And now, a bunneh in a pile of cotton balls

Just in case the bunneh wasn’t SOFT ENOUGH, the sender-inner added cotton balls for a Sears-Buntrait-studio-like action. Much better than a "log" prop or a wheelbarrow.


It’s bunnular, Jason F. from Gurnee, IL!



  1. That looks like the same bunny that was “rescued” from the lawn mower guy the other day!

  2. Isn’t this the bunneh from a few posts back? The one saved from the lawn mower? Look at the spot on the head!

  3. This bebeh bunneh so has a ‘this feels gooooooooood’look on his little face..!!

    Too adorable!

  4. jinx!

  5. My mom and I call cotton balls bunny farts! We’re both using this image as our backgrounds now! Too cute!!!

  6. Bunny farts!! Too funny.

    This bunny looks both incredibly relaxed and yet, at the same time, still disapproving.

  7. AWWWWW! So very sweet.

  8. Miss Bear says:

    Ah! After feeling very sick in bed a while, this really cheered me up. =]

  9. the bunneh is in heaven. “become one with the cotton balls”

  10. Milky wins a mocha! (for the jinx… have it now or save it for latte)

  11. Lunch Lady says:

    ooooh, sweet sweet bunneh!!Tiny little paws and a sweet bebe face! I want to snorgle his teeny belly. Or under his tiny little chin like I did to my own bebes!! oh, and hey, good work on the site, much faster than before!

  12. OMG he’s floating on a cloud!

  13. Oh my goodness, it is just as long as two cotton balls. Look, they’re half his size. SO TINY

  14. i am positively SMOOOSHED by softness with this pic. SMOOOOOOOSHED!!!

  15. *squeeeeeeeee* Cutest bun ever!

  16. eeeeeeee

    this makes me so happy 😀

  17. Bunnersons has reached full zen disapproval on this one I think.

  18. Martha in Washington says:

    I think the cotton balls are not soft enough. I detect some bun disapproval there.

    I wanna keees his lil forehead spot!

  19. Very bu-zen.

  20. squeeeeeeee! Bunnieeeeeeeeeee!

  21. BUN-SOFT! Look how the widdo pawsies are reveling in all the snorgilicious swoftness! *keeses on his teeny weeny bun-leeps*

  22. SlaveToThreeFelines says:

    I miss my bunbun. He was spoiled rotten. He was a New Zealand Giant albino and thought he was a kitty. He was only caged at the pet store. Once he came home, he ruled the roost. Luckily, he was never a cord-chewer. But, he did enjoy the carpeting and woodwork.

    *sigh* I miss my Karat Gold. Saturday the 14th would have been his 18th birthday. We were only graced by his presence for 7 years.

  23. Christine Hughes says:

    Aww, the SOFTNESS!

  24. Karebear says:

    Oh to be a bun on a cloud of cotton… that would be the life!
    He can hardly stay awake

  25. acelightning says:

    I don’t know which is softer, the cotton balls or the baby cottontail. Except that I’d much rather snuggle the bunnikins…

  26. “CRIKEY!” [Steve Irwin voice] “This bun is in a quiet and rare state of repose known as “Power Save Mode. Note the barely open lids and stoic posishe.”

  27. heaven,
    i’m in…heaven,
    and heart beats so
    that i can hardly squee!

    and his wiggly nose
    seems pointed right at me…
    he’s the portrait of
    an angelic bunn-eeeee!

  28. hmm. there should have been a “my” in that third line…

  29. It’s like he’s floating on clouds!

    Bunny bunny bun bun
    Bunny bunny bun bun
    I love you!
    Bunny bunny bun bun
    Bunny bunny bun bun
    I love you!

  30. There’s also a bun prop at Sears, that could work too!

  31. He IS in Heaven. And he’s at the Gates of St. Peter Rabbit.

  32. I cuddle bunny.

    I declare bunny is softer. xD

  33. Anner – Bravo!

  34. thedistractor says:

    I kinda want to use him to put on my makeup now. It would definitely be a way to recycle.

  35. Time to take the nail polish off…I got the remover, all I need is a…
    *sees bun in balls*
    Awww…okay, I think the polish can stay on a couple more days.

    Looks like Lawnmover Bunny found a floofy roost to nap in!

  36. Squeeeeeeee!

    The spread toes-icles!

  37. Jason from Gurnee, IL says:

    I am so happeee that everyone gets to see my little bunneh foo-foo. I know he looks like the lawnmower bunneh, but I guarantee he isn’t. I found him in the parkin lot at work as I was leaving late last night, and yes he is as small as two cotton balls.

