Bebe I’m Kerrrrlde

LerveThese monks almost made it through Friday the 13th and boy are their arms tired. Shout out to Animateca for this simian snugglefest.



  1. They look like siamese twins!

  2. omg ugly monkeys. can you please move them to they really don’t belong here.

  3. Augh! NOT cute. Terrifying!

  4. Suzy's Mom says:

    Boy 2 nuffs already. Sad.
    The cold widdle monkeys are sweet. Good thing they have each other to stay warm.

  5. Aww! Aren’t those the kinds of monkeys I’ve seen on documentaries, sitting in their natural hot tubs? Anyone know what I’m talking about? I’d look into it, but I gotta go to bed.

    LOL @ “boy are their arms tired.”

  6. Meeps2003 says:

    Does this look kinda fake, like photoshop or something to anyone else???

  7. Well, I think it’s kinda cute with the hugging and all, but don’t they look like skinny old men wearing fur suits???
    Let’s call this “cute or scary” 🙂

  8. Well, I think it’s kinda cute with the hugging and all, but don’t they look like skinny old men wearing fur suits???
    Let’s call this “cute or scary” 🙂

  9. dammit double post!
    they aren’t THAT scary
    poor little monkeys…

  10. Is this pic for real? Their faces look like very old people cuddling together, but their bodies look like koalas. I’m tewtally confuzzled.

  11. oh god. those faces freak me out. they’re like windows into scarred human souls.

  12. nightbird says:

    poor little monkeys…so cold, I know how they feel. chilly-burr!!!!

  13. Not fake. They’re Japanese Macaques, and that’s exactly what they look like.

  14. ka9q's wife says:

    They look sad and cold. I would hug them yeah their faces look a bit like Tom Wait’s but i bet they are soft and would love to warm up a bit.

  15. DO NOT WANT!!!!

  16. Jennofur says:

    Those monkeys look like Don Imus!

  17. They DO look all cold and grateful to have each other to snuggle up wif. It’s sweet, not ugly! Geesh!

    OK… as a public service to the Nuffs and non-Nuffs alike, I give you the link from which this photo was originally gleaned. The photos are PROSH, people!!! Prehcious with a capital P!! Enjoy! Now let’s post some cheerier comments, shall we? 😉

  18. Why do they look so sad to me? =(

  19. Love em. Want em. See em live right here:

  20. I think they scare people because of how human they look :X

    They really do look like little old men in fur suits 😀

    Creepy little old men, but still o:

  21. They look cute, not scary. The one on the left especially.


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  23. Ahhh! too cute… brain esplode

  24. NTMTOM, baroo?

  25. Lurkertype: Well, don’t they just look they were caught off-guard by a hidden camera? That’s what it looked like to me, anyway.

  26. Spryte808 says:

    That Don Imus comment made me laugh coz I thought Imus has that weird ugly monkey mug and then I see these pics on cute overload.. its cute and its kind of…. scary in its own way because it looks like Imus.

  27. Haha I do NOT think these monks are cute, funny though.

  28. Karebear says:

    I’m torn… I think without the fluff, they’d loose their cute.
    Haha, Don Imus… you’re right!
    But Imus isn’t cute, because he doesn’t have that fluff!

    on an unrelated note, is this page loading really slow for anyone else the last few days? Both home and at work, usually takes about a second to load, lately, it’s more like a minute. Is it me, or is something going on?

  29. how plush! i want to smoosh them and brush them. their fur is remniscient of koala fur.

    yes the site has been slow to load for a few days now.

  30. Rdhwyalane says:

    What is “collid”?

  31. anonymous says:

    uuuhm.. no comment… 😛

  32. belphebe says:

    Rdhwyalane, I believe ‘collid’ is supposed to be like saying “cold”, but your teeth are chattering so much you can’t speak properly.

    So cute! Keeping each other warm like that.

    And yes, CO has been slow to load for me as well, even on my work computer. Maybe there is lots of extra traffic because of the voting?

