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Vote! Cute Overload for People’s Voice at the WEBBY’S!

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// EDIT — OK OK, just this ONCE.  Wouldn’t want to sound unprofeshe.
Original version still available here!  – Theo //



  1. Hahah, cute. I’ll vote. 🙂

  2. Bleen? I already deeed eet….3 times, with my 3 different email addresses *hangs head in shame*

  3. You know what’s not cute? The word “bitches”. Not to be too PC, and I’m as tired as you all are about the Don Imus thing (probably), but c’mon, it’s not funny at best and offensive at worst.

    Other than that, I’ve loved this site and voted for you for the Webbies.

  4. I voted yesterday!

    I don’t know if I was like a stoat at all though.

  5. albatross says:

    ritabby –

    uhh. what? forgive me while I have some quiet lulz over here by myself.

    this is a site which features pictures of cute baby animals. look! even here! here in this post is a picture of a tiny stoat. it is pretty uber cute. how can you be upset in the face of all the cute?

    besides, maybe he is talking specifically to a set of female dogs he knows, who in the past have not taken full advantage of their constitutional rights.

    yes. I am almost 100% sure that is it.

  6. eikoleigh says:

    I love it – LOL – !

  7. Michelle says:

    Yay! I voted!

    Although I have to say… Debbie at Stitchy McYarnpants sure presents some stiff competition.

    My cute bitch agrees.

  8. eikoleigh says:

    I voted! 🙂

  9. Done 🙂 Bleh, registering to vote sucks, but still, just had to.

  10. I’m a mother of three and until today enjoyed going to this site with my kids. But using foul language is not cute or funny and I was shocked to see that such a great site had to stoop to that level.

  11. a baby stoat would never use the word “bitches”.
    never ever.

    still, i voted.

  12. maybe the word “bizzatch” would stay under the child-purity-patrol radar.

  13. Smiling Lurker says:

    Awww, but the site IS PG-13, isn’t it? I hope I’m not making up false memories. 🙂

  14. Indeed, I am certain the baby stoat was speaking directly to a group of equally anerable female pups.

  15. I did eet! I did eet!
    *happy bunny dance*

  16. Caroline says:

    I voted thanks to the adorable stoat! CO makes every workday anerable (though Free-speech-hating Nuffs may try their best to harm teh cute.)

  17. A baby stoat might use the word bitches. He could be one badass baby stoat.

  18. PG-13 is a rating set up by the Motion Picture Association of America. It’s not a law. It’s not a Commandment. The public didn’t vote on it. We can take it or leave it. If some Peeps don’t like to see the B word on CO, I think it’s OK for them to mention it, respectfully. And vice versa, respectfully. If a Peep objects to a word, respectfully, then that doesn’t mean they are a hater of all free speech.
    I think there are far cuter word choices. I think the rubber gloves are teh yucky. I think CO is teh voteworthiest.

  19. joodster says:

    Tewtally vote-ed…like a stoat-ed.

  20. I think the rubber gloves were for the safety of the stoatlet’s health.
    Batch betch bitch botch butch.
    (yeah I said “betch” — got a problem with that?)

  21. Maybe Meg and Theo can stand in the unemployment line with Imus.

  22. Amen, Pyrit.

    I just voteded. 🙂 Where’s mah sticker?


    Vox is in FOURTH place under it’s category…which is escaping me right now…but it’s easy to find. Anyway, Vote for VOX, too!

  23. I voted I voted! and for Vox too!
    Weird, huh?
    What’s weird about Teh Qte? other than us, that is….

  24. Voted yesterday itself!

    OED – FYI, Meg and Theo are doing this site for FREE. They already have full-time paying jobs doing something else. So quit your bitching and go tell Imus he’ll have to make it alone.

  25. ok. Where do I get my “I voted.” sticker? Is Mr. Stoatski handing them out?

  26. Theo – And sometimes y, bytch. 🙂

  27. Smiling Lurker says:

    I just meant that it might be good to go over the recent posts quickly before calling the little ones over.

  28. HeidStar says:

    I voted even though my loyalties are somewhat divided. I also lurve Stitchy McYarnpants, but I lurve “teh Qte” just a wee bit more.

    Hey! Speaking of Qte…Knut in the news! With OMG Leo!!!!!1!!

  29. Pyryt — y yes, yr ryt!

  30. Baby stoat #91138 reporting in. Vote cast, Sir. I am pleased to report that Cute Overload is currently in the lead.

  31. Smiling Lurker – Yes, understood, all is good. PG-13 is good too.

    Theo – Y’d stay and play, got a frykin’ meetyng.

  32. I voted!!!!

  33. floppycat says:

    Cranky – I think you answered your own question. 🙂

  34. Yitzysmommie says:

    I voted early and often. Yitzy joined me. Teho, are the kittehs voting too?

  35. AuntieMame says:

    Thank you, pyrit, for having sense! People forget sometimes that freedom of speech applies to everyone, including the people they disagree with, and the fact that they disagree with someone doesn’t automatically make the other person a nuff.

    I don’t like the word, either, and I wish Meg wouldn’t use it. However, it’s her blog, and she can do as she pleases.

    And I voted, too. I have about 12 emails. I wonder if I should register and vote with all of them…

    Vote early! Vote often!

  36. Yitzysmommie says:

    Yo, Te-HO: Izzit moi or are the Interwebs S L O W today? CO is loading V E R Y slowly since last night. Everything else seems to be OK speed.

  37. Okay… there are a lot of kids that come to this site and I personally think that using the word “bitches” is HIGHLY innapropriate. You have lost my vote.

  38. Tina Rhea says:

    I am not a bitch. Nor am I a ho, nappy-headed or otherwise. Whoever put the word in the little ferret’s mouth was not speaking to me. Therefore I am not voting. This word is Not Cute.

  39. You’ve got to be freakin’ KIDDING me. You mean there are people out there who will not vote on a site because of






  40. Subhangi: Sensitive much? Get a grip – it was a joke. Besides – It’s pretty evident that Theo, et al., can certainly stand up for themselves.

  41. Wee stoat who thinks he’s badass cracks me up. I voted.

  42. HeidStar – SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I love Knut! I wanna kees heem, and cuddle heem, and smoosh his belly-


  43. OED – I know they’re more than capable of standing up for themselves, but I took the liberty to do it anyway since they’re my friends, oh how dreadfully sensitive of me. That wasn’t a joke, it smacked of rudeness. (On that note, though, I apologise for being unnecessarily rude as well.) You’re free to express your displeasure at something, but I’m sure you’re capable of doing so without being snarky.

