THIS JUST IN: This cat thinks she’s way cuter

Im_way_cuter…and deserves to be on the site instead of the pug. Check out Becca the cat, she’s all: "mer. rowr. (looks away quickly)

Thanks, R. Cruse



  1. To each their own.

  2. she’s saying:
    That’s not funny.

  3. Kitty Surf!

  4. that is one disapproving kitteh!

  5. I agree, DKN. Kitty completely disapproves of Laughing Pug.

  6. Kitty:”This, this is cute! You humans have no taste, now where is my tuna!”

  7. ooh, who is that hottie on the tv back there? that’s not orlando, is it? (dont think so…)

  8. SlaveToThreeFelines says:

    My cats would agree. They are much cuter than that mug. But, they are cats, and they think they are cuter than anything. Well, except Scarlett because she KNOWS she’s the most beautiful girl in the world.

    And, that is Mark Consuelos on the TV in the background, I believe, on Regis and Kelly.

  9. No wonder my laptop had all these paw marks on it. Sneaky little kitty.
    ———————— – Post your funny pet pics

  10. my cats would agree to they think that they are way cuter thank any dog in fact my dog thinks he is a cat , the only problem with that thinking he is a 100lb chessy/lab mix of which I just got a dirty look from

  11. Well duh! Of course a cat, any cat, would consider herself better looking than a pug. AND of course, she would be right!

  12. Becca kitty, now see?? YOU’RE on C.O. too! Higher on the page than the silly Puggers and everythin’! Feel bettoh?

  13. Becca is waiting for the pictures of Knuty goodness to be posted.

  14. kitteh’s all “harrumph”

  15. acelightning says:

    “Why are you wasting bandwidth to look at some stupid dog sticking his tongue out, when you’ve got a perfectly gorgeous CAT right here?”

  16. I really think that cats sometimes are permenantly disgusted. One of the reasons why I love them so.

  17. Spryte808 says:

    I HEART people who use captions on their TV’s! (being deaf myself *I* NEED captions!) as much as I need my cute overload! =)

  18. I like the pug better, even though pugs are wrinkly they are still kind of cute. Appearance is not everything. 😉

  19. andrea l nash says:

    It’s very windy. I love that – don’t you?

  20. Tessa, NYC says:

    Sorry, pugly, but I’m afraid the cat is definitely way cuter.

  21. It’s Regis on Kelly on the TV! That’s Kelly’s boyfriend.
    I bet the cat likes it when Mark co-hosts too.

  22. Awwww no way! The pug is adorable and goofy (the cat’s cute too, but not as cute as the pug), imo.

  23. Yay! Saved from dreary non-felinity! Even though Knut is cute and the pug can’t stop laughing, I’m always a little sad when there’s no cat on the front page.

  24. kitty:

    nods incredulously.

    turns off computer.

    saunters off, disapprovingly.

    takes nap.

  25. It’s not the pug she’s disapproving of. It’s the laptop. She thinks you should have gotten a mac.
    As we all know, cats are creatures of discernment and, therefore, prefer macs 🙂

  26. the cat’s all like – I’m cute 2.0 – that dog’s just old skool

  27. That looks a lot like my cat except he never looked disapproving. Not even for dogs. I miss him. snf.

    As for the hottie in the background, I can’t quite tell, but whoever said it’s Kelly’s “boyfriend” be careful, she has a hottie husband (Mark Consuelos) and that’s probably him as someone else pointed out. Or some other cutie with dark hair etc. Definitely not Kelly’s “boyfriend” though.

  28. ThreeCatNight says:

    “That dog is not ‘all that’.
    Remember – cats totally rule! And let that be a lesson to you. Thank you.”

  29. Kitty Disapproval!

    “Someone make that pug STOP!”

  30. Kitty is upset that she is not as cute as the pug. She’s just a silly cat.

    You need more wrinkles and a crazy habit of panting!

  31. Kitty: “Dogz droolz,
    Catz rulez!”

  32. *blinks*

    No comments about being “catty?” Maybe that’s redundant even for this board.

    Someone definitely needs a saucer of milk.

  33. my name iz Sheri an I leev wit my mom and stoopid dogz. catz r better.

  34. i like how the cat’s all peeved…’don’t be lookin’ over my shoulder when I’m surving the internet…i have my own life yaknow…got some private needs…MYOB’

  35. RE-pugnant. Puh-leez..