  33. girlnextdoortn says:

    too slow to load here, too.

  34. NTMTOM – Do you have a blog, dude? That was hilarious!

  35. Subhangi: Thanks for the compliment! I have been thinking about starting a blog, actually. Thanks to CO, I’ve discovered a talent for “found object” storytelling, and maybe I could start a blog so that I could indulge that more often.

    One thing that concerns me about running a blog that relies upon photos is getting permission to use these images. I remember that there was a bit of a problem here on CO a while back when a rightsholder complained, and I wonder what CO does these days to avoid these problems.

    Theo, if you’re reading this, maybe you could offer some advice.

  36. Critterfriend says:

    Look at those humanoid little faces! Score 1 for Darwin.

  37. well, I tink dey’re so fluffi and cute…so people-like.

  38. Other Mike —
    Generally it’s a good idea to get all permissions & rights up front for photos etc., especially if you’re planning to turn them into merchandise (like the World Peace Hamster t-shirt). What YOU’RE describing, though, is essentially your own original fiction that was simply inspired by some pic or idea as a starting point. All authors do this to some degree or other. Gut feel (IANAL) is that you wouldn’t need to worry too much.

    Oh, and I still like Vox as a blog tool, but a more writerly medium might be LiveJournal. Me Schmoop uses it.

  39. Theo: Thanks for the input. I agree that my use of the images would be fairly innocent, but all the same, I would be incorporating someone else’s intellectual property into my own, and I would want to be careful not to offend or break the law.

    And my stories really don’t “work” without the pictures. I suppose I could link to them, but it wouldn’t be as entertaining.

  40. I love these little dudes. I totally want one!

    But agree, they would lose the cute without the fluff I think.

  41. NMTOM- you don’t need a blog dude, you need to write a novel. For reals- and all the peeps on CO would buy it, and you’d be a bazillionaire.

  42. I don’t know about Japan, I think these guys are from cleveland, where it is freezing and the sun never shines. I *need* a fur coat- Did you hear that honey? He replies: Just stop shaving your legs and you’ll have one in like two days. He shrivels up and dies under my withering gaze.

  43. They look soooo soft! Like little people in furry snow suits. Can I get in there too? =D

  44. I also thought this picture looked ‘shopped.

    I *adore* Japanese macaques, and I have a picture of a particularly chilly-looking one up in my room, but the tones and definition of the faces and head fur in this pic look different to the bodies.

    No diss intended… it may all be completely natural.

  45. Piggalette says:

    LOL! Hey, give me my husband back!

  46. NTMTOM you should write short storys or novels not a blog you are totally awesome. I was enthralled. and I read alot of novels. Hope you do I would buy your books

  47. Dude, this is not cute at all.

  48. Haha, I do NOT think these monks are cute. Kinda funny though.

  49. Well,Piggalette, I can’t cause I kilt him. Ded. If you want him your gonna need to bring a
    dust pan and broom.

  50. i can’t tell if the site is slower than normal. geesh. if you guys think 5 seconds to load is slow, you should try loading this mammoth on a dial-up connexion. that’s what i get for being a poor college student. meh.

  51. Verrry slow, both at home and work.

  52. If anyone needs lessons on how to snorgle correctly these guys, and gals would be grat teachers. They Snorgle all day and night long. Those faces are amazing you really can read what there thinking , well almost. I think they look cuter sitting in the water myself.

  53. great not grat

  54. These monkeys are scary. I agree, their fuzziness is enticing, but their faces ::shudders:: reminds me of the haunted dead.

  55. These monkeys look so scary that I find myself scrolling past them quickly so that maybe I won’t see them. Scary, freaky, yucky.

  56. More snow monkeys for soxfan! Photographer Steve Bloom has some excellent shots of Japanese Macaques, including some very precious pics of them rolling snowballs!

    (I saw those photos in Bloom’s collection “In Praise of Primates,” which is well worth the cover price and more.)

  57. Yay! Monkeys!

  58. A great pic!

    NTMTOM:You def got talent.