  44. i’m betting my ratties have called me much worse. i can’t be sure though, due to a lack of frequency-lowering transducers and helpful word-bubbles.

  45. Stoats are known for their strong (sometimes offensive) language.
    I understand ritabby was personally offended by it, but even stating that it ‘could be’ offensive is “tewtally redonk”.
    Luv the site, luv the stoat, gonna’ vote later.

  46. I mean ritabby WASN’T personally offended by it.

  47. What if the “one frickin’ word” were “nigger”? Wouldn’t that just be tooo cuuuute? I don’t see a lot of difference, myself. They’re both nasty, degrading, unnnecessary, and divert attention from what was intended. There’s no cost to being civil.

  48. Ya know, the internet, like TV, shouldn’t be used as a babysitter — if it is, maybe mommo and daddo should check out the babysitter before leaving the precious little ‘uns to it.
    And I’m absolutely sure that in the whole wide ‘net, there are gag-producing wholesome sites that never ever ever ever use naughty words (like you hear in the Real World). I doubt that CO will fold and blow away if the Lovejoys take themselves and their kids to those G-rated, oh-so-swell places.
    Good riddance, sez I…less “tsk tsk” entries to read.
    (Oh, yeah, I voted CO, too.)

  49. People, it’s Friday. Stop being so uptight! I think “I voted, bithches!” is funny. It’s not like that word is horribly rude. People need to stop being so sensitive about things. Life is too short to worry about insignificant crap like this.

    Enjoy the cute!

  50. Doh. bithches = bitches

  51. da bitch says:

    Free Speech for goodness sake!!! You go Meggie!

  52. OED — I would Stand Up For Myself, but if I don’t have to, why bother? Feel teh luvs.

  53. Meh. It’s Meg’s site, she can do as she likes. But I consider it an ugly and unnecessary word, and the world has enough ugliness.

    I also find it more embarassing than funny when middle-aged, middle-class white people try to use youth slang du jour (even when they put it in the mouth of a ferret). This is one of many reasons I can’t watch Ty Pennington on Extreme Home Makeover without wanting to beat him senseless with his own megaphone.

    Cute ferrett, though, and CO gets my vote anyhow.

  54. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I come to this site to cheer up my work day and this was disappointing. I don’t want to see profanity because it is offensive to me. My definition of cute does not include that.

  55. I’m not sure CO should have been in the Weird catagory. There’s a lot of stuff out there on the Intarwebs that really is weird. Still, I have more email addresses than I can count, AND I’m from Chicago, so yeah, I’m going to get to work on it shortly.

    Alas, my daughter is getting ready to turn 16, and has replaced the quest for cute with the quest for cool. In our home, my appreciation for cute now goes unappreciated. So, two or three of my votes will have to stand in for hers.

    As for “I voted, bitches,” that’s just ‘tude. “Vote, bitches” would have been quite different–not advisable as a campaign slogan.

  56. (me Schmoop is quite right about Mr. Pennington, btw. Are you listening, Ty?)

  57. lily cain says:

    add me to the list of people who thinks ‘bitch’ is offensive – i don’t even mind profanity that much, but ‘bitch’ in particular i think is offensive to women.

    that said, its use here is pretty innocuous as these things go. and i’m sure meg would never purposely be hurtful or offensive.

    this site absolutely still deserves my vote, but i would be happier not to see that word at the top of my page.

  58. “Who you callin’ a biotch? Your momma’s a sorry biotch! If I’m a biotch your momma’s a biotch!”


    I voted. I’m anti racism/sexism etc seriously, but my own sense of humor is keyed to the fact that these things are out there and we have to try and make some humor out of them. If I sense that the humor is innocent, not ignorant, it’s funny. If I sense an actual bias, it’s not. Humor is delicate that way.

    So whenever Meg uses the “b” word, it cracks me up. Dirty words in and of themselves are funny to me. So sue me.

  59. OK. Made a tiny edit.
    If Meg undoes it, that’s her prerogative, bitches…

  60. I remember when there were no children on the Internet. Those were the days. Then AOL opened the idjit floodgates.

  61. Laurie C says:

    For people who are just discovering that word on this site, you must not have been around long. Meg uses it every couple or three weeks — with this same response. With all due respect, I don’t think she’s taking it out of her (or the stoats’, or the puppies’ or the kittens’) vocabulary. But thanks for playing.

  62. SixFootJen says:

    I am just a little stoat.
    I have got a furry coat.
    I already cast my vote.

    But when I came back to the site,
    I saw a giant C.O. fight
    About a First Amendment right.

    People, please! Let’s all agree
    That while we’re mostly here to “squee,”
    Everybody’s speech is free.

    Meg can post what e’er she likes,
    So folks should monitor their tykes
    To eliminate the “yikes.”

    If a person comments “Ew,”
    That’s a valid viewpoint, too —
    Even if not shared by you.

  63. Huh. I just noticed the number of asterisks is one off. [snicker]

  64. Voted. Stoated. Gloated.


    Re: your comment about the MPAA. Have you seen the documentary “This Film is Not Yet Rated”? It’s an absolutely fascinating look inside the movie ratings beast. I highly recommend it (or if you’ve already seen it, then never mind! :-).

    I think the upset over this word is fueled, in part, by the Imus situation. Remember back when Janet had her “wardrobe malfunction”? People seemed to be a little extra-sensitive after that. Or maybe this word always gets this kind of reaction on this site. I dunno–I can’t remember offhand.

  65. What–“I voted, Babes?”

    Those stoats start out young.

  66. shanchan says:

    Very nice, SFJ!
    That isn’t my favorite word, either, but I can’t really see the comparison to what Imus said. Here, it appears to be used in the inclusive sense, not the exclusive.

  67. And SixFootJen,

    You rawk!

  68. Stephers says:

    I just voted and yay! CO is still in teh lead. I only have the one email address, so I’mma have my bf vote too 😀

  69. I voted. And y’know [ahem] I cast only one ballot, for myself, even though I have many email addresses. [ahem ahem] By all means, though, please do encourage friends & family & co-workers & pets to vote too. (OK, maaaaybe not pets.)

  70. Laurie C says:

    Excellent poem, SFJ!

  71. “And y’know [ahem] I cast only one ballot, for myself, even though I have many email addresses. [ahem ahem]”

    Oh all right.

  72. OMG people complained about “foul language”??? Oh man, this is just too much.

    The kids argument makes me just LOL, “South Park the movie”, much?

    *shakes head*

  73. I agree with Warrior Two. It cracks me up.

  74. FiveEightHelene says:

    SixFootJen, I love you!

