Downward Dog

Dude, crank the Yanni, because I need to do my yoga and relax.


"William" the thoroughbred is feelin’ good mentally and spiritually right, Leslie M.? 😉



  1. NotANuff says:

    Yay! A new post to bring us past the fat cat drama!!

    What a flexible little baby horse… Although- somehow I think this picture was chosen with a mischevious intent of perhaps continuing the controversy- does anyone else see what I see in this pic?

  2. Jupiter Star says:

    Whooooooaaaa there!

    Seriously, that is ADORABLE but also all kinds of impressive. Flexible horsie!

  3. Jupiter Star says:

    NotANuff…I might. Are we talking something there is literally to be seen in here, or something that could be extrapolated?

    …aaaand there’s the proof that finals need to be done NOW…

  4. Suzy's Mom says:

    NotANuff, I just hope he doesn’t sing. William Hung has gone way past his 15 minutes of fame.;)

  5. lol foals always look silly trying to eat till they grow into their body 🙂

  6. NotANuff says:

    Jupiter Star-

    I’m no expert on bebeh horse anatomy, so my assumptions are only based on my limited knowledge of certain appendages.

    Theo- is this a ploy to beat the 400+ record of the fat cat?

  7. yes that would be a little COLT that will grow up to be the incredable 5 legged horse !

  8. Nota — 400 isn’t close to the record… and Meg posted this.
    (I’m the mod, she’s Fearless Leader.)

  9. NotANuff says:

    My apologies to Meg for not giving her due credit as our Fearless Leader!

  10. Awww… soooo soofft.

  11. LOL @ Suzy’s Mom (who’s got it goin’ on)

  12. Martha in Washington says:

    I LOVE foals at this age when they are all legs and not sure what to do with them!
    A HUGE AWWWWW from me, a Kentucky native who is gearing up for the Best Day of the Year and the “Greatest Two Minutes in Sports”! I’ll be watching for this lil guy in three years.

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    Oh pooh, I just noticed the date on the picture (’96). He’s already retired by now I’m sure and probably spending his time “lovin’ the ladies” and waiting for one of his children to make it into the winner’s circle.

  14. Dustbunny says:

    NotANuff — I mistakenly read “Fearless leader” as “featherless leader”…nevermind. I think I need new glasses : P

  15. Teho you still have puddin in your ear.

    What is the record?

  16. NotANuff says:


    I can’t say for sure, but I am assuming that Meg is featherless as well as fearless- Although if she isn’t, I think a photo of the befeathered cutie running this site would be in order!

  17. Laurie C says:

    Susie, there were over a thousand for sure, on The Post Which Must Not Be Named, but involved a baby and a cat.

  18. Blast my non-prehensile tongue!
    Can’t… reach… puddins…

  19. Nyah, Nyah–Theo needs a proboscis!

    [ducks flying pudding]

    As for this horsie doing downdog to [long pause] Yanni–we’ll that’s just proof positive that the Peaceable Kingdom can indeed exist, all fatcat post evidence to the contrary.

  20. NotANuff says:

    Not that I’m looking for commentrovesy- but has the Post Which Must Not Be Named been removed??

    I don’t take pleasure from drama, it’s just that… well, the writing on Lost recently has been so disappointing!- I need some of my weekly drama to keep going.

    Yes, I went through all the kitty pictures, Laurie C. but I suppose I will just have to keep searching!

  21. NotaNuff and Jupiter – what are you talking about? What’s wrong with this picture?

  22. The Post Which Must Not Be Named (or linked) is in “Cute or Sad,” good luck.

  23. Aww, he hasn’t grown into his legs yet! Look at his fuzzy little tail!

  24. All knees and elbows….probably underfed….damned grass….(totally joking). =)

  25. NotANuff says:


    It’s not like there is anything WRONG with it- I find the bebeh horse (and yes, I know it’s techincally a colt, but I like the term bebeh horse) absolutely adorable.

    It’s just that the bebeh horse seems to have a friend hanging out with him in the photo. Hanging large. Hanging well hung. Hanging like William Hung (props to Suzy’s Mom). Hanging like ‘When a Mommy Horse and a Daddy Horse Love Each Other Very Much….”

    Ahem- and I wrong? Is it not a P3N!$??

  26. LOL…are we going to nuff about animals being *naked* now?

    ’cause I gotta say…horse pants? That would look pretty silly.

  27. candycane says:

    omg this is FUNNY!aaaahg! were is this cuti little colt?i neeeeeeeed it(say in 14 year old voice)

  28. Pants would be silly….but a horsie sweater would be darned cute!

    And P.S. This baby’s got nuthin on my draft 😉

  29. NotANuff says:

    Hehehe- I’m not ’nuffing! I think the bebeh horse is very cute!

    I was just predicting p3n!$-troversy. You know, the normal, “I’m not a prude, but my children look at this site, and I don’t want them to see a horse p#n!$.”

    Anyway, I’ve posted too much about this pic already, so I am heading out to leave room for some other appendage-jokes.

