Irresistable Pet Shop bun

Sender-inner Chris B. saw this bun in a pet shop a couple of years ago and gave her a home to call her own. With paws up like that, it must have been LITERALLY IMPOSS TO TEAR ONESELF AWAY OMG


[shaking head in disbelief] Chris—thanks a LOT.



  1. Do they know how to be most precious in the window so you want them? I think I died to death looking at this!

  2. Irres-easter-able.

  3. Is that blue Easter egg hidden behind that adorable bun??

  4. Snorgle Pup says:

    Hoppy Easter to all my peeps. Don’t forget to snorgle your buns.

  5. My very first plushie ever was a yellow bunny named, um, Yellow Bunny. And between the paws, the pose, the expression and the floof, this little one is Yellow Bunny come to life! I wants! (Minus the yellow, of course.)

    Happy Easter, CO!

  6. zomg. the face (aren’t I cute?) the paws (take me home!), and the ears (please!) are too, too much.

    This bun isn’t disapproving at all!!!

    oh. … and Hoppy Spring Holiday of your choice CO!

  7. So wonderful!! But what if the little buns did it at the same time? You would need to put an extension on your house for them all!

  8. That’s exactly why I picked my bun. He was the only one to greet me, I had to take him!

  9. ok. this bun is super cute, yes.

    and i can’t get the kitty moxie to wear bunny ears.

    but I can convince her, with a little string and stick toy, to hop.

    *giggles incessantly*

  10. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Hey, Miette–I have a kitty named Moxie too! BUt he’s a boy, and he’s wearing a tuxedo, so he tries very hard to be dignified at all times. But he loves to play with a flashlight beam–he’ll chase it up and down the stairs, and I can make him run around in tight circles until he gets totally dizzy. So much for the dignity.

  11. Kimmypage says:

    OMG…the widdle button eyes!!! I would also have to take this little darling home.

  12. AH BUN-tastic!

    This site makes me want to go buy a bun… but there aren’t any at Petsmart!

  13. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *poit* CO, you’re killing me today!

  14. I would not have been able to pass up this bunny either. AW so so cute.
    Torie if you really want a bunny for a pet they have them at animal shelters too. :o). Maybe wait three weeks and the fools who gave their little kids a pet bunny for easter without planning for full time pet care will have turned them over to shelters – then you can give one or two of them a nice, stable happy forever home.

  15. cfhistorian says:

    That pose is why I chose 2 out of my 3 hamsters at the pet shop…it’s a really priceless pose that all pet shop/shelter animals ought to learn.

  16. Paws up and Happy Easter, everyone!

  17. R. Moore says:

    Yay bunnies! In just a few days, my local shelter will be overflowing with bunnies and chicks. And there’ll be ducks to rescue from parks, too!

    So much cute rescuing to do. Busy busy!

  18. gwenchocolate says:


    (sorry for the shouting I was freaking out a little.)

  19. SeaBreeze says:

    OMH (oh my heck)!! My head just esploded from teh cuteness!!

  20. Dustbunny says:

    This has got to be the Passover bunny! Or should that be paws-over?

  21. shelurks says:

    I don’t think this is a girl bunny. Still verrrry cuuuuuuuuuute!!!!

  22. Oh my word… I can almost hear his teensy voice, “Take me home with you… pweeze?”

  23. Shannon Johnson says:

    How cute! Where is the bunny? I want him!

  24. See the cute is too much. Its the cute that folds its paws at night, thinking devious thoughts, cleaning out your bank account and generally making you just one of many orbs that revolve around it. The world is my carrot!

  25. LeendaDLL says:

    Reminds me of one I (stupidly) DID tear myself away from years ago. To this day, I’m convinced that bun-bun already knew how to do all the magic tricks – in and out of the hat.

  26. fawn lust says:

    can you imagine, the tiny nose-wiggles… omg.

  27. of course i love him. he looks like mine when he was a baby.

    but it makes me sad to think of all the people who probably bought bunnies for easter then “set them loose in nature” or something when they realized how much work they actually are. i hope those sort of people think to at least go to the shelter!!!

  28. El Yay! says:

    My own bunny did this exact thing 11 years ago when I saw her in the pet shop the -second- time. I think the first time, she saw the big “Sucker!” sign on my forehead, and she decided that if I came back, there would be much dancing. And there she was, bobbing and weaving on her hind legs as soon as I came back to the holding pen. Thus began 8 happy years of bunny ownership. Blessings on y’all!

  29. acelightning says:

    Okay, that’s it – I’m dead. That much bunnylicious adorableness is more than my old brain can take. I know I asked for more bunnies, so I deserve it.

    *falls over*

    (Of course, a Cadbury Egg or two might revive me…)

  30. darkshines says:

    I want to poke him in the chest, gently, just to see him topple over backwards…!

  31. Rabbits are NOT easy “starter” pets-

  32. ThreeCatNight says:

    You are too adorable, ma petite bunneh blanc. I would kees you tout suite!

  33. If you look close that bunny has a red rocket!

  34. Someone get this kid an agent

  35. Captain. Jennyy says:

    That purpleish thing is actually an IGLOO.

    my friend has one exactly like that!

  36. It’s the velveteen rabbit – the perfect toy bunny who came to life.

  37. This is how we ended up with our first bun… we went to look at the bunnies and she kept coming over to me and doing this… and she’s a lop so she looked just so super cute that we had to take her home.

  38. Oh, crazy. I totally forgot I sent in that photo, and now it’s got all these comments. For the record though, I didn’t take it home. I’m more of a guinea pig kind of person, especially the kind that look like they have bed head.