  38. Jason, how are you feeding this little bunnitude?

    Becuz he is tooo moishe of cuteness not to grow up big. And he’s obvs a teeny tiny bebeh wabbit, with the spot on his head and the itty-bitty two-cotton-ball size.

  39. Margaret says:

    CO you just made my day. Might be the pain meds talking, but I love you guys.

  40. Too cute!

  41. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    A cottontail with cotton balls.

  42. “Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were – Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, and Peter. They lived with their Mother in a sand-bank, underneath the root of a very big tree” (from The Tale of Peter Rabbit, 1902)

    this just has to be a great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (add a few multiple generations) Peter Rabbit bunneh offspring …

  43. Honeychan says:

    Wow!! How teeeny-tiny this bunny is!

    I actually touched my monitor to pet his little head.

    Jason, please keep us posted on your new lil’ baby, and take lots more pics. Yay for you, on rescuing him!

  44. sweetnsensible says:

    Gosh….and I just thought it was a creative play on words–“cotton tails” ???

  45. I don’t think this bun bun is one bit happy with its posh setting can’t we all tell its just sooooooo unhappy. I love the little tock action their right front tock.

  46. The best bunneh pic ever!!!

    (wild buns are born w/the white spot on the head. it’s there for about three weeks…)

    Cotton Balls = Bunny Farts!!!! Awesome! Simply Awesome!!

  47. Reminds me of when I was a kid and we had a cotton ball dispenser shaped like a little bun. The cotton balls, of course, came out of his little behind–so that it looked like he had a little white tail.

    Not as cute as this bun, but I’m still not swabbing my face with anything that comes out of this bun’s backside.

  48. LOL, bunny farts!! I clean my face each night wif bunny farts.

    redZ–I had one of those! I got it at a flea market and fell in love with it. It was pale yellow and from the 1920s. I think it had flowers painted on it. Very cute. (Where is it now…?!?)

  49. bunnyslave says:


  50. What a soft little bunbun… I want to roll around in cotton balls with him!! He’s all like, “I’m a bunbun! I need to lay in soft things!”

  51. leah — (Inigo voice) You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  52. pheas – lol. inconceivable!!

  53. Pheas, remind leah of the “r” in posh, too… Though “prosh” and “unhappy” can’t exist in the same sentence so maybe it was intentional.

  54. That made me giggle. The bunny is too adorable and as someone that works at a sears portrait studio I have to agree with the caption! I wish that we could photograph animals again!

  55. Redzilla and Jaypo…i thought you must have dreamt of a bunny cotton ball dispenser, but here it is!!!!!

    Every bunneh hugger home should have one!

  56. BunFF: mine didn’t really look like that, but yes, a similar idea. In fact, mine looked like what Jaypo described–something my grandmother had had since the 20’s. Pale yellow, with the glaze starting to crackle, and little blue & green flowers painted on one bunny flank.

  57. Aw, jaypo, I donwanna be teh Qte police.

    Say, you lovers of buns out there, I am going to have the opportunity to volunteer with some rescue buns this summer. Schmoop and I are vacationing here: Can you hear my w00ting all across the interwebs? Thought so.

    Anyway, can those of you with bun experience refer me to a good book or online resource for learning more about them? Not so much their care, as staff will instruct me on that, but their psychology and social order. Appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thanks!

  58. I just realized the cotton ball-to-bunny size ratio!

    Such a tiny, tiny bunny 😀

  59. Digital camera: $300
    baby bun from the shelter: $55
    bag o cotton balls: $3

    Listening to CO squeeplode from joy: priceless.

  60. Carrie from Gurnee, IL says:

    Yay Jason from Gurnee, IL for saving little bunny! Aren’t people from Gurnee the *BEST* ?? 🙂

  61. Pheas,
    Your best link for Rabbit Psyc is House Rabbit Society. (i’m not only a memember… ;D)

    And love to the rescue buns you get to take care of! Yeah for you!

  62. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Little bun!!!

    Ooops. I just squeed myself.

  63. Cotton Balls: The official unit of measure for bunnehs.

  64. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Sears Buntrait”! Love it, love it!
    Snorgle in deep, sweet little bunneh. Catch up on all those dreams about carrots.

  65. TracyFlick says:

    What if you bought cotton balls and then opened the bag and then realized it was a bunch of tiny white bunnehs? This would be a great day.

    Erin Nevil: “The touch, the feel, of BUNNEH…the fabric of our lives…”

  66. pheas – looks helpful –
    (same thing Bunff recommended)

    either that or read watership down 😉

  67. But whats softer bunbun or cotton wool balls?

  68. Nice stretched out toes! Perfect for Toesday!

  69. Awwwwwww, sleepy baby bunbun!

    Oh, and GREAT NEWS, people – two dolphins rescued in Hurricane Katrina have now become mothers!!!