  30. floppycat says:

    Oh my gosh. This discussion takes me back to a visit to the state fair when I was in elementary school. I saw a horse there that was, well, let’s just say he was very well endowed.

    to the floor, people.

    not kidding.

  31. Suda Nim says:

    That horse is obviously photoshopped.

  32. What a cutie!

    And yes, he has horse anatomy. So do some guys I know. *Ducks the rotten tomatoes flying in my direction..*

  33. Hmmm….horse sweater….hmmmmm….I wonder if my fil’s girlfriend will measure her horses for me to adapt a dog sweater knitting pattern for her horses?

    And how much yarn would that take anyway?

  34. what a cutey, is he real doing a yoga postion, and its realy called that OK I *plonked*here in mn. Not tha I can see much we have a snow advisory until 7am tomorrow morning. Good to see green grass somewhere!

    Theo your a trip I don’t care how modest you are trying to be !

  35. William will be a prince he looks so beutifuls, already.

  36. Jupiter Star says:

    Yeah, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this pic, either…it’s totally adorabuls! But considering that there have been Nuffs on here harping about “inappropriate” comments on photos, I’m just waiting to see if any of them show up and start harping on horse genetalia being OMGNOTWORKSAFENOWICANTLOOKATCUTEOVERLOADWHENIMSUPPOSEDTOBEWORKINGZ!!!!

  37. Oh har HAR Suda Nim.
    Now if that were ME, it’d be ‘shopped.

    (PS — the record for most post comments is > 1200… the comment-counting tool gets a little weird sometimes, though, so even though it shows 1215, I can’t be sure it’s accurate… and I’m not about to count ’em myself.)

  38. DumBunny says:

    Sure it’s not just a dark spot on his cute little leg? It’s one of those things you could see many different ways.

    I love his little socks, soooo white.

  39. Eeeeee! Horsie ‘tocks up! Worship the ‘tocks, people! The wobbly knees too!

  40. Actually, y’wanna know what my first thought was?
    “Um — that’s NOT a dog.”
    Next thought?

  41. R. Moore says:

    Such a zen horseling.

    Aaah. Peace.

  42. moonablaze says:

    come on guys. 50% of the mammalian population has one. it’s not a big deal.

  43. I love it when they haven’t grown into their legs yet! *LMAO!*

    *drawls* As for the, ahem, controversial subject…heck, I’m surrounded by ranchland. Few folks in these here parts get their feathers ruffled over catching a glimpse of the equipment on your average farm animal!


  44. acelightning says:

    Little colt has his head down so far that his front legs look like they’re attached at a weird angle – very comical. And, yes, he’s visibly a MALE horsie. Deal. In the words of the late Shel Silverstein:

    They’ve Put a Brassiere on the Camel

    They’ve put a brassiere on the camel,
    She wasn’t dressed proper, you know.
    They’ve put a brassiere on the camel,
    So that her humps wouldn’t show.
    And they’re making other respectable plans,
    They’re even insisting that pigs should wear pants,
    They’ll dress up the ducks if we give them a chance
    Since they’ve put a brassiere on the camel.

    They’ve put a brassiere on the camel,
    They claim she’s more decent this way.
    They’ve put a brassiere on the camel,
    The camel had nothing to say.
    They squeezed her into it, I’ll never know how,
    They say that she looks more respectable now,
    Lord knows what they’ve got in mind for the cow,
    Since they’ve put a brassiere on the camel.

  45. very impressive!

  46. For commentroversy to bloom, there must be a human in the photo. So if there was a human in the background, we’d probably be seeing posts like “zomg!!!!!1!1!11 hyooman lookin at horsee p3n1s!1!!1111 abyoose!!1!1111!1” I think we’re pretty safe since this pic is sans human.

  47. moonablaze says:

    but janet, the photographer is probably human, and at least the MAJORITY of internet users are human…

  48. Gawwwwr! So cute. <3 <3 <3 I love it.

    I just discovered, as well, that in my animal pictures folder, I have a House macro. I’m not sure why.

  49. Awwwww..Looks like he didn;t want to move back to get the grass!

  50. This little colt is so adorable….all knobby knees and long legs. I’m sure eventually the rest of him caught up tho.

    Floppycat – The same thing happened to me in the 80’s. Being raised in suburbia, I wasn’t accustomed to seeing horses up close and personal. While living in Hawaii, my sister and I took our kids to a Hawaiian rodeo, and as we were walking around the stalls I beheld my first stallion. I motioned for my sister to come and take a look. We were both somewhat dazed until our kids wanted to know what we were looking at. Aloha stallion! We were outta THERE in a hurry! LMAO!!

  51. nutmeg – (singsong) I found it! I found it! Meeeoooowwwrrr!!! 😉

  52. floppycat says:

    musicchick – he he
    Unfortunately for my parents, we saw the horsey before they did. They just made the funniest face I think I ever saw (something between a smile and pure shock) and had us move along. I think they really wanted to laugh and make rude comments but had to restrain themselves on our account. 🙂

  53. is it takin a crap?

  54. silly horsie! how cute. “whats my mantra? ohmmm. ohhmm. ohhmm.”

