Give me back my Bebeh!

LOOOVE the look of Mamacita with her wide eyes, eyeballin’ the treatment of her Bebeh.

She’s all: Merrooooooooooooowr [shifty eyes + pouncing possibility]


Rob N., be verrrrrrrrry carefuls.



  1. brinnann says:

    First eensy kitteh of the day, and it’s purrrrfect!

  2. Hey what you doing with my baby, getting dirty look read for you human, lots of little mews are a coming …. Cuties for feettses on da snorglelish bebe!!!!!! I’m aaaaawwwwing and my critters always know I am at that cuteoverload site.. Troubles a brewing here everytime I ccome and see whats new today.

  3. weensicka says:

    Yay for kitties! Especially kitties givin’ the angry eyes…

    I predict pouncin’ certitude with max claw ak-shon if bebeh is not put down pronto!

  4. Whoa, this looks like Tuni!
    (only with a nose stripe instead of the orange chin)

    …and I didn’t miss that, Brinn.

  5. Dude, the cute!

    *steals Bebeh*

  6. browngrl says:

    Fine. How am I supposed to go back to work when all I want to do is huggle(snuggle + hug) both mommy cat and bebeh

  7. brinnann says:

    Bebeh’s like, What’s this weird, hairless giant doing to me, Mamma? I’m up too high, make it put me down!

  8. whooooaaaah be vewwwy vewwwy carefubuls! give bebeh back to mumsie, awwwww. so presh. too cute.

  9. brinnann says:

    Teho, I’ve been absent from the peeps for a while and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Sorry.

  10. Nice paw pads.

  11. eeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
    teensy jelly beans!!!!!

  12. Yitzysmommie says:

    SQUEEEEEEEE, combined with THUD as YM eyeballs Tortie McPawpads there. Truly a purrfect way to begin the day!

  13. Awww, just look at the lil marmalade stripe on da heed!

  14. Luvmycats says:

    Yeah the teeny baby pawsitude!!
    Can I hold it???

  15. brinnann says:

    Some days I wish you peeps wouldn’t talk about marmalade so much, I’m getting hungry. I wonder if I leeck Bebeh’s head if it’ll be sweet…No, just fuzzy. I’ll leave that part to Mamacita, once she finishes clawing Ron to pieces.

  16. teeniest jelly bean toes evaaaaaaaaar!

  17. brinnann says:

    It looks like someone took an eraser and ran it down the center of kitteh’s nose.

  18. OK, I’ve been visiting this site for too long….My first thought, honest to God, perfectly formed in my head, was “SQUEEEEEEE!!!!! PAW PADS!!!! BITTY CLAWS!!!! SQUEEEEE!!!”. >sigh< .

  19. What a perfect picture. Talk about a thousand words. Oh. Wait. I’m sure the thousand words thing will be more than adequately covered by CO commenters. lol

    Also love how baby kitty eyes look like baby alien eyes.

  20. *points*

    Lookit the teeny tiny claws!

    *falls over dead*

  21. pinkdonut says:

    OMG the bebeh kitteh’s paw up in the air like a mini high five is too much. It’s just too much to take in all at once.

  22. Awwwwwwwwww. Teeny tiny tortitude. And the peenk jellybean toesies oh my.


  23. CatFreak says:

    OMG, the toepads! The toepads!!

  24. Awwww! I love mama’s expression … so concerned.

  25. The paw pad action here is just redonk.

    REE. DONK.

  26. Please do not miss the teenie curling claws around the finger action!

  27. So much to lerve. Teeny tortie, dainty clawsies, jelly bean toesies, and Mamacita’s dilated crazy-eyes. I love dilated crazy kitty eyes.

  28. Are those Tortie-Swirl flavored jelly beans? I think they are…

    Mamacita says, “That far and no further if you know what’s good for you.”

  29. mjr chapin says:

    Tiny shiny brand new teeny weeny feets pads!

  30. sweetpea says:

    Ouch! I think something inside me just broke from love! Those toes are divine, and the tiny little noselet….eeeeeeeeeeee!

  31. Awwww, Momma’s completely concentrated on her kitten! That’s how I felt when the nurses tried to walk away with my daughter to show to the other nurses. Good Momma Cat!

  32. caroline says:

    Teeny tortie-tude kitten! GIMME!

  33. Particolored kitten toes? Are you snarkin’ KIDDING me?

    (death rattle)

    x x

  34. Uilleand says:

    Bebeh wrinkleh belleh!!!!
    tummy wrinkles!!


  35. Dewd! What’s the first rule of nature?

    Don’t mess with Mama! If you get between a bebbeh and a mama, it’s your fault. Hope your insurance is paid up.

