Beyond comfertuhbuls

In fact, this is obscene.



Christy K., way to enable this behavior. I can’t believe it.



  1. punkpie says:

    I wish I was doin’ that right now. *sigh* Mondays suck!

  2. Eeeek! Look at them ears!

  3. That is the laziest cat I’ve ever seen! Lucky dewd or dewdette!

  4. Me so jealous. sigh!

  5. *rubs kitty belly*

  6. Made all the more adorable by the Futurama reference. My guess is this one must be Fry – Leela was never this relaxed!

  7. Theresa says:

    Spotty tummy! Spotty tummy!
    (drops dead)

  8. gisbert says:

    the whole photoset of this kitty (and his sister) is delicious. and whoever named them Fry and Leela is a genius.

  9. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Playing possum

  10. i love the wonton ears

  11. i want to snorgle so bad! =D

  12. ThreeCatNight says:

    There ought to be a law against this! Why, anyone can just come over to him and snorgle that delicious little belleh!

  13. smooshed earsicles and jelly beans. My Monday is complete.

  14. I love the smushed ears and or course the huge grin on this pitty’s face, hey where are the jelly beans for me did kitteh chase them all under the furniture? Is that why we are sooo comfy? WOnderful
    gotta go print this one out!!!!

  15. This PROSH kitteh looks just like my Mr. Ben (the Bengal Tiger)! Square spots on the belleh & everything!

    When Mr. Ben was little and was laying belly up, like this little baby, I’d sneak up on him & SNORGLE HIS BELLEH!! He would in turn grab both sides of my face w his front paws & use my chin as a punching bag w his back feets!


  16. mondays are for stretchy bellies.


  17. I love the alt text. 😀

  18. ash_kat says:

    i want to rub the kitty’s tummy!!!

  19. I envy the kitty.

  20. nermalkitty says:

    hey, i luv kitties maybe as much or more than anyone has ever loved kitties, but am i the only one that thinks this is photoshopped? and not very well at that. ‘course, even if it is, that thar’s a beautiful kittie, and i don’t care anyways, and wish i hadn’t even brought it up. so there.

  21. AAAGHAGHAGHHHGAHAGHHGHA!!!!! whoaaaaaaaaaa *way* too– there isn’t a word strong enough!! SUPERHUMONGOCUTEYPIELICIOUSNESS!!!! and “put some pants on” ahhhhh way to funny. what a monday…….

  22. Yitzysmommie says:

    I am ever so gently resting my forehead on this bee-U-tee-ful spotty tummy. Best thing for a Monday morning, the purrs are buzzing my forehead.

  23. no, nermalkitty, i don’t see that. s/he looks like a cat would upside down with the legs upward. the only thing that looks weird is the ears, but that’s because they’re smooshed.

  24. Iz cant breev cuz Iz gots sat on tops ofz.

  25. This is *almost* a candidate for “Heidi’s baby album” …we adopted our kitty as an adult, rescued from the scpa, so we never knew her as a kitten. She’s so cute as an adult we’ve always thought she must have been the cutest kitten EVER, so I have scoured the internet and searched through thousands of kitten pictures to find ones that look like her as a baby. I collected them all and gave them cute captions, “Heidi’s first day home” and such. She’s fluffier than this though, with smaller stripes, plus there’s that suspicious lump in the nether regions. Unless maybe I could photoshop that out, hmm….

  26. Persephone says:

    OMG, that is a win. Looks like kitty yoga!

  27. I have a cat who sleeps like this on my desk. He’ll occasionally adjust his position and fall right off the desk. Somehow, he manages to look surprised each time he does it.


  28. HeidStar says:

    Comfertuhballs. What? Someone had to say it.

  29. Fry and Leela! Best delivery crew in the universe!


  30. Blue.
    of Fabulousness.

  31. I agree with nermalkitty – this is a PHOTOSHOPPED image.

    It’s cute…but photoshopped!

    Sorry to disappoint.

  32. Photoshopped how? I’m confused. I certainly have personally seen kittehs in this “posishun” so why would anyone think it’s photoshopped?