  75. Warrior Two said-

    “I voted. I’m anti racism/sexism etc seriously, but my own sense of humor is keyed to the fact that these things are out there and we have to try and make some humor out of them. If I sense that the humor is innocent, not ignorant, it’s funny. If I sense an actual bias, it’s not. Humor is delicate that way.

    So whenever Meg uses the “b” word, it cracks me up. Dirty words in and of themselves are funny to me. So sue me.”

    I really couldn’t have said it better myself. Right on!

  76. Warrior Two, I love you!

  77. lurkingsmirk says:

    Completely off topic — did anyone else read the Brian Jacques books? I always wondered why stoats were evil. Dis one deserves a snorgle.

  78. wantababystoat says:

    I voted and CO is in the lead still! Yeah Meg and Theo! Thanks for the great work…

  79. It is Meg’s blog, and she can cry if she wants to. Peeps who don’t like it should start their own blog! My favorite author is CS Lewis, and he said he wrote because no one wrote the kind of things he liked to read, so he had to write them himself…just a free tip for all the stuffy people who can’t just look away.

  80. wantababystoat says:

    oh, AND,
    “vote vote vote, like a baby stoat” is now stuck in my head. thanks.

  81. 5,2,&1/2Jen says:


  82., I love you!

  83. SixFootJen says:

    To shanchan, Ilism, Laurie C. and FiveEightHelene — glad you liked it! Thought a li’l poem would be nicer than another rant telling everyone to shut up and play nice.

  84. Glad to see the word was changed, I was offended too.

  85. I usually avoid reading comments because I can’t abide people who seem to believe that everything in the world should be child-proofed and totally stripped of ANYthing ANYone might find offensive. Personally, I wouldn’t want to live in a world like that.

    I have been a CO reader since Rule of Cuteness #2, and my favorite part of the site (besides the barfingly adorable pictures, of course) is the voice of Meg (and Theo!). I hope it never changes.

  86. da bitch says:

    Okay, so NOW I am soooo offended by the “babes” comment…proud to be…

  87. I’m offended that the word was changed.

  88. helene: *Keeses*

  89. I voted b***hes! 😀

  90. andycapp says:

    How bout instead of the word “b****es”, we replace it with “hypersensitive, whiney, little turdballs”. It’s not as quick to say, but it rolls off the tongue.

  91. I’m offended that they never have chocolate fudge Pop-Tarts in the vending machine . . . only stupid strawberry.

  92. AuntieMame says:

    SixFootJen, LOVE the poem!!!

    Especially this bit:

    If a person comments “Ew,”
    That’s a valid viewpoint, too —
    Even if not shared by you.

  93. You know what wrecks the cute for me?

    People claiming offence at the drop of a hat.

  94. Yay! I voted for this super-kewl site!

    This commentraversy must have something to do with that radio dude, because no one seemed to take offense at these:

  95. wantababystoat — I thought it was just me.

  96. so disappointed says:

    Esteemed Theo: So much for standing up for yourself! I guess you do need the little 22 y.o. girls to stand up for you! You folded like a cheap doggie sweater!

  97. Wuff wuff, @$$hole.

  98. lily cain says:

    i wish people wouldn’t dismiss the very civil and polite objections of many people here as being “hypersensitive, whiney, little turdballs” – i don’t see much whining, just stating of opinions.

    i love the qte! just wanted to make my voice heard.

  99. Vote Vote Vote!
    Vote Vote Vote!
    Unless you are a goat,
    Cause Goats can’t vote!

  100. sup bitches! I voted!

    And you know what, I was influenced by the “bitches” because it made me laugh! The censored version looks kind of silly.

    I want to make a site where it’s just pictures of cute little animals with curses. And don’t post comments complaining…because it’s an awesome idea.

    Hey, check out this mother f***ing piece of s*** kitten a$$. Cool as h***!

  101. warrior rabbit says:

    B***es…hmm, bitces? bithes?

    Hee. Sorry. Guess I shouldn’t be counting asterisks, but I got here late and only saw the redacted, PC version, and was momentarily confused. But just momentarily.

  102. The Stoat can’t be saying bitches, for those of you in an uproar. bitches would have four * not three, as the picture shows. Way to get all upitty about a word that isn’t even being used. Don’t you understand how asterixs work when it comes to letter replacement.

    And if bitch is offensive, never take your children to a dog show. bitch in the animal world, is a perfectly acceptable word. It’s not like the thing said Cunt (which, if you are smart, you would know shouldn’t be offensive either).

  103. Yitzysmommie says:

    You are Teh Qte!! Love the poem.
    It’s Friday everyones, lets chee-ill out & enjoy the almost weekend.

  104. Everyone’s complaining about something. Maybe I should just avoid commenting on commentraversies altogether, and say that that little dude is ADORABLE!

  105. R. Moore, why can’t goats vote? They can also be Teh Qte, as we have seen here. Should we call the Federal Goat Election Commission?

    While I respect everyone’s right to be offended, I do not respect the thought that EVERYTHING should be suitable for children. “Parent” is a verb, not just a noun.

    I think Teh Qte should be in a category all to itself, forever and ever.

    That would allow us to vote for Stitchy’s terrifyingly humorous stuff as “Weird”.

  106. Persephone says:

    I have to say, I LOLed. But the asterisks are probably a good compromise for people whose flavor of feminism is slightly different than mine.

    Also, totally voting for the site. Meg and Theo, I would like to let you know that my fiance and I now speak CO-speak to each other all the time, as in “I shall kees you!” and “ehn! ehn!” and, *blush* “you have a badonkadonk. A redonkulous badonkadonk!”

  107. TOAST is STOAT sideways. Sort of.

  108. Tell you what, we’re not required by any law to pay any taxes to CO,
    yet we are allowed to vote on CO. Even the goats. Meg/Theo for pres. ’08.

  109. smokeyJoe says:

    wotz wrong with bitches, bitches? it’s not offensive to this gurl.

    just a word, peeps.

  110. Conrad,

    “bitches” was there in all its glory before it was replaced by stars due to too much sensitivity on the parts of people unable to distinguish between humor and bias.

  111. Oh, yeah, Persephone, my husband and I do the CO-speak, too. Especially the “Too moishe” song…

  112. moofyboof says:

    screw all you people who are being too sensitive.. this isnt your blog. go look at some government page if other peoples’ personal webpages “offend” you. or maybe google cute stuff on YOUR own time. put your censorship up my ass, where it belongs. Jeez, let Meg and Theo do as they please. Its not infringing upon your freedom. Theo, put the original back on the main page!

