I wasn’t quite sure what purpose teeny horsies served, other than sheer, pure, cuteness. I mean, you can’t ride them, and they’re no good as work animals. I remember my classmate’s family raised them as show horses, which had its own hilarious mental images associated with it. One simply cannot be serious about parading around a show ring with a teeny horsie. It just can’t be done. And even if it can, sure the people observing this cannot maintain their sangfroid. Giggles abound.

  59. Miniature animals rock my world! Love these little ones!

  60. Is it just me or do they remind anyone of the Cabbage Patch Dolls pony?

  61. brinnann says:

    Mimi: You’re so right! I had one of those once upon a time.


  63. brinnann says:

    It’s Friday! Whurz all mah peeps?

  64. Thanks so much Pyrit! Anything to serve the needs of the cuteness community. Puppehs are cute, and kittehs are really cute. But babehs! There’s nothin like snorgling the back of a new babeh’s neck. I wanna see this guy ridin off on the tiny horse:


  65. mm… I wonder if you could teach one of these to do dressage. Would probably be as funny as the dressage trained goat I once saw.

    GJ (who thinks only the horse people in the crowd will get that)

  66. Gal J — I *have* seen a mini do dressage. That horse-let was so proud! It was in a show called Cheval that came to the Twin Cities; kinda like Cirque du Soleil, but with horses.

  67. “I keep hearing the theme song to Bonanza in my head but all speeded up and high like hamsters are playin it.” cutebabyfix, lol. you had me cracking up! now i’ve got it stuck in my head! awk!

  68. Cirque du Soleil, with horses. C’est dressage du jour a la Minnesota?

    Maurice! C’mere, ya just gotta see this.

  69. bluefairy says:

    What if the otter mom in TJ’s post and this horsey mom were friends and got their kids together for a play group? The baby pony and the baby otter would have so much fun. The otter could teach the horsey to swim and the otter could ride the horsey around in the field. It would be a glorious thing.

    The poles would surely shift with that much cute.

  70. brinnann says:

    Is dressage when they’re taught to prance around as a sort of dance? I grew up around rodeo horses, but I’m not sure I’ve heard that term.

  71. Steve's Mom says:

    I HEART PONIES!!!11!!!1

  72. Are Those The Horses They Use for the Disabled (Guide Ponies)?

  73. Noelegy…..That Is What I Thought. I Hear They Work Very Well As Guide Animals.

  74. Some Great Pictures The The Guide Horse Foundation

  75. To the couple people who asked: these are mos’ def minis, not Shetlands. Also, to Noelegy: some people use miniature horses for driving. It seems kinda strange, but apparently they’re strong enough.

  76. ThreeCatNight says:

    Tineh horsehs – in a compact, and sub-compact size. Perfect for small apartments, when a Clydesdale just won’t do!
    I’d just love to snorgle one right now, ummm.

  77. englishwoman says:

    Are you sure you’re not thinking of American Shetties, A thinker? They look much more like scaled-down horses. But that looks like a Shetland Shettie to me.

    It doesn’t really matter – it’s cute anyway!

  78. all in favor, say neigh. all against, say neigh.

    i want a seeing-eye pony.

  79. Awwww, beebee and mama! How sweet is that!?

    @Not That Mike The Other Mike: You deserve an award for all of those abbreviations. XD

  80. My Cat is a Sphere says:

    I find these little things a tad homely, but in an oh so cute way.
    Ponies, BTW, are notoriously cranky. They bite, n everything.
    I suppose its the birthday parties, and clowns.

  81. i bite people a lot at birthday parties. and dont even get me going about clowns.

  82. Meg…I am having CO withdrawls…no new posts

  83. Yeah its the clowns, ponehs don’t like them because clowns are agents of Satan. Oh wait that’s why I don’t like clowns.

    Cute ponitude.

  84. that is cute i gess

  85. Ok, did anyone see the SNEAKERS that the guide horses were wearing on the Guide Horse website that Roberta posted!?!? Hawhawhawhhaaaw!!! TOO CUTE!!!

  86. toborzgrrl says:

    These tiny equines look very much like Norman Thelwell’s beloved ponies. If you haven’t read Thelwell’s books, you owe yourself the treat.

  87. those sneakers look like hightops. doesnt little poneh know they’re so 80’s?

  88. Not to bring up a touchy subject from an earlier post, but thank you guys for this site! This has been a really bad week for all of us and to come here each night and celebrate the cuteness of the world has made the grieving process a bit easier.

  89. love the horses and the ones with the sneakers…
    but at the same time I was hoping for a new post or two.


  90. Jen – they’re so cute, I guess they can “rock” whatever they like. 😉

  91. Emergency cuteness triage! No new posts, yet must obtain cuteness! Refuse to believe in cuteness shortage, denies people standing in line for hours for basic cuteness privileges!

    ::rummages in pockets:: Ah. here we go.

    Here’s my new baby, Fezzik:

    And here’s Fezzik and my elderly gentleman cat, Dao. You’ll notice that Dao is the John Gielgud of cats. In this picture he is clearly saying: “If I begin to die, please take this off my tail. This is not the way I wish to be remembered.”

    ::whew:: Quick! Someone else share furry cutenesses!

  92. Thank you Melis for the emergency cuteness. I want to steal Fezzik, sooooooo cute !

    Indeed, baroo? I need waves and waves of cute to help balance out the waves of sadness.

  93. Fezzick & Dao! Those names! The photos. The caption. Ya got me Melis. Right here. Thanks.
    (I really must scan my old kitty photos, in case of CO emergency.)

  94. Thanks Melis I was about to perish from Cutness neediness. Dao is being very patient with the little guy. he should be nominated for catlyhood

  95. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute i wan’t a mini bunch

  96. Wowdragons says:

    These look like miniture shetlands!
    And brinnann said Is dressage where they prance around to music?
    It is sometimes and other times they just do complicated moves! O and not all little kids in england have a shetland pony! I so wish I could,But im now too tall for them!

  97. Roberta,
    Love the one where the little tyke is collapsed sound asleep with the fearless Kitty Guard. Making sure Mommy doesnt awake the little one with picture taking. Hahahaha.

  98. Annie…..Gaurd Kitty Is Exactly What I Tagged It. Fiona Was Watching Out The Window As Her Princess Lay Sleeping.

  99. Roberta–

    Those were made of awesome. Gorgeous puppitude, especially! Thanks so much for donating to the emergency cuteness fund 🙂

  100. I gotz a big head, and lil’ armz!

  101. those ponys are way 2 small i mean i never knew ponys could get dawfism maby they call it ponyism well smallponyism HAHA i think anything with ism or itis is bad for u but the ponys are KINDA cute i guess

  102. i like the ponies because they are a mini breed. There are whole farms of those ponies out there and they are strong as hell. You hook ’em to a cart their size and sit in it, they will pull you around. It’s funny. ^_^

    oh and they are called fallabellas

  103. look funny,hope more pics