  36. eeeeeeeekk!!!!!! you never fail to send me into squeals of delight!!


    Oh I bet baby got scrubbed afterwards within an inch of his/her life…gotta get all the people germs off you know…

  38. I want to munch on those gumdrop kitten toe pads!

    Love momma kitty’s whiskies…like white streaks against the dark background.

  39. Mama will not pounce. She will extend a paw, claws fully extended, hook the hand and carefully pull it down to her level. She will then carefully grab bebeh in her mouth and move quickly away.

  40. mama’s about to pop a vein. “Be SO very careful with THAT!! Would ya????… eee god , gimme gimme gimme!”

  41. ThreeCatNight says:

    I want to kees you both, especially little stripey-nose with those presh-paws!
    Here’s looking at YOU, keed!

  42. Such adorable kit-kit paws. Such tiny kit-kit ears. FUZZY all over!!!!

    Now I need a drink!


  43. BJ — could do; but whenever we pick up our foster kittens, Mama Kenya will just keep an eye out, and then give ’em tonguebaths when we bring ’em up close again. She’s watchful & attentive, but not nervous. It’s like she knows they have to develop some independence & outside attachments.

  44. Momma cat looks a little suspicious. Like “Where are you taking my baaaybee?” And the baby is like “Whoa! Too high! *flail*” Suspicious momma cats and surprised kittens are the best.

  45. “Daddy, where do us kittens come from?”

    “Well, dear … ah, … when a mommy cat and a daddy cat love each other very much … they, um … they go into a very quiet place, and then the daddy cat … errrr … says ‘we want a kitten, please’ and then the giant hands come down from Heaven and bring them a kitten. And that’s where kittens come from.”

    “Yeah, RIGHT. I’m asking Mom.”

  46. Other Mike — about that blog/website idea you had:
    If you build it, they will come!

    (in fact, make that “when” and “we”)

  47. What a beautiful little baby kitten!

    I wish I could have it!

  48. This is great…this just strikes me as so funny somehow, I guess because I’ve had many baby kittens and concerned mamakitties in my vicinity over the years, and this is exactly how they look when you pick up their kittens. Then they lick them vigorously once you put them back.

  49. aw gosh, torties just slay me with their cuteness. I mean, I’m certainly a fan of The Cute in all its forms, but when it comes down to it – nothing in the world is cuter than a tortoiseshell kitten. Nothing.

  50. Teeny tiny tortietude!

    (dies and is ded)

    I thot it was Tuni for a second till the rest of the pic loaded up and I could see Mamacita is not Kenya.

    So that’s even better! MORE bebeh torties who will grow up to rule their households with an iron paw (said paw having multicolored jellybean toesies!).

    We didn’t get HRT till she was 12 weeks old, so I love all the teeny tortie pix, to see what she must have looked like.


  51. too sweet!

  52. Many years ago I had a mama who had 4 bebehs. When they were only a day or two old, she suddenly took one out of the box and was trying to carry it ..somewhere. I scolded her (thought she was trying to “move” them), put it back in box, etc.

    The next day my husband (now x) said that he was up late and mama came into the L.Room with a bebeh in her mouth and brought it over to him. He stroked gently with one finger and “good girl, we love the kitten” and so on. She took it back and brought each of the others, one by one who each got the same treatment.

    She was bringing them out for our approval. Even though I’d had mamas/kittens before, I had no idea they would do that.

    After that, she was fine. No more moving of kittens. She knew they were accepted and welcome and that was all she needed to know. I’m glad husb. was there with no preconcieved idea of what she wanted. He did exactly the right thing.

    I’m getting a little misty and that was ..gees… 30 yrs. ago. Mamas and bebehs are the BEST.

  53. wow .. too long.. sorry

  54. No complaints, Mary.

  55. ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Cat For Sale, unnaturally friendly:

  56. caroline says:

    Mary.. sweet story!
    Theo… Kenya trusts you, she knows you love her little cuties. 🙂
    Don’t you just love how little torties get more color as they get bigger?

  57. Wittle, bitty, teeny, tiny, pink paw pads! AAAACK (kills over)!

  58. Leatherargento says:

    OMG, Mary! *I* was almost tearful, there! You gotta warn us about he Cuteness Level before you tell us a Mama Cat Roll-Call-For-Inspection story like that! OMG! Squeeeee! Plonk!

    Oh, the tortie is wrinkly-bellied Queen of “ahn!”

    And her Mommy *knows*/nose it!

  59. luckycliff says:

    I can understand our general cutesie AWWW reaction to babies and other li’l critters, but why are little teeny pawpads so cute??? And why is Rocky Road ice cream so good?? WHY???