  113. sarah_beth says:

    hehehe i *love* this site, commentroversy and all. right now, i have the scene from boondocks where they argue about the term “bitches” running through my head…i love that show. almost as much as i love this site. hooray for the cute! and bitches!

  114. Moofyboof (what a screen-name!) and others —
    Nah, I’ve already made my judgement call. In this case, in the context of “HEY EVERYBODY COME VOTE FOR US”, I thought, yeah OK, maybe this isn’t the best place for Prime Time Language. (And like I said, just this once.) I don’t think Meg would go up in front of everybody and use “bitches” in her 5-word acceptance speech, y’know.

    And it’s not like I completely clobbered the original version, either; it’s just a click away.

  115. Yes, moofyboof…

    I’m offended by asterisks! Put the letters back up because I am unhappy with the symbols!!

    An asterisk killed my father.

  116. Yeah, I like this one better, Theo. Thanks.

  117. PS — Meg, if you DO spend one of your allotted 5 on “bitches”, I will laff my bitchass off. And make DARN sure there’s video plskthx.

  118. moofyboof says:

    ^^Theo, I’m totally with you. Ahahhaha

  119. moofyboof says:

    …Oops, submitted too soon!

    It reminds me of Easter… when I ‘shopped my little mew-baby’s adorable face onto a painting of Jesus’ resurrection… awful I know, but I sent it to my Catholic friend and he was like “Hm… well 1) I’m Catholic, and generally that would be terrible, but luckily 2) I’m also “Cat-Holic”… so, I’ll let it slide”

    …Just like the people who hate “bitches” yet still vote! Huzzah!

  120. sarah_beth says:

    also, meg’s little chant up there (vote like a stoat, etc) has magically morphed itself into The Thong Song…
    lemme see you vote
    vote vote
    vote like a stoat
    stoat stoat…

  121. SFJ-Wonderful!! I liked it the way it was–but oh well. Anyway, I voted–do I get a sticker? Good job Meg and Theo (my hero) 🙂

  122. Yeah, keep that annoying word out please.

  123. Moggyfan says:

    I think it’s hilarious either way. And, little stoat, I voted.

  124. I can’t say whether I voted like a baby stoat, having never witnessed such (baby stoats use voting booths for privacy, obviously), but I done did voted for the Cute!

    ¡Viva la cute!

  125. OMG, I broke their site with my SQUEE of ultimate battlecry-ness.

  126. New York Michele says:

    I love the site, and the stoat, and I voted! YAYS!
    But I really dislike the word ‘bitch’ (I’m not going to be childish and spell it with asterisks). It makes me cringe inwardly when it’s used casually. At the same time, I understand the context here, and I’m not offended. There’s also something funny about a bunch of tiny cute animals saying curse words in voices that are ever so wee. As for the child argument, I don’t buy that at all. Children hear ‘bitch’ on the playground, on TV, and even from their relatives. That doesn’t make it right, but let’s not pretend that any of us needed to look in a dictionary to figure out the various meanings of that word. Just because adults use a word doesn’t mean children should. It also doesn’t mean that we should all talk like children just because some parents don’t look at a website before letting their children do it. When I was growing up, my parents didn’t think that just because one episode of a program was ‘safe’, they could park me in front of the tv and let me watch every episode in the series by myself.

    My boyfriend and I use cute-speak, too- it’s sickening. We both also know the difference between a grown man picking on young women by insinuating that they are all tacky ghetto diesel lesbians with ugly hair, and a baby stoat incongruously saying a naughty word associated with burly gangster rappers.

  127. yankeebird says:

    As soon as I saw the asteriks in the image and that this had over a hundred comments, I knew I’d find a commentroversy. Sure enough, I was right.

    All I can say is:

    Lighten up, you bitches.

    I am female. I’ve been called bitch more times than I can count, and am NOT offended in the slightest when it’s used in a humorous context as this. It’s not like Meg/Theo actually think we’re all bitches. Pull the stick from your collective asses (can I say asses without offending you?) and chill out. It was a joke. What do you want them to do? Perhaps an interview with Al Sharpton to apologize?

  128. R. Moore, that’s exactly the link I wanted to post!

    Of course, Charlotte’s song would be modified to

    Vote vote vote
    Unless you are a stoat
    ‘Cause stoats can’t vote

  129. Matt Robinson says:

    Bitches!!! That made me vote cause it made me laugh really hard…

  130. Boyfriend: (reading new issue of Harper’s) What’s a Stoat?

    Me: I’m not sure, I’ll look it up. (google image searches) Ohhhhh Cuuuuute! Look at the baby! (thus inspired, I go to cute overload…)

    Me: Oh my god! it’s the exact same baby stoat pic! What are the odds?

    Boyfriend: Whoever runs Cute Overload probably also got the new issue of Harper’s, saw the word and looked it up.

    Me: I suppose that might make sense.

    Boyfriend: Now you know that the person who runs cute overload is an intellectual douchebag.

  131. AVP — except this stoatlet pic has been recycled from last year.

    Don’t count your intellectual douchebags before they hatch.

  132. AuntieMame says:

    Anyone who read “The Wind in the Willows” as a child knows what a stoat is.

    Maybe it’s readers of Harper’s who are the real intellectual douchebags.

  133. Um…Teh-0? There’s a “*” missing from “bitches”, assuming that you’re following protocol and using *s to indicate each missing letter.
    As far as the people who now don’t like this site because of foul language, might I suggest a couple of things:
    1. Meg was only quoting the stoat (just wait for “quoting the stoat” to become a euphemism for something dreadful!), and because she doesn’t agree with censorship she thought that it was only fair to quote him accurately. If you don’t like it, complain to the stoat.
    2. Debbie et al – you are in charge of monitoring what your kids do, see, listen to, read, and where they go on line. If you don’t like stoats saying “bitches”, otters who flash gang signs, or hedgehogs who sing about ax-wounds, then don’t look at them. It’s your right. But once you’ve looked then don’t bitch about it, because your complaints ring hollow. And god-dammit, if some badly-dressed corporate shill who needs a haircut happens to refer to a certain womens basketball team as nappy-headed hos, do we all really need to get our panties in a bunch about it? I mean, really? I’ve got money on him being put up to it by Sharpton, Jackson, and crew who need to get airtime.
    This is Tony “Goddamned Pissed Off, ya Beezatches” James, signing off.

  134. Theo- Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

  135. I’ve read the Redwall series! But in Wind in the Willows it’s weasels. Not stoats. Maybe “frightfully well-dressed” weasels, but “handsome is as handsome does.”

  136. “Weird” category? Brrr? It should be under “Most Prosh” Nothing weird about adorableness.

