What can we do?

People, the news from Virginia Tech is absolutely horrible. Heart-breaking. Nothing will help take away the pain it has caused. Baroooooo [cryin’ sound]

I could watch this on perpetual loop right now too, Susan H. 😦



  1. TheSizzler says:

    That’s the cutest infestation evar!

  2. thanks meg

  3. sparkycole says:

    This is just what I needed to bring my day to a close…I can sleep hoppily now 🙂

  4. Meg, we all need you more than ever right now. Cuteoverload takes us to a better place than the real world is right now. Thanks for reminding us of bunnehs. We need all the bunnehs and kittehs we can get.

  5. sparkycole says:

    okay, just one more thing,
    is this what bunny rush-hour looks like?

  6. Tessa, NYC says:

    Bunny heaven. YAYYY!!!

  7. Drama's Mama says:

    I LOVE the little moo-cow spotted buns! And the brown one with one ear up and one ear down!

    This just might be the PERFECT post.

  8. Duke the rabbit says:

    aahh bunnies in a frenzy!!

    i want to live in that room =)

  9. Those bunnies are adorable and distracting, but that EVIL piece of *G-R-A-S-S* is totally ruining things!

    Prima donna leaf, I keep wanting to pick it up and throw it in the trash rather than focus on the bouncing cuteness.


    Seriously, I wish there was some way this could be my screensaver.

  11. … oh man, I needed this. It’s been a bad week here. And since I’m allergic to teh fuzzness o bunnehs, I can at least enjoy the cute. Thank you.

  12. oaklandcat says:

    The magnitude of ugliness AND beauty in this world is overwhelming sometimes. Thx Meg.

  13. I think there needs to be music or a theme song….now what song would be right….

  14. gooeyctr says:

    Thank you, Meg! I watched it twice and I’m still lopping …

  15. constance says:


  16. This is what happens when the city won’t give up the money for traffic lights at an intersection.

  17. darkshines says:

    Sorry to be a nuff, but some people quite close to me were involved in the tech shooting, and the words used to describe this video seen like its unimportant, or even something funny. It would have been more appropriate to just post a message of condolence, or nothing at all, and ignore it…

  18. Is it just me or is that QUITE a lot of bunnehs to be in one house? Never having had bunnehs, I don’t know how many most bunny parents adopt.

    I thought the one brown guy who seemed rather “supersized” was really cute. And maybe a little sad? He looked like he might be having some trouble hopping his gi-normitude around the room. Or does he have a little limp? Anybody?

    Thanks Meg, for the bunneh extravaganza. I agree wif Gabe… it needs some music to go with. 😉

  19. darkshines, let me be the first to say that I understand and no one has the right to tell you not to feel the way you do about this.
    However, this is something that affects everyone- on different levels, of course, most people aren’t as close to it as you are- and everything has a different ways of comforting themselves and others. I’m sure Meg or anyone else did not intend to create the impression that they are taking this lightly.

  20. The Chipnotizer says:

    Dear, Dear Darkshines: I am so sorry that you have had people involved in the VA TECH tragedy. I cannot even fathom your horror and sadness. I know though, that no disrespect was intended. The peeps who come to CO every day get our healing from all the sweet animals on the site. Some of us are depressed, lonely or mourning like you. For the last 10 days I have been going through the most horrible thing in my life. I’m crying, mourning and have full time panic attacks. And at 2:20 A M our fire alarm just went off. A month ago I sat with a guy while he bled to death from throat cancer in the hall of my building after he pulled the fire alarm because he couldn’t talk. I didn’t know what to expect this time. Happily it was a false alarm but quite unnerving. When I came back to my apt. I immediately went to CO for comfort. I have appreciated it SO MUCH over the last 10 days. THANKS MEG!!! You do so much much more than you know!! Darkshines, cute animals are our comfort-which everyone needs a lot of. Animal lovers such as CO fans are people lovers too. We all feel horrible about the tragedy and send our sincere condolences to you and everyone connected with VA TECH. We are so freaked out we need to watch our comfort-sweet, innocent animals who do no harm. Love to you from another mourner.

  21. I’m from Virginia Tech, I live in the dorm where the first shooting occurred (a floor below), and I was on the Drillfield as they were evacuating.

    Now then.

    Thank you, Meg. I look forward to your tastes of normalcy more now, thanks to our tragedy. Normalcy in and of itself is very reassuring in a trying time.

    For those of you wanting to help, either by donating, expressing your concern and sympathy, etc.: Please visit Tech’s website at http://www.vt.edu/ . There you can find links to anything you need.

  22. Bunnies – – WEEEEEE! Camera snorgling is the love.

  23. Also, as for myself: no one I know personally has been hurt or killed and my friends and family have already begun to stand by for help.

    So, please, help those who really need you: the hospitalized victims, the families, the friends, and Virginia Tech as a whole.