  33. Rebecca says:

    Photoshopped, balls. There’s always a nay-sayer. Do you have proof? No. Looks real, I’ve seen my cat do that about twice a day every day. So will the amateur photography critics just STFU and enjoy the picture already?

  34. Right, so I see nothing about this photo that looks ‘shopped… but I do see a super-soft belly that I want to bury my face in!

  35. It’s just the ears that look a bit odd and ‘shopped, but that’s just because they’re smooshed onto the blankie. The photo and kitteh are real.

  36. Sue from NoCal says:

    The photo set of Fry and Leela display the many reasons why one should have 2 kittehs at home. Twice the adorableness.

  37. you guys r silly says:

    I have the “WTF r u talking about” look of confusion on my face right now…
    WHY would anyone say THIS is photoshopped?
    Do cats NOT sleep like this?
    Are blue blankies NOT real?
    I have a kitty who sleeps on my blue blankie like this ALOT — is my whole frickin’ apartment photoshopped also?
    What is UP with you photoshop people???

  38. Thats gona B me in about 20 mins. Gotta luv 3rd. shift!!! Goodnite ya’ll!!!!

  39. On April 09, 2007, Major Peep, the commander of an assault helisnorgler company, set off at sunrise to fly a landing run for the 7th Cat-Snorglery Regiment — the same regiment once led by the ill-fated George Armstrong Catster — to a speckled, fluffy area known as the kittehbelleh. The landing zone was code-named ‘X-Marksthespots’. Unexpectedly, the landing zone was virtually in the middle of an encampment of 50 claws and teeth, and by the time the 7th Cat-Snorglery Regiment landed, the claws and teeth attacked from the surrounding hills, forcing the snorglers into a fight for survival.
    Upon landing, Major Peep, flying the snorgle cat-talion in, was caught in a barrage of fierce fangs and needles. Two fingers aboard Peeps’s helisnorgler were wounded before they could get out.

    The helisnorglers managed to pull away, but half were so riddled with scratches they writhed in pain. The cat-alry cat-talion commander, Lt. Col. “Snorgle” Harry Spotter ordered the landing zone closed.

  40. Alice Shortcake says:

    Squishy ears – lovely!

  41. acelightning says:


    Love the Bengal-spotted belly. Love the blissed-out expression on his face. Love the utterly relaxed stretch – something it seems only cats can do. Wish I could go back to bed and relax like that myself…

  42. Thanks to the folks who pointed out the Fry and Leela names. I was sitting here all day like “Fry and Leela….Fry and Leela. WHERE do I know this from??” Ack! So, like, thanks.

    Oh and photo-shopped? Ka-doi. I dewn’t theenk so!

  43. It’s Kitteney Spears, going catmmando for the cuterazzi!

  44. floppycat says:


  45. I also agree – what in the world looks photoshopped about this image? you guys r silly pretty much expressed my thoughts here. I swear, some people just want everything to be photoshopped, don’t know why. After close examination, the only thing even remotely photoshopped-looking about it seems to be the lack of a shadow cast on the blue blanket. That can easily be explained by indirect lighting. The kitty’s belly is kind of crooked-looking, but he’s probably just a bit twisted, as we know cats are!

  46. That’s a RIPPING yarn, pyrit.

  47. for Rebecca (scroll up a bit in these comments)…

  48. My kitty Belle says that this kitten has no dignity. Belle is sort of a prude.

  49. SeaBreeze says:

    Paws UP! err down? up? … I totally cornfused by all the cuteness!!!!!

  50. LilyGrace says:

    OMG pyrit, LOL !

  51. OMG! Belly Spots!!!!! Squeeeeee!

    This is a classic example of a feline luring a human close enough to practice the ‘scratch-bit-kick’ technique.

  52. I wonder, are the aforementioned kitties’ names the full names, Philip J Fry and Torrunga Leela, or just Fry and Leela?

  53. suda nim says:

    Pyrit —

    I can put it much more concisely, in a quote from Calvin and Hobbes:

    “I always forget that five of his six ends are pointy.”