  70. Pheas, google “Language of Lagomorphs.” He has lots of good info on interpreting bunny communications. Also try

    the official website of the House Rabbit Society. They have a behaviour section. And there are lots of us bunny folks hanging around in the carrot patch, too!

  71. oops! guess I should’ve refreshed my page before responding! sorry for the repeat.

  72. Q: How can you tell it’s a male bunneh?
    A: By the cotton balls!!

  73. Theo… I’m like JONESING!

  74. I want to kees his leetle nose

  75. MegOnFire — you might want to change your screen name to distinguish yourself from THE Meg:
    (just a suggestion)

    Helene — sorry, no can helps, today… but I will say that I’ve got a kitten-related CO post of my own coming, which I haven’t had any time yet to prepare.

  76. It’s– bunnular!
    It’s bunnicular!
    It’s bun-TASTIC!
    It’s bunniLICIOUS!

  77. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Subhangi – Thanks so much for the link on the dolphins!!! That’s so exciting!!!

  78. This is just like looking at photos of Knut. You squee over the adorable thing even while knowing it’s going to grow up to be a savage, man-eating beast. 🙂

  79. Arvay, girl, luvs ya, but yer bat#%@& inSANE.

  80. i just cant get over his left paw spreading the toes like there is no tomorrow. it’s way to cute for this world

  81. useta hada kitteh says:

    (oh, it’s so good to have C.O. back…it wouldn’t even load for me for a few days there…)

    This bun-bun looks like I feel this afternoon at work. Must.keep.head.up… ehn. Aw, fo’get about it, put head down on soft stuff an’ go ta sleep, little bun-bun.

  82. Beauregard says:

    Buntrait!! LOL! See, others can try, but they can never be Meg.

  83. Fuzzybutt says:

    Head. ‘Sploded.

  84. OMG HIGH SPEED LOADING! W00T! Faster Teh Qteness for me!

  85. Thanks for the bun tips, BunFF, jen, and jaypo! Very helpful. Not as helpful as if I had little Mr. Cottontocks here to instruct me one-on-one, but still excellent.

  86. arvay – why do i hear pavarotti when i look at your bunneh pic?

  87. Baby Bunneh disapproval!

  88. Arvay.. I luv your pages. Your bunnies really do look like bunny slippers and those ratties are the best, too bad they aren’t still with you… Good luck on adopting a new Pup

  89. baristacat says:

    please post more cute! i need some cute after reading about all the sad things that happen. nothing like sugarcoating the world and its sadness with buns and kitties and puppies!

  90. I would pet the bunneh bebeh wif one finger, and even that might be overdoing it.

  91. Jen — you hear tenor arias, I hear jungle calls. (This is my domain, and I protect those who come here… for I am Tarzan, bun of the jungle)

  92. Yes T., bun-gle in the jungle.

  93. fawn lust says:

    omg, he’s stay-puft!

  94. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh – cotton insatweena mah fuzzy bunny toessssss… you lookin’ at my leeps you know you want some fuzzy bunny leeps … zzzzzzzzzzzzz …

  95. Meg sometimes you kill me. It is Tuesday night. You haven’t updated in what feels like forever and my econ homework is melting my braiiiiiiiiin. I need zee QTE! Please help!

    Not that I don’t love the bunneh I love the bunneh I just need my fix. *starts scratching*

  96. “What if you bought cotton balls and then opened the bag and then realized it was a bunch of tiny white bunnehs? This would be a great day.”

    I squealed aloud at 4 in the morning at this mental image.

  97. For anyone who discovers an “orphaned” wild rabbit (baby), see

    Good wildlife rehabbers *can* help.

  98. This bun pic is a perfect “Photo Shoot”. You should do a category. There seem to be quite a few “Photo Shoots.” That bunny looks as soft ‘n’ silky as my friend’s hamster and believe me, that’s soft.

  99. thats exactly what my bunny looked like when i got her. her ears were as short as a dime

  100. OMG it looks like she is on clouds and she is sooo cute she could be an angel…..
    ( ‘.’)
    ( () )O
    () ()

  101. OMG it looks like she is on clouds and she is sooo cute she could be an angel…..
    ( ‘.’)
    ( () )O
    () ()

  102. Evie The Bunny Artist! says:

    ()_() ()_() ()_()
    ( ‘.’ ) ( ‘.’ ) ( ‘.’ )
    ( () )0 ( () )0 ( () )0
    () () () () () ()
    I THINK THAT………….
    BUNNY ATACK!!!!!!!!
    ()_() ()_() ()_()
    ( ‘.’ ) ( ‘.’ ) ( ‘.’ )
    ( () )O ( () )0 ( () )0
    () () () () () ()