  24. acelightning says:

    All those little (and not-so-little) buns look like they’re having marvelous fun frolicking on the rug! I want to lie down on that rug and let them hop all over me, and just wallow in the fluffitude…

    Scientific research has proven that playing with a pet, especially something soft and cute and fluffy, reduces stress and relieves depression. So it’s no wonder, when we are hit with devastating news of any kind, we rush to CO – if we can’t *pet* a fluffy animal, at least we can look at pictures of them. And that helps us remember that, in spite of all the bad things in the world, there are good things too.

  25. The Chipnotizer says:

    Thank you Azaria. You are obviously a mature and fair person. I am so sorry for what you experienced. Please accept all help offered because trauma often hits you later. Please take good care of yourself and your friends at the dorm and know that you have sympathy, empathy and concern from people the world over. My deepest sympathy to you and best wishes for a good recovery. >^..^< ;-) <3

  26. Chipnotizer, just ignore bigoted, hateful people […]. He/she’s just a troll looking to get a rise out of genuinely hurting people. This is shown by his/her ignorant remarks and ignorant terms.

    Asiatic (which is the proper term) people are indeed just as good as any other race or nationality. To say that one atrocity caused by an Asiatic person means that any person of Asiatic descent is a horrible monstrosity would be to say that any person of Germanic descent is just as horrid as a Nazi.

    While I cannot and will not forgive the gunman who has torn a hole in my university, I hold no such grudge against other innocent people related to him.

    As the people who spoke at last night’s candlelight vigil on the Drillfield said, we are all Hokies, we are family, and we have turned out and shown our love.

  27. pipibear says:

    I think we should all just ignore [website trolls] and concentrate on the cute bunnehs ^^
    It’s obvious that he/she is a attention seeker, prob very lonely and empty inside b’coz he/she has no friends to confide to during these trouble times.

  28. the_becca says:

    Azaria — Thank you for your thoughtful and compassionate comments. You and everyone else at VT has my condolences.

  29. I love it when visitors to cuteoverload feel entitled to instruct Meg on how she should or shouldn’t run her site.

  30. I know that some people will overeact to one person from south korea, but that does not make all of them bad people. AS someone posted earlier we need cute overload to keep posts at little higher rate to put us in happer pplace I think I laghed for the first time since sunday looking at those cute bunnies hopping around.
    Most of all we need to pray for all of the victims there families and there freinds. I think that the Romainan Professor is going to be the biggest help to all of those who died monday, he already survived hell on this earth twice, his words of comfort to all will be the best. I am sorry that they are all gone, we must be carry on for those who died before there lives ever got a chance to really grow, and die at god’s accord in time.

  31. snoerplewoops says:

    Although i am sad to live far away from the hosters of cuteoverload which seem like very nice people to me, [socio-political opinion deleted, per warning… – Ed.]

    …I like the bunnees, already thinking about a video wallpaper for my desktop!

  32. people need bunnies not guns, no one has to have a gun the constitution thing is not’ right to bear arms ‘its ‘need a militia cos theres no army’,and US now has an army so should be ‘bye bye guns’, what will it take to make people see sense?

  33. I visit this site every day and have never joined, but I felt I had to today just to say that this video is pure bliss. I love it.

    And guys, I think we need a group hug. No more fighting. Instead, hugs and bunnehs for everyone!

  34. Two minutes of bunnies hopping about? My life is now complete.

  35. not Paris Hilton says:

    My parents just told me to be nice, so i’m very sorry. (just wait when i got my dessert 🙂

  36. To all of the VT people and their families I cannot begin to express my sympathy. For those who think Meg is trivializing, I must respectfully disagree. I’m from NYC and lost several people I knew on 9/11. After days of unrelenting coverage on all media, smellng the burning wreckage and helping go through a list of names to figure out who may not have been in the building I was fried. So I went out bought a stack of fluffy fashion magazines, didnt turn on the TV and just looked at the pretty. The next day I was able to go back to the real world. Cute is a restorative force, it reminds us of kindness, innocence and beauty.

    Chipnotizer, hugs to you too, thats awful.

  37. Oakland cat said it best:
    “The magnitude of ugliness AND beauty in this world is overwhelming sometimes.”

    Thank you Meg for bringing us so much beauty every day.

    ((((Much love to all))))

  38. crazy sheep says:

    I have to say it:

    No, seriously, this site is where I come for respite from the real world. It’s not that I don’t care. Sometimes I care too much and a cute break is an act of self preservation.

    My condolences to all those affected by the tragedy at VT. I already know that people of all backgrounds have been affected – so far I have read of a Lebanese Christian, two Indians, a Muslim (not sure of ethnic background) and a Romanian/Israeli. The world is so interconnected nowadays that events like this touch us all. My heart goes out to the bereaved and wounded. May God bless and heal you all.

  39. And now just imagine the equivalent of this happening every day in Iraq…


  40. It’s good to look at cute animals enjoying the moment at times like this. Thanks, Meg.

    When the news is at its worst, I always think to myself, “All news broadcasts should start with the words, ‘Today 99% of all human beings did no harm to their fellow man.'”