  137. TurboFloof says:

    eet ees done – zees Beeche has voted.

  138. WickedWendy says:

    You know, I come here every day to see the cute, and I hardly ever post, but I just have to today, becuase this “shit” is too funny, “bitches”!!! Some people are just wound up too tight and have to find the least little things offensive.

    Meg/Theo, you have my permission to say “bitches” as often as you like.

    I’m just sitting over here with yankeebird, being a cool “bitch”, cuz us “bitches” have to stick together, cuz that’s just the way we roll.

  139. Voted! (I couldn’t at work for some reason.) CO is still in the lead. 🙂

  140. AuntieMame says:

    There are weasels AND stoats in Wind in the Willows.

    And TJ, why shouldn’t we all be angry? Where would the world be if we cared only about what happens to us personally?

    I agree with you 100% that Sharpton and Jackson, et al. are milking the situation for their own personal benefit, and they disgust me. They disgusted me long before this happened.

    But I don’t think it’s my place to dictate to other people what they are or are not allowed to find offensive.

  141. Yoo-hoo, Theo, TJ, (sing song) didja know who the stoat’s cousin is???
    (Cliff Claven voice) It’s a common misconception there, that your stoat is a member of the rodent family. In fact, and I happen to know, it is in the Mustelidae family, which of course includes all your varieties of weasel like creatures, of which there are many and various species. And most people are surprised to learn their cousin is indeed the OTTER, which I don’t need to tell you is world renowned far and wide for its’ cute reputation. This includes, of course both the river, and the sea otters, if I may say so. Whereas, the stoats’, er, reputation is sometimes in need of a little help from the occasional asterisk there, if you know what I mean.

  142. I agree with TwoDragons’… does an icky word (I don’t even think it’s icky, especially when a bebeh stoat says it) at the top of the page really change your mind about the entire site so quickly? I voted. I’d do it again if I had to. Those non-voters need to open their eyes to the real world; I’d give someone a nickel if they went the whole day without hearing one icky word.

    That’s just my opinion, though. 🙂

  143. I think the “foul language” is not the problem here. Do we know how vicious stoats are?!?

    Stoats kill rabbits by biting into the base of their skull to damage the part of the brain that controls breathing. Evil little cute things!

    Like little cute assassins.

    Oh no! I said the word ass! Twice!

  144. I support people being able to use whatever language they want on their blogs. I also support people being able to say that they find that language offensive.

    However, I think the people going on about the First Amendment and freedom of speech need a good smack upside the head with a copy of the Constitution. Unless it’s a government official trying to shut down the website it has nothing to do with censorship or freedom of speech.

  145. Yep, checked that one off. I am a Chicagah gal, so I stoat-voted early, and stoat-voted often!

  146. Maybe he was referring to female puppies? which quite often are cute. so HA!

  147. I’m going to vote in just a sec, but I found another web vote thinger too. So if you haven’t already seen this one, take a gander!

  148. “take a gander”?

    Now THAT’s fowl language!

  149. melbonia says:

    Had to throw my support in here (not that it’s needed or asked for, but meh):

    Those that are upset – is this your webpage? Do you run it? Or, are you closely related to those that do run it? I suppose that family has a right to be upset at their relative or what have you..

    Or lastly, are you championing the case of speach that you feel comfortable with on this site simply because you want everything you take in to be one flavorless, khaki, old navy themed playground? If you personally feel attacked by LANGUAGE, perhaps you might try what others have suggested. Get your own site, pay the fees, worry about the ad rotations, what have you. Then, you can yell from your soapbox about how comfortable the world can and should be.

    I personally would rather have the flavor and personality that this site ammuses me with consistantly. If I just wanted cute pics, there are plenty of sites with bad jpegs of flower baskets and sparkily mouse trails on a blue sky background and pictures of someone’s dog/cat/bunny. Or crawl randomly about Youtube. Try that next time word choice offends you to the point that you feel obliged to browbeat someone’s free entertainment into your box.

    PS: those that agreed the word choice wasn’t their cup of tea but didn’t feel the need to cry about it I salute. I hope that others can “protect the children” by learning to be mature like you.

  150. Ooooooh, no you di-ent! *snaps fingers*

    Horrible pun, yet incredibly awesome. If I could, I’d give you a +1.

  151. I read the commentroversy and saw the word “bitch” so many times that I now have the following song stuck in my head :

    Well, Kyle’s Mom’s a bitch, she’s a big fat bitch,
    she’s the biggest bitch in the whole wide world,
    she’s a stupid bitch if there ever was a bitch,
    she’s a bitch to all the boys and girls.

    Monday she’s a bitch, on Tuesday she’s a bitch,
    and Wednesday to Saturday she’s a bitch,
    then on Sunday just to be different she’s a
    super King Kamehameha be-atch.

    Have you ever met my friend Kyle’s Mom,
    she’s the biggest bitch in the whole wide world,
    she’s a mean old bitch and she has stupid hair,
    she’s a bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch,

    bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch cause-a
    she’s a stupid bitch,
    Kyle’s Mom’s a bitch and she’s just a dirty bitch,
    Kyle’s mom is a bitch-ah!!!!

  152. AuntieMame says:

    Those bloggers choice awards are ridiculous. Some categories have hundreds of nominations.

  153. Uh…melbonia? Nobody who disliked the word spent half so much time screaming from a soapbox as you just did.

    Big ol’ world, you know. Opinions differ. In the words of a late great, “So it goes.”

    Man, that’s a really cute stoat.

  154. Uh…jave? She’s totally right you know…

  155. melbonia says:

    heh. Jaye, screaming I can do. That was not it.

    Also, I don’t think I ever ment to imply that the length of disagreement was obnoxious, but rather people coming to someone else’s site and telling them what words to use. Forgive me if I’m longwinded, I didn’t know that was also not allowed here.

    However, I must conceed to you on one point: That stoat is super cute.

  156. AuntieMame says:

    Uh, Helene, she’s just louder than everyone else.

    It’s completely hypocritical that she’s spouting her opinion while criticizing other people for expressing theirs.

  157. lurkingsmirk
    i’ve read the redwall books and i thought the same thing! stoats are usually evil, but this one is quite cute. maybe that’s because it hasn’t been corrupted yet. no stoats in the new book!

    and now back to the cuteness

  158. melbonia says:

    AuntieMame: opinions aside, why are people so up in arms about the word when they could just look at animals elsewhere? It would be different if this was more than a glorified humorous blog. If you are offended, make your own and go somewhere else.

  159. AuntieMame says:

    melbonia, the whole point of the discussion is opinion. It isn’t about “bitch.” It’s about why some people can’t seem to let others say what they think without biting their heads off.

