Best photo of Knut EVAR!!!1!

Knut, the International Subearstar, is steppin’ it up a notch with this one. Crimminy, People.

Sender-inner Brinke thinks this is the best Knut photo yet. I am cautiously optimistic, but I’m wondering what you think. And I’m talkin’ to you Annie Leibowitz.



Brinke G., Danke!



  1. I like the top one…and am I bleeeeeen?

  2. I personally like the German Vanity Fair cover. You can see his squashy little belly, and he looks just a tiny bit like he’s planning on taking over the world in a B-movie attempt at being the most adorable Japanese monster character yet. Knutzilla’s got my vote!

  3. I think the top picture is adorable, but i think i prefer videos of Knut to pictures, because you see the cuteness in action! 🙂

  4. I read online that poor lil Knut was sick today 😦 get better dude!

  5. I’m still a fan of the original Knuty goodness. My personal favorite is the one of him lounging with his arm up in the air as if saying – “Hello world! Prepare to by amazed by the cuteness of Knut!” – Though the Knutzilla is pretty awesome

  6. He’s just THE cutest thing eva!!

    (And yay! I’m 6th again!)

  7. Couldn’t the magazine be Vanity Bear just this once?

  8. I agree with Sissy. He sure is the cutest thing eva.

  9. OMG Knut taking over Tokyo? That would be like CUTE on top of CUTE rolled up in CUTE with CUTE squishing out the sides… with CUTE dipping sauce.

  10. ‘vanity bear’ – ann. lol.
    gosh i love those humungous paws.

  11. Dustbunny says:

    The headline on the top left side of the mag says “I’m not the marrying type”, which for one confusing minute I thought referred to Knut. I figured they got a bear psychic to “talk” to him or something…nevermind : P

  12. Im getting this “view certificate” warning when I visit here now, but its loading lots faster.

  13. Awww. (sniff). Little Knut is growing up right before our eyes. (sniff)

    On a related note, has anyone noticed Stephen Colbert has been upping the cute factor lately?? Do you think he saw himself on Cute Overload?

  14. P.S. (regarding the headline in the lower left corner of the Vanity Fair) Forget Patrick Dempsey! Knut ist mein Traumdoktor!

  15. pinkwerewolff says:

    I’m seeing a slightly evil look in his eyes…
    OMG! He’s planning to take over the world with his cuteness!!


  16. “CUTE dipping sauce” hee hee hee, I love that!

  17. goldie10x says:

    I love Knut! When I am having a rough day, and CO hasn’t updated yet, I google pics of Knut and he makes me smile. 🙂

  18. Yay, Knut! Yay, for all those years of German studies to finally be useful!

  19. Drama's Mama says:

    Even if Knut really IS planning on taking over the world, I’d be ok with it.

    Just imagine- huge pictures of ‘Big Brother Knut’ everywhere you’d look! Sounds perfect to me!

  20. tracyflick says:

    I want to eat it. Watch out, Knut.

  21. You know… I JUST saw that bear on a magazine cover at the grocery store.. I didn’t think he was cute at all. I mean, sure!, I would hug it, pet it, carry it around….

    … CUTE!

  22. Christine Hughes says:

    OMG, so cute! I think the second pic is cuter, though — Princess Di eyes + paws up.

  23. what a total cutie I don’t care what picture they show of knut its 1000% cute he is so special and wonderful

    I wish I could watch him live all day long

  24. browngrl says:

    I hope that that nasty “environmentalist” who thought Knut should be killed sees this picture and is so overloaded with cute he collapses in a pile of goo

  25. Best B.E.F. EVAR!!!

  26. Directly from the Berlin Zoo website, here’s a link where you can see video of Knute AND download wallpapers peoples!! For reals!! I think the wallpaper photo is the cutest pic, INHO. Check it!

  27. OOPS! That shoulda been IMHO…sowwy

  28. Martha in Washington says:

    AWWW! I think he’s smiling in that first picture. Knutzilla could take over my world anytime!

  29. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! OMG, peeps, you GOTTA check out those vids! Big loud schlurpy noises suckin’ on a bottle and getting milk or yogurt all ovah his nosie! Stealin’ the sponge from the keeper at bathtime! Polah bear wrestlin’ wif his keeper!! I am totally asplodin’ ovah heah! ::ded::

  30. Ok so I heart Knut. Cuz he makes being German cool again.

    Can we talk about how he’s like a puppy in a teddy bear suit?!?!?!? I can’t take it!

  31. jlp111111 says:

    not Knutzilla … cutezilla!