    Peace to all,

  41. Okay peeps…
    Here’s a few things I *WILL* moderate out (delete) from this thread:
    1) Racism
    2) Anybody taking advantage of others’ grief (and you know who you are, asshole)
    3) Any pro-gun vs. anti-gun flame wars

    Keep the discussion civil, please.

  42. ThreeCatNight says:

    We’re all connected in this crazy quilt of a world, down to the sweetest and most innocent of beings — animals, who don’t perpetrate the horrors that we “intelligent beings” are capable of. Let all good people come together with heartfelt prayers for peace, hope, love and reconcilation, no matter what our backgrounds. God bless.

  43. omgosh, I want a room full of bunnies to go watch all day.

    I didn’t realize they actually moved around that much. My mom has a really really fat rabbit and whenever I drop by to visit her, it never seems to do anything but… sit there.

    Now, I want a room full of hoppy bunbuns and a vet that does housecalls. Can you imagine taking that many bunnies to get their teeth checked?

  44. Thanks, Meg. This is just what I needed. You and the bunnehs help to keep us grounded in these ever-more-trying times.

  45. Ah, those bun-tocks, they do sooth the soul.

  46. Thank you for the bunneh flops and tocks. Lurv the blurry ones close to the camera. I work at a university and what has happened at VT hurts so much as we are so close to our students. Thanks for the smiles at times when I think it is impossible to smile.

  47. I wanna live on that floor…
    thx Qte Overload!

  48. Thank you Theo for reminding some, of the rules ! Have nice bun hopping day all

  49. Meg, I am a junior here at Virginia Tech and I check your website EVERY morning before I go to class to get me started for the day. Thank you for keeping with the flow and continuing to post all the cute little fluffies and fuzzies this week…it gives me some part of my routine back, no matter how tiny it may seem. I appreciate everyone who’s posted condolences..I knew a few of those lost and the outpouring of sympathy and compassion is the best thing any of us here in Blacksburg could ever ask for. We truly are all Hokies, and we’re all healing together <3

  50. bun’tock heaven! omg they are so cute. i want this to be my screensaver. bunnehs, bunnehs, everywhere! hippity hoppity hippity hoppity, lollop, lollop, lollop. ack!

  51. Well this did my heart some good. I *want* a load of bunnehs to run around and have shennanigans in *my* room!

    I especially love the two that came up and swiffer-sniffered the camera.

    And that white one was all “I sneef your hand…then I run aways!”

  52. squirrelly says:

    Ain’t nuttin’ like furry ‘tocks to brighten a day! I love watching teh bunnehs scamper away…

    Hey! I made a poem!

  53. I have to wonder “OMG how many bunnehs ARE there?!” I tried to count them but they wouldn’t hold still!

  54. To all of you at VT, or who know someone at VT, my heart goes out to you at this difficult time. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
    And on a happy note, anyone know how to make this video into a screensaver? 😉

  55. I kept watching them snuff on the tables, wondering if we were going to see some bunny tongue.
    (like this:)

  56. What a fantastic bunny video!! I love the kid’s face appearing for a moment, too.

    Sure wish my dogs could live in harmony with bunnies. Oh well, maybe next lifetime…

    This is a great point; gonna post it by my monitor: “When the news is at its worst, I always think to myself, “All news broadcasts should start with the words, ‘Today 99% of all human beings did no harm to their fellow man.'”

    Thanks for that, Jaye.

  57. girlnextdoortn says:

    ‘tocks, ‘tocks, ‘TOOOOOOCCKKKSS!


  58. AuntieMame says:

    Condolences to everyone involved in the horrible events at VT and to everyone who has friends or family involved. I pray you find peace and quick healing from all of your hurts, both physical and emotional.

    (And a note to Teho/Meg…in the past I made a suggestion that all references to trolls should be deleted as well, to avoid confusion. The suggestion didn’t go over very well, but I submit it again, because in this case, the thread makes it sound like Darkshines is a troll, since that is the only VT-related post before people start ripping on trolls. Maybe you could instead replace the troll text and name with something innocuous like “deleted” so that people know that the remaining posts *aren’t* trolls.)

  59. As the world darkens, there are people who hold up a light. Meg is one of those people who seems insanely cheerful, but really she is just normal. A lot of us who have not-so-good lives and tragedy to live with daily need inspiration. While I agree with Jaye that we don’t focus enough on the good that is, in my experience everyone has something: at our house it is autism. No one has a charmed life. So thanks Meg. For the normal. For the light. We need it.

    For the VTers- we are praying. God bless you.

  60. Thank you Meg for your continued posting of the Hoppiness – we all need some…after all, that is why we come here in the first place, isn’t it?

    Thank you Theo for taking care of the nonsense that has been posted….

    To the good people of VTech:

    I’m a MN girl who has been glued to the news. My sincerest condolences to all. I want you to know that my children and their classmates have been praying for you all each day in school (yup it’s a private school). You are also in my prayers as well.

    I shall now go out and attempt to catch some video of baby goaties being entirely silly and see if they can add a smile to all who view it….