  55. AuntieMame says:

    I hope everyone realizes that the posts “complaining” about the lil’ horsie’s bits are just kidding, pretending to stir up a commentroversy like the fat kitteh.

    I want to complain about the horse’s posture. He’s giving me a crick in the neck just looking at him.

  56. So the post which must not be named has babies in it, does it? Well all the hatas need to head to our blog- we post a baby EVERY DAY. With animals sometimes. Yesterday a baby was gettin yelled at-commentroversy away my friends, cause nobody reads our blog:(

    Anywho, love the pony. It’s naughty his junk is peekin.

  57. Classic yoga pose: Eatingrassasana.

    And let’s not jump to conclusions about pony–I’d hate to see him framed and hung without a fair trial.

  58. I do not find this cute at all.

  59. And Redzilla’s groan-worthy pun for the win, folks!


  60. Yitzysmommie says:

    Kewt knobbly knees. I didn’t know they bend that way.
    As for the appendage, the johnson, willy, peter, dick, whatever. Looks proportionate to me (but then I don’t get out much).

  61. Catsquatch says:

    I just cant WAIT to grow into these legs!


  62. OMGPON1ESWEEN1EZ!!!!11

  63. suda nim says:

    No, Redzilla —

    “Eating Grass’tocksana”

  64. Drama's Mama says:

    Maybe we should make it “Wanker Wednesday!”

    C’mon, Meg, I’m sure you have some more pictures with a little ‘extra’ hanging out!

  65. OMG you PERVERTS!!! That cute little horse (okay, colt) is a mere BABY! How dare you comment on a baby’s, er, thingamajig! Paedos! Wankers!

    Look at his cute knobbly, wobbly knees instead.


  66. Long time lurker–first time poster. Really embarrassed to know this since it’s an indication of having no life at the moment, but the Post Which Must not be Named is in the June 2006 Archives mid month. I know because I was reading the WHOLE thing yesterday. (don’t even ask…)

  67. suda nim says:

    (Marty Feldman voice)

    “He’s going to be very popular.”

  68. PKeli — good GRIEF… here, peeps, save yourselves some trouble:

  69. Uhh, thanks Theo…

  70. The KNEES, people! Sure, 50% of the mammal population has the other thing, but a much smaller % has knobbly knees and extra-long legs that do that!

    He’s like, defying the laws of physics.

  71. So anerable! If anyone loves horses as much as I do, check out The Exceller Fund site ( They help rescue and rehabiliate ex-racers!

  72. Somebody get this horsie some Jockey shorts so’s he can pick up his Knobby award.
    Dudes, can’t believe no one else threw THAT one out there yet!

  73. beenclawed says:

    Wonderfoal – ha! Or wonderful colt… sorry don’t know a thing about horses but love em anyway. He looks so soft. I love how his silky mane is still short. Those light colored feetsies (hooves?). And his ears! Talk about a soft kronsche! Mmmm, what a beautiful baby. Wish I could see baby horses up close. Sometimes when I go hiking a see a horse and rider and they let me pet the horse. I always tell ’em how lucky they are (the people that is… to have a horse – duh).

  74. Hmmmm… Well, I guess as long as the human isn’t interacting with the animal in the photo, it doesn’t count? Maybe?

    (I’m ignoring the fact that I completely missed the previous humanless fat cat commentroversy… Make me feel a fool, CO!)

  75. Looks like he’s tryin to pee and not get his feets wet.

  76. Someone up there somewhere (too lazy to scroll) said something about this li’l guy needing his boy parts ‘taken care of’. What you are looking at isn’t what gets snipped. His cajones do, just like neutering for any male animal. Even a gelded horse will let it all hang out when he’s just chillin’.

    I do love reading about everyone’s first experiences viewing livestock. As a farm girl, I knew all about reproductive systems and whatnot from a very early age.

  77. What AmyH said – All male horses do that when they’re relaxed. It’s a farm fact. Not a pretty one, but a fact none-the-less. So chill, folks. Plus, animals don’t wear boxors.

  78. OMGS acelightning, you rule! I love that Shel Silverstien poem!

    People sure are weird. Not only do they get offended at baby-making equipment, they get offended at babies too. Dudes, if you want to give asexual reproduction by cell division a try, go ahead. Go into a corner and do it. Just don’t try to impose it on other people. Or on cute little horsies.

  79. KaylieMalinza says:

    That horse is obviously underfed. It has to eat grass just to stay alive and grass is illegal. That means the cops will lock up this poor horse for possession. This horse is only serene because it is stoned out of its mind and hallucinatory from near-starvation. Everyone who thinks this is cute must be sick. Sick sick sick. You are all animal abusers. Cute Overload? More like SADISM Overload. What a load of useless jerks you are. I’m so disgusted that I am never going to look at this site ever again until there’s a new post. I need to keep an eye on you freaks.

    By the way this is also porn and I highly doubt that horse is of the age of consent.

  80. Hee. I love it when foals first discover grass but their legs are too long for them to eat properly. Cute!

  81. Shannon Johnson says:

    What a cute horse! My fiance thought it was a very large dog. I told him it was actually a horse.

  82. Horse yoga? One word- Neighmaste!