Mo’ votin’!

What is going ON!?It’s like voting season all over the place.There is only one thing left to do. And that is to VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Here. Click this big button:

My site was nominated for Best Blog of All Time!



  1. I did!

    Again, not sure if I voted like a stoat. Or a bleen.

  2. Another Angela says:

    Meg, people must already be voting!! congrats again!

  3. Still behind ICHC, which is great but no CO.

  4. R. Moore says:

    I repeat:

    Vote Vote Vote!
    Vote Vote Vote!
    Unless you are a goat,
    Cause Goats can’t vote!

  5. This site has also been nominated for: Best Animal Blogger, Best Entertainment Blog, Best Humor Blog, Best Photography Blog

  6. Thanks alivicwil! You beat me to it. Good job telling everyone to vote in all 5 FIVE categories!! Vote, vote, vote!! This is DIFFERENT from the Webbies, people! C.O. is representin’ all over the place!! Way to go Meg!

  7. Spryte808 says:

    I voted! My vote counts (i hope!) Aloha!


  8. No I won’t vote!
    Everyday it’s come down to self-advertising. I’m sick of it: RSS shows something new – rats just another “plea for votes”.
    I request more actual CUTE content!
    Make a ticker or banner or something on top of the page so that you see it when there is actually something worth looking for.

    CO is good. Everybody knows that. you don’t need to beg for votes – that much! Thanks.

    PS: I am potentially willing to vote for CO. But am reluctant to being ‘forced’ to do so.

  9. Vote I will (in a Yoda voice). Did anyone notice/mention that this site has been incredibly slow (at least it has been for me) for what’s been 3 days now. What’s goin’ on?

  10. voted.

    yes indeedy i have noticed this site has been slow lately.

  11. I voted, bitches! 🙂

  12. Voted! CO FTW!

  13. Christine Hughes says:

    I voted for CO in Best Animal Blog (which is the one where we’re second to ICHC) and ICHC in Humour.

  14. Lunch Lady :) says:

    I LOVE this site! I’m a newbe here and I’m hooked. Hooked on cuteness!

  15. Lunch Lady :) says:

    oh, and yes, I voted!! 😉

  16. AuntieMame says:

    I’ll vote for CO in the categories where it’s on the first page, but I’m not going to go searching through dozens of pages for it.

    This is why I said yesterday that the blogger’s choice awards were ridiculous. Anybody can nominate anything.

  17. AuntieMame – I too voted for CO only if it was on the first page already. I’ve noticed people have nominated some really weird sites!

  18. Pppsssst—Lurker, Christine…. *whispers* What’s ICHC?

  19. Oh, never mind. I figgered it out.

  20. Well, I totally voted. Don’t feel any peer pressure kids. Just because all of the kids over here at the cool lunch table did.
    And besides, I don’t have anything else to do but hang out on CO…wait, did I say that last bit out loud?

  21. Laurie C says:

    garfield, nobody’s forcing you to vote. Only you control the buttons you click.

    Vote, or vote not, (stealing Say Yesh’s Yoda voice), there is no “forced”.

  22. R. Moore says:

    Okay, so CO has been slow for you guys, too? I thought something was funny.

  23. AuntieMame says:

    It has been really slow on my work computer, but everything has been slow at work.

    Here at home, however, it seems to be working okay. Posting a comment takes a few seconds more than it should, but the pictures download fine.

  24. Going the same speed for me as always.

    Yes, there are too many blogs listed, but if you go from the page you get when you click the button Meg put up there, you’ll see the list of categories to vote in.

    At least go for “All Time” “Animal” and “Humor”, right?

    Really, peeps, is doing a couple clicky things too much to ask in return for all the ROFLs, squees, and head asplosions CO has brought us? I think not.

    (And rilly, Teh Qte MUST win aminal blog. Pshyeah.)

  25. Lordee me, they’ve started already …

    a message to those who’ve posted whiney, bitchy comments & those who are thinking of nuff-ing:

    Life is not perfect.

    Accept it.

    Go away.

    Stay away.

  26. And who brought this up in the comments of the stoat-voteness? Me, and ur welcome.

    W00T for CO!! Yay for all the nominations :-).

    That is all.

  27. oaklandcat says:

    I’m havin the same sloooooowness problem as some other peeps. What’s goin’ on? Must….sit…..and…..wait…..for….page….to…..load…..

  28. i voted!

  29. tabbycat917 says:


  30. I love visiting this site for all the cute pics but since the background has been changed it takes forever to download the pics to the page. Can that be changed?

  31. CS — the slowness started way after the background changed… like, sometime last week. There’s something else going on we can’t put a finger on, yet.

  32. yankeebird says:

    Could it be browser-related? I’m using Firefox (which if you aren’t, you should be!) and am having problems.

  33. It’s been slow for me lately (running IE). But worth the wait!