  61. Thanks for the bunnitude, Meg.

    To all the VT peeps on CO: my sincerest condolences to you all. I’m truly very sorry for whatever happened.

  62. donnaeileen says:

    You have a very good point, there….
    There is just so much brutality, ugliness, cruelty, and tragedy in the world…

    It does my soul good to come to C.O. every day and just look at photos of beautiful things. It just make me feel better. Thanky you.

  63. It’s all about the tocks wif the widdle puff tails!!!!!

  64. It seems like all the media coverage of such terrible events feeds straight into finger-pointing and recriminations.

    Stay strong, Hokies, and hang in there. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Looking at bunnies cannot possibly hurt.

  65. AuntieM — c’mon, read through the thread again. I *did* sanitize, and (I don’t mind saying) beyond the limits of what I’m normally comfortable with. This is high-maintenance stuff, and Meg & I have more-than-full-time jobs outside of Teh Qte™.
    Now, there’s at least one other willing volunteer waiting in the wings, right now, who we haven’t even had the bandwidth to “bring online” yet… but such is the current state of affairs.

  66. Tina Rhea says:

    For those who want to know, the YouTube URL is:

  67. bunnybunnybunny!!!!

    awww, i wish i could be a bunny nanny or something! they’re so adorable and floof-tacular, especially the grey/white ones. and i just love the ears in mid-flop!

    are bunnies normally that active, or was there something agitating them? i’m at work, so i don’t have sound on the compy.
    or is it just because they’re younger and more energetic?

  68. Love the way they’re scurrying around completely at random; it’s like watching furry little molecules in a solution bouncing off each other. And there’s NOTHING cuter than bunny ‘tocks!

  69. Christine says:

    I am a Virginian if not a Hokie and this post made me smile.

    PS: Everyone wear orange and (or) maroon on Friday to support the Hokies!

  70. OMG..Bunnies, so many bunnies…must have bunnies (grabs pathetically at screen)

    CO is a site that is devoted to the cute, adorable things in this world. Though absolutely tragic, what happened at VT is unrelated to the site. The fact that she even mentioned it shows she does feel it to be important. I am sure Meg has real empathy for all those involved with VT as do all of us.

  71. Buns not Guns. Brilliant, crazy sheep!

    Geez, when I found this (all credit goes to kismetrabbitry, whom I have begged to post more Bunny Cam), I had no idea it would get tied into VT. This video is what I send friends who need comforting… guess it makes sense.

  72. lauowolf says:

    Best buns ever.
    Can I move there?
    I can be packed in no time.
    I’ll bring veggies?

    And Theo, maybe if deleted posts left a row of asterisks?
    So that it’s utterly blindingly obvious that something is gone — and so comments telling them to chill make more sense.
    Or not.

    And, as always, thanks guys.

  73. Andrea DuBois says:

    It’s like they know easter is over and are still looking for that one egg no one can find 🙂 adorable!!

  74. The Chipnotizer says:

    Good morning everyone. We are all still thinking of you at VA TECH and will not forget. Thank you peeps for the hugs & kisses, and thank you Theo for moderating me!! I can get pretty riled up sometimes. As for a good morning we can have a say in whether it is or not—by going on, by helping others and actively helping to end hate. AND-how about this?? If you have the means, go adopt another cute pet. That’ll put more love in your lives!!! Going to snorgle kitties now. Thanks all. <3 ;-)

  75. it just needs one thing: a soundtrack! might i suggest the Peter theme from Tchaikovsky’s Peter and the Wolf?

  76. This has been a hard week so far, for us all, I’m sure of it. After what happened Monday, and the fact that school is getting so overwhelmingly frustrating near the end of the semester, it was an absolute ripe time to post this video. I laughed through my tears :’}

    Everyone at VT and it’s community: I’m praying for you to find solace in this terrible time. I hope none of you feel alone, because even if you don’t know us, we are all here for you. Here’s hoping that the sun starts to shine brighter every day 🙂

  77. Laou — OK, I get you… so something left behind to show that an edit/deletion had been performed? Makes sense.

  78. bunnyslave says:

    These guys are adorable. Especially the helicopter ones. They are young but already getting into trouble– one of them is determined to eat the carpet there.

    Thanks for this post, and everything you do for us.

  79. Thanks for posting this. 🙂 Like others have said, this site reminds me that no matter how bad things get, there’s still beauty in this world – we just have to find it.

  80. kel13123 says:

    I think instead of the right to bear arms, we should have the right to bear bunnies. the world would be a much nicer place if everyone had a bunny.
    also, my condolences go out to VT and all those affected. The entire nation is behind you and we will help you through these troubled times, same as you would have done for us.
    Hope everyone has a bunnicular day!

  81. Meg/Theo… Thanks for the bunnies they made me laugh… It is good after so much sadness.

  82. rpennefe says:

    Hand to Dog, this was entirely choreographed! Just think of the hours of rehearsal that these buns put in! Now…if only the sound techs could get the music to play properly….


