It’s pug Central…

…and I’ll post pugs if I want to

pugs if I want to

pugs if I want to


You’d post pugs too if it happened toooooo you[Right Elizabeth B.?] (Oh, and I assume the ‘B’ stands for Burberry?



  1. puppeh looks so concerned, as though asking “you’ll be right back to snuggle me, right?”

  2. weensicka says:

    Pug-a-licious!! Sendin’ this awn to me friend, Christine, who is lover of all things pugly.


  3. Weensicka get outta my brain!!! I was just getting ready to type pug-a-licious since this pug looks like a dutchess a-la-Fergie. 🙂

    Instead I will carry forth the doo-wop music theme…

    My Pug friends back and your gonna get a snorgle
    Heyla heyla my pugfriend’s back

  4. Okay…I can’t resist a girl group sing along!

    I felt so helpless what could I do?
    After all the things we’d been through
    My folks tell me he was bad,
    But I knew he was sad
    That’s why I love him,
    the Leader of the Pugs.

  5. katerpie says:

    If there is anything cuter than a googly eyed baby puggers, I haven’t found it yet.

  6. Spring in the air
    (iiiiin the air!)
    There’s magic everywhere
    When you’re,
    When you’re young and a pug!

  7. Tim McDaniel says:

    Would anyone else like a new “Pugs” category?

  8. brinnann says:

    Oh, more schnozzerolls! Lurve ’em! Any animal with wrinkles is cute.

  9. Teho wins.

    Off to sink into a kitten-induced cute coma now….

  10. MIEWWWW!!!!

    Actually I think this puglet *is* awful Qte™, though.

  11. luvinmalssomuch says:

    So cute. Love the big bulgy eyes. Wonder if he wears contacts.

  12. Burberry would be a great name for a pug!

  13. I believe that bebeh is an Autumn. His color-coordinated blankie certainly shows off his natural coloring.

  14. It’s my puggle and I’ll wall-eye if I want to.

  15. KittenLovah says:

    Am I the only person who doesn’t think pugs are cute? they kind of give me the heebie jeebies. And the fake Burberry blanket? Burberry is so chav.

  16. smokeyJoe says:



  17. Laura B. says:

    Oh and I do hope you want to!

  18. Awwwwwww! I love how the puglet matches his blankie.

  19. Because my friends don’t post pugs
    And if they don’t post pugs
    They’re no friends of mine

  20. If you wanna know
    If he pugs you so
    It’s in his kiss
    That’s where it is!

  21. Cassandra says:

    Well done Meg, keep posting the puggies! I love all bebeh animals, but there’s just something about a pug, isn’t there?

  22. There’s no such thing as too much pugs! How about a new category just for pugs? Or even better, “Pugs in Outfits!”


  23. ThreeCatNight says:

    I know a puggle
    Who’s not above a snuggle
    in a Burberry huggle

    That blanket is so YOU!

  24. Gal J — how bout “Dogs in Togs”? [snicker]
    Or maybe even 100% pix of pug puppies wearing toupees (purple??), ’cause then you could call it…

  25. To me it looks like the pug pup is smiling. I’d smile too if I was wrapped up in a soft plaid blankie 😀

  26. katerpie says:


    *checks closet*

    Shucks. I think it was Tuni’s “MEEEW” that stole the show.

    You win! 😉

  27. RevWaldo says:

    Pug: *Acrylic* Burberry? How chav! It is comfy though….

  28. Pugs RULE. But Burberry does not.

  29. There is nothing like a pug
    Nothing in this world
    There is nothing like that mug
    That is attached to a pug!

  30. Puggles matches his blankie.

  31. Moonspark says:

    Ha ha, a Pug in a Rug!
    Soo cute.

  32. Just as snug as, Moonspark. Ayup.

  33. Is he looking left or right? He’s not looking the way his nose is pointing that’s fer sher.

  34. It’s a camo pug! At first I just saw a blanket there, but if I unfocus my eyes a bit, there’s a pup in there!

  35. francesca says:

    look at that little puppeh!!! I heart pugs!! sending this to my good pal jen, she has a pug puppy now, and he is adorable too. 🙂

  36. Elena Raguseo says:

    it is soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. puppy luvER says:

    look at the little puppy it is soooo adorable! XD

  38. Pugolicioussssss... says:

    Bugging out with my puggy bug eyes.

  39. hey is that your dog coz i love pugs

  40. The neck roll! The eyes! The wrinkly forehead!! That must be one of the cutest pug pic ever! *Is impressed*

  41. AWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet little puggie king.