You can almost hear the happy snorting

That must be coming from this pug-a-ru, Murphy. He’s monopolizing the mini-fish pond. I bet the fish in there are all: "Ehn! this suuuuux!"

And will you please check out the over-the-nose flap/roll on Murphy? That roll should have a special name. Like: "Schnozzleroll" or something.




  1. chet's momma says:

    um, howz do i getz outta heerz?

  2. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    THIS is DISH DETERGENT? I thought it was Palmolive! Oh, my poor nails!

  3. Schnozzleroll

    I lol’d :0)

  4. isn’t that a bird bath?

  5. michellemybelle says:

    You’re soaking in it!

  6. Hee! That’s the same look my dog gives me when he’s pretending to have forgotten that he’s not supposed to lay in the vegetable bed. “What? oh, you mean I’m NOT supposed to be in here? My bad, Mom.”

  7. AliceTanzer says:

    Wadda you meeean this inn’t my new water bowl!?

  8. I love the expression…it seems to be saying, “How did I get here? This is not my beautiful birdbath!”

    Does it seem that pugs are a bit overrepresented in the CO pics, though? This is not so much a complaint (they’re cuties) as a plug/request for another breed too seldom seen. Please, please, please can CO feature some Shiba Inu puppies??

    These little guys are so adorable:

  9. Help. Eet is very much the coldeest bath. Mom. Peeek meee up!

    hehehe I want a fuzzy bird bath puggy.

  10. He’s saying “Fish Bowl…I don’t see a fish bowl…do you see a fish bowl?”

  11. Or Poms? Or more Doxies? Or Keeshonds? Or more parrots? I know they’re not puppies, but oh how I lurves them!

  12. jaye lol —
    and you may find yourself on cute overload,
    and you may find yourself with a schnozzleroll on your nose
    and you may find yourself sitting in a little fish pond
    and you may say to yourself, well, how did i get here?

  13. Iz in ur fountain stealin ur pennies.

  14. Jaye, I totally agree with you on the shibas! I saw one on campus yesterday. Not only are they super-cute, but they’re uber snorgle-able too! So fuzzy..

    “Same as it ever was…
    “Same as it ever was…
    “Same as it ever was…
    “Same as it ever was…”

  16. I told you the water was supposed to be at 82.43 degrees! 82.41 is simply too cold for me.

  17. Keep it coming..loving the Pugs!

  18. too freakin’ cute, like my kitty lookin at me when he gets into my stuff… what ma? what? I didn’t do anything…

  19. Jen and Theo, my head is exploding now with cuteness and lyrics…..aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….boom.
    Love it, bring it on!

  20. The common term among pug people for “schnozzleroll” is in fact, nose roll.

    you have to wipe it out occasionally, it gets a little gunky.

  21. brinnann says:


  22. brinnann says:

    Can schnozzleroll go in the CO Glossary? I think it’s a perfect description.

  23. I love his lil face.. his nose looks all wrinkled in consternation, as if he’s unhappy of his predicament. However, it is unnecessary for him to wrinkle his nose. God has done that for him already. 🙂 Too cute!

  24. he’s got a MUZZLEBROW!

  25. Ok, youve put me in here, I am FREEZING just TAKE THE FREAKING PICTURE!!!

  26. Iz in ur fountain stealin ur pennies.

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha – gasp – hahahahahahahahahaha

    I love it!

  27. Martha in Washington says:

    I love the expression-“What!? You said it was bath time!”

  28. ALSO. Might I add that the rolls of loose skin on this pug’s chest are absolutely MESMORIZING? I want to snorgle!

  29. Theo You Crazy Man, I was Reading her lyrics and in my head remembering the song and was fine and then you Just had to Add the Same as it ever was part Now it is stuck there and Shall remain until the END OF THE DAY.


  30. BrianMPLS says:

    Here’s a thought: let’s dissect cute little animals until we’ve named every cute little part they have!
    “Look, kids, here are his ‘kidnehs’ and his cute little ‘lungsicles!'”

    Actually, no. Let’s not do that. Instead, let’s get a bigger fish bowl for all of us and all our cute little friends. Cats allowed, but not enforced. I guess a ‘bowl’ that size would have to be called a pond, or even lake.

  31. AWWWWWW!!!
    Teh cutest little pugmuffin EVER!

    Schnozzleroll! Muzzlemuffin?

  32. Aw dang, now I got that other Talking heads song in my head:

    Im wearin
    Fur pyjamas
    I ride a
    Hot potata
    Its tickling my fancy
    Speak up, I cant hear you

    Here on this mountaintop
    I got some wild, wild life
    I got some news to tell ya
    About some wild, wild life


  33. [dancing in my office chair]

  34. And you may ask yourself
    How did my ‘tocks get so hot?
    And you may ask yourself
    Where can I cool them off?
    And you may ask yourself
    Am I right? …am I wrong?
    And you may tell yourself
    My god!…what have I done?

  35. You don’t think he’s tinklin’, do ya?!

  36. I can’t seem to face up to the facts,
    I’m in the water and I’m so relaxed,
    This is the best a doggy’s life can get,
    DOOOOON’T touch me, ’cause you might get wet…

    Psycho Bather
    Qu’est-ce que c’est?
    Ba-ba-ba-ba-bark ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-better
    splash, splash, splash, splash, splash, splash, splash, splash awaaaaaaaayyy…

  37. He’s looking for catfish!

    (oh comeon, someone had to make the catfish joke!)