    Unless people are trolls–and are being ugly just for the sake of being ugly–they are allowed to post what they want.

    If you don’t like to read it, why don’t YOU go somewhere else?

  160. Another Angela says:

    New York Michele “tacky ghetto diesel lesbians with ugly hair”?? That’s much worse than what Imus even said!! Did he say that too? Or is this your loose translation?

    For the new folks: Bitches shows up here occasionally. I think it’s funny, the juxtaposition. My younger girlfriends seem to have reclaimed the word bitch and use it all the time.

    I was reading an Australian book on kelpies (dogs) not long ago. They called the females “sluts”!!

  161. I’m offended by how long it takes all the ads to load these days. Makes me feel positively… bitchy.

  162. R. Moore says:

    LurkerType: If you can still see this all the way down here (:P) I fully support Goat Suffrage (and also the use of beer to lure voters to poll sites, but that’s a whole ‘nuther story). But the short animation has THE best voting song I have ever heard. And Meg’s song fits PERFECTLY. It was far too awesome.

    Cris: My favorite line is still: “Unless you are a felon,/ ‘Cause felons can’t vote!”

  163. moofyboof says:

    Helene: HAHHAHAHA!!!!

    oohhhmygod that song rocks. i loves me some south park!

  164. SixFootJen says:

    Message to T.J. —
    > I think the people going on about the First
    > Amendment and freedom of speech
    > need a good smack upside the head
    > with a copy of the Constitution.

    I can only assume this is a reference to my cute li’l poem (“I saw a giant C.O. fight/ About a First Amendment right”). Here are two ways I could respond; pick whichever one suits you better:

    1. “Oh, yeah? I’d like to see you try, beeyotch. You get up in my face with a copy of the Constitution, I’ll knock you into next week with the muthafuckin’ Magna Carta.”
    2. “The use of the phrase ‘First Amendment right’ was a shorthand to put the idea of speech into people’s heads. It’s called poetic license. It wasn’t meant to be taken literally.”

    Don’t threaten violent assault with a historical document unless you’re willing to have your ass kicked by an angry six-foot woman.

  165. R. Moore, I have the sound off.

    Bitches and stoats and others, I done voted. Also for the other one, which has way too many mofo nominees. Redonk. I just voted for CO and went on.

    Also, big hee! to Postman Pyrit.

  166. Spryte808 says:

    I voted! *bow*

  167. Xtineebee says:

    Edit all you like – I am still voting for ‘The Stoat that Formerly Said Bitches’. And laughing as I do so.

  168. Yankeebird, I adore you.

    Calling a woman a “bitch” can be offensive, but it is in the intent, not the word itself. I use that word ALL THE TIME, to both women and men. It is the intent behind it, not the word itself. Calling someone anything in a mean way is mean. I can call my best friend a “skank bitch” with a smile (and I do). It’s like the difference between using the “n-word” to a black person as a slur, or seeing a black person use it as a term of aquaintence/humor to another black person.

    Chill, people. I laughed SO HARD when I saw that adorable baby stoat with that speech bubble. Seriously. As for people who bring their kids to this website, I am sure they hear/see far worse at school, on television, and on MTV.

  169. New York Michele says:

    The back and forth between Imus and his minion was that these girls were ‘rough-looking’. Theat they had tattoos and shit’. That they were ‘hos’; in fact, they were ‘nappy-headed hos’.

    I’m bisexual. When people refer to women in sports as rough-looking, that’s usually a euphemism for ‘lesbian’. Not ‘lesbian’ like on The L Word, but mannish diesel dyke lesbian. And ‘nappy-headed hos’ is a term usually referring to someone who is ‘ghetto’ (i.e., tacky) and dark-skinned (which to many people means ‘ugly’).

    In other words, it’s not a loose translation. Just because some people didn’t get it, doesn’t mean others didn’t. The interesting things is, most of Imus’ fans and supporters got it quite well, which is why all over the internet I’ve seen comments about how these women are – drum-roll- probably mannish lesbians.

    It’s rather like on Fox News, where Ms. Pelosi was referred to as having ‘San Francisco ways’; it was a cultural shorthand way of saying that ‘she supports gay rights, drug use and feminism, and it wouldn’t be surprising if she was a secret lesbian herself’.

    When I was in college and taking fencing, most of the women who were on the fencing team felt constant pressure to ‘femme up’ so that they wouldn’t be seen as lesbians. Female basketball players have long since known what ‘rough-looking’ means when applied to women in sports. The reason why neither the National Organization of Woem or ‘leaders’ like Al Sharpton mentioned that little tidbit is because most people aren’t willing to defend butch women. Instead, they turned the emphasis to how ‘ladylike’ and ‘classy’ (i.e., feminine and presumably heterosexual) these women are, since they do things like play the piano and are members of the Girl Scouts.

  170. am i the only one who pictures the rhyme being sung to the tune of the “babycakes” song from superdeluxe?

  171. “…I’ll knock you into next week with the muthafuckin’ Magna Carta.” ?!!!!! I don’t know who this 6ft Jen person is, but I think I really like her —-a lot.

    Havn’t read past that comment, cause I’m still laughing too hard. (and because I am VERY offended —- by the ass-teriks. Haven’t voted yet, because the *bitches* made me laugh, and made me want to vote, because I appreciate a good, FREE laugh evey day.)

  172. Please tell me I’m not the only one who finds ladies (rough-looking or otherwise) in fencing apparel decidedly saucy…
    I’m happy to defend butch women, although most of the ones I know would smack me around for saying it, arguing (quite rightly) that they were perfectly able to defend themselves. Sharpton and co like their ladies femme, no question about that. Of course, where does Jessie “Hymietown” Jackson get off berating others for inappropriate comments?
    Anyone else thinking that the solution to this is to put the ladies in question in a closed room with Imus and letting them duke it out? I for one would pay cash money to see him get his balls handed to him.

  173. TJ — why pay? Dude’s already received them on a platter with a little pink slip doily.

  174. R. Moore says:

    Fencing, huh? All the girls I’ve seen fencing (and I know quite a few) have been particularly feminine looking without help. I wonder if it’s a cultural think that varies by region. Where I live fencing a) isn’t hugely popular, and b) isn’t equally a “butch” type sport for women. I’ll have to ask my friends if they’ve come across that association with the sport. (Inner sociologist starts buzzing) Fascinating.