  83. I know just what you mean by the bunnehs, Meg and Theo. My kitten Princess has been doing her part to raise my spirits by constantly bringing me crinkled-up pieces of paper to throw, so she can chase them and cheer me up. Animals KNOW when people are sad.

  84. kel13123 – And, we should have the right to bare buns.

  85. it’s a total reverse Easter-Egg hunt

  86. Martha in Washington says:

    I love the bunnehs! How many ARE there exactly?

    VT peeps-My heart goes out to all of you and also to the family of the lost soul who did this. I have a son in college, thankfully he still lives at home and I can’t imagine what it must be like to have your child away from home at a time like this. I know a parent’s instinct would be to bring your child home and never let them out of your sight again but I admire the courage of the kids that have been interviewed on tv who say that they will return to VT and carry on. We are all Hokies today.

  87. It’s a BUNNEH CAM!! It’s like the BUNNEH REAL WORLD or something…oh I totally needed this. THANKS!

  88. I wonder if someone could go into business, renting bunneh herds for an hour or so at a time… I’d rather get a herd of bunneeeez for an hour than a big bunch of flowers!

  89. Posh Tater says:


    Thanks to Meg for putting on the bunnehs for all of us to sooth our day. It was thoughtful and sweet to see. I just have rotten flu, but they were a little lift to my day.

    My condolences to all who were affected by events at VT. Be sure to forgive – forgiveness doesn’t say that what happened was right. It says that you refuse to carry the wrong around with you forever, hardening into hatred. To forgive, is to choose to be free.

    Lastly, my condolences go to that boys parents. What they are experiencing now, I cannot imagine. I hope their family is helping them too.

    OK. Roll bunneh ‘tocks.

    (Doesn’t that fit with Dirty Cash by Steveie V? “Bunneh ‘tocks I need you ohhh ohhh'”?)

  90. When monsters rear up from their deep
    And take our brightest we are shocked and weep
    Surely our fears and tears are not meant
    To turn into a drowning rip current
    Breathe, and stay afloat
    Against the undertow
    Reaching for the rope
    If needing help or hope
    If and when you’re back on solid ground
    Help another to rebound.

  91. This is some sort of new meditation technique… how many bunnies are there?!?!?! I think I could spend all day counting bunnies.

  92. bun watcher says:

    hmmm, i was actually thinking anitra’s dance from peer gynt as the soundtrack?

  93. Nice Meg. So hypnotic, so soothing. So good!

    pyrit! That’s just perfect.

    Thanks youse guys!

  94. Oh yes, bunwatcher, that would be perfect! 😀

  95. I love the super fat one who looked like he could barely hop. 😀 And the braves ones who dashed in front of the camera.

    The ending is a little scary… giant foot of doom comes and snatches one of the bunnies! And its little bunny friend comes to the camera saying, “Please, help! My friend got snatched up!”

    I want some of the invisible treats all the buns kept finding on the carpet. 8)

  96. I imagine someone standing off screen tenderly putting more and more bunnies out and herding them towrad the desk. What is on that desk leg anyway? They all stop to smell it!

  97. What about the 150 people who just died equally senselessly in an Iraq bomb attack? 5 x as many. But who cares – they’re only Iraqis, right?

  98. Perhaps we should send a truck load of baby buns to the students at Virginia tech? They are the ones who could really use the comfort snuggles right now.

  99. “Reality” — Sudan. Afghanistan. Chechnya. Too many places for me to rattle off. It all matters. No need to snipe.

  100. I agree with those who want to have this for a screen saver. I had the exact same thought! Is there any way? Preferably w/o the sound, though.

  101. I am a 2006 Virginia Tech alumni and so proud to forever be a Hokie. I look at your website everyday…it’s so nice to have something to make me smile in the middle of this tragedy and chaos. Thank you.

  102. dreamspinnercheryl says:

    Meg, honey, do you realize what a beautiful, wonderful gift you give us with CO? This site helps us forget, if only for a moment, the real, sometimes terrible, world out there.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  103. AuntieMame says:

    Laou — OK, I get you… so something left behind to show that an edit/deletion had been performed? Makes sense.

    Posted by: Theo | Apr 18, 2007 at 09:26 AM

    Which is what I also suggested as an alternative.

    I’m not attempting to tell you how to run the site, nor am I suggesting that it should be a priority over your RL responsibilities. I’m just saying that in this particular circumstance it looked a little bit like the anti-troll sentiment was directed at Darkshines.

  104. Reality. Perhaps *you* need a reality check? Like, try to not draw such negative conclusions about perfect strangers on a blog’s comment section regarding their thoughts on any given tragedy. Makes you look like a perfect arse.

  105. It’s all been said but I’d like to add my sympathies to all the folks affected by this.

    We need things like bunneh-tock’s runnin’ around to keep us sane, we really do.

  106. P.S. *heaps of peace and apprecieation on teho and teh megs. I’ve been a Mod before and it’s generally thankless. ***soft-bunny-huggles-all-’round***

    It’s always harder when emotions are running high like this.

  107. Christine says:

    I’m back. I just got news of the death of a friend (unrelated to the shootings, mind you). This bunny video helped once again.