  32. Chris D. says:

    I only hope he stays the path and avoids going the way of so many child stars before him. Knut, stay cute. Don’t let it go to your head!

  33. Yitzysmommie says:

    Today, I NEED Knut. Good day for some ultra Qte, Meggers & Teho. We need our CO to make the world a tolerable place today.

  34. damn, i was going to say “vanity bear” but somebody else with the same name as me beat me to it. i guess great ann(e)s think alike.

    which of these is supposed to be the “best” pic of Knut ever? i vote for BOTH!

  35. Mmm… Patrick Dempsey.

  36. OK… the “Vanity Bear” and “Knutzilla” peeps are quite correct. Cover photo is now RE-retitled.

  37. he is getting so big and i think even cuter..if that is possible…i think it is…. 🙂

  38. Good thing we have pictures as they’ve supposedly pulled him from the exhibit.

    Apparently we’re teething and not feeling well.

  39. Knut still k-yoot.

  40. darkshines says:

    I absolutely LOVE Knut, if he needs an English mommy for when he grows up, he can have a huge back yard here. Although I sense he would spend a lot of time curled up asleep in front of the open fridge……

  41. Look at those lips!!! How cute is he!!!??? Scrumptous!!!

  42. I vote for Knut as Cute Overload Mascot Of All Time! I like the top one because of the wholly button eyes and the determined mouth; marching right into our hearts, determined to be the cutest EVAH!

  43. Here’s a link to the German Vanity Fair website with a Knut slideshow. Very Cute!!!!

  44. OMG his eyes are like buttons.

  45. velcrotrainer says:

    i hate to say it. but although he’s got perfecteyecontact and glistening white fur in the top photo… the di eyes and paws up in the german vanity fair just takes the cake.

  46. WOOT KNUT!

  47. You need to open a sister site: Knut Overload!

  48. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Tai Shan the panda is 1st number one cutey and Knut is runner up. Knut has a cold so I hope he gets better soon.

  49. Beastmaster says:

    “You’re in a zoo in Berlin, and Knut crawls out of an igloo and starts insulting your kitty in the worst way. Act now!”

  50. Beastmaster: I stick out my tongue and go THPPPPPPPPPPPHT!

    Then I roll d20 with +2 Ewww modifier, and I quit reading the news.

  51. one of the erins says:

    ha Theo you rock

  52. Princess Di eyes on a polar bear?! Unprecedented!

  53. The only way Knut could be any more adorable is if he sprouted bunneh ears.

  54. Aah!! I bought that Vanity Fair because Knut was on the Cover 🙂 there’s a whole Report about him. I’m gonna scan in tomorrow.
    AND I saw Knut live when I went to Berlin (I’m from Germany). KEWT!!

    But he’s ill at the moment… 😦 get well soon, lil’ fella.

  55. Awwwwwww. He’s still a cute roly poly lil’ baby.

  56. beenclawed says:

    How many times is this li’l guy goin’ to keeel me????? I am so ded, again!

  57. KaitouJuliet says:

    It’s hard to choose but I give pic #1 a slight edge. The expression is so appealing, and check out the ear-to-head ratio!

  58. I prefer “Knut Fights the Evil Blankie”:

  59. HeidStar says:


    I mentioned Knut’s star turn a few posts back. On the American version of the Vanity Fair cover he’s ‘shopped into a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio on a glacier in ICELAND. And there’s video to watch of the Knut Photoshoot

  60. Beastmaster says:

    Bad joke.

    Apologeez, happy people!

  61. Suda Nim says:

    Beastmaster — No apologeez necessary. Good joke. Joke good.

  62. Can we send get-well cards to Knut? Poor little boo-boo bear.

  63. omg! patrick dempsey!

  64. katherine says:

    both pictures are cute — but the bottom one has Princess Di eyes!

  65. oof – he’s lovely! Hope he stays as cute once he’s supersized!

  66. Knut will be on the American Vanity Fair cover again with Leonardo DiCaprio next month. Photos by Annie Lebowitz.

  67. I believe it’s Leibovitz; I always make that mistake, so I have to double-check every time I see her name. And that cover with Leo is nowhere as great as the cover of the German VF.

  68. OMG, I LOVE the blankie picture!

  69. Apparently his keeper, Thomas Doerflein, would sing him to sleep with Elvis songs. THAT’s cute right there.

  70. Here is Knuts official blog:
    Lots of photos, videos and photogalleries with pictures taken by the fans

  71. I was watching Animal Planet and they were talking about polar bears, they were saying how polar bears are going to be gone forever in the next 30 to 40 years!!! when i heard that I was heart broken… but I think this is the cutest polar bear baby I have ever seen.