  175. Please, no more swear words. My kindergartener reads this site. And she is not fooled by asterisks!

  176. Another Angela says:

    NY Michele–I gotcha. It’s too bad our society makes people try to be something they aren’t in order to get “accepted.” I lived in the Bay Area a long long time and have a hard time understanding why anyone cares whether someone is butch or femme, lesbian or gay, pierced or tattooed, etc. I think we all need to say things like “yeah, I’m a perimenopausal crazy rat lady and proud of it!!”

  177. R. Moore says:

    As my mum put it, we don’t great people with “Hi, my name is ______, I’m __ years old of ______ heritage, homo/bi/heterosexual, and consider myself a Christian/Jew/Muslim/Hindu/Buddhist/Wiccan/Atheist.”

    We don’t care, so long as you’re friendly and respectful.

  178. Jean — is your kindergartener reading anything *else* on the internet?

  179. (starts another commentroversy)

    This is soooooo ‘shopped!

  180. Helene — Quit being a b***h, will ya? Please.

  181. New York Michele says:

    It was less about how they actually looked and more about how they felt they were perceived. Quite a few of them made a big deal about how un-gay they were. Why? Because at that school women who liked sports too much were perceived as ‘dykes’, and ‘dykes’ were considered ‘sick’. At another school I attended, quite a few of us who fenced were gay or bisexual, quite femme, and openly queer- but we were at a women’s college.

    From what I’ve seen, it hasn’t changed that much. Women who love sports to the point where they join teams are very often seen as lesbians, whether they are or not The same goes for women who are in the military (especially women interested in Special Forces), women who work in construction, and so on. In the US at least, sports is still too often seen as a man’s game. Women who want in on men’s games are presumed to be too mannish for their own good.

  182. NYMichele says:

    Dear Jean,
    Please tell your f***ing little c*******er of a daughter to take her a** of the internet and watch f***ing Barney reruns instead. And While you are at it, ask yourself why you and your f***ing b****** of a husband have taught your c*** of a daughter how to spell swearwords that are usually used by sailors and f***ing b**** w****s with potty mouths. Let’s just hope that little c****** doesn’t read the comments too, or she’s s*** out of luck. What kind of m*********ing h* are you that you let a 5 year old go on the internet alone, anyway? Are you f***ing crazy as bat****? What the f*** is wrong with you? Do you sit there and give her a f***ing translation, or something?

    ****. Some people.

  183. Heh heh, I just had the line from that old song pop up in my head: “Stars get in your eyes!”


    Also, I think having grown up in a very liberal area may have affected my way of looking at things. Plus everyone I hand out with is, if not politically liberal, very accepting. I’ve never associated girls who play sports with that kind of labeling. I think that’s a good thing 🙂 (Er, that I can live in such an area, not that there are many more areas with less accepting views)

  184. OMG Michelle, aren’t you pushing it just a lil’ bit?

    de —
    bench? belch? broth?

  185. de —

    a humble ditty in your honor.

    Ho hum (clear throat)

    Mi mi mi miiiiiiii

    Here we go…

    Shut your fucking face uncle fucka
    You’re a cock sucking ass licking uncle fucka
    You’re an uncle fucka, yes its true
    Nobody fucks uncles quite like you!

  186. uh ………. *I* was kidding …….(jus tryin to add to your little *comentroversy* of “shopped” …. but, uh —-never mind ….

  187. Wha? You deen’t like my show?

  188. my only complaint is that it wasn’t spelled “bitchez”. i say that all the time. to girls and boys. “i got a new pair of shoes, BITCHEZZZ” or “i haven’t showered in a week…BITCHEZ!”. and i’m a big ol feminist.

    also, i don’t want this to be a kid’s site. i don’t like the whole “WE MUST PROTECT THE CHILDREN” mentality. why are we protecting an audience this site isn’t even intended to attract? i like the ironic crassness mixed with oh-so-prosh animals.

  189. I was going to comment on how it got really funny and foul on here and suddenly it seems most of the protesters went away. But I got stopped with all the people giving me a shout-out.



  190. Well, I wasn’t offended by either version of ‘bitches’. Helene, I just wanted to say I found all the south park songs VERY funny because I used to be a huge fan, and I think they fit perfectly into this commentroversy!

  191. CuteBitch says:

    I like the original best. 🙂 Totally awesome. I’ve always taken being called “bitch” as a compliment. I mean, I’ve noticed I’m only called that when I differentiate myself from a doormat. Apparently it’s synonymous with “strong woman” now…

  192. In my little world the word bitches can pertain to all genders, and I don’t find it nearly as offensive as others, such as “consumers.” Somehow I doubt that any of the children belonging to those who are requiring the world to be cotton-wrapped for their (not their children’s, but their) comfywumfort are strangers to the b word and others that are considered to be much, much worse.

    Finally, who can forget the funniest line evar in a movie (displacing Tank Girl’s “Whaaat!”), from _Rent_ (say it with me, now): “Merry Christmas, bitches!” I so need that on a holiday card.

  193. I’m gonna vote and tell all my friends to vote just to counteract some of the puritan police there.
    Welcome to the world, it’s not our responsibility to make you’re not offended.

    Totally agreeing with “CuteBitch” too.

  194. I think it’s funny, bitches.

  195. I voted against CO because of the non imaginative word B.

  196. Good grief. The only reason “curse words” exist at all is the significance people place on them. What the hell? Cute picture. Shouldn’t that be enough? If you expect censorship, don’t get on the internet. Just a thought.

  197. It’s all about context, people. Don’t inflate a picture with a swearing stoat on it with all sorts of meaning.

    That said, I VOTED! Woo!

  198. Bob from AOL — good for you, exercise that freedom of choice. But you do understand, don’t you, that there’s no reason for you to KEEP VISITING this site, if you disapprove of any part of it, right? There’s all *kinds* of alternatives out there. Seriously. A number of them are even listed in the right-hand margin under “MORE! MORE! MORE!” if you don’t want to bother Googling. There’s a lot of overlap and cross-pollination, so you won’t miss much. Heck, here’s another one, right off the top of my head:

    I promise I won’t hunt you down as a treasonous deserter. Ever.

  199. meg and theo, keep on doing what yer doing! i luuuuurve this site…bitches.

  200. BlurnsBoy says:

    This is part of what’s wrong with the world. Everyone has to take everything as a personal attack. Everyone has to be offended by everything. It’s a WORD. Get over it.
    Yeah, you have the right to speak out your disapproval, but simply put, if it bothers you that much, quit coming here. They shouldn’t have to censor themselves because you’re a prude.
    If you or your children aren’t mature enough to handle a word, then you should be somewhere other than the Internet.