  108. This reminds me of the old aquarium screensaver. Maybe it should be a bunny hop screensaver!

  109. I’m so glad all of you are so supportive for my school. It’s heartening.

    Thank you again, Meg. Bun hoppins and snoofles (like the ones to the camera) are always welcome.

    And again, for any of you wanting to help or even just to tell the university and the students your sympathy and support, visit the school’s website at http://www.vt.edu. There’s a link to where you can write in comments of sympathy.

    Thank you all, very much.

  110. It’s like the Puppy Bowl… & Kitten 1/2 Time Show… but BETTER!!

  111. OMG, Amanda, we need a Bunneh Bowl! SQUEEeee!

  112. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Tchaikovsky did not compise Peter and the Wolf. Prokofiev did. It would make a good theme, though.

    Love the bunnies.

  113. Posh Tater says:

    “Reality”: All deaths by violence or neglect or poverty are as terrible as each other. This particular thread was started by the owner/host of C.O. in direct relation to the shootings at VT. The comments therefore relate to that. I see your point, but I think your anger is misdirected on a genuinely gentlehearted site like this.

    Just by the by, my husband just watched the bubbling pot of bunnies and he said it was like a balm to the senses. Which I think sums up what we’ve all been saying rather well.

  114. Sunshine says:

    Oh my GOD they’re so CUTE!!!!! The little bunny butts! I want this video as my screen saver! 😀 😀 😀

  115. PearlO – crap! i’m truly a poor product of conservatory training. i do this EVERY time. thanks for the correction.

  116. I just have to say one thing: “I Want This As A Screensaver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  117. @ Sunshine: OMFG! I didn’t read your post before I posted, I swear!

  118. Chai v Coffee, meh, pretty close. Easy mistake.

  119. i think the theme song to this video should be the theme from the BENNY HILL tv show. silly and upbeat 🙂

  120. Nothin’ like a bunch of hoppin’ tocks to get you feelin’ alright!!!

  121. Ok so I was sitting at my desk when I should have been completing my econ problem set and yelling BUNNEH BUNNEH at my computer screen. At this exact moment my bf decided to walk into my apt. Thanks CO for once again helping me make an ass out of myself.


  122. My family was taking part in the Day of Silence today, so we wore red. But given the large number of foreign students at the school, I was glad we put up a huge “Stop Hate” sign. I hope they leave it up.

    Tomorrow is our memorial day. everyone is going to wear orange or maroon.

  123. What a great video! I never saw such active bunnies before. I like how they zip by close to the camera & sometimes sit in front of it.

    I think a good piece of music would be Boccherini’s Minute Waltz. :o)

  124. Is it me or is the video not showing up?

  125. I’m not getting it either

  126. So many fuzzie babie bunniez. So sof ‘n sweeet ‘n Qte. Just perfec for big awwwwww

  127. Detroit Snapdragon says:

    Bun-buns are just 2 qte. 🙂

  128. It’s up now. YouTube was down.

  129. Would someone PLEASE make a screensaver out of that. Please. That was the cutest bunny video I have ever seen.

  130. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOOOH, a bunneh parteh! I just found this Wed evening, and I too am in serious need of teh QTE.
    Azaria, more hugs from me and purrs from Yitzy.
    To all those in pain over the horror at VT, my prayers are for your comfort and peace.
    My dear friend Mary is being buried tomorrow, after an unexpected death. This combined with the deaths in VA have left me feeling very sad and fragile.
    I am so very grateful Meg and Teho that you give us CO to lighten and ease our lives. Thank you for being a beam of sunshine in a dark scary place.

  131. katherine says:

    Reality, I am sure that if people who live in Iraq or have loved ones in Iraq were to post here, they would recieve the same support Azaria and others have recieved in this thread.
    I have posted about my concern for family members in Honduras during hurricanes, etc there, and recieved outpourings of support and kindness — no-one has ever said “Meh, who cares, they aren’t Americans.” I think CO commenters have big enough hearts for all the people of the world — we might be less immediately affected by what happens in Iraq, but that doesn’t mean we don’t grieve the senseless loss of life everywhere. I also suspect Meg did not mention it because, well, this isn’t a political blog, and discussions about Iraq get political really fast.

    Anyway, the bunnies are a much needed dose of cuteness and light, and Azaria, your awesomeness shines through your words in this thread.

  132. katherine says:

    ^Holy crap! do I get some kind of award for writing the longest and treacliest post in CO history?

  133. —Nothing will help take away the pain it has caused.

    Overreaction much? If you have had someone taken away from you like this (like–My uncle was murdered in 1989 — it’s still unsolved.) — you’d know that TIME heals all wounds.

    TIME takes away pain. [meanness edited]

  134. Resist despair.

  135. I just want to send my thoughts, love and comfort to all the VT people who are affected by the tragedy – I can’t imagine what you’re going through.

    Also, I have to say that this could be the absolute cutest video ever. If I found myself in that room I’d never leave!

