Excerpt of Rose McGowan interview…

Q: Do you dwell into the dark side a lot?             

A: No.                         

Q: Really?             

A: Not at all. I think things are… in fact I was just telling my publicist about this website, cuteoverload.com, that’s my favorite. It’s just all cute animals and puppies and miniature horses. I have a bursting huge file on my desktop of just cute baby animal photos.


Q: Yeah. I would have just thought, you know, gothic stuff…             

A: I’ve never been gothic in my life, it’s hilarious. No, no, no. Cute baby puppies, and I spend hours perusing baby Boston Terriers on-line. 

-Excerpt from Joblo.com interview

Rose, this one is for you, via sender-inner Kristin D.:


And behold, the top mag on my nightstand…



  1. BLEEN!

    [now THAT’S just bleen abuse… – Ed.]

  2. Mwaahahahhaha.

    I got it! I love Rose she’s awesome. Jawbreaker anyone?

    That little puppy looks so dejected. Like why is this happening? Put me down. Please???

  3. wasn’t she the girlfriend of marily manson about 10 years ago? she looked pretty darkside then

  4. constance says:

    Hah. that’s awesome. Keep up the good work Meg! The cute is truly universal.

  5. Wow, awesome 🙂 And baby boston terriers are an excellent breed to peruse online. Who knew that’d be a way she’d spend her time? And I think it’s wonderful when I find out someone I know is also a CO addict. Knowing she is too, that is just way cool.

    Susie I just rewatched that a week or two ago 🙂

  6. GAH! Soooooo prosh! Wook at his widdle wips!! *smooshkiss*

  7. I love getting in with a trend on the ground floor. And I especially love all the recent publicity! 😀

  8. Awww! Such a cute little puppy! So tiny! ^_^

  9. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Yay!!!Rose officially rox in my opinion!!!

  10. Margaret says:

    Um… “dwell into”?? I would have accepted “dwell on” or even “dwell upon”. I know intransitive verbs are tricky, so I’ll let it slide this time. Watch your step, JoBlo.com! I will be on you like pudgy on a puppy!

    Also: OMG! That BT has a heart on his schnoz! Too cute!

  11. Is the first picture not showing up for anyone else?

  12. It ees a leeetle sausage!

  13. donutbill says:

    Awwww. What a great gift for Rose McGowan. It looks just like her!

    Bwaaaaahahahahahahaha! She’s ugly as sin.

    Cute puppy though.

  14. she loves them cos she kills them during satanic rituals

  15. LOL – poor kid, dates someone named Marilyn Manson and then struggles for the rest of her days NOT to be associated with death… Please note recen works her she wears a prostetic leg made of some kind of automatic weapn capable of, at least, grenade launching…

    Ah yes… Poor lil’ Rose. :p

    Honestly though, I do enjoy most of her work, don’t get me wrong. Just don’s asume who the latest “bride of Satan,” is by what’s going on, ON the red-carpet.


  16. P.S. Boston PUPPEHS RULZ!!1! ;-p

  17. Typical Joblo.com questions. Still, good on Rose.

  18. Ooh look. It’s the Boston Squee Party!

  19. the_becca says:

    Okay, I guess it’s up to me to point out that one can totally “dwell into” [sic] the “gothic” on occasion and still enjoy spending far too much time perusing puppies on the internet.

    And, less of the negative commentary, please? Look! A cute puppily! Less snark, more pup!

  20. My opinion of people always goes up when I find out they love looking at puppies.

    The pup’s all “Yup, here we go again. On display. Go ahead, take the darn picture already so I can go back to my nap.”

  21. It must really suck being famous- everybody second guessing everything you do, you can’t ever just be normal…I wonder if Rose has a screen name and posts “squeeeee” on here ever. I guess it is an x-file.

  22. Hi Rose!!! I loved you on the View last week. You were very articulate and well versed. I think I appreciate you more now!!! (just in case you are reading.. you have a fan in Newfoundland, Canada)

    – as for the comment above about MM and Rose, well, my house is quite gothic, my husband has tattoo’s all over his body and I’m sunshine and pansies. Believe me the two can mix and I only call upon the darkside on request.. tehe

    -hugs to all- Happy Thursday

  23. I can’t see the first pic either, but I got the puppitude, and that’s all I need.

  24. falnfenix says:

    lol @ the pup’s facial expression.

  25. Haha!! Rose is awesome. 😀

  26. I think even gothic people can like looking at puppies and kitties. Of course, they’re often black Edward Gorey kitties, or puppies from “A Nightmare Before Christmas,” but still…

  27. OMG! A terrier burrito! I want to eat it!!!!

  28. Awww, cute puppy!

    I also can’t see the 1st pic!

    P.S. Rose was AMAZING in Planet Terror. The Machine Gun/Rocket Launcher leg was just awesome.

  29. OMG, remember that practically nonexistant dress she wore on the red carpet? (please don’t click the link if you are offended by ass cheeks or side boob)


    incredible. yay for slutty dressers who love teh Qte!

    seriously, its amazing that cute appeals to people with such a wide range of tastes and aesthetic sensibilities.


  30. (I get a redex broken image instead of the Planet Terror pic, too… will fix)

  31. brinnann says:

    Can someone explain to me why this is listed under “I shall leeck you”? Or am I better off not knowing?

  32. Brinnann — whoa, hadn’t noticed that… uhmmm… Meg?

    (fixed the photo link)

  33. brinnann says:

    There was a commment made in the Rolling Stone article (from Meg’s nightstand) that may have something to do with it, but I doubt Meg was going that way.

  34. Anner — um, you know that’s Marilyn Manson on the left there, right? So I’d say the lady is more likely to be Dita von Teese in that non-dress, not Rose McGowan… regardless of how the photo is titled (“Vince’s Women”??)

    There is a resemblance, sure. (And OK, I’m not positive about this.)

  35. Archfaith says:

    Theo: No, that’s definitely Rose. Dita has a rounder face and softer features than Rose, actually. I’m a big Dita fan, so I would know!

  36. Theo – nope, this pic is from several years ago (2000ish), when Manson was with Rose, and before Dita came onto the scene (his or the publics). This dress caused a big stir at the time, and I found it by doing an image search for Rose McGowan. Also, I have a picture of Dita von Tease on my fridge, so I def. can tell the difference.

    I may not know the dif. between Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev, but I do know my risque beauties! 🙂

  37. Yitzysmommie says:

    Pupper = Prosh
    Rose in strings on red carpet = mind boggling. My Mom Voice popped into my head – “No, you are NOT leaving the house (un)dressed like that!”
    Rose, I’m happy you love it here on CO with the QTE just like the rest of us.

  38. hmm. Teese. can’t get the catchy spelling into my noggin.

  39. Peg of Tilling says:

    ]boggle[ I think that dress is illegal in seven states.

    And either Mr. Boston pup is being held by Bobby D. BigHands or that is one tineh, tineh feller.

  40. AuntieMame says:

    CO is taking over Hollywood.

    I must say, though, that a prosthetic machine gun leg is just about the MOST inefficient weapon ever. What about when you need to run? And you can’t shoot unless you’re sitting on your behind.

    (Yeah, yeah, it’s a comic book…but suspension of unbelief has its limits…)

  41. must say regarding taht rolling stone cover, OMG rose is teh HOTT!!!!@!@# I would so do her and i don’t usually lean … that way.

  42. hey, you can be goth-ish and still love cute fuzzy animals.

  43. What about the leetle Boston bebeh, peoples? It’s a little Boston bean!

  44. Scruffylove says:

    Now if we could just photoshop a Boston terrier in a photo with Rose and her machine-gun leg…
    Then, maybe then, we will have captured the complex creature that is Rose McGowan.

  45. Peg of Tilling says:

    And he looks like he’s just coming up from a nap, so he’s a little Boston Waked Bean.

  46. Anner — well OK, then. (oy vey)

  47. HI ROSE!!! So glad you have joined us in admiring the CUTE!

  48. Persephone says:

    You can totally be goth and still love the qte! On the tribe.net tribe for Gothic Bellydance, one of the most popular subjects is pictures of cute bunnies. 😀

    And yeah, Rose is a lovely woman. I definitely think of Bettie Page when I see her — she has that same arch in her back.

  49. Wow. I would have totally pegged her for vampires and Anne Rice books. That’s kind of adorable that she’s so girly.

  50. Re: all the goth comments- Rose is an actress-and the good ones will play against type (and I never figured her for a goth type). And there is also an anti-goth movement that is all sweetness and light and Powerpuff Girlyness-which would fit in with Cute Overload here. (ok, so the PPG wouldn’t quite fit in, but..)At any rate, let her be herself, and Rose, if you are truly lurking out there…hihi!

    On the Boston Terrier Party…awwwww…snorgle the puppy on the tummytumtum.

  51. i never actually thought of Rose as “goth”, despite her association with Manson. this may be partly due to my own resistance to assigning people types lest i be assigned one myself, but even going by her roles (and Lyds makes a good point; it’s just acting and doesn’t mean we know anything about her personally), there’s the blond popular girl in Scream (was it Scream?), and then there’s Charmed which is pretty girly in spite of all the black magic. just saying.

  52. ThreeCatNight says:

    Some wickedly delicious upper-lip puppy puffery going on here, and those sly eyes.

  53. 3Cat — you mean Rose, or the Bostie?

  54. Rose, loved the Rolling Stone cover Darlingk!

  55. You know Meg – Cute Overload is the first online stop for a whole lot of people. Your site can brighten the darkest day (can I have a witness?!). And Rose, honey – I love the miniature horses too! 🙂

  56. I am a huge fan of horror/exploitation films (and cuteoverload.com). Soooo happy about Grindhouse. I’ve seen it twice and own the soundtracks. We woman can have it all…gore, sex, violence, beauty, strength, love, puppies, kittehs, babies, & machine guns for legs. It’a a good time to be a woman. Thanks, Rose 😉
    AND cuteoverload.