  38. AuntieMame says:

    There’s water at the bottom of the birdbath…

  39. Jude: “You don’t think he’s tinklin’, do ya?!”

    Well, that birdbath WAS dry when we put him in there, so…

  40. ya-ya-ya says:

    you know, if the nose roll is called a shnozzroll,

    then that means the gunk in there

    would be SHNOZZBERRIES.

    yes, they would.

  41. OMG these songs are great!!! LOL. david byrne would be proud.

  42. oaklandcat says:

    OK does anyone know where that phrase came from, the one that goes “i’m in your _____, ______ your ______”


  43. Oaklandcat: This link explains it (caution: brief bad language):


    what, are you trying to KILL me!???

    [gasps for air]

  45. I think from online shooter games, OC, like Counter-Strike or Quake. You taunt the other team when you’ve snuck past their defenses, by typing a quick “IM IN UR BASE KILLIN UR DOODZ” into the All Chat (as opposed to Team Chat).

  46. oaklandcat says:

    NTMTOM, Theo, you guys rawk…instant gratification

  47. Theo: Now that you’ve explained Im in ur base, etc., could you delete my post with the link? Turns out that, on closer inspection, that page was a lot raunchier than I thought at first.

  48. Tootsie SchnozzleRoll how I love
    Your chocolatey chew…
    Tootsie SchnozzleRoll I think I’m
    In love with you…
    Whatever it is I think I see…
    Becomes a Tootsie SchnozzleRoll to me.

  49. Ok now we need whoever did the dancing kitteh video to do one of a pug dancing to Talking Heads… wearing his fur pyjamas of course.


  51. MelissaLovesPugs says:

    Love the pug pictures! Schnozzleroll? Muzzlebrow? Much better then what I call it- nose roll or wrinkle. Yep, clean it every night. I shall now start calling it ‘the nightly cleaning of the muzzlebrow-schnozzleroll’. *Nods*

  52. Pug Mama says:

    We have a pug in our house named Piggy McPuggerson! She ROCKS. We call her over-the-nose fold her “crevahsse” (said all fancy). We dry it very carefully after she dips her nose in the fish pond or the hot tub or the bathtub. “Piggy, let me get UR cre-vahsse.”

    Love those pugs! LUV CO!!!

  53. This little doggy seems to be suffering from an identity crisis. Perhaps he was raised by robins?

  54. I almost cried laughing at the songs!!!
    I think a Jimmy Buffet song with pug-in-water lyrics may also work 😉

  55. that’s the same look my golden gives when she’s peeing in the creek. For some reason she gets the urg to pee whenever she goes through it :S.

  56. There is a name for it, the technical name among AKC afficionados for bulldogs and pugs rolls over the nose is:


    My hubby and I love our bulldog’s nose rope!

  57. Adrianne said: “pug-in-water lyrics may also work”

    Oh Adrianne! Now that’s an ear worm! I’m going to be singing that all night, complete with guitar riffs!

  58. From the songbook of Puggy Darin:

    “Splish Splash, I was taking a bath
    Knew I was a pretty cute sight
    A rub-a-dub, a relaxing little pug
    Thinking everything was all right

    Well, I stepped out the bath,
    put my paws on the ground,
    I had no towel around me
    What do you think I found?
    So then
    Splish, Splash! I jumped back in the bath
    Well how was I to know that the Cute Overload was on?

    They was a-bleening and a-poiting,
    Reelin’ with the squeein’, moving and a-grooving,
    Rocking and a-rolling, yeah!

    Bing bang, I saw the whole gang
    Staring at this little nude pug!
    Flip flop, they just couldn’t stop
    All the peeps had the cuteness bug

    There was Miss Kenya with-a Meggy Moo
    Good Golly, Mr. Teho was-a even there, too!
    A-well-a, Splish Splash, I forgot about the bath
    I went and put my prancing pads on, yay…

    I was a barking and a kronching, reeling with the squeeing,
    Fightin’ and a chasin’, splishing and a splashing, yeah!

    Yes, I was a-splishing and a splashing
    I was a-barking and a-kronching
    Yeah, I was a-fighting and a-chasing

    We was a-reeling with the squeeing
    We was a-rolling and a-strolling
    Moving with the grooving
    Splish splash, yeah!”

  59. Numbah one with a bullet!

  60. guineapiggin9 says:

    OMG!!! I just saw this pic and i started 2 squee really loud and my dad got really freaked out…lol

  61. Way to go, Aubrey!

  62. Katy with a Capital K says:

    Y’all are sending me to my happy place with all this Talking Heads quotin’.

  63. Woohoo I love puppies! and I must say wrinkles are so in for cuteness this year. Do you see his little pug pudgie rolls and nose wrinkles? There is an absolutely adorable picture of those chinese wrinkly dog/puppies at not to mention a lot of other cute things as well.

  64. I like “schnozzlepuff” as well.

    However, on the subject of dog breeds we would love to see — I would love to see more dogs of the little white fluffball variety. There are several such breeds, and they’re all so adorable!

  65. Uh oh. The pug glogg ees too watery.

    Jaye is right. We need more pupperbreeds. Can we have newfies, and german shepherds, and chow chows, and Ineedtosingasong:

    Pug in a bowl
    Oh what a schnozzleroll
    Going glub-glub-glub is heeeeeeeee…

    He scared off the fish
    Got water in his dish
    And he’s making us all go Squeeeeeeeeeee.

    (sung to the tune of “Old King Cole”)

  66. Pugs have the cutest profiles!!

  67. Another Talking Heads song comes to mind “And I’m having fun, with no money!” That’s CO!!!

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