    And I just about fell off my chair when a huge bunny bod would suddenly plunk it’s self right in front of the camera. Brilliant 🙂

  136. I watched this once earlier (when YouTube was having a case of the seriously-slows). Now my cat is on my lap and I came back for another viewing or five.

    Kitty loves this video, too! Of course, probably for very different reasons than I do, but it’s always good to see her ears prick up. She even leaned forward and sniffed the air a bit when one of the bunns blocked the whole screen.

    Bunn’tocks for the win!

  137. asdfqwerty says:

    hey V. yeah, time does heal.. but nothing takes away the memory. well, unless you repress them, but we all know that repressed memories break out in very unpleasant ways.

  138. Well katherine, you don’t get an award for either longest post or treacliest post. You can have the award for good and honest sensitive sensibility. Good job.

  139. Incredibly adorable and just what I needed today. Thank you.

  140. Another Angela says:

    Best bunnehs on CO ever!!

    Teho, I agree with laouwolf and AuntieMame. I see it on other comment places and it makes lots of sense. The mod puts something like “[deleted]” but leaves the name of the poster intact. If poster continues, mod might get harsher, but I think it might be best to avoid calling people names, like assholes, no matter how trolly they are. It only inflames things. Best to ignore them and delete their postings. Just my 2cents now back to bunnehs.

  141. oaklandcat says:

    shoutout to Blair- somewhere way up there-
    “Easter-egg hunt in reverse” is hilare.

  142. Vader787 says:

    kel13123 – “…right to bear bunnies” – I had an immediate image of wee cubs hopping around and wiggling their noses. 🙂

  143. Awww…these are my bunnies! This made my day to see them on CO, I check this every once in a while and it was surprise to see my lil babies on here. thanks everyone!

  144. Thank you guys so much. As someone close to the heartbreak at Tech, this site has been a true blessing to me. For just a moment, my heart is full and I feel love.

  145. Pyrit, that was beautiful.

    I’m not sure there is really anything I can say that hasn’t already been said. I’m so glad, though, that this beautiful website has helped comfort those who are hit much harder by this incident than I, a Canadian who knows nobody at VA Tech, was. To those who are at VA Tech, I’m sorry this happened, and I hope you and everyone else can find hope and healing.

    Theo, kudos on the modding. I didn’t see the deleted posts, but it looks to me like you drew the line in exactly the right place.

    Also, these are utterly adorable bunnies! I love it when their ears move, and when they have one ear up and the other down. They’re so cute and fluffy, scampering around their little area. I like the kid’s cameo, too.

    CO and the gentle, cute, lovely things it shows so many people are a blessing to the world.

  146. [socio-political opinions deleted, per warning… – Ed.]

    On a lighter note, I think this is one of my favourite videos on this site so far. It really is cute overload. I wish I had a room full of bunses but I don’t have much carpeting left as it is with the one that I do have.

  147. darkshines says:

    I’m not a troll, I post on here often, almost every day, and all my posts are positive, and non-nuff. I lost a friend at Tech, and another of my friends had his arm broken in the stampede to escape. I think posting bunnies as a way of “getting over it” is a bit tasteless. I think I’m going to stay away from this site for a while, seems people aren’t focussed on real issues. Enjoy your bunnies.

  148. darkshines, we all deal with our grief differently, some of us look at bunnies, some of us don’t find solace in that sort of thing. This post isn’t tactless if it’s helping someone. If it’s not helping you, find something that does and I’m sure we’re all truly sorry for your loss.

  149. Ditto Kellie’s last comment. CO is offering up what CO does best, not to trivialize things to help people “get over them”, but to express sympathy and offer what solace can be found in cuteness. I’m glad that several who were personally affected by the tragedy seem to have been helped by this post.

  150. The feet people! The feet.
    The front paws are all cute enough but tha back paws are like tiny hobbit feet.
    It’s enough to turn you into a foot fetishist. Rabbit foot fetish?

  151. Darkshines — Cute Overload is all about warm fuzzy feel-good pictures & commentary. It’s right there in the name; it’s what we do. I’m sorry that you lost a friend, and I’m sorry you don’t approve, but this is who we are. Do what you need to do.


    Cute Overload is *not* a firearms forum. Take it someplace else.

  153. hairgirl says:

    pyrit, i agree, that was lovely. I printed it and taped it to my computer. well done.

  154. Yitzysmommie says:

    Dear Darkshines,
    I am so sorry for your pain. I am hurting too, from a close friend’s needless death and from horror overload from what happened at Virginia Tech. Cute Overload is EXACTLY what I need to soothe me and ease my pain. I hope and pray that your pain eases, and will be happy to see you back here at the Qte when you are feeling better.

  155. Theo – i don’t envy you your mod. job, which you do for free while also having a job-job.

    [bows in respect and gratitude]

  156. Yitzysmommie says:

    And PYRIT – Thank you , that is marvellous.

  157. Lauren, you are so lucky to have these adorable little bunnies scampering around your house! How did you come to have so many of these cuties?

  158. Darkshines, I wonder if maybe you aren’t just overreacting to the intent of this post and reading into it things that are not there. Several other people affected as deeply as you have expressed thanks for the moment of escape via floppy bunnies.

    What works for one isn’t always going to work for another in terms of dealing with the pain, grief and anger caused by a situation like what occured at VT. But just because it’s not what you the individual needs right now does not mean that it’s not what another individual in the same situation needs right now.

    No one is going to fault you for having a different method of dealing with what occured and how it affected you personally than watching bunnies hop around. But it’s highly unfair to judge Meg’s intentions so harshly, and I feel, incorrectly.

  159. Ppattibpatt says:

    Boing, boing, boing, boing!!

  160. Ppattibpatt says:

    Boing, boing, boing, boing…..!!

  161. …ka-boing?

  162. Another Angela — sorry, didn’t notice your reply right away… and trust me, I only call “asshole” when it’s RICHLY deserved. But point taken.

  163. I am not about to get all socio-political up in here because CO is not the place for it.

    Thanks for the bunny herd 🙂

    My heart is going out to anyone and everyone affected by this senseless act committed by a complete coward.

  164. Somebody needs to set this video to music…can’t you just hear the bunnyracing tunes? A personal challenge to you all.

  165. Dear Darkshines,
    My deepest condolences. I offer you this thought only so that you may feel a little better about giving this site another chance to brighten (no matter how little) your dark days to come.

    We can’t “hug” each other over the net.
    We can’t bring each other a cake or casserole over the net.
    We can’t hold candles up with each other over the net.

    All things that may seem small, but do a great deal to help comfort during times of pain and crisis.

    That, I think is what the bunnies do.
    At least for some of us. No one meant to triviallize this horrible, horrible event.

    Much love,


  166. Dorkariffic says:

    OMG such bunnitude! I want to snorgle them all AT THE SAME TIME! And then again, individually! XD I looooove that black-and-white bun that hops up to investigate the camera.

    (Also, I agree with AuntieMame that it’d be nice to have something saying “post deleted” or something, since I invariably arrive after the troll post has been taken off, and I get rather confused by the sudden bursts of people saying “Just ignore the troll!”)

  167. STAMPEDE!!!! IT’S A BUNNY STAMPEDE EARL! Thanks for my fill of bunny butt

  168. Sharon H. says:

    Thank you, thank you. I declared a moratorium on tv and the internet on Wednesday afternoon. I just couldn’t handle it any more. I finally got brave enough today to check out my homepage CODotC, and found the bunnehs. My daughter and I watched it three times, and I’m pretty sure our smiles were born of relief from all the ugliness of the last days. Again, thanks, Meg, and Susan H.

  169. It seems redundant, but I need to say it-

    I go to Pace University in Westchester, NY- VTech folks- our hearts and prayers are with you.

    Meg, this post was definitely needed. It doesn’t make the pain go away, but it helps to know there are still good things and good people in this world that can help you when you’re down.

    *group hug*

  170. It’s bunny bedlam is what it is.

  171. Gawd. I don’t know what’s so sad, Meg… somebody tell me what happened?

  172. ::whispering::

    Lizzie: google “Virginia Tech”

  173. QueenMama says:

    Thanks for the buns. I think I needed them.

  174. Oh my god…buns!! Buns!!!!!
    *watches with Bebe*

    Oooooooooo *in love with all the buns in video*

    *Bebe THUMPS*

    I <3 bunnies...

  175. Thanks for the adorable bunny escape from the horror of VT massacre. And Iraq. And every other awful news story that makes me lose faith in all humanity.

  176. R. Moore says:

    Ritabby, there is an online candle thingy for AIDS. Perhaps there could be one for this, too. Any programmers out there?


  177. There was this tv station in canada that places their cameras on two bunnies when there was no programming. it worked as a cute intermediary until and angry woman called to yell about what she caught her son watching. they now show a fish tank. ;P

  178. Reading Sarah’s comment,
    (wicked cackling!)
    Sometimes it is really fun being slow on the uptake.

  179. R. Moore – The candlelightmemorial is wonderful. There should definitely be something like this for VT. Thanks!

  180. this was emailed to me by a friend. good story and it has to do w/ vt and columbine


  181. Hehe! I love reading the stories of people gleefully cooing and yelling at the C.O. screen and getting caught! (Probably because it’s happened to me too!)

  182. In the immortal words of Father Dougal, ‘It’s like a big rabbit rock festival’

  183. All I could say was “widdle bitty bunnies!” over and over. My man was like “WHAT are you talking about?!”
    I especially love the trio of One-eared McFloppersons.
    I have been obsessively checking this site everyday since I found it. It makes me smile every time.

  184. Bunnymom says:

    My boyfriend saw this (he is not a rabbity person, as I am, but more of a puppy person) and he suggested the “creepy plucky violins music” that was a staple of The X-Files tv series whenever there was a horde of aliens/insects/children-of-the-corn on the move.

    Methinks he doesn’t really understand bunnies.

    …Also, ‘TOCKS!!!