  55. Why do kitties and babies look so incredibly adorable when they sleep, while my boyfriend just sleeps mouth open, snoring, drooling? Oh well, I guess there’s just not enough cuteness go go around. 😛

  56. Wow, those kitties look so much like my dearly departed fuzz. I miss fuzz. 😦

    But damn those are some cute pics…

    And a WoW fan, eh? Signed BC box? Hmm…

  57. I think he looks like he’s crashed after a long night. He’s all like “Everybody Wang Chung tonitezzzzzzz…”

  58. Shannon Johnson says:

    OH MY GOSH! How cute is that! I wish I could rub that tired kitty’s tummy right now! Where is he? I want him right now!

  59. CHOMP. Sorry I just needed to bite off one of those adorable paw pads off. I neeeeeeeeeeed it. He’s got three more he can share!

  60. Lol the picture is named Put some pants on. Can you imagine this guy with little Daisy Dukes on?

  61. It’s…FULL FRONTAL CUTE-ITY! *grin!*


  62. Pyrit – *APPLAUSE!!*

    Theo – LOL! I thought the same thing, but YOU brought it to fruition. You ROCK, as always!

    Psstt…. how’re Kenya & the bebehs??

  63. Peg of Tilling says:

    Such a little pitcher, needs a belly-itcher!

    (LOL, pyrit!)

  64. caroline says:


  65. There *is* some weird effect going on in this photo. Something about the gray fur on the blue sofa. It looks like kitteh is slightly levitating. I looked at the Flickr set and noticed this same illusion in the other blue sofa photos. Or is it just my computer screen? I don’t see the point in photoshopping something cats do normally. Unless, you have a twisted April Fools sense of humor like, well, like me?

    (Glad Peeps liked my story. Kittehbellehs: Danger zone! I can imagine little green plastic soldier army men…nevermind.)

  66. gigglingpear says:

    aws, I looked at the kitty album, the owner makes little stuffed animal toys for his kitties too! teehee!

  67. I am proud to say, that is my “grandkitten”! That is, Fry and Leela belong to my daughter and her b/f. Oh, and the photo is absolutely not photoshopped.

    They are even cuter in person than in photos!

  68. Ohhh.. I love the contented slits for eyes… eeee. Prt.

  69. Thank you all for the comments. I was confused by the photoshop comments, but I can see where you might think that after a harder look. The contrast between the background of the blue blanket and the soft light gray fur does look almost fake, especially when you factor in that you can’t see a shadow. I used flash photography after our non-flash images came out too darkly, so the light of the flash may have washed out “proper” shadows.

    By the way, I updated Flickr just now with some more photos. :3

    Also, Hi mom!

  70. ooh and their WoW fans to boot! Kewl!

  71. My little guy likes to lay like that too…

    Actually, just about every male cat I ever had, liked this pose, as well as loved tummy rubs… and almost all the females didn’t. Is this a gender specific cat behavior?

  72. snowcat4 says:

    heh, i love cats sleeping in wierd positions, there’s a really cute pic of one at !

  73. OMG why are people so mean? All I said were that it is photoshopped! I am not a amateur photography critic.. I am a 16 year old girl.

    It is not the position that the kitty is in that makes it looked photoshopped (as cats often sleep in this manner) but the fact that the ears do not look real (I know they are supposed to look bent) and it just doesn’t look right near its arms and head. I can tell a photoshopped image easy.

    No need to have a go at me. Just pointing it out… geez.

  74. So if you don’t want people to be mean to you, why are you claiming other people’s stuff is faked? That’s pretty mean to the person who took the picture. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

    I don’t see anything ‘shopped about this picture either.

