Pass the chocolates, Mofo

The ones with the marshmallows in the center.NOW!


Cynthia M. and “Miss Kitty”, we thank you…



  1. lleachie says:

    Are you telling me the dog’s name is “Miss Kitty”?

    Great pic — but don’t give the doggie the chocolates. They’re bad for him!

  2. hahaha..s/he looks miserable, but for real, people, no chocolate for the pooches!

  3. I love the look on her face!!!

  4. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I think she’s just mad about the bunny ears. She looks like a big ol’ sweetie!

  5. no chocolate, onions, or raisins for teh puppehs :0)

  6. lol. oh dear.

    s/he looks rather curmudgeonly. animals know when we put silly things on their heads. i think they disapprove. better hide your favorite shoes, cynthia, or else puppy might repay you by nibbling them to pieces.

  7. Reading “Miss Kitty’s” mind- “Ugggh… I hate Easter. The humans always make me wear these dumb rabbit ears… if they want rabbit ears, they should get a rabbit for goodness sakes! It’s bad enough they named me Miss Kitty. Humans are so weird.”

    What makes this post for me is that it’s posted under “Bunnies!!”

  8. Oh how many times I have seen this face from my own dog as I dressed him up in silly ears! Smoosh dat puppeh!!!

  9. Folks, watched the Easter Beagle last night for the ten zillionth time (you’ve gotta love Marcie waffling the eggs!) but the best part is when Snoopy dances with the bunnies inside the magic egg–and he just uses his own earses to channel bunnitude! It’s all in the attitude…any of our creature pals — and even you — can Be The Bun!

    Happy Spring, everyone.

  10. Doggie is thinking:

    “All right, I won’t eat your chocolate – but can you atleast take these EARS off?”

  11. R. Moore says:

    Heh heh. I would totally do this to a great big dog.

  12. my lab would let me dres him up but rip it all off the minute I started laughing at him. I would get the same look we are getting in this pic. Stop clicking, and clucking (GET IT CLUCKING) and take these damn ears off woman. Now were did I see her slippers?!?! I have to pee.

  13. They’re willing to let us do this ridiculousness to them because they know they’ll get snorgled right after. 🙂

  14. guineapiggin9 says:


  15. “the humans are lucky I don’t have opposable thumbs, if I could open the dog food bag, I’d be SO outta here”


  16. Doggie named “Miss Kitty” is actually a Disapproving Bunneh.

  17. yo, that dog is serious.

  18. Had enough fun at my expense? OK – OK Easter’s over…you can take ’em off now.

  19. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOOO, I lurve the nosesicle. **plants a kees on the moist nosie & runs away**

  20. Theresa says:

    With all these alternative bunnehs– the pup, the hedgie, the fewwet– was anyone else reminded of those Cadbury commercials with different critters “auditioning” to be the Easter Bunny?

  21. I love the look on her face.

  22. Alright this is a Stick Up!

  23. floppycat says:

    OK. It’s definitly the puppeh’s name that makes this post most hilarious. It’s funny on its own, but then the kicker…”Miss Kitty!” Fer reals!?!?!?!

  24. Auntie L says:

    Having been present when this photograph was taken, I just want to applaud Kitty for being such a great sport about the ears and for bringing her mommy so much joy. You are a true Princess! Love you! Bzzzzzt . . .

  25. Reminds me of the end of A Christmas Story, when Ralphie’s mother makes him put on the bunny suit. Same look on Miss Kitty’s face.

  26. The Honourable Gladys Anstrutherre says:

    Will take you take these goddam ears off me before I bite your arse.

  27. My kitty Belle has a fake set of ears just like this. I think she looks silly wearing them, but she begs me to put them on her every Easter. And who am I to say no?

  28. I agree.. that “bunneh” is definitely disapproving.

  29. Mom-in-Law says:

    From the look on her face, I feel sorry for my poor Grand-dog….except I know she’s totally spoiled and loves the attention!

  30. Lerrinus says:

    Pink nosie! Pink nosie!
    *beeps pink wet nose*

  31. Uh, here. Have the whole basket. No, I insist.

  32. Dogs with rabbits ears are categorically not cute.