Puppy? or Chicken?



Love this guy’s narration.

Please check out Percy the pup, sleeping like a chicken filet.

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Excellent find, Ann M. 😉



  1. He does kinda look like a rubber chicken…

  2. LOL the narrator is so matter-of-fact: “No, he’s not dead…”

  3. Aww! Those guys and their puppy are so cute!

  4. I can almost hear Julia Child…”toDAAAY we have a lovely chicken fillet to prepare. Oh this one looks so big and plump, don’t you think? Now, first we’ll flatten it with a mallet.. (Puts one hand on chicken/puppy breast, puppy sneezes in his sleep) OH!!! OHH DEARY ME!!! *grabs glass of wine, guzzles it down, fans at self for composure* 😉

  5. Too cute! Oh, look, there’s more sleeping Percy!!


    I just love how these guys carefully document how little Percy sleeps 😛 Maybe we can have a Guys & Pups category someday? Pwweeeeze?

  6. You have to watch all the vids inna row- especially the one where he is dreaming and snoring. I wonder what dogs dream about… Chips, and feet, and tires…

  7. The other videos are just as funny and adorable. Too cute!

  8. AuntieMame says:

    Which came first? The chicken or the puppy?

    Although at that size, he’s more like a Cornish game hen. 🙂

  9. juggle geese says:

    rotate that pic by 90 degree and it looks like something from chinatown.

  10. Erm… I hope you mean Rubber Chicken Chinatown.
    ‘Cause it’s hard not to take that offhand comment the “wrong way”.

  11. Michelle says:

    chicken. definitely chicken.

  12. Lol, my two Frenchies both sleep like that! They’re both brindle, though, so the effect is somewhat less chicken-like.

  13. musicchick2, lol! i CAN hear julia child!

  14. Laurie C says:

    juddle geese, do you perhaps meant all the places in Chinatown with the barbecued ducks hanging in the windows? (I hope)

  15. He’s cute! And I love the comments on the youtube site. All those people going, “Of COURSE, it’s a dog, you idiots! You can tell from the way blahblahblah…”

    I mean, I’m dense, but even I’m not that dense!

  16. pupken, for sure. Pink belly proves it.

  17. Hey, that dog’s acting like a chicken!! At least it’s not being a scaredy cat…. OK, now to the puppeh who seems to be the only one who’s laughing at my jokes lol.

  18. Persephone says:

    Adorable! He looks so comfterbuls, especially sleeping on his human’s lap.

    I hope he was joking when he said that he wanted to film the puppy from the waist up to make a “kid-friendly version.” Puppy wang is not adult content!

  19. I liked the comment at the end of the “last” YouTube video:

    “You’ve now spent a minute watching a dog sleep on its back, so you must not have anything else to do…”

    (Indeed, I don’t.)

  20. I always thought Frenchies were shaped like little pork roasts…they’re so wonderfully stocky and muscular. I think they have the softestest muzzlepouches EVAR! The ultimate is to be snorgled by Frenchies *swoon*

  21. I just watched all 3 videos. The narration makes it, really. I love the comment at the end of the last video- “Well, you just watched a full minute of a puppy lying flat on his back, so you must have nothing better to do with your time.” Sad, but true.

  22. Yvette- I honestly didn’t mean to write the almost exact same thing as you. Your comment wasn’t there yet when I started typing mine. Great minds think alike, I guess.

  23. Puppy Wang? Persephone I just snorted.

  24. R. Moore says:

    Hmm, looks rather chicken-like to me!

  25. All three videos are cute, but see if you can find the one of him chewing on a bone, and how the narrator, who has grown up with cats, marvels at how Percy’s paws become like hands. The end is so cute… “You’re intelligent aren’t you? Yes you are!” *melts*. If only all men were so sweet. Yeah, he got us fooled. Probably married already. 😛

  26. KaitouJuliet says:

    So cute! And hilarious! You’d think the puppy wouldn’t be comfortable like that, but he certainly looks happy.

    FWIW, I assumed the Chinatown comment referred to food shops with chickens and ducks hanging up by their feet. I’m not even sure what the other possible meaning was, and I think I’m glad….

  27. ThreeCatNight says:

    Don’t think I like that “chicken filet” analogy; unfortunate choice of words.
    Just another adorable belleh I’d like to rub.

  28. Eeee, so cute. My kitty does this, but he’s about three feet longer than that little pup.

  29. I am debating how to tactfully combine the Puppy Wang and Chinatown references into a surname joke… but the risk of sounding racist is outweighing the actual funnyness…

    But I can say this: That is a deelishious looking chicken. Where’s the spice rub?

    And Mandy – I believe about 10% of men are that sweet – and not many of them are married! (yet)