Ladies, the secret to a moist, moist nosicle

Ladies, everyone knows us Hedgelettes have the moistest nosicles around. Our secret? Simple. Japanese Cherry Blossom creams. [waves dainty paw over bottle label]Springtime freshness. For your schnozzle, in a bottle™ [giggles]

Apply a hedge-paw-sized dollop every morning, and YOU TOO could appear on C.O.


Angela P.?, heck of a fashion shoot.



  1. Squee!

  2. AngiePangie says:


  3. Heh-heh, little guy (girl?) looks like s/he’s been caught out in the middle of his/her beauty routine, just about to apply the cream. 🙂

  4. Eeek! The teeny feetsies! The widdle nosicle! I am in wuv.

  5. Ah-so, Hedgie-san! That is Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom! (Am I allowed to say that? cringe.) I could breathe that stuff. (wearing B&BW Amber splash at the mo’. Mmm.)
    Didn’t get a free hedgie with it.

  6. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Does a free hedgie come with it. If so I’ll buy it.
    That’s great advertising.

  7. cute, cute hedgie loofah

  8. AuntieMame says:

    And it’s now on special in the 3-times-your-height bottle! Only $15.99!

    Visit our beauty department and get a free makeover from our hedgie makeup artist!

  9. That’s my favorite scent ever! I’m not surprised it makes the hedgies so cute!

  10. And remember girls, for extra-extra-EXTRA moisturizing, apply again at night when your body is at rest and at the height of it’s healing powers.

  11. I hope someone does not accidently mistake him for a loofah!

  12. I love that scent! Mine didn’t come with a hedgie, though. *pouty face*

  13. I has a question:

    I have never touched a hedgie- are they quite prickeldy or only a bit? Do they make uncomfortable pets that you admire from a distance, or are they snuzzleable? In other words, is snorgling an option, or would it be more like the acupunctures? I have always wondered.

  14. Moistcle nosicle.

    Too bad there are no hedgies in India. 😦

  15. Cute hedgie and hi-larious caption.

  16. Note also the faint pinkish tinge on the nosicle. That is a cherry-flavored nosicle.

  17. BenPanced says:

    *gasp!* Are the hedgie’s eyes blue? That would be like SOO COOL!

  18. Daisycat says:

    i am agreeing wif those who didn’t get the hedgie w/ purchase. I have lots of this (it’s mah favorites!!) and I don’ see no hedgie. I am gonna write a letter. who’s wid me?

  19. AliceTanzer says: –
    They are quite prickly 😦
    They have very soft bellies, but their quills’ll deffinatly cut ya if you smoosh your face in there.

  20. OH!! I love love love BBW Japanese Cherry Blossom!!

    No Hedgie here either =(

  21. ebee – is that really true? about applying lotion at night? I have never heard that before… but that would be a very simple way to get some *extra* moisturizing power…

  22. like most make-up adds, this one made me realize there is something my look absolutely needs right now in order to be au courrant. but, while i feel equal pulling of any look L’Oreal gives Scarlet Johanssen (even if i am a brunette) i’m just not sure i can measure up to this glam hedgie!

  23. Martha in Washington says:

    So that’s the secret to a moist nosicle! I always wondered how they did it.
    I adore B&BW-bestest bubbly bath evah! Maybe the peeps who work at B&BW keep all the hedgies for themselves. I know I would.

  24. MamaDawn says:

    Cutebabyfix: Hedgies are very snorglable if they’re properly socialized. When calm, they feel like stroking a very firm bristle brush with the grain (DON’T go against or you’ll get quilled) and their tummies are soft and fuzzy.

  25. I don’t know, Theresa, think one would have to lick it just to be sure.

    *slurps* Yup.

  26. Hooray for the moistest nosicliest nosicle ever!!!

  27. This is my baby and his name is Hurley (yes, named after the character on LOST). I have not managed to truly snorgle him yet, but we do have some fantastic snuggle sessions. True, they are a little pointy at times, but he’s so super cute that I don’t mind!

  28. ceejoe: actually I think it is true…your entire body is at rest and can concentrate on rejuvenation, hence the term ‘beauty sleep’. That’s why it’s encouraged to wash your face thoroughly and moisturize before bed. (works great with hands and feetses too)

    Tomorrow’s EBee Beauty Hint: What to Do About Those Dishpan Pugs

  29. the word “nosicle” makes me so happy!

  30. Angela P — don’t forget to wear your snorgoggles!

  31. Jupiter Star says:

    I totally own that stuff! It does work, too! *Rubs her nosicle happily*

  32. meg – this is one of those great instances in which your caption has made a fab picture fantabulous!

  33. Awwww!! Cute! I need some of that for my nose!

  34. I think Miss Hedgie needs to invest in some cream that will remove her whiskers.

    (I keed. I lof the hedgie whiskers. Not so much the human ones.)

  35. Funny story: My 19mo daughter has a toy animal train. It has an engine and two cars that are basically just boxes to set the toy animals in. You push a button and it plays a song and rolls forward.

    Last night, I thought it would be fun to put Hurley (who is not sure he likes being passed as a girl) in the middle car and let it run him around the living room.

    He thought it was great! He rode around in the middle car for awhile and then climbed up into the engine and started playing with things (i.e., nibbling at buttons and sticking his nose through anything it would fit through).

    I got it all on video too. So funny!

  36. Hedge-wig is looking to body creams to cure his Angry Itch.

  37. I’m sorry dear, but no matter how hard you try your skin will never be as soft and smooth as a newborn baby’s.

  38. Angela P. — sooooo… what’re you planning to DO with that intriguing video?
    (Humble suggestion: )

  39. the_becca says:

    Ha! I totally use B&BW Japanese Cherry Blossom stuff, it smells soooo good.

  40. Yitzysmommie says:

    YOO HOO Angela P, I second Teho. Post post post!!
    And never mind Hurleys deelish nosicle – check out his pawsitude and wee little clawsies.

  41. Look at those nails! Honey, someone needs a mani/pedi! Forget the wet little snootie-snoot!

  42. Yay! Angela P, can we see the video, can we, can we, huh?

  43. little gator says:

    I want to see Angela’s video!

  44. (ballpark-like chanting)
    We want the video!
    We want the video!

  45. hey i have that lotion and it smells Teh Bomb!

  46. …cherry bomb, right?

  47. Okay, as soon as I get instruction on how to get the video from the camera to my computer (that, i must admit, has been my husband’s job up to this point), I will post my Hurley video on Cutecast. Thanks for the tip on where to put it! 🙂

  48. Subhangi-
    I think there may be a species of hedgehog living on the Indian subcontinent- after all, they live from Spain to Africa to Korea (I think), so there may be a species by you!

  49. duke the rabbit says:

    this pic makes me wanna go out and get a hedgie <3333 but im worried my rabbit and her will not get along. shes the only bunny and number one gal in our house.. i wonder if she'll feel threathened..? anyone have both?

  50. Michael says:

    Why does something so cute have to be riddled with flee’s… darn you flee’s darrrn u!!!!