  60. translucent!!!!!!!!!!

  61. This reminds me of a line from one of my favorite movies..”Raising Arizona” went “Give me back my baby, you warthog from HELL!!” Put the baby down Rob, and walk away slowly!

  62. Oh my heart. It’s okay, mommie, we luv your bebbeh too. *smoochles*

  63. Mary, that is so sweet, it’s almost impossible to imagine.

    But I’m thankful I can.

  64. acelightning says:

    Awwwwww…. ITTY BITTY KITTY! And that one is *so* itty-bitty! (Don’t worry, momcat, your baby is safe – you’ll get her back just as soon as I finish kissing that tiny little nosicle!)

    (I had 4 root canals done Thursday evening, and this is the first chance I’ve had since then to look at CO. An Itty Bitty Kitty offers better relief than Vicodin.)

  65. “It’s dangerous to go there,take this”

  66. Mary, you kilt me ded. That was the sweetest story. That is one of the reasons I love animals- don’t we all want approval like that? They are so up front about what they want. The world would be better if we all just said “this is what I need” from the people we love instead of expecting them to magically know.

  67. Oh, this is too much. I’m fostering a kitteh right now who’s almost three weeks old, so the cute hits too close to home! I’ll bet the bebeh just opened its little eyes, too, it’s so teensy. I just love the “ball” formation.

  68. those little paw pads are killing me!!!! eeep!

  69. momma kitty is saying, “put the kitteh back”

  70. Alright, I know this is unbearably nerdy of me, but why why why are the pictures on here in PNG format? PNG format is good for images with well-defined edges, like icons and logos, and TERRIBLE for photos. This picture, anerable as it is, is nearly 400 kilobytes. I converted it to a JPG at 85% quality (no visible difference) and it’s 59 kilobytes. Do you guys have some kind of weird deal where the more bandwidth and storage space you use, the less you pay? Because I really can’t see why you’d use PNG images otherwise.

  71. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Tabbies can give you the Evil Eye like no other kind of cat. I used to have 2 tabbies (full sisters) that resembled Mamacita here quite a bit, and they could practically reduce you to a heap of ashes when they gave you THE GLARE OF DOOOOOOM. They could out-disapprove any bunny any day!

    Oh, and jellybean toes of supreme tininess, and the very confused, unfocused look of the very young! I’m gonna go to bed now; this day has nothing further to offer me now. 🙂

  72. Craig — it’s 250 KB… and my guess is it was submitted in that format. PNG doesn’t show the JPG-ish artifacting either; it’s a tradeoff. Personally I think torties are worth it.

    Check out my post from earlier today, the one with the black kitten on the white bed: it’s a .GIF!!! [gasp]

  73. Alright, I should’ve been more specific. The full version ( is 400kB; the one in the post is 250kB.

    Also, sure, PNG’s compression is lossless in a theoretical sense. But I said no visible difference, and seriously, look:
    That’s the PNG version overlaid on the 85% quality JPG one with blending mode Difference. Do you see any artifacts? (Check the levels if you think I just filled it with black.) I think an over-6-for-1-times smaller file size when graphics software can see the difference but you can’t, isn’t really much of a tradeoff.

    As for submission format, this tortie was PNG, the pony was PNG, both pugs, the Boston terrier, the hedgehog, the Cocker Spaniel and its muzzleflaps too were all PNG, so I assumed it was something you guys were doing. Since, you know, pretty much all mass-marke t digital cameras output JPG by default. (So if it’s converted to PNG before submission, any artifacts will already be there.)

    And of course your own was GIF. PNGs don’t support animation. (Not that it’s particularly relevant, but that animation made me giggle like a little girl.)

    If I’m nerding up your comments section, feel free to delete my posts. It’s your bandwidth bills, not mine.

  74. Craig — I don’t mind the techie stuff… though some other folks are probably going “Your mouth is moving but all I hear is blablablabla”.

    For the record… I *can* spot the difference between JPG and GIF and PNG most of the time (unless somebody’s really tweaking around with their settings). And I’m talking about real photos, not obsidian countertop constructs.

    HAVING SAID THAT: actually I agree with you. I rarely use PNG, myself, unless something needs to be print-ready. And then I’m just as likely to use TIF. I think it must be a Macintosh thing [ahem] [snort] [seriously I’m not laughing] [gasp] [hiccup].

  75. shelsy penman says:

    Awwwww… dat little kitty is soooooooooooooooo cute.. i think dats da cutest thing i ever saw in ma life like dat kitty is adorable… real talk

  76. creepyhazel says: