Neck propper-upper

You prop up muh neck

just high enuff

so I ken smile

and soak up the sun

[Sing to the tune of Greensleeves or something]

//Later- OMG, it’s Send in the CLOWNS I’M SO EMBARRASSED Don’t tell ANYONE//



XO,Meg (and sender-inner Dawn M. who couldn’t "resist taking a peecture of loverrrssssss"



  1. Suda Nim says:

    Seeing this, I must confess that I had never truly seen the Qte potential of reptiles. Awwww……..

  2. She is frowning.
    He is smiling.
    Must be Luv.

  3. Ahahahaha ..
    that’s pretty good, echo.

  4. Id imagine turtles are very patient creatures, but I think this would bring out a hurmph. -_-


    My turtle wouldn’t stand for that, he’d have bit the gator by now.

  6. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Jeez, the pastry is tough on this meat pie.

  7. Do I hear a faint reptilian honk-shu?

  8. I think that looks real comfortable.

    I’ll have to explore the possibility of getting at turtle pillow.

  9. darkshines says:

    Aw, check out that croco-smile….! Or are they alli-pallys? 🙂

  10. Ok, I can see how this might be comfortable for the gator, but I’m not sure the turtle is getting the best end of this deal. *snicker*

  11. Melody J says:

    Try it to the tune of You Light Up My Life!

  12. or Annie’s Song

  13. now that’s what i call Interspeshe Snorgling!

  14. Yes, I was thinking You Light Up My Life as well. But it’s cute to any tune!

  15. It also works to “It’s Now or Never”, by Mr. Elvis Presley.

  16. I keep hearing “People Will Say We’re in Love.”

  17. Da crocky! Anybody read “pearls Before Swine”?

  18. Grumpy toitle and smiling crocodile!

    Is the croc a juvenile, btw?

  19. I ken totally see the turtle being asleep, wif his head pulled in, totally oblivious to the giant reptile on toppa him, and then waking up and being all like dewd- who turned off the lights?

  20. I hear this to YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE…..

  21. Oh, man, that is so cute. I have no jokes, just an awwww.

  22. sigh. typical crock pickup line. “if i told you you had a nice shell would you hold it against me?”

  23. SixFootJen says:

    I agree… the tune “You Light Up My Life” works best for me! Happy reptile!

  24. The picture of contentment! Honkshus over turtleroos.

  25. Huh. I can almost swap out these lyrics for “Tide is high and I’m movin’ on…”

  26. Yep, I immediately went to “you light up my life”. Four votes for that! And a zillion votes for interspecies snorgling and love and this wonderful photo. 🙂

  27. sigh… we should all get along like this…

  28. He’s got his own Gator-aid. Is that so wrong?

  29. Yep – He’s (she’s?) a juvvie gator…aren’t we all more open minded when we’re young??

  30. Hooray reptiles 😀 It’s a shame few people see their cute potential.

  31. Cat-astrophe says:

    Vote #5 for “You Light up My Life”

    I wonder if the smiling gator is dreaming of turtle snacks….

  32. KaitouJuliet says:

    Make that 6 votes for “You Light Up My Life.” My brain went to it immediately. (Does that date me?)

    Also, is that a Disapproving Turtle?

  33. elizabells says:

    this mah armored thing, u git ur own…

  34. Three “hurrahs” for cold-blooded interspecies snorgling! 😀

  35. little gator says:


  36. Posh Tater says:

    I went straight for Annie’s song and can’t get off it – sorry!

  37. The tune is tewtelly You light up my Life!

  38. I read Pearls Before Swine! The croc would be like, “This zeeba have tough shell!”

  39. Yay! Some cute for us herpers!

  40. surfrock – totally the same with my guys. one would bite the gater, the other would probably just try and run really really fast away

    this is so cute… but it puts me so on edge! maybe it’s cuz i’ve had a turtle since my 4th birthday and was always so warned against letting dogs and cats near it that it’s an uber-fear? my spine tingles in fear… shakay

  41. Aww. Is that a crocodile or an alligator?

  42. Collie Girl says:

    I can only hear “You fill up my senses”, which I am not even sure if that is the name of the song, but I know it is the first line. I do see the cute potential in turtles, but you really have to dig to find it in gators. Maybe it’s a southern thing — we have too many of those bad boys down here.