You too could be this cool

So this morning, I’m driving to worky-jerky (true story) and I’m almost to the freeway when a massively bumper-stickered car, (near 280 in San Francisco and-you-know-who-you-are) has a billion stickères on it, and one of them is C.O. Thanks for making my day, Peeps!

And here’s ANOTHER car with a stickie on it. This one belongs to Brinke G.:


If you want a kewl stickere too, check out the C.O. Sticker store.



  1. That’s hot. *ahem*

  2. Please don’t feed the troll, folks. The only way [a certain chronic griefer who shall remain nameless — Ed.] can turn our favorite site into another dreary flamewar is with your help — so don’t respond.

  3. this guy probably has no idea how cool his tags are

  4. Honk if you heart your CO bumpeire stickiere!

  5. Honk! Honk! Honk!

  6. I spotted a Paws Up bumpere stickere at my local Starbucks. It made me smile.

  7. I would tewtally like to paste these all over my car and lappy…but would really like some not quite so frou frou colors…please? 🙂 A nice purple or black or dark blue? Please?

    oh, and we need a rufus update please. There has not been nearly enough Rufies!

    reg 🙂

  8. Courtney says:

    I would love this a little more if it were a magnetic bumper sticker…..

  9. Since I don’t gots a bumper at this point in time, I wuz thinkin’ ’bout putting up a cork board over my desk at home and decorating it wif a couple CO stickers (wif thumb tacks) and print outs of my fave pics. The magnetic bumper sticker would be WAY COOL… then I could just get a magnetic chalk/white board!

  10. I want a sticker with a kitty on it! x3

  11. Blair — nice!

  12. Do other CO peeps have real vanity plates that are cute? They need to share…

  13. if CO made these in the magnetic type, i would get one! is that maybe a possibility, meg/theo?

  14. Honk if you’re a Cute addict!

    Beep beep beep.

    Blair – that was neat-o.

  15. at many craft stores you can purchase sheets of thin magnetic material – and just make your own magnetic bumpere stickers. i’ve done this before so i could take off a couple political ones when at work (or visiting the parental unit)

  16. I’d definitely buy one if it were magnetic. My husband would not like to drive around with a CO bumper sticker. He’s making me wait til his semester is over to put on my I <3 Ferrets license plate cover! :(

  17. RodentBreak– it wasn’t me, was it? I work at a Starbucks in upstate NY and have a CO bumper stickere 🙂

  18. Yitzysmommie says:

    So my burly unfortunately Republican conservative hubby likes to put bumper stickers on my liberal Democrat post hippy car. I found one on MY car one day that said: “It is the duty of every patriotic American to be fully armed at all times” ACK!! My like minded friends at work were howling with laughter at how DH GOT me.
    I’m thinkin’ some QTE pink hammie CO bumpere stickeres on HIS car would be the bees knees…..

  19. YitzMom — DO IT. DO IT RIGHT NOW.
    And give us pictures! (I can help blur-out any license plates if needed.)

  20. I get my cute on in my smoove whip:

    I did what rabble said and bought some manet sheets at the craft store, stuck the steeekares on it and trimmed it to size. Now I can take my cute with me no matter what I’m driving! Wheeee!

  21. Nice, GreenIghs. (I note Teh Unjun stiker too.)

  22. Jessica says:

    i love the stickers! i think you should put the designs on t-shirts, etc. as well. Especially the baby and toddler items. now THAT would be a cute overload!