  201. Some people just need to take the time and find a REAL cause. With some time and effort, I’m sure they could find something out there in this great big world that has far more serious ramifications than a blogger placing the word ‘bitches’ in a bubble over a picture of a baby stoat.

    But then again….that kind of searching, reading, considering and thinking takes….well…a few brains. And those getting knickers in knots over a word that was originally NOT a profane word (and still isn’t in some circles…like, oh…I don’t know…dog fanciers and breeders?) don’t exactly show the kind of thought process it would take.

    So please…’save the world’ by shielding us all from naughty little words on a computer screen. I’m sure all those suffering and living in utter fear of their very lives will thank you. Sure, they’re starving, living in refugee camps, terrified to go about their daily lives for fear of sucided bombers with no respect for humanity, but at least they’re safe from the big bad naughty words!

  202. Melancollie says:

    Oh please. Since when did “bitch” become an insult to women? That has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

    It isn’t the WORD that makes something an insult – it’s the context in which it’s used. If I said “hey, shut the hell up, you dumb bitch!” Then yes, that would be an insult. But SCHOOL CHILDREN refer to their friends as bitches. Go on Myspace. Half the picture captions say “me an mah bitches!!”

    But I guess we all have to have some reason to get pissy so that we can justify being a total jackass, don’t we?

  203. Despite the verbal abuse from commenters, I do enjoy the site and would appreciate it if the owners would make up their minds regarding their use of profanity. One post with “bitches” was removed, but this recent one was left up, with asterisks. Obviously whether or not to use profanity in this blog is entirely up to the owners. What’s it going to be? You either make the site safe for people who share it with children, or you don’t – and if you don’t, realize that by choosing to take the low road you are alienating a huge number of people. Advertisers, take note.

  204. *Hurts self laughing*

  205. “Take the low road”?????


  206. “Advertisers, take note”???

    That’s even more ludicrous!

  207. Jean: PG-13 and proud! Advertisers, take note.

  208. I voted for cuteness! Here’s a big snorgle for Cutoverload!


  210. Melancollie — I bet if *I* called you a bitch, you’d feel different about it. It’s one of those things where the *way* you say it changes everything.
    (and I’m *not* calling you names; this is just an example. No infinite sadness pls.)

  211. afra michael. says:

    you have my vote.

  212. OK, I came in a little late on this, so I don’t even know if anyone will see my comment. I do think that it is innappropriate to use foul language on this site. But I cannot stand it when people think it’s OK to use God’s name in vain in the comments section or anywhere else. Tony James-God’s last name is not dammit.

  213. Duly noted, Jean. Multiple times, now. There are other sites for you to take your commerce to. Please. So we can go back to the Qte. Much Obliged. Goddammit. Oops.

  214. harpie – that’s Mr. Dammit to you.

    i voted for the webby…now i’m voting for the low road!

    snark, snark, snark
    like a baby shark!
    shark, shark, shark,
    a blog is just a lark!

  215. the more the word is used in contexts like this , the less power to offend it has. Yay CO.

  216. well I know it’s pretty much been said to death, I’m not a naysayer but like to give you my comment too in a friendly way 😉
    thanks for editing the pic for those of us who don’t think profanity is cute.
    The stoat is cute 🙂

  217. “use God’s name in vain”???


    Even thought that maybe God doesn’t care?? That all that religious crap is nothing else but mankind’s invention and that he doesn’t give a damn whether you’re a Jew or a Muslim or a Christian as long as you respect life? And that if you swear and don’t go to church, he doen’t give a frak???

  218. Sorry Theo, I couldn’t help it…

  219. Crystal, perhaps you should look up the origins of the phrase “God Damn It” (goddamnit).

    You’ll find it has nothing to do with “using the name in vain”.

    Just like “Bitches” has origins (and continual use) that are NOT profane.

    And try to remember that not everyone around is a Christian. I’m not. (and I’m perfectly fine with someone saying “Brighiddamnit” if they want too, although it would be funnier to hear ‘”Daghdadamnit” really.)

  220. Helene- if God didn’t care he wouldn’t have sent his son to die for us. Simple as that.

    Teri- I don’t care what the origins are. People say it in a way that dishonors God. They purposely do that because they think it looks cool. And also, I do realize that everyone is not a christian. But it seems as if you are saying that because I’m a christian that I’m not allowed to express my own free speech but people who aren’t christians can? Hmmmmm…

  221. And how do you know he was his son and not just a prophet? That is, IF he existed. You don’t klnow that for sure. Simple as that.

  222. Here we go again with MY CHRISTIAN beliefs being attacked. I see that my point was proven. Nuff said.

  223. Peeps — simmah dahn nah. It’s good to stand up for what you believe. On a scale of 1 to Troll, a clearly-stated objection to “using God’s name in vain” doesn’t exactly ring my bell (though it might not change my mind, either). Also, I’m quite sure by now that TJ can take it (heh).

    There’s too much religion-based hostility in the world already, y’all… and the name of this place is Cute Overload. Just feel the love.

  224. Sure, I’m attacking you.

    Why don’t you go and create a “Christian cute” website, “where baby stoats don’t use the name of God in vain”.

  225. Helene? See above.

  226. Theo, you beat me by a few seconds is all.

  227. Yo Crystal. Deep breath baby. Deep breath.

    The vast majority of people who use such phrases (myself included) do not do so because it’s ‘cool’ or because they deliberatly want to dishonour someone’s deity. Don’t read so much into it,k?

    Oh, and questions and presentation of other hypothosis surrounding a religious doctorine is only an attack 0.00000000000001% of the time. Questions and various hypothosis and discussion thereof is the main way to come to understandings. Trust me there, tis one of me hobbies.

    Now. Shush and go look at the cute around here that offers no offence. (unless you choose to create said offence, then it’s all in your own court, not mine)

  228. Margaret says:

    My bitches (Chihuahua and MinPin) appreciate the asterisked shout-out! Keep it real, stoats!

  229. K, I may have gotten a little sensitive about what was said. I am very passionate about my beliefs, but who am I to judge those who don’t share them right? Will now shush and feel the love. I SO NEED IT!

  230. Margaret, did they vote?

  231. Margaret says:

    Indeed, they did, Helene. I raised my bitches right.

  232. btw, forgot to say, that stoat is SO adorable =)

  233. andrea l nash says:

    Wow! I stayed away for a while cause the site was so balky (it’s fine now) and I can’t believe all the fun I was missing!

    You *know* I voted for Teh Qte. (Is it OK for me to use the slang if I’m over 60?)

  234. Well we didn’t KNOW that until NOW, did we?

  235. Helene says:

    *misses the commentroversy* It’s too quiet here!