Roving rabbitry

This group is soooo up to no good. I’m sure his schnozzle is moving a mile a minute to catch all the mischevious outdoor garden smells.


Mischief Central™! They’re totally daring each other to walk under the ladder.
Wooooooo! [audience watching sitcom actor do something bad sound]


Sent in by E to the Cizzee and found on CatWalk Rabbitry‘s website.



  1. Oh my friggin’ goodness!

  2. SQUEE!!!! They are sooo cute. I still miss my bunbun.

  3. Christine Hughes says:

    Awww. They’re so fluffy! *cuddles them*

  4. R. Moore says:

    Now THAT’S some mega-fuz!

  5. The see-through ears are positively something!!

  6. Mary Grubbs says:

    those are some really cute lion heads and i think a ho;;and lop rabbits.

  7. Oh my goodness! A trio of bunny tocks! Oh that I only have one head to ‘splode in their honor!

  8. They all look like lionheads to me. I don’t know how Meg could say that #1 looks like he’s up to no good when he has such an angelic glow.

  9. lol! I definitely agree about the angelic glow. They’re all so furry. I feel like the bunny in the first pic has a really blank expression on his face.. hmmm…

  10. Yikes, It’s a conspiracy of three! And I is muddered by teh cute.

  11. The link is 404’d!


  12. How did these little guys get out? One of those lion heads must have pride open the cage.

  13. lauowolf says:

    When should we three meet again?
    With sunshine and flowers, in the lane.

    It’s the three fuzz sisters.

  14. oh the fluffy feeeeeeeeeeeeets!


  16. I’m waiting to see pic number 3 where they sprout wings and fly…. furry glowing bunny angels! OMGoodness!

  17. the top one looks like a bunnicorn!

  18. Bunnehs has reached critical mass!

  19. juggle geese says:

    I agree with lurkertype. This is one of the rare photos when you can actually catch the moment when nuclear fusion is about to set in. You can see it on the halo around the bunny. Who did not always want to have their personal bunny sun!

  20. acelightning says:

    WABBITS! Lovely golden floofy bunnywabbits! Having a bit of semi-innocent fun in the garden… and no nasty old Mr. MacGregor in sight. (I miss my bunnies, too, Des..)

  21. Gawwwwd! I am dreading the day (selfishly breathlessly waiting) for the day a lionhead makes it into the rescue.

    (cuz he’s sooooo starting bonding sessions with my three!)

    Gorgeous mischief making bunneh pics!!!!!!

  22. something is afoot!

    yes folks, do not be fooled by their fluffable cuteness. this trio is definitely up to no good. look at those mischief-making postures.

    is someone standing on the ladder? uhoh, i dont trust those bunnehs!

  23. So, we’ve got the sporty, adventurous one – “Mitch”, the geeky, shy one – “Harold”, and the big, loveable, dim one – we’ll call him “Moose”. Oh the highjinks these three will get into! I can’t wait for the next episode!

  24. Buns on a mission! LOVE it!

  25. Must snorgle the liddle chubster on the left! Must “aww” at the ‘tocks on the right!

    This made my day.

  26. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *deep breathe* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  27. Go ahead little bunnies! Don’t be skeert of walking under the ladder, you have 12 lucky rabbit feets!

    Meg—this shoulda been today’s post (friday 13th)

  28. OMG! The sunlight shining and making that halo of fur is killing me! So soft and fuzzy. It’s too much. Too, too, too much.


  30. AuntieMame says:

    I saw it! I swear I saw it!

    I was scrolling up to look at the pictures again, and I swear I saw the bun’s schnozzle twitch!

  31. Laurie C says:

    Three little buns from school are we
    Floofy as ever a bun can be
    Filled to the brim with bunnish glee
    Three little buns from school

  32. The Bun-Tocks, The ‘in motion’ walking shots, look at those feets on the guy on the left.. he is WALKING.. oh so qwietly… brings to mind ELMER FUDD.. ‘Be Vewy Vewy Qwiet.. We are hunting WABBITS!’… OH..wait..

  33. Aw, I still have backlit kitten from a while ago on my desktop. That kitty has an even stronger glowy halo. I was never into angels until they started showing up in tiny fuzzy animal form.

  34. Martha in Washington says:

    Pic #1 so reminds me of St. Fluffulence. (I wish I wasn’t so computer illiterate so I could link it. Anybody…anybody?) This lil bun could be his holy sidekick. That is, if he wasn’t so obviously *up to somethin’* with the other two.
    Perfect post for Friday 13th, BTW.

  35. Whoa dewds- Trix are for kids…

  36. Cathryn Bauer says:

    I totally agree, they’re plotting. They remind of me of someone. I once knew an Angora rabbit that was just a badaxx. She had a large outdoor pen for summer days, and I was sitting around with her mother talking when she was in it. She had this sinister, self-satisfied look on her face. I swear she was thinking, “I’m a bad rabbit. I can tear this thing up and uproot the post and cause all kinds of trouble.” Well, she certainly made a good stab at it. I really think if this rabbit was human, she would have led an outlaw motorcycle gang.

  37. Shannon Johnson says:

    How cute are the bun-buns? I wish I could snorgle them right now, the little angels, with an angelic glow about them.

  38. laurie c – lol, good one!

    a wandr’ng bunneh, i, a thing of fuzz and tocktocks!

  39. Awwwwwww…..I’m with y’all, that backlighting is incredibly anerable.

    But I can’t believe how HUGE that bunbun on the left is; it looks like he could eat the other two. 😛

  40. Perhaps bunbun on the left is mom? (Or dad).

  41. Is it just me or is the site REALLY slow to load recently? It is sad.

    But the bunnies are cute and glowing and floofy, so it makes it worth the wait.

  42. Alice Shortcake says:

    Number One Bun is having an epiphany, he has seen the light! Don’t waste your hard-earned money on a ticket for “Sunshine”, just marvel at the saintly fuzziness…

  43. yes the site has been slow to load lately. perhaps more activity going on due to the voting (?)

    always worth the wait! bunneh butts!

  44. CO was slow for me all yesterday, but it’s been OK today. Just FYI. (I’m in Minnesota)

  45. the one on the left is so big it could have been the stand in for the were-rabbit in the last wallace & grommit movie.

  46. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Love see-through animals. More backlit babies please.

  47. Beeg tocks, leetle tocks!

  48. Ohhhh, the fluff and sun is just toe curling. It is all just too much sweetness

  49. NOT FAIR. I wants a bun bun! Somehow I’m not sure how a bunny and 2 cats will get along. Also, I like in grad housing. 😦

    I guess that’s why I <3 CO so much, it's a much needed cute refill.

  50. What snorgleable group of bun bun’s I want to hug each one and feed it a carrot or something. I do believe they are up to something though, the scout in the front in the second pic is like its clear lets go gang! Too Cute!!!!

  51. SQUEE!!! These bun-buns are so cute! They make me miss my 4 bunny tocks!

  52. Martha in Washington says:

    I just thought of a name for the Holy Sidekick-Altar Boy! (Sorry, I’m a little slow sometimes.)

  53. SQUEE!!! These bun-buns are so cute! They make me miss my 4 bunny tocks!

  54. Ok..I can’t resist the couble entendre..CUTE BUNS!! As the girl from Tiny Toons would say..I want to love em and hug em and squish em…etc etc..too cute!