  75. darkshines says:

    Shush, shush, shush, if you look closely, in his little blue fuzzy armpit, there is an extremly comfertubuls gerbil…. 😉

  76. darkshines says:

    Oh, and for the photoshop nuffs…..
    theres the same pose from a different angle 😉

  77. OMG! This little kitty looks EXACTLY like my little Wesley! Right down to the spotty belly!

  78. Well, Kat, I’m not sure who you’re accusing of being mean, because these comments don’t seem that mean to me, but I did say something so I will respond. My reaction is more like a head-scratching, “WTF?” sort of thing, brought about by the fact that wherever I go on the internet, one can be looking at the most ordinary of images, and all of a sudden some crew of folks will come rushing in crying that it’s photoshopped. And this pic looks completely normal to me, aside from the slight levitation effect that the owner explained was due to the flash. I have seen kitties ears folded up just like this, and yes it does look funny.

    I need to point out that you first say, “I’m not a photography critic, I’m a 16 year old girl” but then later in the same post you say you can tell a photoshopped image easily (thus seeming to reclaim expert status). You want people to take it easy on you because you were just pointing it out. But when you accuse someone’s image of being shopped, you’re saying it’s fake and that can be quite upsetting. You can expect a response from that.

    If this sounds mean to you, it’s not – the main reason I’m even bothering to write all this is because I was once a 16 year old girl myself, and I remember it quite well. And I cringe at some of the things I said! After a little time went by I realized I wasn’t quite the expert I tried to make myself out to be…just speaking for myself here.

  79. Kat — people can be a *lot* meaner than they’ve been here. You’re wrong about the ‘shop thing, but that’s all; nobody’s making any claims about you as a person otherwise. (ahem — right, everybody?)

    PS — are you English? I’m guessing of course, but “have a go” isn’t an American-ism.

  80. Doesn’t look photoshopped to me…just a good angle.

  81. how adorable

  82. oh em gizzle! he looks like my moms kitty Izzy! i call him the color coaded snorgle cuz his paw pads, nose and eyes were all chcolatey brown 🙂 ♥ EE KITTY!

  83. AuntieMame says:

    I’ve been checking out the kitties on their Flickr page. They’re a hoot! Or…two hoots, I guess…

    It must be something about the blue blankie. A couple of the photos on the blue blankie look like they’re levitating.

  84. The Cat Police! The Cat Police!

  85. All I can see is a very clever photo of an extremely comfy kitteh so sound asleep his neck is extended, rolling his head back and squishing his ears… making them look very amusing!!

    10 out of 10 for composition, content and colour! But wait I’m no expert… but I do know what I like… and that’s clever pix!

  86. I kinda find it annoying that someone always says something is photoshopped. So what? If it’s cute then Adobe it!

    this kitteh is the cuteoverlord. 🙂

  87. suda nim says:


    “Wot’s this all about then, mee-yow?”

  88. AuntieMame says:

    It’s a fair cop…

  89. Dear Meg/Theo: why did you not post this insanely cute pic from same flickr stream along with some witticism about kittens playing world of warcraft? I mean it just seems so perfect…and yes, i need you guys to come up with the actual witty comment! Think of it like the contests in the New Yorker, where the give the cartoon setup and ask for the caption!

    pretty please?

  90. bayoujuju says:

    the reason it may look a little floaty or ‘shopped’ around the kitty’s arms and paws is b/c the kitty’s arms are reaching out, stretched out and not touching the blankie.

    I would smoosh my face in da kitteh’s tum-tum.

  91. bayoujuju:

    That would likely get you some claws to the scalp…or at least that’s what happened when I tried it. =o/

  92. R. Moore says:

    Heh, I randomly scrolled through CO posts yesterday while a friend at work watched over my shoulder. And he actually stopped me at this one and said, “That is freaking adorable.”

    It cheered him up from a bad case of Spring Fever.

  93. marykmccool says:

    do you know what breed this kitten is? i’m curious becuase my kitten looks very similar, and has the same markings on her face and belly. but i don’t know what breed she is.

    any help would be awesome. thanks!

  94. My little man Fry and his sister Leela are tabbies of indeterminable origins. Their mother was feral and we have no clue who the father was. They are both wonderful rescue kittens who are so sweet you’d have no idea their parents weren’t the most contented of house cats.

  95. They are of indeterminable origin crossed with the rare “spotty bellied” variety of tabby….;)

    And hi to you, Christy!

  96. My kittie luna does that all the time! It’s never NOT cute. precious pic!