  57. HeidStar says:

    Ya know, I’m seriously glad that Rose McG is as big of a fan of Teh Qte as the rest of us, but I gotta say I’m seriously disturbed by the timing of this particular post. Yes, it’s a still photo in promotion of a fictional work and I’m well aware of the differences between reality and fiction. But given the VERY recent tragedies involving guns and explosives… well, I just think it’s really poor timing to post photos of guns and explosives. Surely there are other photos of the lovely Ms. McG, minus the heavy if fictional armaments, that could have been used for this post. I’m not a nuffy sort of person…I love the Knut (er, Qte) but this one really does disturb me.

  58. brinnann says:

    HeidStar: I do believe the gun is just a coincidence. I seriously doubt there was meant to be any connection between the pic and recent events, especially since it’s highly likely to find firearms referenced in pop culture. I know you’re not being nuffy, nor do I mean to be, but I get the feeling that posting the Rolling Stone cover shot would have created much havoc among the peeps.

  59. I am really slow because I didn’t even realise she had her leg gun in that picture. That’s what living with three very small puppies will do to a person.

  60. His wee muzzlepoof is so meaty! I wanna soft-kronsche it!

  61. I don’t know who this person is. I guess I’ve been living in my cute puppy/kitten fantasyland too long.

  62. @margaret: I’m pretty sure they intended to say “delve into” not “dwell into”. Oh well, we know what they meant!

  63. Kristin D says:

    UNHMAHGAH! It’s my Roger boy – he eees famouuuus! What a great surprise – I’m home sick today and of course Roger (now a big grown up 2 year old) is keeping me company. This pic was actuallly among the first his breeder sent me, so he was just weeks old. I think he looks like a little beanbag – and I LOVE the way his little muzzlepuff is kinda floppin’ over the side of the guy’s hand! If anyone (hi Rose!!!) would like to see more pics of my little piglet, you can check him out on my flickr:


    This just made my (sick) day!!!!

  64. ahh!!! puppy.. too cute.. can’t resist.. lol. he looks all squeezably soft.

  65. You can be goth and love this site! I am! As a matter of fact I found this site through a morbid web site. My online day usually consists of looking at morbid art work, horror related stuff and gore sites, then I top it off with cute overload and cute Japanese things. =^_^= It’s all good!

  66. I’ve seen many a goth in person go all SQUEEE and baby talk over a qte kitty or puppers.

  67. She may have rotten taste in men, but she’s got great taste in puppehs. 🙂

  68. ah HOOO ga [crazy protruding cartoon eyes]

    and Rose is pretty hot in that dress too

  69. Ditto what A-chan said – I check CO every day, and I have a closet full of black velvet skirts and shirts from Hot Topic. 😛 Besides, if you think goths don’t know cute, you’ve obviously never heard of Gothic Lolita or seen a girl with purple hair dress up as a fairy. ^_^

  70. Kitty, I think that covers the bulk of the world’s population.

  71. Jeez, peeps. Leave Rose alone, she’s a fellow CO fan. You don’t gotta be a jerk, is all I’m sayin’.

    That dog is aderrrable.

  72. Sheenana(na) — huh? Who’s being a jerk to Rose?
    Are we reading the same blog?

  73. Theo, find the comments above from donutbill and ADA von Pinkass. Typical Gossip Blog style comments that harsh on a celebrity. That’s who Sheenanana is referring to.

  74. Teri — oh, those? Yeah… ignored the heck out of those. My bad. (Not very.)

  75. Heh..I’ve seen worse, which is why I gave up reading the comments at IDontLikeYouInThatWay, Perez Hilton and TMZ. I just figure people that post things like that haven’t got much happening upstairs if you know what I mean. They’re worth ignoring based on their absolute uselessness. Not even trolls they are.

  76. I am totally into cute fuzzy fluffy things, and I usually surround myself with bright and pretty things and wear bright and pretty clothes, but I can get into the goth thing on occasion.

  77. [trolling deleted – Ed.]

  78. […]

    i LOVE rose, have since jawbreaker. she’s just so gorgeous, and then i saw her on letterman (i think) right after her breakup with manson, and she was SO intelligent and well spoken. great laugh too! i see everything she does. she even got me watching charmed again (so bad). and it’s not my cup of tea, but i’ll go see grindhouse just for her. and now to know that she’s a co lover too, <3<3<3!! she's perfect!

  79. I just want to point out that a Rose McGowan pic would quite possibly be the cutest “Cats ‘n’ Racks(tm)” entry EVER.

  80. There’d need to be a cat…

  81. Stephanie S. says:

    Who says goth and cute can’t mix?!

  82. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Rose McGowan is ssssssmokin’ hot.

    Cute pupster, too!

  83. “Who says goth and cute can’t mix?!”

    …people who aren’t into goth enough to know. 🙂

  84. teresaa=] says:

    puppeh!!! aww

  85. Hello! great idea of color of this siyte!